Introduction to Sex Ch. 06

byParis Waterman©

I never would have believed a little person could be this good... this... Ellie lost all thought then, as Armand's fingers - all of them - entered her well lubricated cunt, and he commenced fisting her.

Bertrand's breathing had quickened, and she glanced at him through half-lidded eyes. His eyes were a little glazed, and sweat had beaded along his hairline. He put his hand in her hair, tangling and tugging it a little, causing her to cry out and arch further against Armand's opening and clenching fist inside her.

As she grew somewhat accustomed to Armand's fist, she noticed his penis throbbing against her back. She lowered a hand and began rubbing her own moisture over her clit. She knew that when this orgasm came, it was going to be the best one she'd ever had. She was surprised, but not disappointed that she hadn't already cum several times, but was enjoying every touch, every thrill the two unusual men were bestowing upon her.

"Slow up," Bertrand whispered, his smoky voice making her body contract with pleasure.

Armand carefully removed his hand from her cunt, and wiped it on the sheet.

"Gonna lay you down," Armand said softly.

He did, moving from behind her and pushing the pillows beneath her head to make certain of her comfort. Armand began again, caressing her right leg, then her hip and belly, his eyes on her, his smile reassuring.

Bertrand kissed her knee again, and she giggled again, the sound breathy and hoarse. He moved slightly and kissed her calf, then the bone of her ankle. He took her foot between his hands and massaged it, then pressed a kiss to her instep. Her whole body jerked.

She had never been fucked like this. Not even close to it. Every touch was a sensation leading to yet another sensation; this last sent a bolt of electricity so powerful it felt as if he had slid his cock into her. But Armand's tiny fist was still firmly lodged in there, and as she giggled again she vaguely wondered again why she wasn't coming continually.

She jerked again and bumped Armand's nose, making him grunt and wince, proving once again that really good sex still needs choreography.

"Warn me next time, will you?" Armand said.

Bertrand laughed, his eyes locked on Ellie's. "I think she's enjoying this. Maybe she should be paying us," he said.

Ellie might have been offended by the remark, but she wasn't. There was something very sexy about it, the two of them talking about her the way she imagined men talk about women when they can't hear. If they'd softened their words, tried for romance the situation would have seemed ridiculous.

"She's got such pretty feet," Bertrand said, and kissed the sole of her foot. He ran his tongue along the sole and made her squirm with delight.

"Um," Armand said agreeably, as he passed the flat of his hand down over her breasts to her belly. "She's really wet. Touch her."

Bertrand put her foot down and leaned forward to touch her. He licked his lips and Ellie, for the first time, saw his tongue stud flash.

"I bet she has the sweetest taste," he said.

"Her nipples are really sweet. You should try them first," Armand told him.

Bertrand nodded, and slid up her body to take a nipple between his lips before Ellie had time to take a normal breath. Like the ring through his penis, the tongue stud felt warm and smooth, and she gasped as he worked it against her flesh.

Ellie gasped again, as Armand joined Bertrand, taking the other nipple between his teeth and worrying it as Bertram rubbed his stud against the tip of the other nipple. She wondered fleetingly if they would kiss each other. But that never happened.

She laughed at their antics, although always enjoying the sensual delight they were providing.

"She's got a sexy laugh, doesn't she? Armand said.

"She's got sexy everything," Bertrand replied, and applied a greater suction to the elongated nipple than he had before.

Bertrand's hand slipped between her legs and stroked her clit, his touch different than Armand's. Less sure, she told herself. But the skipping hesitation of his fingers was unbearably arousing. Everything in her body began to draw together, tighten, contract and tense. She had to force herself to remember to breathe.

Armand put his tiny hand between her legs too, for one moment holding her while Bertrand kept up his uneven pace. Then she felt a tiny finger slip inside her, followed by another and another, until his fist was reinserted.

Ellie made a strange noise.

"Fuck," Bertrand muttered, "Let's see if we can get her to do that again."

They didn't expect Ellie to answer, and she didn't. They took care of her, Armand sometimes murmuring direction to Bertrand, who took it without seeming to bristle. It was two men working jointly to bring her pleasure.

Ellie opened her eyes. They were looking at her, but not at her face. Their expressions of concentration would have had her giggling if she'd had the breath for it. They both started at her cunt like it held the secrets of the universe. Armand worked his hand in as far as the wrist. Bertrand teased her clit.

Ellie grunted and moaned. She was this close to coming, and lifted her hips, trying to send Armand's fist in deeper.

"Sit up, baby," Armand said, as Bertrand helped her.

Once again, Ellie felt the extreme loss as the tiny fist left her gapingly open. The men moved her to the edge of the bed so her feet met the floor. Armand slid around behind her, straddling her back, and pulling her to rest against his chest and face. Bertrand, who'd been busy putting on a condom while Armand arranged her, settled between her legs and put his hands on her hips.

