You are so pleased with yourself, this little situation has taken you a couple of weeks to plan and get everything ready. It hasn't been easy, not to mention the embarrassment of doing the shopping but all that will be worth it once you see the look on his face when he walks through the bedroom door.

The bedroom is perfect, the lights are dimmed and a few carefully placed scented candles provide just enough light to accentuate the star attraction, You.

For weeks you had been dropping hints, looking for a sign of interest but patience isn't your strong point and so you took matters into your own hands.

The bedside clock display flicked to 11pm, any time now you though. Time to make the final preparations.

Leaning forward you click the locks on the first leather clasps around your ankle, butterflies bouncing through your stomach, moving to the other ankle you attach the leather strap to the second leather clasp and check the movement. The strap passes over the edge of the bed under the frame and back onto the bed linking the two leather ankle straps. A second clicked lock secures the other ankle, now forced wide apart by the connecting strap. The thrill of what you were doing sending signals straight to your core, you can already feel the moisture building. The sweet anticipation of the night to come.

Happy with your work so far you lie back and make the take the final steps, repeating the process on your wrist restraints like you did with your ankles. Again threading the leather strap to your wrist restraints. One click, then with a practised skill you click the final lock in place. Now totally bound and helpless awaiting my imminent arrival.

Quickly you raise your head and survey the room, only now realising it was too late to do anything about it having locked yourself spread eagled on the bed, your embarrassing purchases carefully laid out on the bed to your side, a new vibrator, a small wooden spanking panel, a leather whip with five tails and a long thin metal pole that delivers tiny electrical shocks.

Looking to the other side of you, you see the key to the restraints along with a bowl of ice cubes and a velvet blindfold. You have plans for the blindfold but not before you get to see the expression on my face as I walk in.

The crowning glory amidst all this preparation being you. You have surpassed yourself, you have a pair of high top stockings on, a black garter belt with suspenders attached to the stockings, and a black silk nighty with a lace up front. The laces straining to contain your gorgeous breasts behind the thin sheer materiel. Clear evidence of your arousal poking two hard points through the silk nighty.

Resting your head back you smile at your inner self, all you need to do now is wait.

A click from the front door makes your heart jump and your breathing stop. Straining to hear, wondering how it will play out. You had already decided you wouldn't shout or guide me to you, you would just wait for me to find you as you knew I would.

The seconds pass and there are some sounds of movement downstairs, but no voices, no enquiring shout. Still you wait.

A stair creaks and you know it won't be long, quiet footsteps. A door opens – it sounds like the spare bedroom. You can sense someone near. Your eyes are fixed on the door unable to wipe a smile off your face. Movement, your heart jumps again as the bedroom door slowly opens towards you. A beam of light sweeps into the room and onto your face – your brain is doing somersaults something doesn't add up. The light goes lower over your body and the wide smile on your face is replaced by a look of anguish as you stare at a stranger in your bedroom doorway. The balaclava adding fear into your heart, paralysing you mentally – your physical paralysis all of your own making now helpless.

This was more than I was expecting, a bit of cash, some electrical goods maybe a wallet or purse was the normal plunder from a house robbery but now that was going to have to wait.

You desperately pull at your restraints but you have done too good a job, you are fixed firmly in position and can't move your hands and feet more than a couple of inches in each direction. A fear screaming inside you, your brain literally electric with thoughts and outcomes – none of which are filling you with any good possible futures.

Finally your brain connects to something and you take a deep breath fully intending to scream as loud as you can but no sound escapes, a heavy hand pressing firmly on your mouth. Realisation sets in about your hopeless position and a small tear traces down the side of your face, every second seeming like an hour waiting to see what happens next.

You are taken by surprise as a soft finger wipes the tear gently from your cheek and you hear a gentle "shhhush". Stunned by this moment of tenderness you forget your predicament and stare open mouthed in wonder.

