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The evening was still young, but I felt tired from my long day of work. Fridays always were the busiest and most strenuous, and usually had me beat by noon. My thoughts were on a nice, long, hot shower and maybe a book for afterward as I lay in bed.

I pulled my clothes off and padded into the bathroom, turning the water on in the process, making sure to get it nice and hot.

I breathed a big sigh of relief as I stepped into the shower. Closing my eyes I stood there a few minutes not moving, letting the water beat on my tired body.

I could feel all the tensions easing from me, the responsibilities, the days' strains and pressures oozed from my pores, leaving me in a state of placid tranquility.

Feeling much better about the whole day's proceedings as the water beat its drops so heavily upon me, my body started to awaken from its work day slumber. I could feel a vibrant presence deep within me ripping its way from my innermost being, wanting to be unleashed to let run rampant upon my body, to make me forget about everything but me.

My hands found their way to my breasts, massaging, manipulating, gently caressing each one, making them feel that they should be the center of attention. Taking each nipple between my fingers, I delicately tweaked each one, holding them below the spraying water as it pummeled my body to unknown heights.

I picked up the soap and tenderly started rubbing it around my breasts, lathering and rinsing, then repeating. The manipulations previously performed had left my nipples hard and sensitive to the touch, I washed them over and over, feeling the soothing lather helping to kindle the embers within me. The more I touched my breasts, the more those embers lit up and started to glow.

I was starting to feel a warm sensation buried inside of me, getting hotter and hotter. My breasts tender to the touch, yet so susceptible to my commanding fingers, were begging me for more, more teasing, more pulling, more gentle caresses.

The water drumming down upon my body was merciless in its pounding of my tender skin, yet heatedly erotic in the same instance. Before I knew it my hand found its way down my body, between my legs, and to my center of desire. I put my leg up on the ledge of the shower, and proceeded to lather up my delicate pussy, massaging it gently, soothing it as well. Softly laughing at myself for not wanting to leave any part of my body feeling left out.

As I worked up the lather, rubbing it all around, my left hand tweaking and pulling on my nipple, my right buried between my legs with the soap, I started to feel a climax building, climbing its way through my body, trying to reach an ecstatic pinnacle. A feeling of euphoria washed over me as I so masterfully manipulated my body, knowing what I wanted and how I wanted it.

My fingers found my hard clit and pinched it...rolling it between them, playing with it roughly. Throwing my head back, letting the water pulse on my neck and chest, overcome with the tingling sensations coursing through my body, I reached for that peak. My hands increased their tempo, rubbing furiously and tugging madly, feeling every spot, every inch of my skin become aware.

My breath was coming in quick gasps as the feelings inside of me started to subside. I dropped the soap, putting my leg back onto the shower floor and leaned on my hands against the wall of the shower, letting the water beat on my back. I felt so relaxed with my head down, watching the droplets stream down my breasts and drip to the floor. Thinking that this release was exactly what I needed tonight, I reached down and turned the water off. Grabbing a towel next to the stall, I dried every inch of my body off.

I decided to skip the book and just curl up in my big warm bed and relax, letting sleep come as it wished.

I woke with a start, feeling that something was not quite right. Before I had a chance to process anything, a big hand roughly covered my mouth, stifling any screams I may have had.

A man thrust his face to mine. I could barely make him out through the moonlight streaming in my windows.

"Cooperate and you won't get hurt. You understand?" he said to me.

I didn't know who this man was, but I wasn't about to give in to a total stranger, so I bit his hand.

"Bitch!" he said, as he smacked me across the face. "The bitch bit me."

It was then I realized that there was another person in the room on the other side of my bed.

"We'll just have to teach her a lesson, won't we?" The one I bit said, as he flipped on my bedroom lights, "Pull the blinds, Joe."

I got a better look at these two intruders, and I did not recognize either of them. The one I bit was a big man, tall and very muscular looking, with dark curly hair cut really short, and dark eyes set in a rugged, tough looking face. The other man, Joe, had brown hair, not too tall, and slim. They were dressed in jeans and black t-shirts, which really accented the bigger mans physique.

"Please don't hurt me," I stammered, fearing more for my life than anything else.

They just looked at each other smiling, the bigger man, chuckling, saying, "Honey, we don't plan on hurting ya, and, you might even enjoy this."

With that, he pulled back the covers in one move, baring my naked body to them.

"Look, Joe, she's ready for us."

Joe was on me in an instant, one hand planted in the middle of my tummy, holding me down, and the other roughly grasping my breast. He planted a kiss on my neck, sucking on it hard. I struggled to get away from him, but he was a lot stronger than he looked and held me down without a problem.

I could see the other man getting undressed and was amazed at his big finely sculpted body. He saw me watching him, and smiled wickedly, his eyes telling me more than I wanted to know.

Feeling a little too vulnerable, I continued trying to get up, fighting under Joe, trying to push him off of me.

"Help me out here, Dan, she won't hold still," Joe pleaded to the big guy, Dan.

"Let her go," Dan said authoritatively, as Joe released me and got up.

I looked up at him fearfully and saw the menacing look on his face. It stilled me instantly.

"What did I say about cooperating?" He asked me.

I just stared at him, biting my lower lip, a tear tore itself from my left eye and ran down my cheek as he repeated his question-- demanding an answer.

"Th-that you won't hurt me," was all I could get out softly.

