tagGroup SexIntroduction to Sex Ch. 06

Introduction to Sex Ch. 06

byParis Waterman©

Ava Gardenia reacted predictably on hearing first hand from Marvin about Ellie's talents.

"Oh yeah, that's it baby, right there. Fuck me with your long tongue. Mmmm, don't stop now. Oh, yeah, fuck it, oh, yeah!"

In bed, Gardener sounded like a sailor ashore for the first time in months. She seemed to take a perverse pleasure in telling Ellie just how much she loved doing women.

At this point, with her ass stuck up in the air, and her face being squeezed between Gardener's meaty thighs, Ellie wondered if she'd have a blister on the tip of her tongue the following morning. It was two AM, and they had been going at it since Marvin's phone call at eleven.

Gardener had had Ellie, (Rachel to her) tongue-fucking and clit-licking her for three consecutive hours.

"How many times have you cum?" Ellie asked, trying to tell her boss that she was tiring rapidly without alienating her.

"Don't know ... but, let's make it one more and we'll call it quits all right?"

Ellie had no choice but to say, "All right, one more," and renewed her cunt-lapping.

"Yes, baby, give it to mama. Make me squeal like a pig, honey!" Gardener went back to her verbal encouragement, gripping the bed sheet in both hands and grinding her hips up against Ellie's face as she writhed trying to reach that exalted plateau.

Several minutes passed. Ellie had two fingers reaming out Gardener's ass while she devoured the woman's clit before she finally felt her boss stiffen. She quickly raised her head before it was crushed by the woman's powerful, but careless thighs.

Gardener screamed throughout her almost convulsive climax.

After, she cooed, "Damn you're a hot little piece of ass. I swear I saw stars that time."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it," Ellie said.

"Rachel, after what I heard about your technique this evening, I'm doubling your rate. From now on, you start at a $1000, and if you continue getting such favorable results you'll be drawing $5000 a trick. I've never had any girl do as well as you did this evening. And then you proved yourself all over again in bed with me. I want you to keep the entire $500. You've earned it. Marvin will be singing your praises all over town. Oh, not just anywhere; but where it counts the most - with the big spenders."

That was certainly not what Ellie had expected to hear after her first night on the job, and she went home eager to tell Mel and Rachel all about it.

Ellie awoke at 8 o'clock the next morning, feeling fine, except for her jaw, which she had worked to extremes the night before.

Stumbling out of the shower, she tugged on a pair of sweatpants and a tank top. Gathering her hair up in a loose knot on top of her head, she wandered into the kitchen and met Mel, who had just finished making a pot of coffee.

"Hey, beautiful!" Mel called out in greeting.

"Hi, Mel. God, I ... my jaw feels awful."

"I found a lot of money on the kitchen counter next to your purse," Mel said. Are you paying the rent for us?"

Ellie laughed and said, "That's my reward for last night's work."

"Wow!" Mel said and began counting the money.

"Its five hundred, Mel."

"Jesus Christ!" she gasped and dropped the money as if it were hot.

Ellie told her all about her time with her first client.

Just as she finished, Rachel walked into the kitchen totally nude.

"Tell her what you did with your feet," Mel said, urging Ellie on.

Ellie told her story again, this time adding her adventure with Ava Gardener.

As Ellie told Rachel her story, Mel knelt behind Rachel and grabbing her around the hips, mashed her face into the others cunt.

Rachel sighed and spread her legs slightly to give her more access.

"Suck on my tits", Rachel moaned as Mel's tongue continued to slurp up her juices, Mel's chin was already dripping wet from Rachel's excited pussy.

Ellie happily obliged her, hoping her jaw would relax as a result, and flicked her tongue against the hard nipple hanging down. Rachel turned slightly so her breast stood out toward Ellie and Ellie enclosed the nipple in her mouth and bit down gently on it.

The sweet smell of sex filled her nostrils as she heard Mel's slurping sounds speed up. Rachel put her hand behind Ellie's head and forced her mouth tighter against her tit, so I opened my mouth and played tag with the taut nipple.

All to soon Rachel started moaning and her body starting to jerk, as she climaxed from the ministrations of Mel's talented mouth.

When Melanie fell away from Rachel, her entire face was covered with her juices. And, as her tongue flicked around licking up as much of the secreted residue as she could reach, Mel reminded Ellie of someone eating a watermelon in the field.

Then as was becoming customary between the girls, both Mel and Rachel fell upon Ellie and ate her to several monstrous orgasms.

