That night Omar was called to Philly for an emergency. He hated to leave his two girls after he had just returned home but he never hesitated with anything involving money so he suited up kissed Amore and Aaliyah and left. Amore wasn't expecting that at all. Right now she felt as if she needed her husband. Her being alone now, was not a good thing. She had almost nothing to do. Besides J.J. she had no close female friends. Any other female she talked to she only considered an acquaintance. She thought about calling Cee-lo but remembered he was out of the country for a couple of days. There was literally alone, left to her own devices. Aaliyah had quickly fallen asleep after her bath and she would be all night.

Amore sat restlessly on the side of her bed. She retrieved a small piece of paper from her bra and unfolded it. 305 E. 109th Street apt 4D, it read, a phone number underneath it. She fumbled through her purse for her BlackBerry and began to dial the numbers but she abruptly hit the end button to cancel the call. She repeated this five more times before finally putting her phone away. She lay on the bed, happy she had succeeded. Next time she wasn't so sure if she would. Sleep didn't come as easy as she would have liked it too. Instead her mind traveled to thoughts she cursed herself for having. She tried to contain them but she found it impossible.

Safe in the privacy of her head, Amore's robe was slowly peeled off of her. She looked up and watched the eyes that took in her nudity. She felt warm hands touching her, making her skin tingle. Fingers rubbed and gently pinched her clit, helping her orgasm build more strength and power. When something wet and long entered her, she began talking, only she couldn't understand what she was saying, only they could. They were making her speak that special language with every movement of their tongue. Soon their tongue was replaced by 1, 2, then 3 fingers while a soft pair of lips touched hers. Amore's body trembled. "Yes. Yes. I love you," she sighed. "I love you Sha-"

"Who me?" she heard. Amore sat up quickly. That wasn't apart of her fantasy. Standing at the door of her bedroom was a man. She jumped up and nearly screamed.

"What are you doing?" When she stood up to cover herself, Sharrod noticed the wetness that had spilled on her thighs. Sharrod licked his lips. He wanted to taste it right now but he stopped himself. There would be more than enough time for that.

"What the fuck are you doing here? Why are you in my house?" Amore ranted struggling to tie the sash of her robe. Sharrod smiled, just as charming as the devil and walked into the room, making himself comfortable on the bed Amore and Omar shared. As if he were poison, Amore backed away from him.

"Come on, love. You know last night wasn't the end of me. I'm not letting you go," Sharrod said, his grey eyes glittering. Amore was horrified yet aroused at the same time.

"But? You..How did you find me?"

"Don't be frightened but I had someone follow you."

"Follow? I never noticed anyone." Sharrod chuckled.

"Of course not. I know you and I know how paranoid you are. I told them to keep a safe distance. They gave me your address and I saw you this morning." Amore clutched her robe together tighter as if he could see through it. It put her on edge that he could be that close to her life without her being aware. "You had on that green robe. It reminded me of the one you wore that night. Is it the same one?" Sharrod was referring to the robe Amore had worn, the first time they were intimate. She nodded, remembering that night. She always thought of it, almost daily. "Everything was perfect until your nigga showed up," Sharrod said spitefully.

"That nigga's name is Omar and he is my husband." Amore held up her ring finger, displaying the obscene item that was her wedding ring. The emerald cut diamond sparkled even in the dimmest of light.

"Go ahead and put your hand down. We gonna take that off anyway." Sharrod smiled mischievously rubbing his hands together.

"You have to leave now. I mean how did you even get into my house? The security system is on."

"How soon you forget. I told you what I did to get through college," he said getting off the bed. He walked towards Amore, in his signature walk. The one Amore knew no other male had.

"Don't come near me. You have to leave. If Omar came back and saw you here-"

"He's not. I made sure your nigga would be occupied. He's on his way to Philadelphia as we speak."

"Look. I don't know how you pulled this off but your out of line. What we had is over Sharrod. Don't you get that?"

"I would if I knew it were true but its not." Sharrod moved closer to Amore. "Your mine and you became mine the moment I saw you. I'm done living without you Amore. I don't care if your married. That don't mean shit to me. You don't love that motherfucker the way you do me," he said seriously. He saw the pain Amore was holding but it didn't move him enough to back down. It only succeeded in making him more determined to show her they would be together. He softly stroked her face, the face that made everything right in his world. As he leaned in to kiss her lips, Amore tried pushing him away but Sharrod held her body tight, forcing her body to meet his. While they kissed, he undid the sash of her robe and pushed it off of her shoulders. It soon fell to the floor leaving Amore bare underneath.

