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Invid Invasion Ch. 08

byInvid Writer©

A short note: Well, I just re-read chapter 7 and couldn't help but cringe at some of it. I didn't get quite as much accomplished (plot-wise) as I'd hoped so this chapter is going to make up for that a bit. The sex here will be a little more interspersed but for all the fans, not to worry, it'll still be here in spades.

Also, I SINCERELY apologize that it's taken so long to get this chapter out. I've been a bit overwhelmed lately for time and am trying my best to work on this. I've set a goal for myself to put up a new chapter on the first of every month and I think I can even stick to it. So try and be patient. I believe in quality over quantity, so instead of rushing out a short or unfinished chapter, I'll take the extra time to do it right. Hopefully though, I'll stick to schedule.

And as usual, mail me comments/suggestions. Every message really does get the next one out that much faster. (And I promise I won't send viruses or spam mail and you're more than welcome to stay anonymous. I know I do! :) Anyway, enjoy chapter 8.

Chapter 8: "One Million People"

"Andrea woke up covered in a sticky layer of sperm and urine. The floor was stone and surprisingly cold. Her hair felt gooey and was stuck together in clumps. It hung down awkwardly as she sat up and looked around the room. "Where am I?" She spoke quietly to herself. The last thing she remembered, she was collapsing into the brush in a forest. She wiped her eyes where there should have been tears but only managed to smear the sticky substance around her face.

Was she dreaming? It felt too real for that. Suddenly, instantly, she remembered where this was. She was in the yellow gangs head quarters, the morning after her initiation. Her failed initiation. But Ed was not here to attend to her. She didn't wake up in a bath like she should have. She woke up on the floor, where she had fallen asleep the night before. She looked around and saw that the room was completely empty. The door was made of wood and looked heavy. It was probably locked. Andrea stood up and turned slowly around when the door opened.

A naked woman walked in. Young and very attractive. Following her, were three gang members. Andrea recognized one of them from the night before. "Clean her up," he said to the young woman whom immediately dropped to her knees and obeyed. She put her slender fingers around Andrea's ankle and lifted a foot off the ground. With no obvious hesitation she started to lick at the underside of her foot. Andrea tried to pull away but the woman had a surprisingly firm grip. "What are you doing?"

"She's doing what she's told. You'd do best to go along with it or you'll only get yourself in more trouble." Andrea sighed, realizing the man was right and remained still throughout her tongue bath. By the time the other woman was licking at her face, they were both laying down on the cold stone, Andrea on the bottom. She was tolerating the long tongue strokes across her eyebrow with growing unease.

Finally, the tongue strokes stopped and the woman sat up, straddling her. She looked back at the three men that were watching and one of them nodded. "Dirty her back up again."

* * * *

Andrea awoke with a start. She brushed some kind of insect off of her leg and stood up. She was back in the glade. It was night, she was cold and she knew immediately that her best option would be to go back to camp and return to her tent. But what if she had seriously hurt Kitty? How could she deal with that?

At least the flower seemed to have worn off. Andrea looked down, remembering. The flower. It was still hard not to lunge at it and consume the whole patch. She walked quickly away from it before she was tempted any further.

An hour or so later found herself wandering the woods, thinking aloud to herself as she tried to sort out the days events. "Or was it yesterday?" She looked up at the sky and frowned. If it were the Northern Hemisphere she would know the exact time from the location of the constellations. But in the South, who knew?

"Oh God, I hope Bob has found Kitty by now." If she hadn't run off selfishly she could have gone to him and told him about her situation. She hadn't felt this guilty about anything in a long time.

A few minutes later found her stepping into sand. She concentrated and heard the gentle roar of the ocean. She was obviously on the beach. She turned to her left and confirmed her assumption. Dark water stretched out for miles. She sat down on a rock and listened to the sounds in an attempt to sort out her thoughts.

As she pondered what to do a glint of light caught her attention along the horizon. It wasn't moving; she simply hadn't noticed it earlier. She stood up to get a better view and realized what it was. It was a city. A big one by the looks of it and at the center the light was far too white to be flames. They had electricity. She took a step forward and her jaw dropped while she imagined the possibilities. Suddenly, all thought of guilt had left her mind. She hadn't seen electricity in years. Maybe the Coalition was what the Earth needed right now. Order.

With a new energy, she turned and started walking quickly back towards camp. Her hasty mood was dampened when she heard the click of broken sticks up above. Someone was in the forest. And close by too. She turned and jumped when she saw Zog come into view. His purple skin was barely visible and made him look like a giant shadow looming over the trees. Fear leapt into her stomach when she noticed his angry frown.