Later, Rachel offered her opinion to Ellie. "I personally think you have too much hair around that pussy of yours."

"You think?" Ellie replied glancing down at herself.

"I think your clients will like a shaved pussy even more than they like it now," Mel added a moment later.

"Then its settled," Rachel said and stood up.

"What's settled?" Ellie said, confused by their comments.

"We're going to shave your pussy."

"Don't worry," Mel said kindly, "You'll really like the feel of it."

"It does take some getting used to," Rachel added."

Ellie wasn't entirely convinced, although when she thought about how inviting both Melinda's and Rachel's pussy's looked she decided to do as the Roman's did, and dropped any reluctance she had had on the matter.

They led Ellie to the bathroom where she sat on the counter with her legs spread. Rachel gently applied the shaving cream, and Ellie smiled as her fingers lingered much longer than necessary in the folds of Ellie's cunt.

Ellie found herself moaning when Rachel began teasing her clit, and involuntarily closed her thighs to seal the not so errant hand in place.

"You better open up," Melanie giggled, "or we'll have to spank you."

"I will if you'll stop teasing me. Shave me or eat me out, I don't care, but do one or the other."

"We can do both," Melanie said jubilantly.

"We can't," Rachel said, being more practical.

"So shave me," Ellie said, although laughing as she said it.

Rachel grew serious and soon had Ellie as bald as a baby. But knowing her business, she lathered Ellie's pussy again, and shaved her once more, this time going against the grain in order to get any stubble that might have escaped the first time around.

When she finished, Ellie held a mirror to look between her legs and found that she was in a state of high arousal; her inner labia engorged and poking out at least an inch. Prior to being shaved, her labia had been somewhat hidden by her pubic hair, and this added to her excitement.

Melanie knelt before Ellie and gave her a quick lick from her anus to clit. Ellie moaned from the warmth and softness of Melanie's tongue as it slid so easily along her slit, and her juices began to flow freely.

Ellie felt Rachel cup her face with her hands and opened her eyes. They kissed, swapping saliva, and after prolonging the kiss for a while, Rachel positioned herself so that her cunt hovered inches from Ellie's open mouth. Ellie planted her lips against the soft flesh in front of her pubic mound and licked, allowing her tongue to apply pressure into the front of Rachel's slit. She could smell the pungent odor of Rachel's rapidly moistening cunt, and soon her chin was wet with the other's juices.

Meanwhile, Mel had her mouth glued to Ellie's bald pussy; her tongue exploring every nook and cranny of her freshly shaven nookie.

Ellie shivered with excitement as the intense sensations of Melanie's skilled technique built between her legs. She was going to reach a climax soon and knew it.

Tearing her own face from Rachel's cunt, Ellie gasped, "Lick up toward the top, lick my clit!"

Melanie laughed and complied.

"Oh, fuck, that feels good..." Ellie sobbed happily, and returned to suck tenderly upon Rachel's clit. A moment later, her head snapped back and she grunted as a series of intense shock waves washed over her.

Melanie's lithe, pink tongue came up and grazed over and under her sensitive nub sending her into a mini orgasm. Ellie could feel her wetness flowing out of her and onto her inner thighs. While Mel's eager tongue continually swirled and probed over the length of her slit; her lips pulling and sucking delightedly at the folds of Ellie's pussy.

"OH, GOD..." Ellie moaned, and pulled Rachel's cunt so that it was mashed against her mouth. She was determined to get Rachel off before she came herself. And in the recesses of her mind, Ellie knew that she still had to do Melanie as well.

"Like it?" That was Melanie asking Ellie.

"Mmmm" Ellie moaned not taking her mouth from Rachel.

Then Rachel was heard from. "Oh, I love it when you do this to me..."

The phone began to ring ... and ring ... and ring. Finally the girls separated and Rachel, after swearing at it, answered.

It was a classmate calling to announce that the latest grades had been posted, and that they should get on over to the hall and see how they had made out.

Both Melanie and Rachel threw on some clothing and dashed out leaving Ellie alone in the apartment, and unsatisfied.

The phone rang again. It was Ava Gardenia, and Ellie found that she was wanted for an afternoon session ... with two gentlemen. The fee was $5000! And half of it was hers. Ellie was elated! Five thousand dollars ... and they had specifically asked for her.

Ellie had two hours before meeting them at a posh address in Buckhead, and made the most of it, taking pains with her makeup and hairstyle, as well as agonizing over which outfit she would be taking off moments after meeting them.