Too late, too slow, your moment of hesitation costs your only escape route, the velvet blindfold from the bedside table now in your mouth. You are sure that beneath the balaclava I am smiling and maybe breathing heavier than before.

Your assailant takes a step back confident that you are now completely immobilised. The room looks like a cross between a dark corner of B&Q and an ancient cult ritual offering.

You are jolted back to your senses by a rough hand grasping your breast, hard and squeezing.

While you knew you were half naked and almost presented to me, the physical contact makes you flinch partly from surprise and partly from the pain of the grasp.

A second hand grabs your other breast and the intruder roughly squeezes and jiggles your tits.

The pain make you gasp a little, but only the slightest noise escapes your gag.

The hand continue their abusive massage, softening marginally before then ripping the laced front of your nighty apart exposing your fully to his view.

A sigh of appreciation comes from your assailant as he admires your full and rounded g cup breasts, your nipples involuntarily hard under his palms, betraying your body and sending signals to your loins you never intended for this beast.

He continues his rough handling but now focusing on your nipples, pinching them, pulling them twisting hard, all the time mewing his quiet appreciation of your body. The pain coursing from your sensitive nipples now mixed with another feeling, one you are desperate to block out and deny, but with each twist and pinch it is becoming harder to ignore.

One breast is released and your fear deepens what next, am I going to be raped, killed, fuck how could I be so stupid your brain running away again. Another sensation replaces the pinching but equally as painful, a cold damp ice cube being pressed hard onto your hard nipple, circling it, chilling it to the point of pain.

Mercifully the ice cube is removed but the relief is short lived, another searing sensation fills your world as a drip of hot wax from one of your scented mood candles splashes onto your bare chilled skin.

Bastard, I hate you for doing this to me! For me being so helpless, for my body reacting the way it is.

The torture is repeated several times, first the ice chilling your skin quickly followed by burning wax then the ice again. The pain/pleasure is exquisite, the cold trail of the ice cube roaming all over your chest and stomach, the hot wax following at random intervals. Each drip making you stiffen as the contrast between the cold and the heat stabs pain into your heightened senses.

A noise pulls you away from your suffering and you watch with horror as the man slowly unzips his dirty battered jeans, pushing them down his thighs revealing a long semi hard cock. The jeans go lower and he shrugs them completely off standing naked from the waist down next to the bed, only a foot or two from your head.

His hand roughly grabs your hair and pulls you hard against your restraints, your limited movements meaning you can only twist your neck and tilt it back looking towards your assailant. Still with a firm handful of hair he moves onto the bed kneeling inches from your face. His free hand softly strokes the side of your face and traces your lips around the gag. "Be a good girl now or else" a curt warning is issued.

The gag is ripped from your mouth, your first instinct is to scream but the hand on your lower jaw is firm and threatening, seconds pass and the grip relents allowing your mouth to fall open. A finger pushes into your mouth tentatively at first, despite all common sense your body takes over and you suddenly realise you are sucking on the invading finger, accepting this man's invasion of your home, your mouth and ultimately your body.

Your mental defences are collapsing, your will power evaporating, you want to be abused you want to cum and right now you don't seem to care who is involved just that you need it desperately.

You know you are soaking, you haven't felt this turned on ever and even though you are scared your body is alive with sensations every nerve ending rippling with sexual want and need. The fear of this strange man taking you by force gives you a sick feeling in the pit of your belly, but your body is a traitor and your resistance fading fast.

He pulls his finger from your mouth a small strand of your saliva looping onto your chin, quickly he is over you almost kneeling in your hair his cock bobbing inches in front of your eyes. Your last fleck of free will clamping your mouth shut. Your act of defiance brings a slap across your cheek as his cock is bashed hard against you, once twice, three times. Each slap harder that the previous. The cock is rubbed from the bridge of your nose down onto your pursed lips waiting, another slap this time on your lips and again it rests on your soft full beautiful mouth.

A pull of your hair and you gasp at the pain, your mouth opens and is immediately filled by the cock. Again your instincts take over and all resolve now gone you suck hungrily on the tip between your lips.

