tagErotic HorrorIntroducing Lindie

Introducing Lindie


"Ten minutes 'til midnight" Lindie whispered to herself. "I'm closing early tonight."

It had been a slow night at the local tavern where Lindie tended bar. The tourist season was almost over, and late-night customers were quickly becoming a thing of the past. Lindie knew that listening to her customer's problems was part of the job, but that didn't mean she had to like it. She thought they were too cheap to afford a real therapist. Instead, they would spend all night pouring their hearts out until the early hours of the morning. Lindie continued listening, patiently, as long as they continued to pay for drinks.

Men on business trips.

Farmers on hard times.

College boys with girlfriend problems.

Prodigal sons not ready to come home.

She'd seen them all and heard just about every story and every excuse out there.

If they were good guys she'd call them a cab at closing.

If they were trouble, she would never see or hear from them again.

Neither would anyone else.

- - -

Lindie knew she was different around the time she reached puberty. The youngest of three sisters, and almost twenty years younger than the oldest, Lindie was arguably the most attractive.

She maintained good grades without any effort to study. She had been very popular with friends, family, and schoolmates. She was blossoming into a beautiful woman, but she knew something was different about her. She knew something wasn't the same as everyone else. She would never say it was something wrong. Just something... different.

Some of Lindie's friends began having their periods at thirteen years of age. Some at the age of fifteen.

Lindie never started having periods. Ever.

The doctors had no explanation for the strange phenomenon, but said nature would run its course, eventually. One doctor recommended a follow-up visit if she hadn't had her period by sixteen, which was a recommendation she chose to ignore. She was the picture of health to the casual observer, but something about her body wasn't like everyone else's.

Her friends tried to make her feel better by telling her how lucky she was not having to worry about "Aunt Flo" coming to visit, but she knew there was more to it than anyone could imagine.

At fifteen, Lindie stopped going to church. She still believed in God, but started to feel like she didn't belong in the same building as the other worshipers. Her mother was disappointed, but allowed Lindie to stop going with her once she realized the hymns were giving Lindie migraines.

Lindie maintained a light tan every summer, but trips to the beach were becoming less frequent. Her friends thought she was entering a Goth phase, but other than not spending much time in the sun, she acted and looked normal.

At sixteen, Lindie had stopped going to the beach during the day. Her friends wondered if she was afraid of getting skin cancer, but Lindie declined to elaborate. She would still go to bonfire parties at the beach, once the sun went down. She maintained a healthy glow, to the amazement of her friends that spent hours each summer day trying to get the same tone. They wondered where she got the money to spend so much time in the tanning bed, but Lindie had never patronized the local tanning salon.

By the age of seventeen, Lindie was considered the most attractive girl -- and unfortunately the most unusual girl -- in high school. Her relationships with her long-time girlfriends became strained when all of the girls started dating.

Lindie had no trouble finding a boyfriend. Boys were practically drawn to her. Some would even say helplessly drawn to her. Some of the boys were the boyfriends of her girlfriends. Girls she had known since kindergarten began to keep their distance for fear of losing their next boyfriend, or the next to Lindie. They knew it wasn't Lindie's fault. It wasn't like she pranced around like a tease to get their attention. The girls just knew it was something else. Something... different.

Before Lindie graduated from high school, her parents, both in their sixties, passed away within weeks of each other. They both died in their sleep. Her mother, a schoolteacher for twenty-five years, and her father, an expert carpenter for thirty, both died knowing they raised three lovely, smart, and special girls.

Lindie was traumatized by her loss. Her oldest sister was now remarried and getting on with her life. The middle sister was somewhere in Europe on what seemed to be a never-ending vacation. Her parents left her enough money to finish college, but not much else. She knew she'd survive, but for the moment, Lindie felt very alone.

The town being as small as it was, felt Lindie was mature enough to take care of herself after her parents died. The mayor and sheriff knew Lindie's family for years, and thought it would be less traumatic if they let her finish school without having to be pulled from her home and placed in foster care until she was eighteen. Lindie didn't make them regret their decision. On the outside, Lindie was "business as usual." On the inside, she felt more changes coming on than any of her friends would ever experience.

