When I was in the pre-med program at college, I went home to Savannah, Georgia one weekend for a visit. My daddy is pretty well off, I suppose you could say, but he's gone a lot. That's ok. My half-uncle, Jason, was there and had his new wife, Maria, with him. Years ago, Granddaddy had gotten married again and had a second son, Jason. My dad is a few years older than Jason and married late in life. I'm the only child. Jason is almost 30 years older than me.

Daddy sent me to a shrink a few times. I think the doc wasn't sure what to do with me. I'm a nympho. But I am careful. I have two friends, Eric and Richard, at college, and if I need sex, I call them. I like them both. They aren't boyfriends or anything. Just friends.

Oh, and I like being naked. Or wearing thigh hi hose and nothing else. I like shocking people. I like the idea that I could be caught, I could be seen. I like that. But I am a good student, heading into the med program in the fall, and I just turned 23.

So I headed home for the weekend because I wanted a break, and to see some friends and go have fun. I went home but Dad wasn't there. I think he was in Europe on business.

Jason was there, like I said, with the new wife, Maria. She's tall, slender, dark and beautiful, gorgeous thick black hair. I'm petite, red haired, green eyes. Jason is beautiful. He's tall and lean and even though he's 52, he's got thick dark hair and just a little gray on the sides. He's tan and very hot.

Which leads me to my weekend.

I like flirting some with Jason. I have for a long time. I'm 23 now, what does it matter? He's great eye candy. He's easy to talk to.

After we ate, he asked me if I wanted to go out to one of the islands. Maria decided to watch a movie, so Jason and I left, riding along with the car's top down, the wind cool after the warmth of the day. I was wearing jeans and a shirt cut off just under my bra. No panties, of course. I don't like to wear them.

We parked and walked out to an isolated bench. It was off-season and about 10 at night by this point. We watched the waves for a while. There was a very faint glow from the moon reflecting on the waves. I could just make out some of his features when he turned to me.

"One of these days," he began with a smile, "that flirting is going to land you in trouble." He grinned. I grinned back. I was leaning back against the seat, my arms out on each side of the top of the seat's back.

"So. You ever mean anything by this flirting?" he continued.

I couldn't tell by his voice or face, did he want a serious answer?

Still. I'm a nympho. I took a chance. "Yeah. I do. You ever mean anything by reacting to it?"

He grinned, then looked serious. It was a little hard to tell in the pale light. He leaned forward slightly. His hand came up, brushing my arm lightly with his fingers. I shivered a little.

"You want me to react more?"

I thought about it. "Yeah. I do."

"Even though I'm your half-uncle?"

"Yeah." I looked back at him. He leaned back, stared at the waves for a moment. He turned back to me.

"I think you know I like you," he started. "I mean, like you." I waited. "How far are you wanting this to go?"

Well. Like I said. I'm a nympho. I was already being grateful I'd left off my panties. I started to unzip my pants. He put out his hand and stopped me.

"No. You need to know – " he paused. "I have – certain tastes."


"Kinks. You know what a kink is?"

Oh yeah. I knew about those. I'd played around with some of them last year during spring break. Being tied. Fetishes. I felt hot.

I nodded.

He talked to me about kinks. About his. Maria's. Being safe, being careful. I told him I was already careful. I also told him, I liked sex. I told him I liked being naked. I liked being seen.

He was getting excited. I could hear it in his voice. A huskiness, a tightness to his voice. He was leaning closer.

"Do you want that?"


"No. Be really sure. Because if you say yes again, you're mine. You understand what that means?"

I thought about it. "Yes. I'm sure."

"Ok then." He told me what he was going to do, as he did it. I sat there, helping or moving only when he told me to. He pulled up my shirt and flipped it behind my head. My arms were still braced along the tops of the bench. Jason reached into his pockets, pulling out some cord. He tied my wrists to the bench. This was really hot. I squirmed a little.

He unzipped my pants and worked them down around my ankles. To me, that's hotter. They aren't quite off. It's sluttier, somehow. Nobody was around at this end of the island. But they could have been. They could be. I was excited.

Jason played with my breasts. He tweaked the nipples, pulling them a little, playing them into hard peaks. He put his mouth on one, nipping it with his teeth. I arched my back a little.


He moved his mouth to my other breast, sucking the nipple, nibbling it with his teeth. He put his hand between my legs.