The hand in your hair grasps harder and he begins thrusting forcefully into your mouth, deeper with each thrust, panic flashes across your mind as you gag as the cock invades deeper and you desperately try to catch a breath, failing you panic and begin thrashing wildly at your bonds but he doesn't let up, forcing himself hard into your mouth, his public hair brushing against your face with each thrust. Suddenly he stills and grunts, warmth and salt fills your mouth and your throat, cum pumping out of his cock coating your mouth in hot jerky spasms.

Mercifully, he withdraws. You gasp for breath, greedily panting to refill your lungs. A slim trail of cum escapes the corner of your mouth briefly dribbling down the side of your face before a soft finger wipes it up and offers it back to your lips which you quickly accept and suck clean.

The taste of cum in your mouth lingers as his hand lazily trails from your chin down your body.

Your breasts still heaving from the rapid intakes of breath, the rise and fall of your protruding nipples topping the exquisite mounds of flesh, splattered here and there with cooled wax drops and a light trail of water from the melted ice.

His fingers stroke past your breasts gently brushing between them and in the tenderness of his movements kick-starting your throbbing pussy and its need to be touched.

Lower he strokes over your flat damp stomach, cool water pooling in your belly button, down towards your hips. Stopping at the touch of your suspender belt, now his finger runs sideways tracing where the material contacts your skin eventually following the thin strap down to your stocking and again his fingers run around the tops of your thigh. Slowly he circles your inner thigh above the stocking so close to your pussy but not touching it save for an occasional brush of your pubic hair. Up he trails back following the suspenders across and down to the other thigh repeating his gentle ministrations all the time his eyes fixed on your pussy and the shimmering wetness in the dim candle light. This gentle approach is torturing, you desperately want some contact between your legs but you don't want to admit it even though your body is clearly betraying your needs.

He stops his intimate caress and you feel something soft an light brush across your thigh, seconds later the same sensation runs over your pussy up onto your stomach before it is lifted and you can see the small leather whip in his hand.

A flick of his wrist and pain sears the left side of your ribcage, another flick and this time your breast feels the lash, five very light red lines briefly glowing on your skin before fading quickly away. Another lash this time on your hip and you buck slightly in protest, your reward or punishment being another lash over the top of your thigh, one strand connecting with your wet pussy almost making you cum on the spot.

Writhing somewhere between ecstasy and agony you feel lash after lash between your legs some softly allowing the leather lashes to brush between your lips other harder stinging them and reddening your juicy wet cunt.

Soft soft hard, the rhythm of the lash, soft soft hard, again tingling the flesh between your legs, the want and need for something more there driving you crazy with lust, soft soft hard.

You find yourself bucking slightly in anticipation of each lash welcoming the soft caress after the sting of the hard lash. Soft hard hard, a gasp and a moan from the unexpected change in rhythm, soft hard hard hard.

Oh fuck you are close, hard hard, soft hard hard hard – you can't control it wanted or not you buck wildly within your restraints and cum hard, your pussy clenching and spasming as more blows rain down upon it, your guttural moans of pleasure filling the room interspersed with a slowing wet slapping noise as the lash slows but continues to whip your red and leaky pussy.

The joy of the orgasm subsides to be replaced by a throbbing dull pain of the lash beating on already sensitive and sore skin, but still it continues each thrash bringing a rush of blood to the skin surface to absorb the pain, but the painful blood has to go somewhere and your pulsing clit gets its share, mixing a strange pain and pleasure that somehow you feel more powerful stirrings deep within your core.

As much as you want the lashes to stop this sensation is overwhelming, the tingle of your clit glorious, the ache and soreness of your lips mind numbingly painful. You raise your hips for some relief just so the lash contacts with a different part of you, hoping and praying that the orgasm teetering within you will crash and wash away the pain.

