tagIncest/TabooIntroducing My Older Sister

Introducing My Older Sister


*** This is not only my first effort at literotica, but also my first effort at writing fiction. I'm sincerely interested in your thoughtful feedback.***

My sister Melody is four years older than I. We had an excellent rapport, somehow a combination of fraternal and paternal, but without the judgments that often sour so many family relations. Though her suggestions, advice, offers for rides, help with picking clothes, she made my transitions as a teenager so much easier. She helped me to become a well-balanced kid, and that made for a pretty smooth relationship with my parents.

Melody was pretty, average in height, and with an average physique. She was active in sports but not committed to anything the way gymnasts or swimmers sometimes are. She still wears her dark hair long, and with her big brown eyes and big eye lashes she always makes a good first impression. My friend Steve commented on her looks often, but otherwise I didn't think of her that way.

When Melody went off to college I was just fourteen, so her homecomings were always something to which I looked forward. While my parents supported her, she was responsible and ambitious, and always seemed to have both a waiting/bartender job and a career-relevant internship underway. So when she visited, she always seemed to be ready to spoil me.

I've seen how parents of opposite-sex siblings allow for contention, perhaps to eliminate any mutual interest. I suppose if we had been closer in age, my parents might have been concerned about our relationships; but because we were in separate stages of adolescence and adulthood, I don't think anyone (including Melody or I), had any concern.

Because of an out-of-country scholarship program, I didn't get to see much of Mary during the 2001-2002 scholastic, the year in which she and I graduated from Uni and high school, respectively. But in the late summer of 2002, Melody came back to town looking for a flat as she prepared for the start of a new job in September. I had a deferment from an American university for a year, and with my parents encouragement, I was looking forward to an apprenticeship in a robotics company in the western outskirts of the city.

Of course I had matured a lot during that year she was away, and her surprise in seeing me was genuine. And I suppose I picked up on the change in her disposition toward me because I noticed her differently too. In the evening of her arrival she asked me to join her for a morning run, and we set a time. My parents were thrilled by her arrival and eager to hear her stories. I stayed up as long as I could, but Melody herself told me to get off to bad after nodding off during one of her stories.

I had become a proficient runner thanks to an encouraging cross-country coach. He was authoritative in his knowledge of adolescent development and rarely let us accumulate more than five kilometers of sustained running in one practice. Over the summer after graduation, I had ventured further, sometimes up to ten kilometers at a time. Accordingly, when my sister announced her regular distances were between nine and 15 kilometers, I was somewhat concerned of my abilities. But she set a comfortable pace that allowed us to keep a continued conversation for almost 90 minutes, and I was very pleased to calculate that we had gone over 16 kilometers.

When we returned our parents had already gone off to work, and a note from our mother suggested a planned evening together. Melody and I agreed to get showered, enjoy a quick breakfast, and then I'd accompany her to look at a few apartments. I felt great in the shower, probably enjoying an increased rush of endorphins from the extended distance of our run. I didn't have a care in the world.


The first set of garden apartments we visited were pleasant, with a modest pool. My sister did not intend to look for an apartment mate, and I could tell that she was particular in her search, perhaps because of the role this residence would play in her adult identity. I was both envious and fascinated with her. And as we looked through some of the apartments throughout the morning, I became conscious of the stream of images flashing in my mind. I imagined her preparing to bath, preparing to dress, and sleeping in the bedrooms we inspected. Of course I had noticed the fit of her running clothes, and the bounce of her jog bra, and perhaps it was all just being processed differently than I had experienced before.

Late in the morning we encountered a landlady who seemed to be particularly impressed by Melody. The landlady introduced herself as Gloria, and she expressed an affinity for Melody that was both sisterly and motherly. It did not seem uncomfortable for Melody, and I suppose that while it was noteworthy to me, I was otherwise unbothered. Gloria had advertised a second floor apartment with a pleasant view. Our small city featured a few larger buildings along the centre avenue, but otherwise it was uncommon for a building to be more than a few stories high. Melody seemed increasingly charmed by both Gloria and the apartment, and occasionally I saw a look between them that suggested something that I could only describe as a shared kindred spirit between my 23 year-old sister and Gloria, who was likely in her late 40's. I began to feel a sort of jealousy, and I realized I had never felt I had to share my sister before. Only then did I realize I had never known my sister to have a boyfriend, and I became totally preoccupied with the range of explanations for the feelings swirling in my head.

