tagGroup SexIntroduction to Sex Ch. 02

Introduction to Sex Ch. 02

byParis Waterman©

The following day, Ellie told Margie everything, down to the last detail, and Margie was beside herself.

"You did it! You really did it?"

"Yes, I told you, we did it all."

I can't believe it. I mean, you thought... you told me you never expected to see him again."

Ellie shrugged, "I did think it, but when we ran into each other... it just happened."

"Can we get together at my house after school?" Margie asked excitedly.


"Cause..." Margie paused, "we can um, you know."

"No, I don't know. What are you up to Margie?"

"I was thinking maybe a sleepover?"

"A sleepover?"

"Yeah, you know..." Margie ended lamely.

"Found more magazines under the bed?"

"No... Oh, shit! C'mon, Ellie, we can jill off an..."

"You want me to tell you all the dirty details while you jill off imagining it's you under my Donny," she said accusingly.

"Well, I wouldn't put it that way," Margie said defensively.

Knowing she had the upper hand, Ellie played her cards well. "What's in it for me?"

Margie squirmed in place. Her mouth twisted into different shapes as she struggled to form her answer.

"Okay, okay! I'll do you! There, are you satisfied?"

Ellie's grin was smug and satisfied. But she persisted in pinning her friend down.

"How are you gonna do me?"

"How do you want me to do you?" Margie replied her face had reddened in embarrassment.

"I want you to do everything to me," Ellie said with growing confidence.

"Everything? Even...?"

"That too," Ellie said emphatically.

"But I've never..."

"There's always a first time. Treat me right and maybe..." she paused before going on. "You do want to meet him, don't you?"

"You'll let me meet him?" Margie gasped, her hopes soared. This wasn't a boy they were discussing. It was a man... in his twenties, and he knew what to do, and how to treat a girl. Margie would be a real woman if Donny took her virginity.

As if reading her mind, Ellie added, "Maybe he'll do the both of us. You could lose your cherry, you work it right."

"I'll... do it," she said, "anything you want."

"You won't back out at the last minute?"

"No way, I'm in all the way," Margie promised, and her flushed state of arousal was now full bodied. ________________________________________

The girls had arranged a sleepover at Ellie's house. They acted like typical teenagers until certain that Ellie's mom had fallen asleep. Then both Ellie and Margie stripped off their PJ's and underwear.

The smell of aroused pussy filled the air, and Ellie saw that Margie's pubic hair was glistening with juices from her excited state.

Ellie, feeling empowered after Donny's lovemaking the previous night, moved quickly to take advantage of Margie's arousal, and shoved her foot into Margie's crotch, only to have Margie push it away.

"Don't do that!" she snapped at Ellie.

Ellie just smiled at her. Margie felt the shame of her desire flood her body and flushed a deep red from her face down to her breasts.

"Don't?" Ellie said with a sneer in her voice.

"I thought you were going to do me," she said softly and calmly; then waited for Margie's answer.

"I... um, I am," Margie mumbled quietly. "I will... just..."

"Just what?" "Let me get ready, okay?"

"Ready? Hey, get ready for this!" and Ellie pushed her right breast into Margie's face, and with Margie sputtering a mild protest, rubbed it over her nose, mouth and chin.

Margie felt the yielding flesh of a breast against her mouth. Instinctively she massaged the underside with her lips, and found her way to the hardened nipple. She pulled at it gently with her teeth, dragging a moan from Ellie's throat. Ellie, breathing heavily, said, "C'mon, suck it for me, Margie."

Ellie continued rubbing her other breast over her friends face until Margie managed to capture the breast, and fed that nipple into her mouth. Seconds later, Margie moaned, "Ohhh, Ellie!" and shifted into a half-sitting position that gave her better access to both of Ellie's breasts, saying, "I love you, Ellie."

"You do?"

"I'll do anything for you! Oh, yes, oh, yes," she cried, as her mouth and tongue slobbered over Ellie's tits.

"I love your tits. Let me suck them forever!"

That said, Margie opened her mouth and pulled as much of Ellie's breast as she could manage into her mouth. Her tongue rapidly flicked over the nipple, and then she pulled back until just the tip was in her mouth again and she nibbled.

Ellie reached down and pulled her head back gently. Margie looked up at her, a little alarmed that she might have done something wrong, but Ellie just smiled and took Margie's hand and brought it to her other breast. The skin was hot to the touch, soft and smooth. Margie lifted the flesh, squeezed and kneaded it, then descended upon it with lips and tongue.