A final lash, one leather strand contacting directly on your swollen clit makes you explode inside, wave after wave of delicious release pulsing through your cunt and spreading outwards through seemingly every nerve in your body. You collapse spent and ragged. Cum dripping from between your legs and running down the crack of your bum.

You are dazed and semi-conscious, hardly able to focus and panting like you just ran a marathon, a sweat sheen covering you from head to toe as you lie in a pool of your own juices, you barely notice the blindfold being slipped back over your eyes depriving you of your sight but heightening your other senses to compensate.

A hard object slides across your thigh and brush against your damp pubes. In your state you don't link any relevance other than the gentle and soothing touch on your sore pussy. The object slides across your inner thigh and then slowly back towards your centre. The hard object now nuzzles against your lips, slowly stroking up and down spreading your wetness and easily parting your red and swollen pussy lips.

A small amount of force and it pushes into you, easily sliding into your hole still sodden with your cum and sweat. Deeper and deeper, slowly, very slowly filling your pussy with this cool hard object. Until it finally comes to rest, the feeling of occupancy and fullness welcoming after the waves of pain and orgasms only a few moments ago.

You tense as the object slowly begins moving inside you, then a light vibration joins it and you know exactly what is inside you now, how much more can you take???

The movement and vibrations are very gentle and after the abuse on your clit and pussy the feeling is actually relieving, almost soothing. The movement is relaxing and pleasurable, soft and gentle. The slow continuous hum of the vibrator quickly becoming the only focus on your mind.

A few minutes pass in this relatively state of tranquil bliss before the vibrator steps up a gear and increases both the speed of the motion and the vibration intensity. The probing inside your pussy coupled with the harder vibrations once again kicking your juices into free flow and reenergising the deep tingling feeling between your legs.

There is a rustling to your sides and you realise the cord connecting your wrist shackles has been loosened and your wrists are momentarily free, but the freedom is short lived as your wrists are pushed together and the shackles connected together above your head. The cable is reattached but an amount of slack at least allows you to move your arms and hands above your head. Another step change in the vibrations elicits a moan from you as the vibrations hit your bodies resonant frequency and you feel yourself desperately clenching onto the vibrator and bucking your hips rhythmically.

Two strong hands curl under your spread thighs and grip the top of your legs. Grasping your legs and forcibly pulling your body down towards the bottom of the bed, the loose cord attached to your wrist suddenly being pulled tight forcing your arms to be stretched above your head, the action enhancing your boob position and making them stand proud on your chest nipples pointing towards the bedroom ceiling.

You can feel the edge of the bed under your ass cheeks as your legs still restrained at the ankles are spread wider, knees now raised to accommodate the position your are currently held in. The grip and touch on your legs slips away and you refocus on the vibrator buzzing inside your pussy, taking you second by second closer to yet another orgasm, building rapidly inside you.

Suddenly the vibrator is being manhandled now, being withdrawn and reinserted still vibrating and buzzing wildly, this extra sensation proving too much and through gritted teeth you once again moan through the first wave of another orgasmic spasm your pussy clenching hard on the vibrating mass sliding easily in and out of your ravished pussy.

Two, three more waves ripple over you making your whole body jerk and shake before the vibrator is removed and quietly switched off. The only sound now being your heavy breathing interspersed with sighs as you again try to regain a little composure.

As your breathing slowly settles your blindfold is slipped back off your face, quickly followed by the release of both of the ankle restraints and finally your wrist restraints. Still too exhausted to react or move more than to settle to a comfortable position as you carefully stare at the assailant now sitting at your side on the edge of the bed.

Slow he raises his hand to the balaclava and lifts the woollen mask off his head.

How was that babe – everything you expected, everything you wanted? As I lean over you planting a gentle kiss on your lips.

You look stunning by the way, and I told you I thought you could manage multiple orgasms, you just needed the right encouragement.

We kiss gently once more before you ask if I could get you a drink before coming to bed, where we cuddle up and both sink quickly into a deep and satisfied slumber.

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