tagMind ControlIntruder Ch. 1

Intruder Ch. 1


Malcolm sat quietly at his desk. His thoughts lingered on his new "talent." Always a computer geek, he assumed his true talent was in making programs. His mind could think in binary, a fact that excluded him from the social scenes of high school and college. He grew accustomed to his life, knowing exactly what to expect. Then the headaches came.

At first they were annoying. His skull would throb softly, and he would take a pill. Soon it became apparent that his remedy was not working. He'd gone to doctors, but they offered no answers. The day he actually called in to work was the last day he ever experienced a headache and the day his talent blossomed fully.

He had managed to stumble to his mailbox and was just opening it when he saw Shelly. She lived in his apartment complex, and was single. She never went out. She never had any company. But she did get lots of mail. Normally, they were wrapped in plain coverings and bore a generic label. He suspected that she was ordering sex toys online, and his electronic snooping proved him right.

As soon as he saw her, a blast of pain rocked him. She turned to face him... and he felt his mind reach out and grab hers. Or so he thought. What he saw was... bizarre. He saw everything she did. He could tell when she was going to move towards him. He could feel the impulses demanding her heart to beat. He ran back to his apartment, dazed and confused.

It took him nearly a year to actually come to grips with his power. When he did, he had a reasonable hypothesis. It sounded too sci-fi, but it fit the facts. Unlike a true mind control artist, he could not control anyone's emotions or mental state. All he commanded were their physical action and reactions. Even so, this was a great power, one he tested carefully.

His first test subject had been the secretary of the president at work. He always wanted to know what she wore beneath the very conservative dresses that always draped her body. One day, while she was typing up a report, he slid into her office and simply concentrated on her left hand. He saw the paths the impulses took, and redirected them. Within moments, she was unable to move it. She was shocked; he was happier than he'd ever been. After three months, he knew he could make her do anything. He could even stop her heart. This thought chilled him. He could kill easily and safely.

And he didn't have to see her to do it. He'd become so familiar with the feel of her inner self that he could do so when he slept. He trained himself to control his dreams just in case he happened to dream something... horrible.

His first sexual test was almost an accident. She was typing out yet another report when his thoughts wandered to how she pleased herself sexually. His mind filled with images he readily recognized as physical memories. He smiled. Then he had another thought. He could make her finger herself right there. OR... He entered her inner self and commanded her body to remember.

Her eyes widened with something akin to a blend between fright and lust. Her clit began to stiffen, aroused by the 'finger' that slowly rubbed it up and down.

"Are you OK?" he asked innocently. His mind reached out and forced another memory to surface and become 'real.'

"Uh... sure. It's lunch coming back for a repeat performance," she muttered. Her asshole tingled as something began worming its way inside.

"Oh. OK," he said as he returned to his seat.

He continued, forcing her body to physically remember being masturbated. He watched as she tried to hide her impending orgasm. He locked eyes with her, and gave her a comforting smile.

"Our secret," he muttered. She nodded, then reached beneath her dress. He knew she didn't wear panties from his previous experiments. He opened a magazine and pretended to read, all the while marking down the paths of impulses as she fingered herself to climax. She choked back her moan of sexual pleasure, and he made note of that as well. It would help him later on as she brought other women, and some men, to climax.

The men he experimented on were mostly co-workers involved in relationships. He tended to lean towards bringing them to premature climax, his sense of sick justice too twisted to actually tease a male as he did females. There were a few outstanding cases where he caused a hard dick to go limp, but those were cases of petty revenge.

* * * *

After four years he turned in his two weeks notice. The company threw him a very nice party. He gave each person who attended a gift: one mind shattering orgasm. It was the least he could do; they treated him like a human being. That done, he left for Virginia Tech. Home of the Hokies and his Alma Mater.

During the flight from California he took the time to practice his talent. One flight attendant, a very sultry looking brunette, got his special attention. Her body remembered the touch of her lover very well. Almost too well. He couldn't tell, but he figured her lover was female.

His first intrusion, as he came to call the process, came as she walked by his seat. He reached out and made her 'remember' being licked anally. Yet he did not complete her orgasm. He simply replayed the memory over and over again. The results were immediate; she changed her step every time she passed his seat. One time she actually stopped and asked him if everything was fine. He smiled; HE should ask her the same question. As he answered affirmative, he switched to her cunt, making her 'remember' being filled repeatedly by an invading member. Her eyes glazed over... and she quickly made her way to the bathroom. He kept her in mind, and as she fingered her cunt, he made her body not cum. Cruel, but he wanted to test his power against the strength of human will. As she got frustrated, he cut her off. This means he gave her the afterglow of an orgasm while denying her the actual orgasm.

He tried out his power on many of the passengers. Even an eighty-year old woman sitting three rows back. Since she was alone, he also made the concession of making sure her heart did not burst from the increased sensations her body experienced. This gave him a unique thought; he could also save lives as well as end them. Having a heart attack? Heart stop beating? He could change that. The raw power he possessed gave him pause, and for a moment, everyone slept or ate peacefully.