"Won't it rip?" Ellie asked.

He grinned and shook his tattooed head, "Nah."

Armand's arms were wrapped around her ribs, just below her breasts, holding her steady.

"Are you ready?"

"I've been ready for hours,"' she said, and then giggled, thinking how sweet it was of him to ask.

Bertrand shifted his feet and gripped his cock at the base, guiding it to her wide open slit. He didn't push inside her right away.

"Shhh." Armand whispered into her ear, brushing the hair off her neck so he could kiss her there. "Relax."

Bertrand eased his way into Ellie. She tensed, expecting the ring to hurt somewhat. But felt only a different sort of pressure. He had a long, thin penis, and when he pushed in to the hilt Ellie squeaked at the sensation. Bertrand looked up, his brow furrowed in concentration.

"Christ, Armand, she's still tight."

"Is that bad?" Armand asked.

"No, but..." he paused and asked Ellie, "Are you all right?"

Not trusting her voice, she nodded. Bertrand smiled. Armand kissed her neck.

"Fuck her now," Armand said.

Bertrand nodded and looked at Ellie for confirmation. She licked her mouth. "Yes, fuck me."

At the sound of her voice, Armand shuddered. Bertrand throbbed inside her, and with a slow deliberation, he began to pump in and out of her. After a minute or so, Bertram hooked his hands under her knees, bending them, pushing her back against Armand and deepening his angle.

Ellie cried out. Bertrand didn't stop, but murmured, "You okay?"

"Yes," she managed. "Oh, God..."

Armand's penis, hot and hard rubbed her spine with Bertrand's every thrust. Armand's breath got hoarse in her ear, as he slipped a hand to fondle her clit between Bertram's thrusts. The dual pleasure had Ellie clawing her fingers into the crumpled sheets.

In her mind, she had imagined the way two men might fuck her. One in her mouth, one in her cunt. One in each hand. One entering the front, and one from the rear, and one from the rear while sucking off the one in front. But she had never imagined this, her every need being met.

She looked to the side, at the mirror over the dresser. As neatly as a painting, it framed the three of them within it. She had to blink to make sure it was her.

Sweat from Bertram's brow dripped onto her belly as he concentrated on not losing himself in a climax just yet. The three of them rocked in unison. Armand took his hand from her clit and held it to her mouth.

"Spit," he said.

She filled his palm with saliva, and he slid his hand between them and she felt his fingers close around his cock, lubricating it with wetness from Ellie's lips.

The thought of what he was doing excited her even more. In another moment, he'd pulled her back against him and returned to stroking her clit, but now his cock slid smoothly against her skin.

It fit into the groove of her spine as neatly as Bertram's cock fit into the cleft of her cunt.

Suddenly Ellie bore down as she enjoyed the first spasm of pleasure before erupting into her orgasm. Bertram let out a grunt. His fingers dug into the backs of her knees.

"Coming!" Ellie exclaimed.

Bertram was close as well, but suddenly Ellie was concerned about Armand.

"Armand ... are you?"

"Shhh, baby," he whispered. "I'm almost there."

Everything seemed focused on the pleasure between her legs, and Ellie moaned. Off in the distance she heard skin slapping, and sucking noises. Someone called her name.

A disembodied voice yelled, "I'm gonna cum!" and she knew that it was Bertrand.

"C'mon, Ellie. Go over!" Armand's voice purred smoothly.

She would have anyway, even if he had not urged her to. And for one brilliant instant, the universe became a giant fist, closing. Then it opened tossing out the stars and moons and planets and cosmos. Pleasure so fierce it left her breathless ached her back and she heard herself cry out, wordlessly.

Slick heat spurted against her spine and Armand's hand on her hip bore down hard enough that she would see the red marks minutes later. He heard him groan as he continued ejaculating on her body.

Bertrand thrust inside her once more with a shout, then stopped, shuddering. He moved a second later, once, twice, then stopped again, and bowed his head. As sweat poured from his forehead, he loosened his grip on her knees and let them gently down.

They stayed that way for a minute, gathering their collective breaths. Bertrand kissed Ellie's temple and smoothed his hands up and down her sides.

Armand cupped her breasts.

Bertrand was the first to get up. "I need a shower," he said and walked toward the bathroom.

Armand nursed contentedly on Ellie's breasts until Bertrand returned wrapped in a towel. When he sat on the edge of the bed, Armand hopped off and went to shower himself.

Ellie lay there, totally at peace. The electricity of her orgasm still reverberated within her, and she was content to lay there until it ran its course.

Bertrand took his towel off and gently ran it over Ellie's back and legs.

"That's so nice, thank you," she said.

"You're welcome," he said.

"Can I shower when Armand comes out?"

