tagNonConsent/ReluctanceIntroduction to Sex Ch. 05

Introduction to Sex Ch. 05

byParis Waterman©

At about the same time that Donny was knocking on her mother's front door, Ellie was in the park chatting with a handsomely muscled black male, with a shaven head, who was about 33 years of age and weighed some 280 pounds. She recalled how good Jared had been sexually and was wondering if Rashid would be even better.

"So, we gonna party, baby?" Rashid asked, flashing his perfect teeth with a smile.

"As soon as you show me the money," Ellie replied glibly. She was confident that her good looks would keep him on the hook, but she was wondering what had happened to Viv. Viv was usually in the park with her unless she was with a john.

Off in the distance, Ellie heard a car brakes squeal, but thought nothing of it. A minute later, another huge black man came into sight. If anything, he was bigger than Rashid. To her surprise, Rashid greeted the other man.

"Hey, motherfucker!"

"Whussup man?" the other answered, as they high-five'd one another.

"Hey, baby," Rashid said to Ellie, "this be Johnny. Johnny be good people, yeah, real good people."

"Say, Rash, this is some good-lookin' bitch you got here."

"You like her?"

"Yeah, man, she's cool."

"She's a whore, man."

"No! For real, Rash?"

"Ain't kidding. Tell him, baby."

"Tell him what, Rash?" Ellie asked, now somewhat apprehensive, 'Where was Viv?'

"That you a whore, baby."

"I'm not a whore, Johnny, your friend is wrong."

"I got $200 dollars says you're a whore, baby," Rashid said, his voice calm, certain she would admit it to Johnny.

"You've got $200?" Ellie said. Her feet were planted apart, trying to show some semblance of defiance to the two huge black men towering over her.

Rashid flashed a bankroll in her face. Ellie had no time to determine if it was a hefty bankroll, or just a handful of singles.

"That your car back on the street?" she asked Johnny, and temporarily confused both men.

"Yeah, that's my Caddy," Johnny replied.

"We can fuck in the backseat ... if you really have two hundred."

"Both men laughed heartily ay her suggestion. Rashid spoke for the two of them, "We too big for backseat humpin' bitch. We need us a room with a big bed."

"That can be arranged," Ellie said, her confidence buoyed by the fact that no one had indicated a lack of interest in having sex with her. She told them the name of the seedy motel she and Viv worked out of, and it was agreed that they would drive there in Johnny's Caddy.

Ellie brought both men into the hotel with her, waving to the disinterested desk clerk as she walked by, and catching the key he tossed her way.

"Guy knows you, huh?" Rashid said with a chuckle.

"I rent by the week; he holds the key for me. I have a bad habit of losing them."

As she put the key in the lock, Rashid squeezed her ass with a huge paw. Johnny was reaching for her left breast as the door opened and all three stumbled into the room.

"Some bed," Johnny exclaimed disapprovingly.

"Won't hold the three of us," Rashid said, apparently agreeing with Johnny.

"So, who goes first?" Ellie asked removing her top and exposing her generous breasts to the two men. While Ellie posed for them, they unhurriedly undressed. When they let their cocks hang down in front of their massive bodies, it was Ellie's turn to stare. They possessed the biggest cocks Ellie had ever seen; including the porno movies she had watched with Vivian as the older woman taught her a few things about positions and drawing out a fuck.

Before she realized what she was doing, she reached out and took both men by their penises and stroked them up and down. Her fingers didn't go halfway around either man's member. Both men stood there, as Ellie dropped slowly to her knees. She attempted to take Rashid's into her mouth, making a wide 'O' just as Viv had shown her. But the head was too big for her.

Frustrated, she turned to Johnny, and because his cock had a slightly different shape, managed to absorb about an inch and a half before realizing that was as far as she could handle safely.

"Wow, you guys are really hung," she said, trying to sound friendly and hide her sudden fear that together they would tear her apart.

What happened next happened so quickly that Ellie was pinioned before she knew what was happening to her. Johnny picked her up with one hand, and tossed her onto the bed as one might throw a rag doll. Rashid fell upon her the moment she landed, actually pounding into her as she started to bounce up from the tired old mattress. The air was knocked from her lungs as Rashid maneuvered his dick to her pussy. He didn't bother with any form of lubricant, but on finding her opening, rammed his massively thick prick into her.

Ellie screamed from both pain and fear. Rashid slapped her across the face, telling her, "Shut the fuck up, bitch. I got a lot more to shove up that hole."