Imagine her surprise when, on entering the elegant manor she found herself greeted by a very vertically challenged man wearing a skin tight, black leather outfit.

"I'm not what you expected, eh?"

"No ... but..."

"Never mind," he said, "my name is Armand, and my cock is normal sized." He stroked the outline of his erection through the black leather and smiled at Ellie.

For the record, Armand stood three feet, five inches and was fairly handsome, with a Van Dyke beard and muscular frame.

"My colleague, Bertrand, you'll be happy to hear," Armand told her, "is quite normal. He laughed, and rubbed his beard. "Well, not in the cock department. There he's abnormal ... in what I'm sure you'll find enjoyable. You do enjoy a good fucking, don't you?"

Ellie regained her composure and smiled. "Yes, I do. And I hope you both enjoy ... fucking me as well."

"Well said!" Armand cried out, and Ellie noted that his voice was a deep baritone, and not high pitched as she thought a midget's might be.

"Is that her?" A voice called out from the next room, and then the body behind the voice entered the room to see what Ellie looked like.

If Ellie had been surprised by Armand's lack of height, she was just as flabbergasted by Bertrand's appearance. He was naked, and his body was completely covered with tattoos; from head to toe, his skin a tapestry of artwork. Ellie could not take her eyes off him. She had never seen a man whose face was covered with a myriad of tattoos, and her face revealed as much.

"What's your name sweetheart?" the tattooed man asked, seemingly ignoring her blatant staring.

"Huh? Oh, what?" Ellie said, hardly hearing his question.

"He asked you your name," Armand said, not unkindly, knowing that her reaction was to be expected.

"My name?"

"Yeah, your name," Bertrand said again.

Ellie ... my name is Ellie," she said forgetting that to her employer her name was Rachel.

"Would you care for some champagne?" Bertrand asked.

"That ... would be nice, thank you."

"Good, I'll pop the cork," Armand said, and went to the table where the bottle sat in a bucket of ice.

There was the usual, "POP" and the sparkling wine promptly overflowed the bottle, causing the three of them to laugh at the sight. Armand poured the champagne out into tall, thin glasses, and toasted Ellie.

"To a beautiful woman, who is to be our playmate for the night."

"To sex," Bertrand offered.

"To my first threesome," Ellie said, and brought a gale of laughter from the two men.

"No," said Bertrand, "it cannot be!"

"But it is," Ellie said demurely. "I'm new at this."

Armand studied her.

"Yes, I think I'm beginning to see that in you."

"What is it you see?" asked Bertrand.

"Honesty. A girl in the game for any appreciable length of time becomes jaded, no matter how well mannered she may be. Nothing surprises them. And Ellie, here, was certainly surprised by us, wasn't she?"

"Indeed," Bertrand said. "To the point that she's yet to ask me how I came by me tattoos."

Putting down her glass, Ellie asked just that. "So how did you get them?"

"I ... we, I should say, work in the circus. I'm the tattooed man. Well, you can see that. I've traveled extensively, and in the process, got into the habit of getting a tattoo in any interesting place I happened to be. It was in Tahiti that I first saw a face covered with ink. I had to make several trips to a special island to get mine. Now, Armand is vertically challenged, and..."

"I'm a little person," Armand interjected.

"Please keep that in mind."

"My apologies, my good friend. I'm terribly sorry."

"Forget it," the little man said with a good natured grin. I hear it every day of my life.

"Um," Ellie began, but paused to make certain she was not interrupting anyone. "I'm not sure where, or when we begin, you know?"

"At the beginning, where else?" Bertrand said, and laughed.

"So, Armand, shall we begin?"

"We begin," the midget agreed.

Bertrand took Ellie by than hand and led her to the bedroom. The very touch of his tattooed hand on hers excited her, but she did not become anxious, only more relaxed. Bertrand nuzzled her neck. "I can't wait to see Armand fucking you," he whispered in her ear, and slipped a hand under her skirt.

Ellie found herself growing wet with anticipation. She knew she was going to experience a memorable evening.

His hand went straight to her lace covered cunt. She did record the fact that Armand had joined them on the bed, sans his leather outfit.

Bertrand touched her, and her body jerked. He nibbled an earlobe, and then moved away while Ellie tried to catch her breath.

He's a skilled lover, she thought. No rushing him. I wonder what Armand is like, she asked herself, and soon found out.

The little man took her in his arms, at first it felt awkward, making the adjustment, but she soon forgot all about any height disparity, for he proceeded to kiss her cheek, her neck, and her jaw, before touching her lips.