"Open up for me," he ordered. I did. He rubbed his hand on my clit, down, between. I moaned and lifted up a little. He rubbed harder, a little faster. I muttered "More!" but he kept rubbing. He pulled more of my breast into his mouth, sucking. I felt his tongue licking the nipple. I pushed up against his hand. He finally, finally, pushed two of his fingers inside of me, pressing his thumb on my clit at the same time, massaging it. I moaned and jerked a little. After a minutes, he stood up. I was still tied to the bench, my pants down, my crotch wet, my nipples glistening in the moonlight from his tongue. They tingled. I looked at him. He smiled, and walked a few feet away. Was he going to leave me there, like that? I kind of liked it. It made me hot.

He walked back after a few minutes and untied me. I pulled up my pants, pulled down the shirt. We walked to his car and drove in silence to the house. Maria was already asleep. Jason followed me into my old bedroom. He made me strip in front of him while he watched, making comments about my body. I was almost shaking. I was really hot. He tied me to the bed. He was still wearing his clothes and that, to me, is hot, too. I'm naked but he's not.

He touched me, moved his hand down my body, played with me. He sucked on my clit for a while.

Finally, he unzipped his pants and got on the bed. He kneeled over me.

"You're lying there like a slut," he said. I squirmed happily. "Like a little whore, waiting for it." I nodded. "Good. I'm going to take you like a slut." He did, too. With his clothes on, just the cock out from his unzipped pants, he told me he was taking me for a quick fuck, just like he would any little whore. He was hard and fast. Somewhere in the house were servants who knew me, who could walk in on us. My half-uncle was deep inside me, fucking me. It was exciting.

By the time the weekend was over, Jason had made Maria come into the room once and watch him fuck me. She got excited, too. She played with my nipples and kissed me one time while he watched. They asked me about being a third, about being their house slave. They have a condo near my place in Atlanta. I said yes.

Sometimes Jason and Maria come to their condo for a few weeks at a time, and I move in there with them. When I'm at home, I'm either naked, or I run around in thigh hi hose. I always wear a waist chain. I usually wear a collar and wrist and ankle restraints. One or both of them can use those to tie me down instantly. I'm always shaved smooth; Maria and Jason require that. It feels good, too. A lot of times, I'll put on nipple nooses, which make them swell up a little. I have little bells on the noose ends. The bells jingle just a tiny bit when I walk or move. Maria gave me a clit clamp that has little dangling bells hanging down. The strands jounce against my shaved skin when I walk, and that gets me excited. She and Jason both laugh because I get excited all the time.

One night, Jason brought a friend home with him, some businessman he knew. This guy was in his 50's. I greeted him with the usual hose and restraints and collar on. His eyes almost bugged out. I put my arm around his waist and led him into the living room. I had the bells and clit clamp on, too. I was really hot. Jason wouldn't let me play with myself all that day, either. I was horny and extra slutty feeling.

I rubbed against the side of the man for a moment, then stepped away. Jason has a few hanging plants in the room, but when he removes those, the hooks are revealed to be human-weight sturdy. I stood underneath the empty hooks and waited patiently. The man, some guy named Ambrose, took off his coat and sat down. His eyes never left me. I smiled.

Maria hooked me up. They have some chains that click onto the really strong overhead hooks, then a latch at the other end clamps onto my wrist restraints. I stood on a small stool while she buckled me in. Jason started talking to this Ambrose guy about my body, and didn't he like it, and how did he like my shaved pussy? Maria finished clamping the wrist restraints and moved the stool out from under me, so I dangled a few inches above the floor. That pulls the belly really tight. You really realize how helpless you are. I love it.

Jason is smart. He has two places on the floor with carpet over them, but lift those up and underneath are small wooden covers that hide strong hooks. They are out further to each side of me. Maria used more chains and latches, hooking each ankle out to the side. This really pulls me wide open and is a strain on my shoulders and arms after a while. But I don't really feel it for a while, because it's exciting and hot, open like that, watching them watch me, hearing them talking about my breasts and how full and firm they are, and hearing my little bells jangling. Maria twisted the clit clamp a little and I closed my eyes, heading going back some. I hoped she put on the nipples clamps. I like a little pain.

Yes! She put the clamps on! Yay! They bit into the puffy flesh. She hooked the thinner chains to my collar, giving each one a tug.

"You want to touch her?" Jason asked Ambrose. The man nodded mutely, stood up, walked over. He stared at me for a while, up and down. I smiled back, eyes half-closed. I was beginning to get into that delirious, yummy stage of pain mixed with lust. I wriggled a little.