Ellie's hand slid into Margie's hair and encouraged her attentions with pressure changes, and stroking and rubbing. Both of Ellie's legs hooked over Margie's hips, and she arched her back, and groaned, trying to devour what she could; sucking, nibbling and flicking her tongue over the hard pebbled center. Ellie kept grinding her pubis against Margie, her head flung back, and eyes closed, breathing fast, almost desperately.

"Bite them, bite my nipples!" Ellie moaned, for she hadn't realized how good Margie's mouth and teeth would feel on them.

Margie obliged, chewing roughly on Ellie's stiffening teat, and then began to suck greedily. Ellie felt the thrill shoot from the nipple to her cunt and stiffened momentarily, unaccustomed to the pleasure Margie was wringing out of her.

Soon Ellie realized that at this point Margie would do virtually anything she told her to do. She wrested her breast away from Margie's lips, and lay face down, legs spread in a Y, displaying her ass and red furred pussy.

Ellie's toes clenched and wiggled in excited anticipation.

Moaning at the loss, Margie let the nipple slip from her mouth and quickly moved to kiss Ellie's collarbone, and then her throat, drawing a whimper in response. She raised herself up and claimed Ellie's lips, licking at Ellie's luscious lips and before closing the last distance and sliding her tongue into the other's open mouth. Their tongues wrestled, their gasping breaths mingled with saliva, and when the kiss finally broke, it was Ellie who pulled back, shaken, flushed, and breathing heavily.

Through half-lidded eyes, Ellie scanned Margie's body. Margie's breasts were smaller and higher than Ellie's, with dark areolas that were pulled tight around their centers just then. She brushed over them with her palms, sending shivers through Margie's body. Then, with great deliberation, Ellie bent forward and kissed the nipple of Margie's left breast, then flicked her tongue over it, as she attempted to repay her friend in kind. She gently took the swollen tip in her mouth and began to suckle. Margie groaned and trembled, and it was her turn to pull Ellie tighter against her.

Ellie slid forward and onto her knees, not relinquishing her prize for a second. She kneaded the mass of the breast with one hand, pushing the nipple forward, deeper into her wet, hot mouth. She drew Margie's pleasure up, centering all of Margie's attention on that one set of assaulted nerve-endings.

Margie was amazed at how Ellie had found the key to her most sensitive parts. It took her a moment before recalling that only moments earlier she had done essentially the same thing to Ellie. So Margie tried grinding her hips against Ellie's, and Ellie rocked back, eventually settling on the bed, sitting on her heels. This allowed her to set the stage whereby she was able to intertwine their legs.

With Margie's arousal continuing to rise, it wasn't long before she found herself rubbing against Ellie's thigh, luxuriating in the sensations felt when Ellie's hips moved back against hers.

Incoherent moans and whimpers came from Margie's throat, and their mouths met again in a blind, savage kiss. They shared their breath, gasping and moaning into each other's mouth.

Margie felt the heat spreading from her groin into her thighs, from there the heat surged to her stomach, chest, legs and arms. Her muscles locked, and she screamed into Ellie's mouth. She felt a loss when Ellie's withdrew her thigh; and a sudden elation when Ellie's hand darted between her legs.

Ellie pressed her palm against her best friend's spasming clit, and made it vibrate rapidly against it. This action triggered the pounding waves of Margie's orgasm, causing the young girl to scream into Ellie's mouth as she was washed away in an electrical current of ecstasy.

It went on and on and on; with Ellie holding her close, continuing to grind her hand against her, pressing her flesh into Margie's flesh, until as the waves began to fade away, Ellie took the next step, and sent a finger into the juicy, hot tunnel of Margie's cunt.

The added surprise of this penetration, along with Ellie applying pressure to the place she herself called 'her secret spot' with that finger -- a place Margie only vaguely knew she had -- set Margie to screaming and spasming, and only the quick action of Ellie forcing her friends face into the pillow prevented Ellie's mother, just down the hall from rushing to their bedroom to see what horror had befallen them. Still, Ellie was so frightened that Margie's incoherent shrieks would alarm Margie's mother or father sleeping so close that she almost smothered her friend.

Eventually, Margie came back to her senses, and, sobbing and whimpering, curled up in Ellie's arms on the bed. Ellie's hand was still massaging Margie's pussy, but she had decided to let Margie to fully recover. It occurred to her that this process might be sped up if she took her hand away from Margie's cunt, and she withdrew her hand and hugged her friend tightly.