"Of course, but you do know we're going to do it again, don't you?"

"I certainly hope so. The two of you were magnificent."

"Next time is for us. We won't be as gentle with you."

"I don't mind a little rough sex," Ellie said and giggled.

"I love that giggle of yours," he said. "It makes you sound like a school girl."

"I know," Ellie said, and giggled again for his benefit as Armand came out of the bathroom holding a very sizable erection in his right hand.

"Ellie, look what I've got for you," he said, hopping up on the bed.

She never got to take her shower.

Instead, Bertrand escorted her to the oversized armchair some six feet from the foot of the bed and sat down, then turned Ellie around so she was facing the bed and pulled her onto his lap and his erection. Her feet dangled inches above the floor and her ass rested comfortably against his crotch.

"Lift up," he said.

She did, and he eased his member into her silky moist, pussy.

There is nothing on earth as comforting as that first instant when a penis enters a moistened cunt. That holds true for both man and woman. The reasons for this may differ, and differ widely, but non-the-less, that wonderful feeling remains a constant ... for everyone.

He wrapped his callused hands around her waist and they both groaned with satisfaction as he started moving her up and down.

She was facing away from him and so saw Armand, still clenching his hardon in his right hand, advancing toward them. When he was only two feet away, he shoved a footrest in front of the armchair and climbed up on it. Then standing directly in front of Ellie's face, he tendered his cock to her.

Ellie opened her mouth and sucked it in, using her hands to guide it. It wasn't that long, but it was thick and her lips hugged it tightly. She matched her own cocksucking rhythm to the one Bertrand had established. In and out. In and out. And while both men grunted, she dropped her right hand into her crotch and gently teased her clit. A moment later, she instinctively reached out with her left hand and began fondling Armand's balls.

Armand let out a moan that started in the back of his throat, but quickly uttered a series of what to Ellie were incomprehensible, or foreign words.

She knew they were words, because Bertrand answered him. She hoped they weren't being critical of her performance, because she was trying as hard as possible to please them, and thought she'd done a better than decent job of it.

Then she felt Bertrand's cock expand, and, being young and naïve, she closed her eyes and imagined they were perfectly happy with her efforts, and were praising her ability to accept them both simultaneously.

Suddenly, she realized she could understand Armand. "Harder," he said, as Bertrand's humping increased in tempo, his breathing now ragged and hoarse.

Ellie wasn't sure if Armand wanted her to suck harder or squeeze harder, so she did both.

Armand grasped the back of her head and stilled her motions. "Now bite it."

She scrunched up my face and looked up at him questioningly.

"Bite ... my ... cock."

Does he want me to just take it in my mouth and give it a mighty chomp, or am I supposed to give it small little bites all along the shaft?' she wondered.

She did both.

"Oh, yeah, baby, that's good," Armand moaned. "Harder, honey, harder."

It wasn't as easy as it might seem, for Bertrand was now raising her higher than he had, and then dropping her down upon his pulsing cock. To Ellie, it felt good. No, it was better than good. It was wonderful; it was a series of fantastic sensations, each one seemingly better than the one preceding it.

And, lost in her wave of sensations, Ellie bit a little too hard. Not hard enough to draw blood, but Armand had felt a good pressure exerted by her teeth. She was also squeezing his tiny testicles in her fist, not as an afterthought, but reflexively.

Armand grunted ... loudly, and slammed his hips forward, causing her teeth to rake the length of his cock. This did draw blood. Not that he seemed to mind, for he exploded, sending a torrent of cum into her mouth. Ellie tried to suck it up and swallow it. Seeing herself as a professional, she thought it unseemly to choke on a man's semen. And she did manage to get a significant amount down her throat and avoided embarrassing herself before her clients.

Armand held her head in place until his dick went limp. Then, with his hand still ensnarled in her hair, he jerked himself from her mouth and fell off the footrest to the floor and curled up in a ball, started snoring.

Bertrand was laughing at his friend as he slamming Ellie down on his cock. Ellie feeling the increased pressure building in his cock, increased the speed of her fingers over her clit.

It was Ellie who came first. She stiffened her legs and let out a small scream as the orgasm rolled over her. Bertrand was mere seconds behind, giving her one last slam before sending his boiling fluids into the deepest part of her.

They rested for a minute, and then Bertrand scooped her up, and carefully stepped over the sleeping Armand, carried her to the bed and laid her down as gently as possible, then joined her on the bed.

They slept for several hours, until Ellie woke to find Armand's face buried in her cunt, slurping happily away.

She made him fuck her. They woke Bertrand and he fucked her, then completely sated, they went to sleep until eleven that morning.

Needless to say, Ellie's got very favorable comments from both men, and Ava G. moved Ellie or Rachel, to the top of her request list. Ellie had hit the big time.

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