tagGay MaleIntroduction to Men Ch. 04

Introduction to Men Ch. 04


In the week since Larry and I had last had sex I thought mostly of gay sex. I masturbated daily and at my bi-weekly sex night with my wife I tried to interest her in wearing silky lingerie and stockings – to no avail. Bitterly disinterested I sat while she came on me then told her I was too tired to cum, she seemed relieved that she wouldn't have to clean up the semen. Rolling off my cock she was soon asleep, breathing deeply. I needed relief so I slipped out of bed and went into the computer room.

I quickly found a gay sex site and sat watching videos of what excited me so much. Stroking my cock gently it soon became a raging stiff erection that seeped pre-cum. I licked the pre-cum off of my finger, tasty I told myself. I continued to masturbate to the videos wearing headphones to hear the moaning and cries of passion. Not able to stand it any longer I came grunting as streams of semen sprayed across my chest and stomach.

I didn't want to have a shower in case it woke Judy up so I proceeded to wipe all of the semen with my fingers and suck them clean. I truly did enjoy the taste of semen, white gold.

The next day was Wednesday and I could hardly wait for my shift to end so I could rush home and leave for Larry's. I said hello and goodbye to my wife, grabbed my "football" jersey and raced out the door. With as much restraint as I could manage I drove quickly to Larry's condo. When I knocked on the door Larry met me with Bill behind him. "Hi Sandy" Larry said kissing me on the lips. "Meet Bill" he said moving out of the way so I could shake Bill's hand.

Pulling me close Bill also kissed me, slipping his tongue into my mouth in an erotic welcome. "Nice to meet you Sandy, Larry has told me about your introduction to gay sex. I'm looking forward to helping teach you what it's all about."

Wow, I thought to myself, this is quite a greeting. My cock began to stiffen; Bill was a very good looking man, quite well built and someone who obviously took care of himself. I wondered what kind of cock he had, bigger than Larry's, maybe longer or thicker.

Larry was obviously turned on and didn't want to waste time with pleasantries. "Let's go shower and get into bed" he said, turning and heading toward the now familiar bathroom. He was the first to get naked and stepped into the bath turning on the shower. I was watching Bill as he undressed and as he turned around I gasped, his cock was at least 2 inches longer than Larry's and much thicker. How would I ever take that into my mouth I wondered, cringing inwardly at the thought of him fucking me with that monster.

Bill slipped in behind Larry to soap him up, then Larry rinsed off and left holding the curtain open for me next. I stepped in and Bill turned around asking me to soap him up. Taking the bar of soap I began at his chest then moving down I took his semi rigid cock and stroked it with my soapy hand. Hardening and lengthening I was soon holding a penis nearly 10 inches long and at least 6 inches around. "I don't think I'll ever be able to swallow all of your cock Bill"

"You'd be surprised what you can do when you're aroused Sandy. Also how you are positioned makes a whole lot of difference." Bill responded. He then turned around and offered his back and bum to me to wash.

I lathered him and as I came to his bum he pushed back so my finger penetrated him. "Hmmm Sandy Larry told me that you have a knack for fucking, will you do me?" he asked with a voice that was thickly erotic.

"Sure I will Bill" I responded and placed my penis at his soapy anus. Pushing gently I popped my cock head in then drove my cock all the way to its root. He was as tight as Larry and it was certainly more erotic than fucking my wife. I wrapped my arms around his chest and nibbled on his ear whispering, "There does that satisfy you?"

"Yes it does my little cockslut. Keep it up and cum when I tell you to" he ordered.

Now I guess I have a submissive streak deep in my desires because listening to him tell me what to do made me even hornier. I continued to thrust into his tight welcoming hole but I felt that I was getting near to cumming. "Master may I cum now?" I inquired in a pleading voice.

"No slut you may not, I am enjoying your cock. You will cum when I tell you" he said reaching around to slap me on the bum.

Larry pulled back the shower curtain to see what was happening at that moment and he laughed "I see you have found out who is in charge in our relationship Sandy."

"Yes I guess I have Larry. I think that it is very erotic to have someone tell you what to do. I'm enjoying this a lot."

"Stop talking and keep fucking my little cock slut!" Bill commanded.

Once again I was getting close and Bill seemed to sense from the timing of my thrusts to the low moaning that escaped my lips. "Stop slut" he ordered.

I stopped at his command and he pulled himself off of my painfully hard cock saying, "You will wait until later to cum my young cock slut."

Bill took the soap and proceeded to soap up my raging hard-on and now bulging balls. He was in control of what was happening, I made no mistake of trying to push for my own orgasm. I was turned around and my back soaped with Bill's finger slipping into my ass and massaging my prostrate. This added fuel to the fire, I'm sure that was Bill's intent, and it was painfully hard to avoid spilling my semen there in the shower. "Well my little cock slut, are you sufficiently turned on?"

"Yes Master" I responded.

The shower ended with Larry passing me a thick towel to dry off, kissing me and whispering "Enjoy this Sandy."

We adjourned into the bedroom and Bill wasted no time in getting things going. "Fuck me Larry" he commanded. Turning to me he said "Suck on my cock slut"

Laying on his side with Larry behind him slipping his cock into the Master's ass I was forced to kneel on the floor to take Bill's monster cock into my mouth. Try as much as I did I could not swallow more than half of Bill. Seeing my discomfort Bill motioned for Larry to stop and stood up at the edge of the bed. "Lay down on your back Sandy with your head over the edge of the bed" he directed.

I quickly lay down and lying backwards I was able to look directly at this monster penis right at face level. "Open your mouth and I will slide my cock in Sandy."

Larry stepped up behind his Master and resumed fucking him. Bill began to feed his cock into my mouth. Amazing what a different position can do to cock sucking. Bill soon had his entire organ in my mouth and through concentration on breathing through my nose I didn't choke on him. I summoned up as much saliva as I could to lubricate this fleshy monster.

Dimly I was aware that Larry was pleading to be allowed to cum in Bill's ass and that he agreed. At that time, as incredible as it may seem, Bill seemed to grow and I felt a pulsing sensation along his cock that signalled orgasm. Bill pulled part ways out so only his cock head was in my mouth and proceeded to pump hot, salty semen into me. I asked him later how much semen he produced and he said it was nearly a quarter cup each time!

When he had finished using my mouth Bill pulled out and told me to swallow the remainder, I had to swallow as he came to prevent drowning!

End of Part 4

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