"Lay down," he told her. Amore wanted to fight. She did but her body needed him. She did as she was told and watched as Sharrod undressed. Once his t-shirt, jeans, and boxers were on the floor Amore traced the outline of his body with her eyes, all the way down to the spot she once owned. The area just above his dick shocked her. She looked up at him in disbelief.

"I told you it was yours Amore," Sharrod said stoking himself. "I haven't been with another female since you."

"Your lying." She couldn't believe that a male that looked the way Sharrod looked hadn't had sex in going on two years. Sharrod sighed and stared into her onyx eyes.

"Why do you do that? I thought I proved to you that I love you and only you. You're the only women I've ever loved. Stop doubting me." Even though she tried to put a cold front on, she knew deep down his words were true. They had to be. Not many men would tattoo the name of a women above their genitalia. "Put your lips on me," Sharrod suddenly said. "Put me in your mouth."

Shaking her head Amore looked horrified at that notion. "I can't" she said.

"Do it," Sharrod said standing over her. He let the head of his dick rub against her lower lips. The two locked in a stare, a battle of sorts. Amore saw defiance and complete determination in him. Sharrod flashed his perfect smile and licked his lips. She couldn't help it. She was entranced. Sliding off the bed, Amore got on her knees, eye level with Sharrod's dick. She ran her hands up his thighs and stroked the length of him. Simply kissing his enlarged head made Sharrod shudder. Amore french kissed the head, twirling her tongue around him. She loved the taste of his pre-cum. Slowly she slid Sharrod in her mouth inch by inch until he filled her throat. The groan that escaped Sharrod came from the very pit of his stomach. This felt so good. Almost too good. Like he could overdose on his feeling. He cradled Amore's head, running his fingers through her hair.

"Amore, it's all yours baby," he groaned. Amore was taking him so far down, tiny tears came from the sides of her closed eyes but she didn't let up. Sharrod held her face and rubbed the wetness into her skin with his thumbs. The moans coming from Sharrod were epic. Usually he was stoic and not very verbal in expressing his pleasure but now, he almost felt like screaming. Next to her pussy, her mouth was his favorite place to be but she had never done it like this. This head was lethal and it made Sharrod convinced everything she said was a total lie. She did love him and tonight he was going to make her admit it.

After watching Amore's lips wrap around his member for a while Sharrod couldn't contain his orgasm. He threw his head back and closed his eyes, his muscular body shivering violently. The feeling of her mouth had him lost. He was about to come and Amore knew this and softly massaged his sack.

"Ahhh. Fuck. Yes. Godamn," he groaned, his voice suddenly lower. When Sharrod felt Amore's hands on his ass, he came, shooting his liquid down her throat, letting go of two years worth fustration and anger. As Amore swallowed Sharrod's release, she felt lower then before. Sure she had imagined being with Sharrod ever since they last spoke but there was a huge difference between imagining things and actually doing it.

"Damn," Sharrod said to himself. What he felt right now, had him almost incapacitated. He looked down at Amore and could clearly read the look of shame and disappointment. He knew she was having regrets but he was on a mission. He reached down and nearly tossed her on the bed. The bed she shared with her husband. He climbed on top of her and instantly went to work on her spot, the one that always got her wet. Just like every time before it worked again. As Sharrod kissed the spot just behind her ear, Amore sighed and tried moving away but his powerful hands kept her body in place under him.

"I can't do this. You have to stop Sharrod. Please," she managed.

"I'll stop when you tell me something," Sharrod said letting his hand creep down her body. "Tell me you love me."

"Huh?" Amore said confused.

"Tell me you love me. You've never told me and I want to hear it." That was out of the question.

"I can't tell you something that's not true," Amore said. She had to control the situation, which meant keeping her head. "You have to leave Sharrod. Now." Amore tried pushing him off her but it wasn't any use, his body was laying on top of hers. She felt Sharrod's lips curl into a smile on her neck. He thought it was cute how determined she was but he was going to show her, he was in control now. Sliding his body down hers, Sharrod planted kisses on all over her as he ventured lower and lower. Between kisses, Sharrod of what she would do.

"You." Kiss. "Will." Kiss. "Tell." Kiss. "Me." Kiss. Amore knew where he was headed. She knew once he got there she would loose all control. Her body was already overheating from just his quick kisses. Her attempts to move away, where once again ruined. Once Sharrod's face rested comfortable in between her thighs, his hands gripped her hips holding her in place. Sharrod could smell Amore's sweetness. There was no way she could convince him she didn't want him.