"What are you doing here?" Andrea stumbled with the words but they came out confidently enough.

"Trying to find you. It's been several hours since anyone's seen you."

"Well I'm heading back now so don't worry about it."

"Andrea..." He paused as if debating whether or not to speak. "Are you okay?"

Andrea collapsed into a sitting position on the soft ground. She let out a sigh. "How's Kitty?" She flushed red with embarrassment as she spoke and her stomach felt queasy thinking about it.

"I do not know. Bob wouldn't say what was wrong with her. It seems fairly serious." He crouched down and raised a giant eyebrow. "Why? Did you harm her?" Andrea nodded reluctantly. She didn't feel like talking at the moment. "Why?"

"I don't know. I couldn't help it." She spoke monotone, trying to show as little emotion as possible. "The flower..." She thought about her words, "the flower left me out of control."

"Ah. I understand." There was a long pause while the two sat in silence. Andrea looked up at his giant head and for the first time, felt no fear. He was just like her. Confused and lost. She gave him a gaze that urged him to finish his thoughts aloud. "I don't know how much you know about my people, but there are no women of our species. There are no women, because we are all bred and cloned. The masters wanted an army and they literally created one." He looked at her to gauge her interest. She obviously wanted to hear more. She looked up at him desperately, trying to drown her own thoughts in his words. "Unfortunately the modifications didn't stop at the physical level. They controlled our thoughts. Influenced us to focus on the violent side of our personalities. We were slaves. Many of us still are."

"I see." Andrea hadn't heard any of that before. Of course, information about the Zentradi was generally kept out of civilian hands throughout the war. "But the flower didn't bring out the worst in me, it brought out my true feelings. If that's how I truly want to act... Deep down I mean... Well, I don't even want to think that way."

Zog sighed and sat down in a less awkward position. "Andrea, our inhibitions are what define us. Without them to guide us, we act only on instinct. And everyone's instinct is more or less the same. There's no need to feel shame in it."

Andrea was silent. Eventually she spoke. "Thanks."

Zog stood up slowly but gracefully and walked away without another word. Andrea, left to her own devices, found she couldn't concentrate on any thoughts. She bounced around between hurting Kitty, how much she had enjoyed it, guilt she felt over it, her attitude to the other members of the group, and even her own sex drive that seemed to be increasing every day. Her eyes darted around with her mind, looking at different objects around her. Eventually, the found the light of Trump Towers once more and focused in on it, like a moth to flame.

Suddenly, her mind was clear. Focused. She only had one thought. 'Change the world. Make it better. Stick up for the little guys.' She knew in her heart she could do it. But first she would have to stop feeling sorry for herself.

Time passed and while Andrea continued to stare at the gleaming spec of hope she found that her guilt was indeed fading. She realized there was more to worry about than her personal life. What happened, happened. She couldn't change that. But she could change the future. She stood up, and began to slowly walk back to camp.

* * * *

The first thing Andrea saw was Bob's tent that he shared with Kitty and Irene. The three had been kind enough to let Andrea have the other tent to herself. Without realizing she was still naked, Andrea unzipped it and entered.

Kitty was inside, lying on her side and Bob sat beside her still naked body. She looked like she was sweating a great deal and Bob himself was near exhaustion. He startled awake when Andrea entered. His voice seemed even more nasally than normal. "A... Andrea. I... I didn't expect you." He looked away after seeing her lack of clothing.

"I wanted to check on Kitty. Is she okay?"

Bob turned to look at her skeptically. He raised his eyebrows behind his thick glasses as he looked relentlessly into Andrea's eyes. "A... Are you still on the f... flower?"

Andrea shook her head. "It wore off. I haven't taken any more."

Bob nodded, satisfied. "She'll live, I c... can tell you that. But uh... W... Well, there'll be regular b... bleeding for some time and I need to do some minor surgery as s... soon... as soon as possible. If we could get to a... to a town soon that would make things easier."

Andrea thought of Trump Towers, "if we leave tomorrow morning we can get to one probably mid-afternoon."

Bob nodded. "Excellent. T... That will do fine."

Andrea looked back to Kitty's sleeping form. With a quick sigh she left and closed the tent behind her. A short walk found her entering her own tent, which she quickly zipped up behind her. It was dark inside and she sat down. "What a day..."

"Andrea?" Andrea jumped at Irene's voice. She had forgotten about leaving her tied up. She tried not to betray her surprise when she spoke.