As we continued to look around, Gloria suddenly put on the brakes, and said she wanted to show Melody another apartment on the top floor. As we climbed the stairs up to the fourth floor, Gloria apologized for the lack of an elevator, but then offered a flattering comment about Melody's fitness, and then suggested that with a brother like me, "there'd be plenty of brawn to help with moving." Gloria was herself very fit, and seemed to bound up the stairs with excess energy as her black ponytail bounced from side to side across the back of her shoulders. She said the apartment was being repainted, and that she had considered living their herself when her husband passed two years earlier. Contextual clues suggested he was much older, and Gloria said that money he left her allowed for her to splurge on the adjacent property with wonderful gardens and a pool.

I was skeptical of what might be worth four stories of stairs several times a day, but Melody and I were both pleasantly surprised. Whereas the other floors had three units each, the top floor had only a single apartment. The apartment took up approximately a third of the fourth floor, and the rear doors opened out to a rooftop patio that took up another third. Although there were potted plants everywhere, the real marvel was the "green rooftop" that made up the remaining third of this top floor. It would be a penthouse apartment if it weren't only four stories up. When Gloria saw Melody's reaction to the combination of the view, the privacy, the breeze, and what looked to be an otherwise wonderful living space, she gently reached out to embrace my sister and said, "For your sweetie, I will offer this at the same price as the second floor apartment. Melody responded with a much more enthusiastic and affectionate embrace that seemed natural, but what caught my notice was the way they both remained embraced, pulled their necks back and looked into each others eyes. They then both suddenly looked toward me as my sister said, "What do you think?" Perhaps unsure of what she was asking, I fumbled briefly before blurting out, "It's awesome!"


Melody was on a high. She announced she didn't want to go home, and instead wanted to just wander around and talk. I was both amused and in some ways overcome by the aura of my sister. I had never seen her like this before. We stopped at a shopping mall and walked inside and the cool air felt wonderful. After just a few steps Melody grabbed my hand and we walked that way for more than 30 minutes. She talked about everything ranging from her job to our parents, to our run, and of course the apartment and Gloria. Even when she'd stop to look at something, pick it up to inspect it, she automatically grabbed for my hand. Even while enjoying our coffees sitting in a cafe, she seemed to be in constant touch. I couldn't get enough. I loved my sister, everything about her, but I had never felt like this about her.

It was during some comment about Gloria that I realized Melody saw much more in her than I did. For the first time I saw part of the world through Melody's perspective. Melody was so central to my formative life experiences, but I never realized that she had no such person in her world. While Melody enjoyed a terrific relationship with our parents, there was no one like my Melody to guide and facilitate her the way she did for me. I suppose that Gloria touched some unmet need for my sister. I listened attentively, because I'll also admit that Gloria's attractiveness may have planted unfounded ideas in my perception of the day's events.

When we finally returned home, I held the door for Melody and once inside she spun around and gave me the biggest, warmest hug I can remember. She then planted a firm and briefly sustained kiss on my lips before saying, "Thank you Jon, thank you, thank you for being with me today. I'm not sure that the events would have unfolded the same without you there with me."

The kiss surprised me, but it was not provocative enough to plant any confusion, and I comfortably managed to reply, "I enjoyed every minute, and I love seeing you this way."

With that, Melody seemed to bounce on her toes and again squeezed me and delivered a similarly firm kiss and then let go. I didn't let go quite as quickly but it was not awkward. Melody however, continued to look into my eyes a few seconds after, and then shared a big smile as she pivoted and walked away.

"I'm going to check my mail and then maybe go out by the pool," she announced.

"I suppose I will too then," I said, "but I need to send a message to my new supervisor, so I might be a short while."