"Shhh," Ellie whispered in her ear. "It's all right. Everything's fine. Just hold on to me."

They lay together for a while, until Margie sighed and relaxed, nuzzling her face into Ellie's neck. As Margie's awareness returned, she realized they were both lying on the bed, and that her arm was falling asleep. She tried to shift a bit without disturbing Ellie.

Ellie smiled, and rolled up to her hands and knees, straddling Margie's hips. "Shall we move this to the next level?" she asked with a pixyish smile.

Margie nodded wordlessly, and Ellie turned, and with her head thrown back in an imperious come hither mode, gave Margie her first unlimited full-length view of her naked body.

"You're beautiful, Margie," Ellie murmured into her ear.

"So are you," Margie whispered hoarsely. Margie's eyes gaped widely. She had never seen another girl's cunt displayed in such a wide-open and excited state. True, she had seen her own cunt like this, when she had spread her legs in front of a mirror and jerked off while watching herself.

"Does it look good, girl?" Ellie asked. Margie blushed, but kept her eyes on Ellie's throbbing juicy pussy.

"You look really hot," Margie managed to say after a while.

"Take a real close look," Ellie said, breathing hard. "Sniff it a little. Maybe you'll wanna lick it."

Margie's vision blurred. Her head was swimming with all sorts of depraved visions. Her heart was pounding wildly as she squirmed between Ellie's parted legs and took it all in; the smell, the lightly red beard surrounding the coral colored labia.

She did sniff as prompted by Ellie, and found it both repulsive and exciting. She felt her nose make contact with Ellie's sex, and then with a groan of lust, she buried her face and mouth in Ellie's gaping cunt.

"Oh, yeah!" Ellie moaned, wiggling her ass so that her pussy was rubbing against Margie's mouth and lips.

Margie found herself breathing heavily through her nose as she ground her mouth and tongue into the morass of Ellie's cunt, licking, sucking and swallowing her own saliva along with Ellie's juices.

"You've done this before," Ellie said accusingly, both hands holding her friend's head in place.

Wresting her mouth away from the succulent hole, Margie groaned, "No, never!" and quickly returned to the throbbing pulse emanating from Ellie's hot pussy, sending her tongue deep into her girl friend's clutching, quivering cunt.

Ellie squealed as she writhed on the bed. Both girls froze, realizing the noise might have awakened Ellie's mother. They waited several minutes. It seemed an eternity, before Ellie felt secure enough to whisper for Margie to continue.

Margie was thoroughly enjoying herself, half the time imagining Ellie's boyfriend fucking her, and the remainder of her time relishing the varied tastes that Ellie's cunt was providing her.

The pair slowly moved into an embrace and, through motions that neither properly remembered after, Margie lay atop Ellie, head nestled between her breasts again, one leg over one of Ellie's legs. One of Ellie's hands rubbed idly across Margie's back, the other held onto Margie's shoulder.

After a few minutes, Margie shifted slightly to take the nipple that was facing her between her lips. Ellie shuddered and moaned, and her back arched involuntarily. Margie rolled her tongue over it, and then sucked, applying a slow, inexorable pressure as she drew the nub of flesh deeper into her mouth. She flicked her tongue over the tip quickly, and then returned to the rolling motion. Ellie spasmed in response and emitted a low mournful cry as her nails raked lightly over Margie's shoulder blades, sending a shiver down Margie's spine.

This play continued for several minutes, until curiosity more than anything else, caused Margie to put any reticence she might have had about tasting her friend's pussy from her mind; and allowing the trapped nipple to slide from her mouth, she let the impulse inflame her until, with an almost savage growl, she began nipping her way downward across Ellie's stomach.

Needless to say, Ellie jumped at each nip, and looked down with surprise as Margie worked her way closer to her destination. Ellie gave a little moan, and laid her head back on a pillow. Margie reached the gingery colored triangle and kissed it. She felt the soft curls brush her face, and smelled the sweet aroma of scented soap. She lowered her head scant inches and kissed the moist flesh found there.

Ellie's thighs parted, whether voluntary, or involuntary will never be known. Margie encountered a musky, exciting because it was so familiar, yet altogether alien. She felt the heat between her own legs surge she parted the swollen labia and leaned forward to kiss Ellie's fully exposed clitoris. When her lips make contact, Ellie's body arched and then convulsed.

