tagInterracial LoveIntroduction to a Black Dom Ch.02

Introduction to a Black Dom Ch.02


My fantasy was to be sexually flirtatious with a black man. After months of talking about it we finally posted to an internet site seeking a black man. We had many responses, but finally decided to meet one man who really seemed to understand our desires. We met Mr. Johnson one night for drinks. At his request, I wore a loose fitting white blouse with no bra, and a short black skirt.

Mr. Johnson immediately took charge and we discussed what I wanted and my limitations. We were very comfortable with him and were very turned on as well. Mr. Johnson bought several rounds of drinks, and after some initial small talk, dancing, and kissing, Mr. Johnson convinced me to give him my panties as a souvenir. I thought my husband would be very turned on when I told him about it later that night, so I took them off and gave them to Mr. Johnson without my husband noticing. Mr. Johnson ordered another round of drinks and began stroking my leg. It felt naughty to have a black man stroking my leg in a strange bar, but I was quite shocked when Mr. Johnson's finger began rubbing up against my pussy. I was even more shocked when Mr. Johnson told hubby that he thought that I was basically a white slut looking for black cock and that hubby was a cuckold. With Mr. Johnson's fingers now fully engaged in my pussy I was in no condition to respond. To make matters worse, several friends of Mr. Johnson joined us just at that moment and he introduced me as his new slut wife.

To make a long story short (see part 1 for full details) I confessed in front of my husband and these three black men that I was indeed a black cock slut and would do anything Mr. Johnson asked of me.

Mr. Johnson made it very clear to us that he respected our marriage and would not interfere with it, but that my husband was to respect his role as my Dom and could not interfere with my being his subslut. He explained that, as my Master, he would require access to all of my fuck holes...my pussy, mouth, and ass. He also explained that he would administer obedience training to make me a complete submissive slut for black cock and that this training would include me having sex with other black men and an occasional gang bang. We accepted his terms and agreed to go back to his place for a few more drinks.

We followed my new master and his friends back to his place. My husband and I were both very nervous as we entered his home. He made us all some drinks and showed us his home. He is a professional and has a very nice home. A visitor would not even suspect that he was a Dom unless he took you into the basement. Before we entered he told us that this was the room where we would spend most of our time together. As a couple who had never been into "the scene" before, it was a little shocking to us when we entered the basement. There was a king sized four poster bed to one side and various restraints at each corner of the bed. There were a couple of chairs and what he called his "spanking horse." He also showed us a variety of whips and "spreaders" that he said that he would be using on me during my training. Although we are not into pain, he explained that punishment would be a necessary part of my submissive training, but that he was not a sadist and that punishment would sting more than hurt and he would not exceed my limits.

At this point, Master instructed my husband and I to sit over in some chairs that he had against the wall. He told hubby to put his arms behind his back and into the restraints tied to the chair. The two friends then secured hubby to the chair. Once secured to the chair, Master said that hubby would normally be tied to this chair during my training so that he could not interfere. Master warned hubby that if he protested to anything Master did then he would blindfold hubby and ballgag him. He said that once we entered this room that he was our Master.

Master then told me to tell him one more time why I was here with him. I said that I wanted to be his submissive. Master told me to look at hubby and tell him exactly what I wanted Master to do to me and to be as descriptive and as nasty as I could. Flushed, I turned to hubby and said that I wanted to be a submissive fuck slut for my black master and that I wanted my Master to use me for his pleasure. I said that I wanted Master to tie me up and make me do all the nasty slutty things that a good subslut will do for her Master. Master then came over and kissed me and said to me that he was going to do all that and more. He said that my training would subject me to all manner of nasty sex, discipline, and humiliation that would ensure that if Master told me to strip for a stranger and allow him to ass fuck me that I would do it without a second thought.

With that, Master turned to me and ordered me to get on the floor on my hands and knees in front of hubby with my ass facing him. I complied quickly and Master lifted up my skirt exposing my ass. Master had me lower my head and shoulders and spread my knees. Master instructed me that this was the position that I was to assume whenever he told me to go somewhere, unless he instructed me otherwise.

