tagIncest/TabooIntroduction Ch. 04

Introduction Ch. 04


I was lounging on a chaise by the pool, listening to the radio. Jason came up to me and sat in a chair next to me.

"You know George is waiting to find out what your punishment is," he said. He put his glass down on a small table behind him and leaned forward. He grinned.

"I figured he would." I stretched on the chair. Jason chuckled.

"You stretch like a cat." He scooted his chair closer, leaned over. His hand slipped beneath my back and untied my bikini top. He slipped it off of me.

"Why don't you put your hands back?" he invited. I obliged, wriggling down a little further on the lounger, putting my hands back and over my head. He tied them in place with the bikini top.


He grinned again, then stroked my breasts with his fingers. My cell rang, but I couldn't get it, of course. Jason picked it up, checked the number. He flipped it open and held it up to me.

"Hi? Oh, hi Dad. Yeah, just getting some sun." Jason's hand cupped my breast, his thumb flicking a nipple until it grew tight and peaked. "Huh? Sure. Yeah, I've got lots of lotion on."

Jason moved his free hand further down, looked at me, grinned again. He slipped his hand into my bikini bottom. I sucked in air.

"What? No, Dad, I think I swallowed a bug maybe. Sure, Jason and Maria are here. How's it going with Sarah?" I listened. Jason's hand kneaded my crotch, his hand moving under the fabric. He leaned forward and put one of my nipples in his mouth. I quivered.

"Oh, that sounds – uh. That sounds great. Yeah. Sorry, Dad, I'm a little distracted. Ok. Later!" The phone went dead. Jason flipped it shut and tossed it onto the table. He continued sucking my nipple, biting it a little with his teeth. His now free cell phone hand caressed my other breast. His other hand was still fondling my crotch, a finger probing inside me gently. He massaged my pussy until I moaned and shifted my hips. He chuckled.

"Still horny, aren't you?"


He laughed, reached down with both hands, slid my bikini bottom off. He shoved my legs off of the lounge and onto the ground on either side of the chaise, slipped the bottom back onto one foot, then stretched it underneath the lounge, captured the other foot, and slid it into the other opening of the bikini.

"Hey, this cost a lot of money!"

"I'll get you another."

He worked the bikini bottom up my legs until they were trapped firmly under the lounger, the bikini stretched tightly just under my knees. The bikini was ruined, of course, but I didn't care.

"Think anybody will see us?"

"Do you care if they do?"

"I'm hoping they do."

"Slut." He laughed, tweaked my nipple. He knelt and took my clit in his mouth, sucking gently. I moaned. He held my hips in his hands and pressed his thumbs in a little, towards the clit, his tongue flicking over it.

He fingered me, moving three of his fingers in and out of me, then stood up and tugged off his shorts. He was hard.

"Is my horny niece ready?"

"Always, of course."


"That's what the doc said." We both laughed. I had seduced the shrink. Guess he was right.

Jason fingered me until I was writhing, just to tease me, then he knelt, his cock going inside me. I pushed up.

"Not yet, slut."

I waited, but I wanted him inside me, hard, fast. Now. He teased me a little longer, easing in and out, playing with my breasts. My hands tugged at the now ruined bikini top, but Jason is good with knots. It held fast.

"Maybe we should call Daddy back and let you talk to him now."

I panted. "You wouldn't."

Jason looked up. "Is that a challenge?"

"No, I was kidding – hey!"

Jason picked up my cell and dialed Dad, then laid the phone on my shoulder. He put the speakerphone on. While we were waiting, Jason said, "Now, be careful. I want you to have a good conversation with Daddy and hear all about his new girlfriend. Ask Daddy to bring you a new bikini. Tell him you tore this one," he instructed. There was a click, then Dad picked up.

"Hi honey, what's up?"

Jason waggled his cock at me.

"Um, hi Dad. I just wanted to know – " Jason shoved his cock into my pussy, and I gritted my teeth a moment – "I just, um, do you like Sarah?"

Jason began grinding his cock in and out, slowly, then pulling out almost the whole way, then back in.

"I like her fine. You didn't seem that interested in her when you met."