"And I'm gonna do your ass when he finished," Johnny said, gloatingly and slowly began stroking himself.

When Rashid realized his dick was beginning to hurt because the girl was so tight, he told her to relax, "It'll go easier, you relax, bitch."

Ellie, relying on a few words imparted her by Vivian, tried her utmost to do just that, and to some extent succeeded. Fortunately, Rashid was not in a hurry. This gave her time to generate some form of lubrication through her bodily fluids.

Suddenly, he had at least seven inches in her, and his thrusts were no longer ripping her apart each time he plowed into her. As a matter of fact, Ellie began to derive a small amount of pleasure from the act, and realized that this was not the end of the world as she knew it. A moment later, she recalled Johnny's threat to take her ass.

Sneaking a peek between her legs, Ellie was stunned to see that only half of the massive cock was inside her. That, and the fact that Rashid was methodically pumping into her and holding so tightly that she was having trouble breathing, brought on a climax that caught her by surprise.

It wasn't only the pleasure she experienced from it that pleased her, but the added lubrication her body provided, making further penetration not only endurable, but probably pleasurable.

Rashid was unaware that Ellie had cum and pressed on, ramming his considerable appendage further and further into her with each subsequent thrust until he pounded against her cervix.

"Hey, Johnny!" he called out.

"Whut, Rashid?"

"I hit bottom."

"No shit. Lemme see."

Johnny casually leaned over and inspected Rashid's cock and found that more than three-quarters of it was embedded in Ellie's twat.

"Well, they's some still not in, but you got most of it in there. Ain't seen that for a while, man."

Apparently satisfied by Johnny's comments, Rashid set out to enjoy his own orgasm. He could have cared less about Ellie having another.

But she did, and as her juices continued to flow making her wetter and therefore easier to bear the relentless stretching of her pussy by his substantially oversized cock, and she came again.

Now Ellie wanted more of him and told him so.

Rashid, pleased with the ego-stoking Ellie was giving him, began to slam his meat into her at a faster pace, adding considerably pleasure to that already coursing through her body.

"Give it to me, you bastard!" she moaned loudly.

But to her surprise, Rashid pulled his cock out of her and slapped her across the face with it. Instinctively, she reached out and caught it with her left hand and kissed the dark purple head quivering in front of her. It was Rashid's turn to be surprised. Johnny laughed gleefully at the turn of events.

"She loves you, man," he crowed.

"Fuck you, Johnny!" Rashid barked, but let his hand caress her face as Ellie licked the underside of the head with the tip of her tongue.

"Do you like that?" she asked, tentatively.

"Yeah, bitch, that be nice." He responded.

"Mmmm," she moaned having already encircled his cockhead with her mouth, and tickled the underside with her tongue. She bobbed her head up and down a few times, causing Rashid to moan with pleasure.

"So big ... so fucking big," she sighed after removing it from her mouth, and holding it up as if to admire it." Rashid, am I doing all right?" she inquired innocently, while staring intently at the head of his massive prick.

"You doing fine, bitch." He replied.

Then, using both hands, she jerked him off until she milked a drop of pre-cum into sight. She studied it for a minute and then licked it off.

"You ready to fuck again?" he asked, the rough edge was gone from his voice.

"Mmmm, sure, but let me get some more of this chocolate candy first." That said, Ellie licked the underside of his penis, tickling it with the tip of her tongue, and then sucked more than four thick inches into her mouth until she knew she would gag should she attempt to swallow any more.

Intuitively knowing he was though waiting and wanted to fuck, she eased him from her mouth with a loud slurp, and spread her legs for him.

"So let's fuck, Rashid," she cooed, every inch the whore now.

She was more prepared for his oversized weapon this time, and found herself was humping and grinding right back at Rashid as he added more and more of his ponderous weight to her slim frame. His cock stretched her to her limits, skimming along either one side or the other of her vaginal canal with each thrust. Half the time he grazed her G-spot and that was enough to wring an early climax out of her.

Once she started to cum, Ellie couldn't stop ... eventually she blacked out, only to regain consciousness to find Johnny straddling her body, rubbing his huge phallus against her mouth. Ellie was only too glad to open her mouth and that caused Johnny to ejaculate in her face, and by the time he finished coming she was covered with his semen; hair, eyes, nose, chin and mouth.

"What," she said, feigning protest. "You couldn't wait for me to swallow it?"