When I got up form my desk I looked down in the back yard and saw Melody just as she was getting out of the water. Her little yellow bikini was not skimpy, but it was revealing when wet. I watched as she prepared her lounge chair with a draped towel and lied upon her back. The feelings I had for her at that moment were much more complex than I had known before. It was not the lust I might feel in seeing my neighbor Lisa in a bikini. Instead, it was a physical, emotional kind of love. I simply wanted to hold on to her as close as possible; and i didn't imagine her feeling anything but the same.

When I went outside, Melody had rolled onto her belly. As she watched I waded into the pool and gradually slipped under the water. She got up and waded in with me, and then quickly dunked under the surface, coming back up chin first with her eyes closed and long dark hair laying across her shoulders. She reached form my hands, and then holding onto them, we seemed to move through the water as though we were in a slow-motion swing dance as we talked. At one point, she pirouetted under my arm and leaned back into my embrace, looking up into my eyes. Here lips were ever so barely parted as her eyes closed. But she quickly opened her eyes again as her lips formed a big smile and she reversed the pirouette and once again was facing me.

I couldn't help but notice her nipples, exposed by the transparent fabric just above the water line. She splashed me and said, "Hey, since when do you think of me that way?" I only smiled, as I couldn't think of what to say. It actually worked out better that way, because she kept talking. "I'll admit, I certainly wasn't thinking of you as my little brother today. It felt like you were my partner, almost an extension of me. I don't know exactly why, but today would not have been as special if you weren't there with me; and I can't think of anyone I could have appreciated more."

And with that she stood from her crouched position and as I did to, she leaned into me and wrapped around me. The image of her against me was exactly what I had pictured from my window upstairs, but the feeling was much more intense. And almost within seconds, I could feel the stirring within my trunks, despite the cold water. She briefly leaned her head back away from me, and I knew she felt it too. She bounced up and kissed me. This time she held the kiss, but laughed a single chuckle while keeping her lips pressed. Then she said, "Come with me," and she spun and led me by the hand up the steps at the shallow end. She grabbed a towel from the towel rack and laid it across the lounge adjacent to hers, but in the shade of the sycamore tree.

Melody warmly directed me to lie down on my belly as she reached for skin lotion. She then straddled my legs and placed her bottom just below my buttocks, resting on the material of my trunks covering my legs. She then began to work the lotion into my skin in a kind of sensual massage. She continued for more than twenty minutes, and I don't ever remember feeling so wonderful. I was drifting off in a daze and then I felt her maneuver her legs parallel with mine as she lied upon my back. I kept my eyes closed even though my mind was racing. I could feel her breasts against my back and I wondered if she had removed her top. While the privacy of our yard protected her, this was something I had never imagined of melody.

Her voice aroused me from my dreamy wonder. "If I'm not crushing you," she said, "can I lay here like this for a few minutes? I love the way this feels and you are wonderfully warm." I answered honestly, "I don't care if we spend the whole afternoon this way."

I drifted in an out of sleep over the next twenty minutes, and was aroused by her voice again. "My turn!", she said, and she lifted herself from me and lied upon her own chair, which was now also shaded.

"What do I do?" I asked, as I reached for the skin lotion, noticing that indeed her top had been removed. "The same you did for me?"

"Perfect." she replied. I straddled her legs and began to rub lotion on her back. She interjected gentle directions for where to rub and when to use my thumbs with exclamations such as "Ohhhhhh" and "oh my..". I seemed to be on autopilot, only semi-conscious of what I was doing. I had never touched anyone this way. I traveled along the muscles adjacent to her spine. My thumbs encircled her Venus dimples, and then my hands traveled up along the side of her ribs. As I repeated that patterns she raised herself up from her towel and my hands instinctively cradled the sides of her breasts as my fingertips barely touched across her nipples below. "Now lie upon me Jon, as I did with you" she said in a dreamier voice.