"Oh, yeah, I am." Jason reached up and pinched my nipples, rolling them between his fingers and thumbs. I love that. I arched my back. The phone slipped a little. I shrugged my shoulder and hefted the phone closer.

"Well, she loves to paint. We're going to the Louvre while we're over here..." he rattled on about various museums. I didn't have a clue where they were going. Jason kissed my belly, his tongue flicking on my stomach.

"...and maybe stop in London. I need to see your Mom."

"Oh. Ok."

Jason began fucking me in earnest. His shoulders were trembling slightly from holding himself up. The chaise skittered a little over the concrete.

"Um, Dad?"

"Yeah hon?"

"Could you –" I swallowed a moan, lifting my hips. Jason was ramming into me now, and I was pretty sure the gardener was watching us.

"um, could you pick up a bikini for me? Something in Paris, maybe?"

"Sure hon. What happened to the one you were telling me about?"

"Uh. I tore it."

Jason was gritting his teeth, eyes closed, trying not to groan aloud.

"Too bad. Yeah, I'll pick one up for you."

We said our goodbyes. The phone went dead. I shrugged my shoulders enough to make the phone bounce onto the ground. I probably broke it.

I moaned and begged Jason for more.

"You love it, don't you?"

"Yes. Yes, I love it. I want more."

He fucked me hard and rough, the way I like it. He froze for a moment, feeling the bliss, coming.

"Oh God. Your pussy is so tight. I love my cock in it."

"I do too."

"I'm still gonna have to punish you." He grunted, then lay on top of me, his cock still inside me. My wrists were still tied overhead. I could see the gardener standing by the corner of the house, watching, one hand on his crotch. I licked my lips and smiled at him.

"Jason, the gardener's watching."

"Good. You like that too, don't you?"

"Yes. You know I like being watched."

"And being fucked."


He lay there a few more minutes. Maybe we both dozed for a short time. He came to with a start. "I'm almost hard again."

I looked at him. "Fuck me again, then?"

He laughed. "I should let the gardener do it. I haven't checked him out yet, though." Anybody fucking me had to get a medical ok before Jason let them near me.

I bumped my hips up and down. "Please?"

Jason laughed, tweaking my clit. "I'm going to leave you there while I swim for a few minutes."


I lay there, sprawled open and tied, while Jason swam. Then he untied me, and I swam naked while he watched. Later, we went inside and I filled the tub, got in.

"Here, I'll wash you."

Jason leaned over the tub. I leaned back. We have a bar at the back of the tub. I reached over my head and held onto it. Jason worked his way up and down my body with a soapy cloth. He rubbed the cloth back and forth on my clit, down, between my legs. His finger entered me.

"You still want more."


"Here. Get out of the tub a minute."

I got out and stood on a towel, dripping, wet and still soapy in places. We went into the room downstairs, a dungeon that is under the house, with padded leather walls on three sides. The fourth wall is painted blood red and holds a rack full of toys.

"We need something special for you," Jason decided. "Something that will wear out that little pussy of yours for a while."

I waited. He was still naked, so was I. I shivered a little from the water that was still on me. Jason looked around the room.

"Here. I want this." He pointed.

We have a couple of wooden ponies. One of them has a small saddle on it, though, like it's a real pony. There's also a dildo on the center of the saddle, and it's thick. It has little nubs all over it, but inside, it can vibrate and do other things. This pony has boxes on either side.

There are bars overhead; there are bars and all sorts of furniture in that room. Jason sat in a chair, made himself comfortable, to watch me. I put on my wrist cuffs that were lying nearby and walked over to the pony. Stood on a box, reached up to the sturdy silver bar overhead. I clipped the D rings of my cuffs onto the bar. I'd have to have help now to get free. I slung one leg over the saddle and began to ease myself onto the dildo.

"No!" Jason barked. I looked up. "I want you to shove yourself onto it. You said you wanted more."

He wasn't Jason now; he was Master, my owner. I obeyed. I pushed down hard and as fast as I could.

"Now, you fuck that while I watch," he ordered.

"Yes Master."

"You don't stop until I say you can." I nodded and began to pull up and down. The dildo was thick; the nubs rub on my insides. I was still cool from the water on my skin. That would change.