Johnny laughed and swatted her on the ass. It hurt, but she knew he didn't mean it that way.

Johnny left her laying there to make himself another drink.

Rashid knelt next to her. He took her head in his huge hands and tenderly laid it in his lap. Ellie made a grab for his newly risen cock, but missed.

Laughing, Rashid tendered it to her mouth, which opened wide, and like a child at the doctor's office, Ellie went, "Ahhh!" making him laugh delightedly.

"Have another suck or two, bitch," he said, still laughing.

Ellie licked his shaft from the base to the head, and then slid the head into her warm, wet mouth. She bobbed her head up and down in a way that distracted Rashid from any rational thought. And when he moaned, she intensified her efforts.

Johnny watched from a few feet away, slowly stoking his cock again, waiting patiently.

"Oh my God..." Rashid swore, starting to twitch and buck involuntarily.

Ellie stopped just long enough to ask, "Do you want to cum in my mouth, or all over me?"

"I don't know." he said. "You decide."

Ellie grinned and slid his hard, slobbery dick back into her mouth, and began to hum. The low harmonic vibrations, along with her insistent sucking soon had him at the point of no return.

Seconds later, Ellie decided that Rashid was about to disgorge his load and yanked him from her mouth and started jacking his cock with her left hand while fondling his balls with her right. Then she took him back into her mouth and swirled the underside with her tongue. Feeling his swell to even greater proportions, Ellie took him out of her mouth and stared intently at the business end of his massive instrument.

Just as Rashid began to spew his load Ellie opened her mouth and took almost all of it down her throat. She managed to swallow a great deal right off the bat, having prepared for that eventuality. What missed her throat now coated her mouth and chin. Since she had not cleaned the previous sperm from her person, she was now one pretty unsightly and sticky girl.

"Ugh, you one fuckin' ugly sight, bitch," Johnny said, but he was smiling.

"You two did it," she replied with as much dignity as a cum-covered slut might muster up.

"Yeah, we did. Now I'm gonna fuck you, but I ain't gonna get that sticky shit all over me. Get on yo hands and knees like a dog, bitch."

Sighing, for she was growing tired by now, Ellie obliged him, hoping her would target her pussy and not her ass. She was fortunate, for Johnny was in a hurry and didn't want to waste time opening up her ass for his rampant cock. He took the easy route, and slid into her pussy which was well lubricated from the previous fucking she'd had.

Still, as he penetrated her, Ellie felt all the previous pain returning as he slammed into her orifice with little regard to how she felt.

And then, as before, her vaginal walls stretched far enough to make what he was doing to her pleasurable and she began to cum. Ellie could not recall how many times he made her cum.

She did recall that when he eventually pulled his cum-covered prick from her swampy hole, she was soaked with sweat, both his and hers. She tried to stand and fell down. She was unable to rise and both men jeered and laughed at her until she finally managed to stagger to her feet and stood there wobbling as she regarded them.

One thing she knew. They were finished fucking for the night.

"Mind if I shower fella's?" she asked.

"Go ahead, bitch," Rashid said calmly.

Ellie staggered into the shower and douched, then scrubbed all the cum from her skin and hair. When she finally came out of the bathroom Johnny and Rashid were sitting on the bed and the only chair respectively.

"Got my $200, Rashid?"

"Whut you know about this guy, Jitter's?" he said, answering me with a question of his own.

"Never heard of him. Where's the money?"

"Bitch, we know you and Jitter's fuck buddies. We know he helps you fix every night when you finished sucking dick in the park."

"I'm telling you, Rashid, I never heard of this guy."

"C'mon, bitch," Johnny said with a threatening overtone, "we know you a junkie. We Know Jitter's yo supplier, now where the fuck is he?"

"What are you fucking guy's cops or something? Why..." The impact that they were indeed cops, hit her then.

"You ... ain't cops ... are you?"

Johnny pulled his shield out of his back pocket.

"We cops, bitch, Cary's finest."

"Jesus Christ," Ellie gasped. "And you fucked me over like that?"

"We fuck everybody over," Rashid told her, not unkindly, since he still felt the glow of her blowjob.

"I guess you ain't gonna pay me the money, huh?"

"We probably gonna haul your skinny ass off to jail, bitch."

"We ain't fuckin' with you, bitch. We want to nail that motherfucker, Jitter, and you gonna help us do it."