"Tell me baby," Sharrod said running his tongue in between her lips. When he saw she was still trying retain her composure he laughed. "I see you want to do this the hard way." Sharrod pushed his thick tongue inside Amore. Her response came in something indistinguishable. Finally Amore caught her breathe and protested.

"Shar-r-rod stop. Please. I don't want to..." her voice trailed off before she could finish her sentence.

"You don't want to what?" Sharrod asked smiling. Three of his fingers were burrowing deep inside her while his teeth gently bit her enlarged clit. "What?" he asked again but Amore couldn't answer. She was trying not to scream or make any sound to indicate what she was feeling. Sharrod stopped biting her but continued with his fingers. "Come on Amore. I know you want to say it. Just say it." Amore shook her head, still defiant. Withdrawing his fingers, Sharrod inspected them. "Look at you. You running like a facet," he commented. Sharrod stilled his fingers and took Amore's clit between his lips. The flickering of his tongue caused her to have a death grip on his head. Laughing to himself Sharrod thought of how much he hated for his waves to be messed up but if Amore did it, he didn't mind at all. Bitting her bottom lip didn't help Amore keep her sounds inside. Soon she was screaming.

"Ahhh. Shit. Shit. Shit," Amore moaned loudly. She wasn't herself right now. She cupped her breasts and stroked her nipples with her fingers. Sharrod continued, her sounds causing his dick to harden even more than it was. He slipped his hands under her ass and lifted her lower body up to him so he could put his face in. Soon her legs steadily shook as she pushed Sharrod's head between her legs harder.

"Oh my god. Mmmmm," she nearly screamed while she came. Her eyelids fluttered and her entire body went limp. Whimpers came from her as she felt the last sensations of her orgasm. Sharrod carefully placed her body back on the bed, savoring the taste of her ejaculation.

"Are you going to tell me now?" he asked kissing the inside of her thigh. Amore weakly sat u, her body slightly shaking. Guilt quickly consumed her. What was she doing? She had laced her mouth on another man and let him do the same to her her bedroom...on her bed. Her and Omar's bed. Amore gathered her strength and tried pushing Sharrod away from her open thighs but he didn't budge. He moved back up her body, pinning her to the bed, his member resting comfortably against her opening.

"Get off of me Sharrod. I don't want to do this. I can't."

"This proves otherwise." Sharrod reached down and felt her wetness. He knew her body almost better then his and she could lie but her body couldn't.

"I can't cheat on him. I promised myself I never would. I want to be faithful. He deserves that much."

"You can't put that niggas before yourself. You'd be faithful at the cost of hurting yourself?" Sharrod asked staring into Amore's eyes.

"Yes I would."

"That's noble of you baby but I don't think you could. You love me and I love you. We're supposed to be together. The quicker you understand that, the better for everyone." Amore looked up at Sharrod and tried pushing him off but he grabbed her wrists and held them above her head.

"Tell me you don't want me right now and I'll leave. I'll be gone," Sharrod said confidently even though he knew that was a complete lie. He could never leave her alone. Amore looked up at Sharrod and bit her lip. She was trying to gather the words but couldn't seem to say them. She did want him and right now she felt it impossible to tell him otherwise. Waiting a few moments, Sharrod kissed her lips. "I thought so." Without warning, Sharrod pushed his thickness inside Amore. It went in easily with the fluid that had flooded her. Nearly jumping off the bed, Amore fought and yanking her hands out of Sharrod's but he held tighter and moved even deeper inside her. In seconds Amore's eyes instinctively rolled back. In a few strokes she had melted. Finally Amore freed herself from her inhibitions and fully indulged in Sharrod. He had won.

Amore wrapped her thighs around him, holding him in place. Sharrod let her hands go and one pushed him deeper into her while the other slowly raked his back. She closed her eyes and simply focused on how he felt. When she opened up her eyes, Amore blushed deep red. Sharrod was staring at her, watching her every reaction.

"It's been a long time baby. Too long. I missed you," Sharrod said honestly. Amore nodded unable to speak. Sharrod had slowed himself. He was slowly driving her crazy by filling her up, pulling all the way out, then going in again. "Tell me Amore."

"I can't."

"Allright then," Sharrod said pulling out of her.