I lowered myself onto her, knowing their was no likelihood of my erection subsiding, but I was unconcerned. I felt so natural with Melody, and she seemed to be directing things in a way that created this feeling of fantasy. As I lied there, supporting some of my weight with my elbows at her sides but mostly with my pelvis firmly on her buttocks, I felt her wiggling to make adjustments. Soon my erection was pressed in the ridge between her buttocks and it seemed we were gently gliding, if only a few centimeters, up and down elevated breathing almost synchronized. I began to wonder if I should interrupt to remove my trunks and her bikini bottom.

Just as an alarm clock ruins the most wonderful of morning dreams, the phone awoke us from our semi-conscious pleasure. We did our best to ignore it until the answering machine picked up. The sound of our mother's voice was the spoiler. She said she'd be home and assuming we'd get the message, she encouraged us to be ready for dinner out. While we didn't jump up to grab the phone, I did move to the side as Melody pivoted below me. On our sides, facing each other, she held me and said, "I don't know where all these feelings are from. I hope you're okay, and I'm sorry if you felt any pressure from me." With that I kissed her and she kissed back. I then said, "I don't remember having the slightest reservation; it just felt so perfect." She then kissed me and I suppose we both knew it was time to get up and ready for our parent's return. As wee stood I noticed her nakedness, and she seemed to notice my continued erection. She laughed, pulled me close, kissed me and spun away to her bathroom.


Of course the conversation with our parents focused on the apartment hunting and the easy decision. Our description was so glowing that neither parent was disappointed to be left out of the decision-making. They enjoyed providing melody with advice, but they were most proud of her independence. I'm sure our father would have wanted to have Melody stay under his roof until she married off, but he was the one most responsible for giving her wings to fly.

The conversation casually turned to Melody's work, and then eventually my dad asked a seemingly innocent question about Melody's love life. I was all ears. How could it be that I knew of not single boyfriend. Surely on her travels and during her experiences at Uni she had made such connections. She was both cute and attractive, and no young man could have survived a semester as her lab partner without exploring a relationship with Melody that was something less academic. But as I waited I noticed the flurry of glances between my mother and Melody. Then, just as my mother began to speak, "Alec, Melody hasn't..", she was interrupted by Melody.

"Dad," Melody began, "I am not currently in a relationship. In Africa I dated someone seriously but it soured as our time there came to an end. But what I want to tell here is important and it may be difficult, Dad. My last four relationships, in fact all of my relationships, have been with women."

My jaw was agape. I was shocked, but it all seemed to fit. I knew of her close friends and met many of them during Melody's visits from Uni, but never thought more of it. And it explains why Melody and I only talked about relationships when we were talking about me.

Fortunately, no one was paying attention to me. Clearly Melody had shared this with our mother, so all exchanged glances were between the other three at the table. But our dad's reaction was not one of shock or surprise. He reached for her hand and simply said, "Thanks, sweetie. I've never wanted to pry but I'll admit I've been eager for you to talk about this ever since you visited in your junior year with Gail."

"Ah yes, Gail," my sister replied, with her face turning red, "she's no shrinking violet." I certainly remembered Gail. She was the antithesis of my sister's dark eyes, dark her and olive skin. Gail was a reddish blonde with blue eyes and faint freckles. She would stand out almost anywhere, but particularly walking arm in arm with my sister. I just never thought anything of it. Girls behaved that way in my school all the time.

Only then did my sister look my way. When she caught my eye she smiled, but one side of her mouth rose higher than the other, as if she had more to say in private. But I was not hurt, bothered, jealous, or upset in any way. She got nothing in return from me except the warmest smile. My parents noticed my reaction and looked at me as though I had done something special or wonderful. The night continued with laughter and a new closeness that I would have never known possible.


Melody sat next to me it the front of the Land Cruiser on the way home, with me driving. She gave me warm smiles throughout the ride home. I could tell that her revelation lifted a burden, and it capped off an already wonderful day. Although more than before, I was uncertain of what to think of our afternoon adventures by the pool. With the extended conversation, they all had enjoyed wine throughout the evening, and it seemed everyone was headed for bed as we got home. As i started up the stairs, Melody started to speak, "Wait Jon....Oh, we'll talk tomorrow."

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