She opened her mouth to receive his tongue, and was startled to find it much longer than average. When it actually caressed her tonsils, she seized upon it as if it were a cock, and began to suck it. In the background, she heard Bertrand laughing, she knew it was because Armand's long tongue had caught her unawares, and started to laugh with him, but began coughing and Armand had to retract his tongue while she recovered.

"Any other surprises?" she asked after regaining her composure.

"I think not," Bertrand said, and she nodded approvingly. She turned to Armand and said, I liked that, but I tried to laugh at Bertrand's remark and that set off a different reaction. I'm sorry."

"No need to be sorry," Armand said. And just then, Bertrand came from behind her and swept her hair to the side and kissed the back of her neck. His tattooed body pressed against her, his hands on her hips pulling them back against his groin. Armand moved closer in front, pushing his pulsing cock against her belly.

Ellie's mind wandered. I've thought about being sandwiched between two men as a fantasy while masturbating. Of being surrounded; a man in front, a man behind, strong arms holding me, and two mouths leaving wet marks on my skin. And now there were two mouths, and four hands, and two erections, as yet shielded from me by my clothing, but impossible to ignore as they pressed themselves against me. I'm living a fantasy.

Bertrand ran his hands along her thighs, inching up her skirt and sliding his hands beneath to find her bare flesh. Armand tugged her shirt from her waistband and worked the buttons without fumbling. They both kissed her, covering her neck, throat, shoulders, back, over her clothing and under, leaving no spot unattended. Bertrand gave her such a tender soul kiss that Ellie thought she was going to melt away to a pool of mush.

She never realized that she no longer wore any clothing. Even the garter belt and stockings were removed without her being aware of it. Armand was nibbling on her shoulder when she came out of the stupor they had put her in. Bertrand was on his knees in front of her. His head at her waist. Ellie was startled and moved back, but Armand was there to keep her between them.


"Shhh." Armand whispered in her ear. He had one tiny hand curved on her rib cage, just below her breast. The other anchored her hip. Bertrand put both hands on her hips, one a little higher than Armand's. He leaned forward and kissed her belly. Ellie's muscles leaped, but their hands kept her still.

Bertrand lips skated along her inner thigh, and she involuntarily widened her thighs.

She couldn't remember being this aroused. Bertrand was about to place his mouth on her sex. She realized she was frozen in place. A deer in the headlights.

"Shhh, Ellie, shhh." He said soothingly, as Armand kissed her hip bone and then her other thigh. Then her knee.

She giggled as Armand's small hand caressed her calf, stroking downward, lifting her foot. He looked up at her with a sly grin.

"We'll take good care of you," he said.

Bertrand left a thin trail of saliva as he licked upward to her belly button and poked his tongue into it, garnering another giggle from Ellie.

Armand kissed the back of her knee and sent a thrill rocketing through her body.

'Strange, ' she thought. 'That never happened before.'

Bertrand left her for a moment to strip the comforter off the bed, and then took her hand and had her lie down, with her head on the pillow.

"Look at her," Bertrand said. "Fucking gorgeous, eh?"

"Helluva hottie," Armand said in agreement.

Ellie's eyes roved over Bertrand's tattoos, and only belatedly took in his penis. It too was covered with a snake-like design, but there was more....

"Oh, my God." Ellie gasped. Bertrand laughed, looking down at his cock. His pierced cock. The ring, large enough to look scary, lay against the side of the head.

"Jesus, Bertrand, why did you do that to yourself?"

Bertrand laughed again and stroked himself, up and down, as his hand passed over the ring. "I'll let you figure that out."

Ellie blinked, fascinated. "Come here."

He obliged, crawling over to her. She got up on her knees to get a better look. She touched him, and he made a little noise. She stroked him, up and down, the way he'd done. The ring rubbed her palm, the metal warm and smooth.

Bertrand sighed and put his hand over hers, pumping it up and down. "That's good."

Armand joined them, covering her breasts with his hands, kneading them gently. Slowly, he teased the nipple erect, his mouth hot and wet on her shoulder blade. Eventually, Armand put his other hand lower and began rubbing small circles over her sex. Ellie's clit was swollen with desire, but she continued stroking Bertrand.

Armand coaxed her into shifting her body so that she was no longer on her knees, but sitting between his legs, her back against him, his hands doing magical things to her breasts and cunt and his mouth still sucking gently on the side of her neck.

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