Intruder Ch. 09


He would probably have preferred to take me more aggressively, to rape me and subjugate me sexually – I would have liked that too if not for my pregnancy – but I appreciated his gentleness this time around. In fact it was the first time he had really made love to me in this way, without the primal urgency of a male needing to spread his seed; after all, he had already succeeded in that department. I loved it.

As I lay in his arms I wondered how long he was planning to stick around for, and tried to push to the back of my mind the question of whether I was the only one kept woman he had. Either way, I was glad he was here. I hoped he hadn't been put off by my outburst, and genuinely hoped that he would be a father to our daughter. Of course that might take some convincing, given his sexual propensities.

If I couldn't convince my mysterious British rapist-lover to stick around, I really wasn't sure who could even come close to measuring up. David was handsome and kind, and had been a tremendous source of emotional support as well as of personal advice for me ever since my intruder had left; but he was a friend, just a friend. Dean was probably enthusiastic and vigorous in bed, but he was also annoying, and he gave me the impression of being a bit of a pervert. He clearly liked me, but I found it pretty hard to feel the same way in return.

David would almost certainly be number 2 on my list, if he were so inclined. I was comfortable enough being in physical contact with him that I didn't feel threatened when he touched or embraced me, which was more than I could say for most men. I wondered how the intruder would react if he caught me flirting with another man. A feeling of cold terror gripped my heart as I tried to picture the scale of his anger at seeing an inferior male, or any male at all, try to steal his mate from him. It was probably best not to risk that since I had never really seen him genuinely angry, and would probably regret the experience if I ever did.

As I drifted off to sleep again, I wondered what my rapist was thinking about...

(I always read comments and feedback, and I always take them into account when I write the next instalment. That doesn't mean I'll always follow suggestions that are given to me - Leah's alpha will never be outmatched - but I always appreciate feedback from readers. So please do post a comment with your thoughts below).

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by Anonymous12/01/18


So it seems like this story, gets better and better as you read. Him being her rapist, and her falling for him, was definitely a twist. Even though I kind of knew it LOL, and now he's falling for her.more...

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