It was hard to heave myself up and down while my wrists were locked overhead. I used my thighs, my legs, propelling myself up and down. I flung my head back at one point and cried out, cumming on the dildo.

"Good. Keep going."

I clung to the dildo, clenching against it for a moment, savoring the spasms.

"I said, don't stop until I say you can!" Jason was standing by me. He held a crop. He smacked it against my breasts a little. "Keep going." He stepped away, still holding the crop.

I began again, moving up and down, at one point rocking a little as I felt myself cum a second time. Again, when I spasmed, I clung there a moment, twisting slightly, feeling a second round of quivers starting.

I felt a smack against my lifting bottom with the crop.

"I said, don't stop. I think you need incentive."

"yes Master."

Jason stepped away, came back. He was holding a small box.

"Master, no!"

"Yes." He flipped a switch on. I felt the sizzle of electricity from inside the dildo jolt inside me. I jerked a little.

"You need more incentive?"

"No, Master." I worked the saddle again. Now and then, Jason flipped the switch on, and I felt the electricity seep out from the dildo, raking my insides. I jerked, and orgasmed.

"Good. But I think you need more."

"No Master, I'll do more."

"No. You need more."

He came over to me and pinched my nipples, one at a time, pulling them up, clipping them at the base. They had wires hanging from the ends.

"I still don't think that's enough," he said.

He twisted my clit with his thumb and finger, pulling it out while I still had the dildo inside me. He clamped the base of the clit with another metal clip, yet another wire hanging from it. He plugged the wire from the clit into the front of the saddle. The wires from the nipples, he pulled up and attached to a small device at the top of the silver bar, between my captive wrists.

"I think you have some good incentive now," he said. He flicked a switch on the saddle.

The pulse goes out to the clit, then to one nipple, then to another, then shoots up through the dildo into the pussy. I groaned and cried out. I lifted up with my legs, which were trembling a little, pushed down on the dildo.

I came again, shuddering, hanging by my wrists limply while my legs clasped the sides of the pony's saddle, feeling the charges jabbing at my clit, which made it jerk and twitch. Damn. I was horny again. I shuddered and pulled myself up again.

Jason came over to me. "You still aren't satisfying me." He held out metal. I stood at his command, trembling. He fitted it around the base of the dildo.

"Now sit."

"Master, please – "


I sat, the dildo pulsing inside me, now alternately vibrating and shocking me. My clit was throbbing, my nipples pulsing and tingling. Now the metal on either side of the dildo stung me at times, too. Jason flipped up the dial on the saddle so I could see it.

"Master, please, I beg you, please don't, please..."

"Be quiet." He increased the voltage yet again. I squealed.

"Now fuck it."

"Yes, yes I will."

"Let me see you do it."

"Yes." I fucked the dildo, crying at one point, tired but each time, orgasming, Jason watched me. I hung from the bar for a moment, panting, heaving. My clit was jerking around from the electric shock and from lust and blood pounding in me.

"I don't think you've had enough yet," he said. He turned the dial up one more notch. He reached under the saddle, fiddled with a dial there. Now the vibrator was on as high as it could go, pulsing and throbbing inside me. I gasped and came at once, twisting on the dildo a little.

Jason's hand came down to cover my skin that was bulging over the dildo. He rubbed it, pressing in. I moaned. His other hand grabbed my hair, pulling my head back. He leaned in, whispering.

"I know you haven't had enough. Have you?"

I shook my head. He jerked my hair a little.

"Have you?"

"No. No Master, I haven't had enough yet."

"And why is that?" He waited while I panted, catching my breath. I wasn't even having to move up and down on the dildo now; the vibrator inside it was so powerful, the electric shocks jolting me so much, I only had to twist a little and I would cum. I did it again while I answered him, my voice quivering.

"Because – because I'm a slut, Master."

"That's right. And what else?"

"I'm a whore, Master."

"Good. Tell me what else."

"I'm a slut, Master, I love to fuck my uncle, Master."

"Good." He released my hair, smoothing his hand down my back. "What else?"

"I'll fuck anyone, Master. I'm a slut and a whore. I'm a nympho, Master."