For Margie, the power of having this virtual goddess writhing in ecstasy because of her kisses banished any last minute reservations she may have had. Her tongue darted forward, sliding beside the sensitive nerve, up one side and down the other, tasting the salty wetness.

Ellie shuddered and tightened her legs a bit.

Margie continued this motion, slowly expanding the length of the strokes until she reached Ellie's cunt, which had parted revealing the secret entrance. Seeing her opportunity, Margie drove her tongue inside. The tight, muscular walls contracted and Margie pulled her tongue back until realizing that it was a natural phenomenon and not a trap to capture her tongue. She sent her tongue in again, and marveled at how heated and slippery Ellie felt.

Ellie drove her hips up, and whimpered at the hitherto unexpected sensations.

Margie withdrew her tongue, placed her lips over Ellie's clit, and began to suck. Ellie's powerful thighs tightened on her, and Margie struggled to remember the tricks that had been used on her that she had enjoyed, and then decided to improvise.

Still sucking on the clit, she began to flick her tongue rapidly over the nub, dragging full-throated cries from Ellie. Margie, inexperienced but perceptive, thought better of changing her technique as Ellie's hips bucked happily under her attentions. But when Ellie's writhing slowed, she changed course. She maintained her suction, but began driving her tongue in different patterns.

In no time at all, Ellie arched her back and began to scream. Margie reached for a pillow, but before she could do anything with it, Ellie's entire body went rigid. Margie dropped the pillow and returned to licking Ellie's cunt. Ellie's hands were ensnared in Margie's hair. Ellie's orgasm arrived.

Margie kept sucking and tonguing her friend, until just when she thought her jaw would fall off, Ellie released her hair and slumped back, hips pumping at an imaginary cock, or tongue while she gasped for air.

After what seemed an eternity, Ellie caught her breath and turned to Margie with a catlike grin of satisfaction on her face. She slid her hands up Margie's back, pulling her down to kiss her. Ellie's tongue sought hers and tasted deeply of her friends teeth and gums and tongue, and of course, of herself.

"God, you really are beautiful," Ellie groaned as their lips parted a thousandth of an inch.

"And you are amazing," Margie replied.

Ellie pulled back, bracing herself up on her elbows over her. "Oh? Why?"

"I never expected you to go down on me."


"Because, you've never even been with a guy before."

Margie blushed. "Um, no, but you knew that."

"I didn't think you'd do it."

"Why not?"

"Why didn't I think so?"


Ellie smiled and stretched, "It's so unlike you. The you I've known forever."

"Well, you knew how much I wanted to get laid by this guy, right?"

"Yes... but,"

"No buts. I've been horny. You've been horny. All of a sudden you got to do something about it. And you offered him to me."

"Yeah, but only if you'd do the dirty with me."

"True, but you did the dirty with me first. I had to return the favor." Ellie gave her a wry, appraising look, then smiled and motioned her closer.

Margie smiled, and lay her head down on Ellie's chest. She could hear Ellie's heartbeat still slowing down from all the exertion. She toyed with the shape of Ellie's collarbone. Ellie's hands roamed over her body, comforting and arousing at the same time.

"Does any of this have to end?" Ellie asked, dreamily.

The girls slept contentedly and were awakened by Ellie's mother. It was Saturday, and they went shopping at the mall, spending a great deal of time at Victoria's Secret, but not buying anything there. The sensual garments they touched and held against themselves only served to whet their sexual appetites for later that afternoon. Their plan was to tell their parents they were headed back to the mall around four and to the movies afterward. They promised to be home by ten or ten-thirty the latest.

At four ten, having changed into their most sluttish outfits at the mall, they made for Donny's apartment, giggling all the way.

Donny was waiting for them and threw open the door. "Ellie," he said, and stopped, "and this is?"

Ellie didn't answer him, but jumped unto his arms, wrapping her legs around his waist. Donny was forced to carry her into his apartment while she kissed him all over his face and neck, and ground her pussy into his groin.

Eventually, Donny managed to extricate himself from Ellie's clutches. Both girls were giggling uncontrollably. Ellie with her new found feelings of possessing an older boyfriend. And Margie, from her highly excited state at meeting Donny; and from a continuous series of covert glances at him, from his hair to his bulging crotch.

"I still don't know your name, or for that matter, anything about you," Donnie said kindly.

"That's Margie," Ellie chirped. "She's my best friend in the world. We tell each other everything," she finished with a rush.


"Yes, everything," Ellie replied and realizing that she might have overstepped her bounds, reddened in embarrassment.

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