She began dating at the age of eighteen. Her mother had asked her to wait until she was eighteen, even though she knew Lindie's friends had been dating much earlier.

Lindie honored her mother's wish, but when she finally started dating, one would have thought she was making up for lost time. Lindie had a date almost every night of the week -- and sometimes two dates in one night.

To the dismay of the first few dozen boys that dated her, Lindie did not put out. They were lucky just to get a kiss from her -- at least at first. Kissing so many boys taught Lindie how to be an excellent kisser, and for most of the boys, that was enough. More determined young men introduced Lindie to alcohol in its various forms, and Lindie obliged them by drinking like a fish. The odd thing, though, was that Lindie never got drunk. Ever.

Lindie found the female form much more attractive than males, but figured it would be a long time before she pursued another girl. She knew she was already somewhat of an involuntary celebrity because she never had a period (although she tried to fake it once a month by buying tampons at the busiest times). Her avoidance of the sun was putting her on the path to becoming the town outcast. She didn't want to run down that path any faster by coming out as a lesbian or bi-sexual.

As strange as Lindie had become, it didn't stem the flow of boys (and even some older men) wanting to be near her, with her, and inside her. For several months, she had dozens of boys and young men masturbating within minutes of finishing their dates with her. She'd let them feel her breasts and even let them slide a finger or two into her tight pussy, but that was it. She'd grope at their groins through their pants, but if they made any attempt to take their pants off, the date was over.

That all changed with Trevor Jones.

Lindie was asked to tutor Tammy Jones, Trevor's younger sister, so she wouldn't fall behind the rest of her class. In addition to being the next generation's party girl, Tammy was also very cute. Lindie couldn't say no.

As his girlfriend feared, Trevor eventually came around to taking an interest in Lindie.

Trevor was the star high school quarterback and was being offered partial scholarships to several colleges. He was also used to getting what he wanted, and for now, he wanted Lindie.

Lindie showed up at the Jones' residence three hours earlier than her scheduled tutor time.

Trevor said that he had something he wanted to show her, and asked if she could come over early.

Lindie knew he wanted to make out with her, and most likely feel her up, which she recently began to enjoy. What she didn't know was that Trevor had finally figured out the combination to his father's tool chest where he suspected his father hid various forms of pornography.

Trevor's suspicions turned out to be true. His father, a part-time fireman and part-time town handyman, had several videotapes and magazines hidden under the top tray of his toolbox. Over the course of several days and nights, he sampled each of the tapes, and made copies of the scenes he wanted to show Lindie.

Lindie was surprised to find Trevor home alone and wondered how much trouble he would get into when his parents found out he had a girl alone in the house with him. Then again, she reminded herself, this was "Trevor Jones, star quarterback" and he could do no wrong.

Although she had gone on dates with Trevor for almost three weeks, she had never been in his bedroom until now. As expected, it was full of sports paraphernalia, dirty socks, and posters of girls almost as pretty as Lindie.

Something caught Lindie's eye, though, as she walked into his room and she froze in place. She stood there, motionless, like a wolf hearing and smelling it's next meal far off in the woods.

Trevor was too busy fumbling with the video recorder to notice the momentary loss of color in Lindie's face, hands, and arms.

But she noticed.

If someone had scanned Trevor's room with a black light, they would have seen the same semen stains that Lindie was able to see with her unaided eyes. His sheets. His underwear. His socks? Lindie could also see a faint glow on the jeans Trevor was wearing. Was he masturbating before she arrived? She could not only see the semen, but she could smell it. To Lindie, though, the smell was not foul. Instead, it smelled like cold, fresh air after a spring rain.

As Trevor was looking for the remote to the VCR, she took in another deep breath. As she did, she watched as the blue-green veins in her arms turned a deep purple and her tan skin turned porcelain white. She exhaled quickly and her color returned. "No more deep breaths," she thought to herself. She wasn't sure what was happening to her, but she knew it was probably going to be something weird.

Trevor was not only easy on the eyes, he also knew how to finger a girl to orgasm. He had brought Lindie to the brink of orgasm twice in the last three weeks, but either his arm became tired or someone interrupted them before she could experience the sensation of climax. She told Trevor that if he were able to get her off, she'd be willing to try and return the favor.