Dan sat down on the bed next to me, and pulled me into his arms. I put my head down on his hard chest, closing my eyes, hating myself for crying in front of these strangers, hating them for making me cry. I felt his hand on the back of my head, forcing me to look up at him.

"We're not going to hurt you," he said almost gently, "Okay?"

I nodded and tried to look back down, but Dan had other plans. He put his mouth to my lips, his tongue ravaged its way into my mouth and dueled with mine. He laid me back onto the bed on my side, as he kept kissing. Emotions waged war inside of me and I did my best to suppress them, not wanting this, yet powerless to stop it. I could feel his fingers as they found my pussy and made their way inside roughly. I was having a hard time breathing, and fought this madman to let me come up for air. He released my mouth as his lips moved to my breast and bit it. I gulped in the air by big mouthfuls, my chest heaving, rising and falling rapidly.

I could feel the guy behind me, Joe, getting back onto the bed and replacing Dan's hand with his own between my legs. He started massaging my pussy and then moved to my ass. I could feel his fingers spreading and probing, making me wince as they found there way through my entrance, and pushed into me.

Dan was still sucking and biting on my breast, his lips leaving a wet trail, his teeth torturing my soft skin. I cried out in pain as he bit my shoulder, catching me off guard as he nearly tore a hole in my flesh.

I sighed in relief as Joe's fingers left my ass. I felt his body move next to mine, lying alongside of me. Feeling his nakedness next to me woke me from my daze, and knowing what was on his mind, I tried to move away from him. I was helplessly pinned in place by Dan's powerful body in front of me. I could once again feel Joe's hand on my ass, I could feel his cock probing at my pucker, forcing its way through the tight muscle. Tears rolled down my face as his cock eased slowly into me, forcing me open, giving me no choice but to accept him. He grabbed my leg and placed it up over his, opening me up further, making his access a little easier.

I closed my eyes in shame and humiliation, biting my lip to help compensate for the pain.

Dan, again, put his hand between my legs. His fingers found my pussy and they tortured it, forcing their way inside, two and three at a time. His mouth moved back up to mine locking me into a forced kiss, his tongue pushed between my lips, burying itself into my throat nearly gagging me.

Just when I thought it couldn't get much worse, Dan pulled his hand away from my pussy, and moved his cock between my legs. I started to struggle, but Dan was prepared and slapped my face, glaring at me.

"Bitch," he muttered as his mouth found my neck and bit, nearly drawing blood.

His cock was probing at my pussy, his hand spreading my lips apart, as he forced his throbbing shaft into me. I gritted my teeth, clenching my eyes shut as he thrust himself deeply inside of me, filling me to the maximum.

Joe was pounding away at my ass, now coupled with the sensation of Dan's cock, and I had no choice but to lay here and take it. Thrust for thrust they kept their up their frantic pace, as I laid there absorbing their torturous ministrations. Joe was wreaking a maniacal attack on my sensitive back with his sharp teeth, nibbling and biting, making me cry out painfully. I buried my head into Dan's chest in shame, just wanting this to be over with.

Dan was still fucking my pussy intently as his hands grabbed at my tender breasts, squeezing them roughly, making them hurt. I could hear their breathing getting faster as they each thrust in turn into my ravaged body, alternating in their manipulations of me.

Joe's fingers were digging into my upper thigh, holding me in place as his hips drove harder and harder into me.

"Fuck Dan, this bitch has got a nice ass," he panted between thrusts.

Dan grabbed my hair yanking my head back and exposing my neck. He planted his lips there and sucked strongly as I again cried out in pain. His hands in my hair pulled harder as his lips inflamed my tender neck.

Tears ran down both of my cheeks in shameful surrender as I succumbed to these two fearsome intruders. I just wanted this to be over with and soon I was to have my wish. Joe was shoving his hard cock into me so rapidly that I knew he was going to cum soon. I could feel his breath quicken and then stop as he held it for a moment before letting it out in a frenzy of thrusts and groans. I could feel his hot semen pouring into my bowels, and running out of me onto the sheets below. He kept pumping into me, milking his cock with my sorely tender ass, until he finally stopped altogether.

I silently thanked God as I felt him withdraw from me and lay back on the bed, breathing heavily.

Dan, with no Joe in his way, rolled me onto my back and continued to fuck me madly. His cock pounded into me with a forceful rhythm, beating its way deeper with every thrust. I glanced up into his eyes to see him watching me, his expression was unreadable. I lowered my head and looked away, but he grabbed my face, forcing me to look at him.

"I'm going to cum inside of you, bitch," he said to me as he drove his cock to the hilt into my throttled pussy. Harder he drove, making me wince in pain as my body cried out enough of this.

With a loud groan he emptied his seed deep into my pussy, thrusting and jerking as his cock relieved itself of its juicy load. He rolled off of me and sat on the edge of the bed.

Dan reached for his clothes and started putting them on, not saying a word to anyone. I just stayed where I was, afraid to move for fear of another torturous assault. I felt battered and humiliated, but I knew that really I would be okay. Joe too moved off of the bed and began to dress quietly, both men silent and intimidating in their presence.

I watched as they both headed for the door, still fearful enough to keep myself quiet.

Joe made his way first out of my room, but Dan stopped in my doorway, turning back to me.

"Please leave your door unlocked again so I won't have to break in when I come back for more." With that he turned and left, slamming my front door as they headed out.

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