Suddenly, Ellie remembered Vivian's instructions about police tactics. 'They'll screw you and take your money and worse. They'll try to make you into a stool-pigeon, turning in your friends and associates, just to stay on their good side."

"Look," she said, trying to sound both fearful and yet indignant, "I really don't know this Jitter person. I'm new in town. Really I am. I've been here four days, maybe. I just started hooking; ask Viv, she'll tell you."

"Viv's in jail, unless somebody goes her bail," Johnny laughed.

"You know, Johnny, this bitch is really dumb enough to be telling the truth."

"You think?"

"Yeah, I do."

"So what do we do with her?"

"We let her go."

"Okay, but only after she agrees to call us, she gets a line on Jitter."

"Hear him, bitch?"

Ellie nodded her head vigorously.

"I'm only doing this 'cause you gave me good head, and Johnny enjoyed his fuck. Right, Johnny?"

"Yeah," Johnny said agreeably as he picked a troublesome tooth with a toothpick.

"Get your ass out of this crib," Rashid said, "and go find us, Jitter."

"We'll look you up tomorrow or the next day. Better have something for us or your ass is ours," Rashid said.

"And we mean it, too bitch," Johnny added for emphasis.

Ellie went looking for Viv after they'd left. After several hours, Ellie could only conclude that they'd told her the truth and Viv was incarcerated. Ellie didn't have the faintest idea of how one went about placing bail for someone, and so she did the next best thing. Looking over her shoulder all the way back to Vivian's place, she dug her money from its hiding place and made her way to the bus station and took a four am Greyhound to Greensboro.


Ellie didn't linger in Greensboro. Her first night cost her $105 for meals and hotel room. Worse, she found the competition hustling men shocking. There were girls working the park she walked through, and the street corners were busy with young girls plying their wares to passing motorists. And she was not welcomed by any of them; instead she found them hostile to her perceived encroachment of their territories.

In a diner, over breakfast, she met a girl who was kind enough to tell her just how things worked in that town.

"As far as I can tell," Purdy said, "two pimps run most of the girls, Apple-Jim and Crow. Yeah, that's their names, I'm not kidding. They treat us all alike, and that's like shit. We don't come home with enough money, they burn us with cigarettes, or beat the hell outta us."

"What about the police?" Ellie asked, stunned at this news.

"The cops get a piece of the action, and any girl they fancy."

Ellie pondered this information, and balancing it against her own recent experience with Rashid and Johnny, believed everything Purdy told her.

"I guess I'll get out of Greensboro," she told Purdy.

"Where can you go?" the girl asked, hopeful that she might learn of an escape route for herself.

"I don't know. Are you a runaway too?"

"Yeah... although I wish I could go back home now. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was, despite the beatings and all."

"And all?" Ellie said, repeating Purdy's words.

"Yeah, my Daddy and two brothers were fucking me regularly. I couldn't stand it. Now I'm sucking some stranger's dick for twenty bucks and don't know what disease he's giving me."

"I'll be leaving this afternoon," Ellie told the younger girl. "You can come with me, you want. I don't mind."

"I got no money," Purdy replied. Apple-Jim takes everything when I come home."

"I've got a few dollars left, not much, but enough for a bus ticket."

"I ain't going," Purdy said.

"Why not?"

"You said you got enough for one bus ticket. I'm not gonna take your last dollar. I'll start holding back a few dollars here and there, maybe buy my own bus ticket someday.

Despite her growing affection for Purdy, Ellie felt a wave of relief sweep over her as the teen declined her offer. She had little enough to get her through the next several days, unless she found a generous john someplace. And that seemed unlikely the way things were going.

The girls hugged and kissed each another's cheeks as they said their goodbyes. Ellie realized how quickly the two had seemed to bond, and felt a loss as Purdy strolled down Green Street, already on the prowl for customers.

Ellie looked around, got her bearings and started walking toward I-40.

Finding a ride didn't take long at all. A couple of college girls picked her up at the Lee Street intersection, and told her they were headed to Atlanta. "Hotlanta," one of the girls chirped happily.

Since Ellie had no particular destination in mind, she told them that was where she was headed as well.

The next few minutes were covered by the girls telling Ellie how strange it was that they were both headed to the same city.

Ellie thought the girls were all cute. The driver, a blonde, was wearing a cropped top that kept pulling up and exposing the soft swellings of her under-breast as she drove. She wore cutoffs that looked painted on, except that between her thighs the material was so tiny that her blond cunt hairs poked out.

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