tagSci-Fi & FantasyIntruder on Board

Intruder on Board


Ensign Janice walked carefully down the corridor of the USS Ageman, phaser in hand. Her eyes darted back and forth in the dim hallway, one hand sweeping the gun back and forth, the other tugging at the hem of her short uniform skirt.

"Goddamn uniforms," she muttered under her breath. "Men get pants, but we get miniskirts, pantyhose and fucking go-go boots."

The announcement said that there was an intruder on board, and the small crew spread throughout the ship; she and that inept Lieutenant Collins were assigned to cover this deck, and she hadn't seen him in a while...A small noise behind her spun her around, peering into the darkness, searching. A small drop of water struck her on the shoulder, and she instinctively looked up.....

Tentacles descended upon her from out of the darkness, knocking the phase pistol from her hand and grabbing her wrists. She struggled against the creature's grip, but the harder she pulled the more tentacles descended upon her: ankles, thighs, waist and arms all wrapped in the monster's grip. She struggled, gradually becoming suspended in the middle of the corridor.

She cried out, hoping Collins would hear and come, but to no avail. As she screamed, a smaller, darker-colored tentacle passed in front of her face. She watched the thin tendril run along the front of her uniform, across her tense, hard stomach. It slid across her covered breasts, the sensation causing her nipples to strain against the uniform material. A small moan escaped her lips before she could stifle it.

Before she could cry out again, she noticed something on her uniform, where the tentacle had traced. The material was beginning to dissolve, exposing the tanned skin underneath. "Shit," she breathed, "It's not going to eat me......"

The small tendril shot down the neckline of her uniform, running along her bare stomach and inside the front of her hosiery. The material slowly parted, leaving her breasts and panties exposed. Thicker tentacles like the ones that held her began to circle her breasts, squeezing them, flicking the nipples. The cool air blew across her exposed body, gooseflesh forming along her tits and belly.

She drew in a breath to scream again, when another appendage snaked between her moist lips. The tentacle began to piston inside her mouth. The slender limb snaked down the back of her clothes, cutting the dress in half, leaving her naked, the shreds of her uniform hanging from her arms.

Her nipples became hard under the attention of the tentacles wrapping around her breasts. Her mouth began to salivate uncontrollably as the monster continued to pump her mouth. As she squirmed against the assault, one of the tentacles holding her thighs began to creep up towards her panties.

The tip of the limb brushed her damp pussy through the thin material; her body shuddered uncontrollably at the sensation. The strand slid under the fabric, running up the length of her slit, then wrapped around her panties and ripped them off. The creature dropped the fabric, and returned to her cunny, pressing against it, probing it.....a deep moan escaped from her throat around the tentacle. The monster slammed the probe inside her wet cunt, pumping her roughly.

Her body began to writhe, not struggling to escape anymore, but under the pleasure she was receiving from the monster's assault. The creature drew the limb from her mouth, saliva dripping from its tip, and her moans filled the metal corridor. The tentacle withdrew from her face, trailing moisture down her back, nearing her exposed ass. Realizing what the creature intended, she twisted, bending to expose her ass to the animal's assault.

The tentacle slid between her cheeks, circling the rosebud of her ass, eliciting greater moans of pleasure from Janice. As her final hole was violated, the creature began to fuck the Ensign even faster, pistoning her pussy and asshole, squeezing her breasts and nipples, holding her almost spread-eagled above the deck of the ship. Waves of pleasure began to wash over her, building within her, an orgasm impending.....


A red beam of light shot up the corridor and into the darkness above Janice. The creature shrieked and disintegrated, dropping her to the deck. Lieutenant Collins ran up and helped her to her feet, stripping off his uniform jacket and wrapping it around her.

"I'm sorry, Ensign," Collins said, averting his eyes. "I got turned around in C corridor. But I'm glad I got here when I did....the creature didn't have a chance to eat you." He grinned.

Pulling the jacket close, Janice faced Collins.....and kicked him in the balls. As he hit the deck, he looked up writhing, "WHY?" shouting from his eyes.

"You couldn't wait TWO MINUTES?!?" she screamed, stomping off. "TWO FUCKING MINUTES!!!!"

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