Ambrose stood there a second longer, then slid a hand down my belly, up to my breasts. Then down again, between my legs. I whimpered and closed my eyes, smiling. He fingered me. He was breathing heavy. I like that. I like knowing a man is excited, playing with me.

"Ambrose. You want to see this little slut punished?" Jason asked. I pushed against the man's fingers, happy.

He nodded. His eyes were a little glazed over. He was panting with lust now.

Maria brought out a flogger, stroking my belly with it. She rubbed the handle up and down on my clit for a moment, until I moaned. She smacked the handle against my clit. Ambrose swallowed hard. He took a step back, but his eyes stayed on my pussy. I smirked at him.

I heard the sound of the flogger before I felt it. Thwack! Maria was good with the flogger. I watched Jason now. He unzipped his pants, pulling out his cock, moving his hand gently up and down. He smiled at me.

The flogger was a hard smack sometimes across my naked bottom. I quivered. Sometimes it was a gentle flick, leaving me wanting more. Maria moved around to the front, flicking my clit and pussy with the flogger. I yelled out one time, jerking my hips, because I came. Maria grinned. "Slut," she said fondly. Jason chuckled. Ambrose was fixed in place, watching me. He finally managed to get his cock out of his pants. It was so hard, I don't know how he managed to keep watching as long as he did without spewing cum everywhere.

"I don't know," Jason said thoughtfully when Maria stopped after a time. "I don't know if she's been punished enough." He looked at Ambrose, who was staring at me and having sticky fingers wiped off now by Maria. "What do you think?"

"Yeah," he mumbled. "Yeah. She needs more." He looked quickly at Jason, then back at me. I grinned.

They put me on the coffee table, tying me down. Maria and Jason chained my legs up and out to the sides, fixing them to the overhead hooks. I loved those hooks.

Jason pulled out a crop. My legs were apart and wide open. He brought the crop down on my open pussy, smack! I jerked. He smacked my pussy again, and again. The clit, the mons, the lips, inside my legs, till I was red and I was moaning and heaving.

He nodded at Ambrose. "Fuck her now."

The man was so excited, he'd gotten hard again. Good for him. He was so eager that he almost missed. He braced his hands on each side of me, kneeling, shoving into me. I like it hard and fast. I was a little sore from the cropping, but the tingling in my skin always feels good. I liked that Maria and Jason were watching me. Jason has Maria's shirt off, playing with her breasts. She pulled off her skirt and rubbed her clit, watching me. Ambrose fucked me hard, panting.

"Oh God," he moaned. "That's so good. That's so damn good." He was weak-kneed.

"You want to watch us?" Jason nodded at himself and Maria. Ambrose nodded. I stayed tied, turning my head, watching as Jason lifted Maria up and against him, hard and fast. I purred, rumbling, excited. Maria wrapped a leg around Jason's hips. He fucked her while me and Ambrose watched.

My uncle likes to watch me play with myself. Sometimes I do it in the mornings before I shower. Sometimes he likes to tie me with my wrists overhead, hanging from ceiling hooks in the kitchen, and I dangle there, just a few inches from the floor, naked, while he looks at me. Sometimes, Maria makes me play with myself while she watches me. Or she will tie me down and flog my pussy, or tie me and stick a vibrator in me and read a book while I writhe and moan. Now and then, when I'm tied down and she's tired of letting a vibrator do the work in me, she puts on a double dildo, one end in her, and she fucks me, leaning over me and smiling, grunting and moaning. They both love to tell me what a slut I am and how insatiable I am. What a nympho I am.

I like to have my friends Eric or Richard over still. If Maria and Jason aren't in town and I'm at my place, sometimes I'll have both of them come over at the same time. I always open the door with me naked, or almost naked. I'm hoping somebody might be walking by outside and see me. Eric almost always throws himself onto me almost immediately. Richard wasn't comfortable watching at first, but he's changed his mind now. That's the best. I like being watched. And I like the feel of being fucked. I like being naked and I like for them to come over and see me naked. I like it when Jason and Maria are here, and when I live at their place and I'm their slave. I like to lie back on the sofa and have my legs open and let them see me.

I like it best when my uncle is back in town.

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Not how being a nympho works

If she's a nympho two friends at college aren't going to cut it. Nor would seeing a shrink a couple times. It's a compulsive addiction. She's also an exhibtionist. Sad no one tried to help her but themore...

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