Knowing that Lindie was a virgin (as everyone in town seemed to know), he figured she might need to watch a training video to see how the "pro's" did things. As he pushed the tape into the front of the VCR, Lindie could see two sets of semen-tainted fingerprints on the face of the tape. Apparently, father and son had similar tastes in porn.

Lindie watched the tape with great interest. The semen on the video did not have the same shimmer as the semen she could see in Trevor's room. Was the porno come fake?

When she was much younger, she once watched a piano player in a fine restaurant with similar fascination. When the piano player finished his set, she asked him to explain how he knew which keys to press and when. By the time the piano player finished his next set, she left her oldest sister and her sister's first husband at the table and asked if she could try.

To the embarrassment of the piano player, Lindie played flawlessly.

She had a similar experience in art class only a year ago.

She avoided publicly playing the piano or painting for fear of drawing further attention to her unique abilities.

Forty-five minutes later, the tape was over.

"Do you want me to drink your come, Trevor?" Lindie asked as if she was waiting for Trevor to ask her for a favor. The tape showed various forms of traditional and non-traditional sexual positions and situations, including double-penetration and anal sex, but the majority of the selected scenes involved men coming in women's mouths and on their faces.

"Do you have to put it that way?" Trevor asked, taken aback by Lindie's forwardness.

She smiled as she stood up from the bed and raised her denim skirt.

"I wore this so your arm wouldn't get so tired so quickly," Lindie said with a grin. "Remember our agreement?"

Trevor nodded as he watched Lindie hook a thumb on each side of her panties and slide them down her legs. She turned, giving Trevor a clear view of her pussy and asshole as she stepped out of her panties. She let her skirt fall back down around her waist, and then hopped onto the bed.

"Do you think you could put your mouth on me the way the men put their mouths on those girls in that video?" Lindie asked. Trevor nodded. He trembled with anticipation knowing he was about to put his mouth where no other man had been before.

Lindie lifted her butt and pulled her skirt up around her waist. She slid a finger into her pussy, swirled it around, and then put her finger in her mouth, purring exactly the way the actress did moments earlier in the video.

Trevor kissed her as patiently as he could manage. He was no stranger to eating pussy, or having sex, but he was fairly certain that he hadn't been with any virgins -- except one. He didn't want to rush right in. He knew if he took his time, she'd be begging him to do this in the future.

When Trevor's tongue finally found Lindie's clit, she was beside herself. She allowed him to slide his middle and ring fingers into her pussy, and his pinky into her asshole. His mouth felt like it was on fire compared to her cold skin. He pinched her clit between his teeth and quickly flicked his tongue over it, pausing occasionally with the firm pressure of a flat tongue before flicking it again. The muscles in her legs became hard as steel and her toes curled as she felt her orgasm building.

Trevor pumped his fingers into her more rapidly as he continued to suck and nibble at her clitoris.

Lindie took several deep breaths and then let out a deafening, unearthly scream. Trevor felt the bones breaking in the three fingers in her pussy and anus as she spasmed with each wave of her orgasm. He would have heard glass breaking and car alarms going off it hadn't been for his busted eardrums.

As she calmed down, Trevor tried to read her lips, but knew she was saying how sorry she was about his fingers. She looked worried, too. Blood was coming from his eardrums and his eyes were both bloodshot. She thought she should call an ambulance, but even in his current condition, Trevor would not be denied his blowjob.

Lindie was certain Trevor was in shock. She tried to calm him down, but he kept grabbing her head with his good hand, ordering her to fulfill her end of the bargain. There was no consoling him. She kneeled at his feet as he sat on the edge of the bed.

She quickly undid the fly of his jeans, watching as the denim shredded before her eyes.

Her nails had momentarily become razor sharp and his jeans simply fell from his waist. Her claws scratched deep enough to draw blood as she pulled down his underwear, exposing his handsome, eight-inch member.

Trevor stood up and she carefully placed his cock in her hand, taking a closer look at it. It shimmered in her eyes as it was covered in pre-come. She sniffed at it, and could smell every girl or woman he had ever been with. Five of them. Four of them she knew. One of them was very familiar. Before she could place the scent, Trevor pulled her head back with his good hand.