"What are you doing?" Amore almost pleaded. He had only been out of her for seconds but she was craving him already. Sharrod smiled evilly.

"I'm serious. Tell me you love me or else you can't have this dick." Amore almost began crying. She couldn't believe how weak she was to him but she was. It was why she had always tried to control their relationship because she knew ultimately he could make her do anything he wanted.

"Sharrod please. Don't make me say it. You already know how I feel about you."

"Yes I do but I need to hear it." Amore was quickly getting angry. How could be playing games when she needed him back inside her? Didn't he know that? Of course he knew. He knew her weakness and was using it against her but Amore wouldn't let him. Not this time. Nearly tackling Sharrod, Amore fixed her body on top of his and pulled his dick back in her.

"Ummmm. Yes." Amore moaned satisfied that she now had the upper hand. Sharrod was taken aback. He wanted to push her off but he couldn't bare too. Her wet tightness felt like a one-of-one, custom fit just for him. The sight of her taking him also distracted him. Amore's curved body, her full breasts bouncing, her dark hair almost covering them in waves entranced him but her face really did it for him. Her eyes were shut, her high cheeks bones had a red hue to them, and her perfectly full lips were being wetted by her tongue. Damn she's beautiful, Sharrod thought to himself. He was in love with her helplessly and his deepest fear was that they would never be together the way they wanted. He loved the sex, was addicted to it but he didn't just want her body. He wanted ownership of her mind, but most of all her heart.

"I love you Amore," Sharrod whispered running his hands on the sides of her stomach. Amore opened her eyes and stared into Sharrod's. His grey ones were so pure. Not able to lie. He did love her and she loved him but it wasn't that simple. There was too much at stake but at this very moment she couldn't think about the consequences their love held. She only knew how she felt.

"Sharrod..." she said stoking his face. Single tears slipped down her cheeks and onto his. "I love you," she finally said. Sharrod looked up at her, a huge grin invading her face. Those three little words did more for him then anything else did. He wiped her tears.

"I love you too." Energized from her words, Sharrod sat up with Amore still on his lap, her legs straddling him. He pulled her body to his, skin to skin. This felt right to him. He couldn't fully comprehend all he was experiencing but he knew he never wanted this feeling to end. He buried his face in her hair, loving the soft feel of it. Sharrod's hands palmed her back over the two tattoos that covered it: the "Survival of the Fittest" in perfect cursive across her upper back and the beautifully shaded lotus flower etched on her lower back. On her neck almost almost disguised by her hair was a small phrase tatted, "In only God, I trust." He kissed it, thinking she should replace God with his name. Sharrod let his hands roam freely on Amore. Her skin still felt and smelled the same. His large hands found her ass and squeezed each cheek tightly causing Amore to squeal. She made even more noise when Sharrod locked his hands around her waist, bringing her body up and down on his dick. Every time she came down, his head touched her G-spot and she screamed.

"Oh my god. Uhhhh. This good," she said incoherently.

"You like it baby?"

"Fuck yes. Yes. Your hitting my spot. Ahhh." Sharrod knew she was about to come by her head slumping forward and the little bites she was placing on his shoulders. She was going to explode. He could already feel the down pour of her juices onto him. Her muscles were also tightening. Sharrod felt himself about to release also. He had been so focused on causing her pleasure, he hadn't even realized. He felt like he was digging through her stomach. Both of them came at the same time, vibrating together. Sharrod shot his come inside her, not even thinking or even waiting to pull out while Amore gushed all over him. Amore fell slumped over on Sharrod hugging his neck, her heart racing, her body still shaking. Gently laying her down, Sharrod watched Amore and the love he felt for her became even stronger.

"I love you," he told her again kissing her chest over the tattoo of her daughter's name over her right breast. Amore nodded then her eyes softly closed. Sharrod smiled. Amore was a mess, trying to fall a sleep already. "Come on Amore, let me clean you off." He nearly had to pick her up. Bringing her into the master bathroom, he washed her off and then himself and helped her into bed. As soon as her head hit the pillow. Sharrod was exhausted too but he had something else to do. In her near catatonic state, Amore sensed him leaving but sleep already had its grasp, so she let go and drifted off to sleep. Just as Sharrod left the bedroom after dressing he noticed the framed photograph of Amore and Omar taken on their wedding day sitting on the mantle above the fire place. He grew so angry he could barely look at it. Instinct told him to break the glass, and destroy the picture but he had no time for that. He simply placed it face down and proceeded out the room and down the hallway.

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