Master looked hubby in the eyes as he inserted his finger into my pussy and began taunting hubby telling him that I was his fuck bitch now and that my pussy was dripping wet for his black cock. I began to pant and moan as Master expertly fingered my pussy and clit. Master started talking to me while finger fucking me. Master told me that I was now his slut and that I was going to learn to be nastier than I ever thought possible. Just as I seemed to be on the verge of my first orgasm, Master stopped fingering me and pulled me up to my knees so that the others could take my top off. Master then stood in front of me and told me to take out his cock and suck it. I complied and hubby watched me take this black stranger's cock into my mouth and suck it while on my knees.

After a few minutes of having his black cock sucked, Master ordered me to get on the bed face down. I did so and his friends tied my wrist to the restraints. However, I had not assumed the correct submissive position with my ass up in the air and knees spread so Master told me that obedience training was in order. He got out a riding crop, pulled my skirt up, and began to spank my ass. I tried to move my ass to avoid the spanking, but received strict orders from Master not to move. Master spanked me several more times and I accepted my punishment.

Master then began to lick my asshole. My husband and I have had anal sex on occasion, but not frequently. Master inserted his finger into my asshole and began finger fucking my ass. After withdrawing his finger, Master wiped it off on my skirt and inserted a vibrating butt plug up my ass. This was a first for me and I writhed in enjoyment on the bed.

Master then inserted his cock into my mouth once again. Master began vigorously fucking my mouth and telling me what a great fuck bitch I was and that he was going to enjoy using my body. Master pulled his cock out of my mouth momentarily, just long enough to have me suck on the finger he had inserted into my ass just a few minutes before, and then had me suck on his cock again.

Master was talking very nasty to me and I was totally responding to it and sucked greedily on his cock. He untied my restraints and had me lay on my back. I begged him to fuck my pussy. Master ignored my pleas and began fucking my face again. I am a great cocksucker and Master soon started cumming. He pulled out of my mouth and came on my face. He is a very heavy cummer and my cheeks, chin and throat were covered in his cum. Master then ordered me to eat as much of his cum as I could and I began to scoop it up with my fingers and eat his cum. Master's friends starting laughing and commented about what a nasty cum slut I was.

I think hubby was completely in shock to see how nasty I was capable of being so soon after meeting this man. Master must have noticed hubby's face and said that I would become much nastier in the weeks to come. Master once again had me restrained to the bed, blindfolded me, and left hubby and me alone for about 20 minutes. Master warned us not to talk while he was gone. Master had left the vibrating butt plug in my ass while he was gone and hubby had to watch me writhe on the bed, occasionally moaning, my face and neck glistening with Master's drying cum. I was almost insane with lust. I had become a black man's slut and I was completely enjoying it.

My heart was racing when Master and his friends returned. He pulled the butt plug out of my ass and the other men tied my legs to the post restraints. Master had brought some ice and began to use it on me, slowly torturing my body with the cold. Finally, he stuck a pillow under my ass and began eating my pussy. I love to have my pussy licked and I began grinding my hips into Master's face. Within five minutes I was having a massive orgasm and was nearly screaming in pleasure. Master mounted me and began fucking my pussy. Master fucked me good until he finally came again leaving a big creampie inside me.

Master then gave his friends permission to cum on me too. They had been stroking themselves during this whole time, and quickly shot their cum on my face, tits, and stomach.

The bed was in a position where hubby could watch the cum leak off me and out of my pussy. I was so turned on that I was nearly out of my mind. Master went over to hubby and said that if he wanted to fuck me now he could, but that hubby would have to eat out my pussy first and lick the cum out of my freshly fucked cunt and off the rest of my body. Hubby was so horny that he was willing to do just about anything to fuck me. Master released him and hubby went down on my cum filled pussy.

Once hubby had licked up all the cum that these three black men had covered me in, Master gave hubby the ok and hubby began fucking me, quickly cumming inside me. Master then told us that he wanted to see us again next weekend. He explained that this was just my initiation to black cock and that it would get much more intense next time and that I would really be turned into a dirty subslut.

My husband and I have talked about what happened and we were both completely turned on by my slutty behavior and agreed that anything goes. I want to be a total slut for Master and hubby is encouraging me. We can't wait for next weekend!

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Sub Bi wanna be blalck cock slut

Hi im Alyson a mature UK white wife seeking to be black owned used abused and more just like in this story. more please

Id love to chat with you in yahoo messenger if you have my id is subkinkyalymore...

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