"Yes, you are." He paused, rubbing my back. I jerked forward a little, rubbing against his hand. "And did you like talking to Daddy while I fucked you?"

"Yes, yes Master, I did."

"And why is that, hmm?"

"Because – "I jerked, spasms, orgasming against his hand, the dildo wet with my cum, my nipples twitching – "because, because you're my uncle, Master. Because you were fucking me. Your cock was in my pussy."

"And you like that, don't you, whore?"

"Yes. Yes, oh God, yes." I moaned loudly and shoved my tortured clit against his hand. He smiled.

"Good. " He stopped the vibrator and the shocks, unclasped my wrist cuffs, helped me off of the dildo. I collapsed on the floor, quivering.

"Have you had enough?"

"For now Master, yes."

He laughed at that. "Get on the table." He helped me over to a padded table that was waist high to him. He put on my ankle cuffs, threaded rope through the D rings, tied me to the table. It's wider than average and a little higher than the usual table.

He put tiny clamps on my pussy's lips, two on the clit, little clamps on each side of the clit; little clamps on my nipples and around the top of the breasts. More little clamps on the insides of my thighs, on the tops of my inner arms.

He kissed me. I was squirming a little with the pain and still feeling tender from the dildo. Any minute now, though, I'd begin zoning.

"Stay here, slut. I'll be right back."

He was gone for a while. I heard voices. He'd brought one of the servants with him, but it wasn't the gardener.

Jason and the man stopped beside the table, the man looking at me and excited.

"I have a problem with this slut here," Jason said, pointing at me. "I fucked her, but she's still hot. You want her?" The man nodded, eager. "Good. I'll leave you two alone for a while. Leave the clamps on her," he added.

The man licked his lips and fumbled at my breasts. I didn't say anything.

He squeezed my breasts, then stopped and unzipped his pants.

"Mr. Jason, he says you are a slut. Is this true?" the man asked, pulling his pants down. He stepped out of them and folded them carefully, then began pulling off his shirt.

"Yes." The clamps were feeling good now, not painful.

"You ok with me, you know?"


The man shrugged. He pulled off his shoes and socks, undressed completely. He licked his lips again. "It's true what they say then? You are a whore?"

"Yes, yes I am." This made him very excited. He put his hands on my belly, and I quivered.

"Mr. Jason, he says to call you slut and whore. You like that?"

"Yes, yes I do. I am a slut. You want to fuck me?"

"Yes." Without warning, his cock went into me, and I jerked. My flesh clamped against his.

"Mmmm" he groaned. His hands on the table, he shoved in and out.

"Harder, please," I begged.

He began getting rougher, going faster. He was pushing in and out, which pushed on the tiny clamps. I came and cried out. He kept going, faster, harder, until he came. He stopped, panting, leaning on me, his face near mine. His hand reached up and he idly flicked one of the clamps on my nipple.

"This hurt?"

"A little."

His cock was still in me. He twisted the clamp suddenly, flicking it off. I squealed.

"Now you getting me hard again."

"Good. You can fuck me again if you want."

"Again now?"

"Again now, or any time you see me around here. Or I can play with myself in front of you, if you want."

He got hard again and fucked me, this time very hard and rough, reaching up at one point and grabbing my breasts and pulling off clamps so they came off with a sharp snap! He finished, exhausted.

"Oh baby. That was good."

"Yeah. Thanks. I meant it, you know."

He had pulled away and was sitting on the floor.


"About fucking me. Just let me know."

"I see you sometimes, walking around, no clothes."

"Yeah. I like that, too. Just let me know when."

"Ok." He put on his clothes and left. Jason came back.

"Did you have a good time, little whore?" he asked. He pulled off the rest of the clamps.

"Yes. Thank you."

"I think you need more men," he said. He began untying my cuffs from the table.

"What do you mean?"

"I got a call from a friend. There's going to be an auction. I think I'll put you up for bid. Maybe I'll tell George."

"George likes it rough."

"So do you."

Jason finished untying me, held me for a while. I finally went upstairs, took another bath, and lay down to rest. I'd said yes to the auction. Of course.

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