Which caused him to think. How many could he control? One monster of a headache later he knew his limit: three. The headache faded after he stopped trying, but he knew his limit. For now; with practice that could change. Just before the plane landed, he reached out to the brunette and gave her several small orgasms. Not enough to satisfy her, but more than enough to make her want more. Her lover would definitely wonder about her increased drive that night!!

* * * *

Three years later. He was working for Virginia Tech running their computer maintenance department. He'd intruded on several women, but ceased doing so. Even though he could give pleasure to anyone he chose, he was still, at the age of thirty-eight, a virgin. He was becoming quite depressed. Then he met Angela.

Their relationship began quite unexpectedly. She had just gotten through a messy divorce from an abusive husband and was looking for a fresh start. At forty-two, she could easily pass for someone half her age. Everything about her screamed sensuality. She would come into his office, sit and chat during her lunch breaks. He wondered why, but didn't want to piss God off by asking her. He took his lucky breaks where he could get them.

One afternoon Angela approached him with a peculiar offer. She wanted go cook dinner for two: herself and him. Malcolm agreed. The rest of his day dragged on as he tried to remain calm. Then something strange happened. Maxine, a co-worker he absolutely hated, walked into his cubicle. She didn't say anything; she stood there and glared at Malcolm for several minutes. Suddenly pissed, Malcolm intruded.

He found himself searching for pain. When he found it within Maxine he noticed that quite a few of the paint areas were hard-wired to her pleasure centers. He paused the intrusion to think about this. Causing her pain would turn her on. Then his thoughts turned to another aspect of his discovery. He could turn her into his personal slave by re-working the hard-connections within her body. HE could seduce her, promise her new levels of pain, and the instant the electrons began flowing he would get to work. He knew he could do it.

"What do you want, slut." The barely growled words slid easily from his lips. He felt her anger flow through her body, and diverted every impulse into her pleasure center, hardwiring her hate into her pleasure center.

He watched as Maxine's face flowed from anger to lust to shock. She didn't move. Nor did she reply. Malcolm intruded on her lungs and vocal chords. He knew the answer he wanted to hear. So intent was he on his goal that he did not notice the fierce jab of pain... nor it's brevity.

"I want you to rape me." The fear on her face pleased him, so he let it linger a moment longer than she actually held the emotion.

"On my terms," he hissed. Then he forced her body to walk back to her cubicle. Malcolm didn't know what to expect from this momentary lapse in control, but he knew his time at Virginia Tech was over.

* * * *

Dinner was excellent. Medium-rare Black Angus steaks, baked potato and broccoli covered in a sharp cheddar cheese sauce. And, of course, a dry red wine. Malcolm enjoyed not only the meal, but also the soft tender moment after the last bite slid down his throat. He let his eyes slide across the table, ending their journey locked in Angela's beautiful eyes.

Razor blue. That is how he will always describe her eyes. He knew he could find true love within her arms... and those razor blue eyes. He also knew that his gift would prevent him from ever trusting her fully. A flash of his confrontation with Maxine burned that point home. Just as sadness threatened to ruin his mood he saw her rise from her seat. He followed her with his eyes, knowing instinctively where she was going. The black dress flowed gently behind her as it caressed her body. He felt his cock stiffen. His mouth went dry, and he reached for the bottle of wine.

She pulled the spaghetti straps away from her shoulders. Two shoulder swivels and the dress slithered off of her body. Malcolm licked his lips and groaned softly. His hands trembled. He could feel his nostrils flare. He wanted her. No... he DESIRED her. The feeling had to be experienced; no words could hope to describe what he felt. That is when he intruded into Angela's body.

It felt different. Compared to his previous attempts at intrusion, this was natural. Right. Hell... he wasn't really trying to see or control her... it was as if he WAS Angela. And she was Malcolm. His conscious mind was just an observer. He saw his arms move as his fingers tried to remove the tie and shirt simultaneously. He felt Angela's hands as they snatched the belt off of his pants, then fumble with the zipper. He could feel her anxiety twist with the lust within her. He knew that same moment existed within his own body.

He mentally chuckled as he felt the fear of knowing what his dick felt like. He knew it would hurt, aching with the raw passion it longed to know between the soft cunt lips and warm, tender cunt flesh. He knew Angela's cunt drooled like some starving beast from the darkest nightmare from the most twisted mind. Yet he could appreciate its artistry. He watched as his arm tipped the bottle of wine, covering her heaving breasts with wine. As his head merged with her breast, slathering one wine-drenched nipple with his tongue, he wondered what the flavor would taste like.

Warmth and comfort. He smiled as he felt her nipple tingle as his tongue wiggled over it. Then Angela had the bottle. Could she? The wine felt refreshing as it cascaded over his body. Her pleasure pathways were reaching critical. They were passing signals as fast as physically possible. They were reaching sensory capacity. Malcolm didn't think about his next action... or the consequences. He jury-rigged a connection between himself and Angela.