"After all this, you better fucking swallow, Lindie." Trevor said as he hit her in the nose with his wet cock.

They were both startled by a growl, and were both startled again when they simultaneously realized the growl came from Lindie.

Lindie took a deep breath and began salivating in anticipation of sucking Trevor's cock. She released his member from her hand and opened her mouth invitingly. Trevor, now in a trance, carefully placed his dick between two razor sharp sets of teeth. She closed her lips around his shaft and gently caressed the underside of his cock with her tongue.

She reached behind him and gently squeezed his ass cheeks in her hands.

Lindie was performing this blowjob like she had been doing it all eighteen years of her life.

Trevor froze for a moment as he felt something swirling around his anus. He looked down to see Lindie still sucking his cock slowly but wonderfully. Her hands were still on his ass cheeks, now spreading them farther. Her tongue slid from under his shaft to his balls, and then penetrated his asshole.

He looked down at Lindie's pale face and she smiled, baring razor sharp upper teeth. His heart raced and he began to shake as he orgasmed uncontrollably. Lindie sucked like someone gasping for air, and swallowed as much semen as Trevor was capable of producing.

Trevor fell back on the bed, his arms and legs numb. His breathing was slow and shallow, but his heart was racing. Lindie leaned over him to see if he was all right. She tried not to breath too deeply, as she kissed his forehead lightly. She straddled his bare left leg, rubbing her wet pussy from his thigh to his knee.

"You have no idea how much I enjoyed that, Trevor," Lindie said with a pretty smile. "Did I fucking swallow to your satisfaction?"

Trevor was unable to answer. He could barely move his jaw and seemed to have lost all control of his tongue. A part of Lindie told her to stop, but like Trevor, she was incapable of listening. She continued to rub her pussy up and down Trevor's leg and he unwillingly regained his erection. He felt paralyzed, yet totally aware of his surroundings.

"Is this the second course?" Lindie asked, knowing Trevor was unable to respond. She turned around and straddled his face, giving him a clear view of her pussy and asshole.

Trevor's cock twitched and rose higher.

"You are a bad boy deep down, aren't you, Trevor?" Lindie asked. She leaned back and nestled his nose between her labia. Trevor had stopped breathing through his mouth minutes ago, and was now being suffocated by Lindie's pussy. She leaned forward to engulf his cock in her mouth and Trevor began to breath quickly again. Although he had been suffocating, he began to panic knowing Lindie had no smell, no temperature, and no feel. It was like she wasn't even there.

She reminded him of how real she was when her razor sharp teeth cut into his foreskin. Even under these circumstances, Lindie was surprised Trevor was able to maintain such an erection. She stopped sucking his cock for a moment and stepped off the bed. She walked back and forth, eyeing his teetering cock, her skin changing from pale white to golden tan with each step.

In a blur, she was on top of him again. This time, lowering herself onto his throbbing, bloody cock.

"Look familiar, Trevor?" Lindie asked. "Your big cock going into a tight, bloody pussy?"

She rode his cock for a few minutes, making his entire length disappear inside her. Pleased with the sensation, but afraid he might come inside her pussy; she quickly hopped off and resumed her position between his legs.

Trevor's eyes watched as she bobbed her head up and down on his dick so fast, she seemed to blur. He remained motionless as he released his seed down her throat. Lindie sucked harder and harder, determined to extract every drop of semen from his young, strong body.

When the taste of semen was replaced by the taste of blood, Lindie continued to suck until Trevor's pulse slowed to a stop.

As his bowels evacuated, Trevor realized he was seconds from death. He tried to ask forgiveness for all the terrible things he had done, but darkness fell over him before he could finish.

"That's right, Trevor. You'll never touch her again." Lindie said as she lay down on the floor, inches from his excrement.

Lindie was awoken by the screams of Tammy, and then Tammy's mother. Trevor's father called 9-1-1 and the police and paramedics were in the room within minutes. Trevor was pronounced dead en route to the hospital, and Lindie was given a post-rape examination. She remained silent for several days, until she was cleared of any wrongdoing.

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