* * * *

The tech-specs for this are very simple. When applied to the human form, it is amazing to even consider. Angela and Malcolm would be connected together, wired through their sensory neurons. The sweat would transmit the impulses so long as they touched. They would both feel the full force of lust driven pleasure... times two. The risk of burning out one or the other was real. Very real.

She wrapped her lips around his dick and sucked gently, flicking her tongue over the tip. She felt the heat from his dick, the cool wetness of her tongue on his dick, the surge of pleasure as her clit tingled in anticipation, the powerful heave as his balls sent a massive dose of testosterone into his blood, the thundering as his blood engorged penis filled to just beneath bursting, and every other minor sensation either experienced at that moment. It was a humbling experience.

He grabbed her beneath her shoulders and almost threw her on the table, hanging her head off the edge. The hunger swelled within him, banishing the last lingering thread of fear. He dragged his tongue down her crotch. It slithered over her clit, trying to pull it along. He felt her inhale his cock, swallowing his entire eight-and-three-quarter-inch long-two-and-seven-eighths-inch thick African American manhood. It nearly choked him to feel a cock that big in her throat.

He was going to cum. Never before had he been so aware of his own impending orgasm. He was able to freeze that moment and examine it. His orgasm was indeed powerful. He doubted he would be awake when it was over and done with. Yet it could be even MORE powerful if he were to wait until he was fully inside her... and she was cumming at the same time. A simple thought, but the power behind it was seductive. He would know the feel of that power. Angela agreed, and he delayed his own impending peak. She was also close, so they stopped by her own growing orgasm and slowed its growth. A thought and both seeds of bliss were linked.

He rose up and helped Angela turn around. Once ready, he grabbed his cock, nearly doubling over with pleasure/pain as he did. Angela shared in the sensation; her hands dug deeply into the white-hot flesh of her bare breasts. He walked his cock closer and closer to its first contact with a cunt. Angela's cunt. THEIR cunt. Soon they would truly be one. Then was inside his first cunt.

* * * *

Malcolm groaned long and deep. The sheer pleasure of sliding into his first cunt blinded him temporarily. He heard her moan of ecstasy as she accepted his member. It was longer and thicker than all previous cocks blessed with the knowledge of her depths. Angela rolled her hips, savoring the raw hardness within her. One hand wrapped around his neck, pulling Malcolm closer to her. He felt her cunt stretch to accommodate its new visitor. He left his pulse thunder through the walls of her cunt. Through the power of every sensation they felt, he found his voice.

"Guess I'm not a virgin anymore." He chuckled the words. Angela's soft laughter brought a smile to his lips. She knew!! HE marveled at the powers within all women. She knew he was a virgin, yet did not let that sway her view of him. He loved her. She loved him. This... their union... was right.

Slowly he filled her with his manhood. Drool snaked down the corner of his mouth as her felt her cunt ripple around his member. Angela moaned her pleasure, totally oblivious to anything other than the reality of a virgin within her cunt. He would leave his first seed within a woman... inside her walls of bliss. She grabbed his flexing ass and spurred him on. Harder and harder. Faster. Malcolm swung his hips this way and that, churning her nectar into frothing foam.

Both were lost in their own... and each other's... rise to sexual completion. In that instant, they found themselves viewing their linked orgasms. The smiled as they let the seeds explode, then froze that instant, burning it into their memories. Together, the returned to their bodies and experienced the sensations as they came together.

Malcolm was moving at a blinding pace, literally fucking her with everything he could muster, beg, borrow or steal. Sweat flew from his form as his belly and lions slapped into Angela's flesh. When he came... THEY came... it was as if the entire universe had exploded, scattering everything into some nameless void. The heat was so intense it froze him to the core, only to turn those same frozen crystals into so much vapor. He was sure he bellowed like a primal beast even though he did not... COULD NOT... hear it. Yet still he continued to thrust, fucking Angela with all of the love he ever felt for anyone or anything.

Angela knew she was experiencing her first real orgasm. Even her cums while masturbating were nothing compared to this moment. She felt her cunt grab Malcolm's dick as it were a lifeline thrown to a drowning soul. Even so, he was still pounding her cunt with strength only known by those in true love. She tried to fuck back, but she could not tell how effective her movements were. If she could, she would have seen and felt her hips slam mercilessly into Malcolm's body... with more strength than she ever thought possible. She was living a dream: her white body being fucked... WELL FUCKED... by a black man with more dick than any of her white lovers. She vibrated through realities, experiencing the same mind numbing orgasm that currently occupied her entire being.

Then... silence.

* * * *

Morning. Malcolm knew he had passed out. Yet he was still linked to Angela. He ceased intrusion within her soul, but the wave of longing quickly overcame him. Something was wrong. He would have to discover what. And soon; he still had to deal with Maxine. There was much that needed to be done.

He doubted he could do it alone. His eyes fell on Angela, and he felt himself desire that special touch.

To Be Continued.

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