"Oh no. I left you in here didn't I?"

"Uh huh. Can you untie me now please?"

"Of course. I'm sorry I forgot about you." Andrea turned herself around and placed a hand down on Irene's breast when searching for her tied arms. Irene squealed lightly but just bit her lip as Andrea quickly apologized and moved her hand up to Irene's arms. She followed Irene's arms up until she found the rope and began to undo the knot.

It was dark so Andrea couldn't help but fumble with it but eventually she managed to get it undone. The ropes fell to the ground lazily. "There. All done."

Andrea heard a quick shuffle and strained her eyes to try and see but she was too slow. The wind was knocked out of her as Irene tackled her to the ground. Andrea could feel the woman's large breasts crush against her stomach and hot breath heaved over her own sternum. "What are you doing?" She breathed out before Irene's hand found the lips of her pussy. "Aaaa," despite her intentions her head flew back and her spine arched at Irene's touch.

"I've been laying there for hours and I'm horny. Please, can we?" Andrea felt a finger enter into her still mostly dry pussy. It stuck slightly as it went in, creating a pleasant friction while her lips sucked in slightly around the digit. Once fully inside her, Irene curled it up to reach the top of her inner wall and Andrea arched her back again.

"Aaaa." She tried to say no but couldn't speak. Irene's breathing over her chest continued while her finger continued its relentless assault. "Mmmm," she let out a quiet moan when Irene's warm tongue pressed into her left nipple. Her arms instinctually went to Irene's and held the blonde's head tight against her breast. Simultaneously she wrapped a smooth leg loosely around Irene's thin waist.

Irene pulled her finger out until only the tip of her nail was still inside Andrea's sex and then gently inserted it once more. Andrea's lower lips moved with the other woman's finger, sticking slightly to it and moving further away or closer to her body.

Andrea moaned again in pleasure as Irene switched her attention to the other nipple. She could feel the small stubs growing hard and tensing almost painfully while Irene continued to lick and suck on them.

She was surprised and a little disappointed when Irene withdrew her finger from her pussy but tried not to vocalize her objections. She felt her lower lips cling to the digit as long as possible before finally releasing it and falling back into place. She was wet now and desperately wanted something back inside her.

She got her wish when Irene pushed the same wet finger into her ass. She instinctively tensed her body and bucked to the side at the first sign of intrusion, which knocked Irene's mouth off her nipple. Undeterred, Irene continued to apply pressure and gradually forced the finger deeper with a wet squishing sound.

Andrea couldn't help but moan when Irene's digit found itself all the way inside. It wasn't near as far as a few men had been but Irene was brushing her finger carefully along the membrane that separated her two holes and Andrea felt the effect strongly. She bucked her hips in a vain attempt to get away from the rather intense pleasure she was feeling but Irene kept a firm grip on her hips with her free hand. Instinctively, Andrea continued to try and buck herself away from Irene's finger but each attempt was as futile as the last.

She felt Irene's free hand move firmly up her hard stomach and find her left breast. Irene squeezed gently and began to massage it. "Unnn. Irene, stop, stop." Andrea felt out of breath but Irene ignored her. She cupped the breast she had been working on and flicked the nipple with her tongue. Andrea bucked again and moaned.

While she continued to work on the nipple with her mouth, her left hand went back down Andrea's stomach to reach her pubic area. It slowly dragged across the short hairs and found Andrea's thigh. She applied pressure, forcing Andrea flatter onto her back while at the same time she worked her body in-between Andrea's legs. Andrea conceded the position and wrapped her legs tightly around Irene's waist. She could feel the softness of Irene's stomach press lightly against the lips of her pussy while the finger in her ass continued to press on. "Unnn," Andrea's lips parted slightly. She couldn't believe she was doing this now of all times. But it was taking her mind off of Kitty, and that in itself made it much easier to just let go and let whatever happened happen.

"Do you want more?" Irene's voice was soft and silky. Andrea found it hard to concentrate. She felt the finger press harder into her ass as if asking in its own way and she forced out a response.


"Mmm, good." Irene lifted her head up from Andrea's breast and moved her body higher until they were face to face. She slowly let her lips come down against the other woman's and kissed gently. Andrea's lips were still parted slightly and Irene slowly inserted her tongue into the willing mouth beneath her. She could feel the top and bottom of her tongue rub carefully along Andrea's teeth before it connected with the other women's warm muscle. Andrea pressed her tongue against Irene's and kissed back with a little more force.

Gradually, the passion of the kiss raised and Andrea found herself with a hand in Irene's long curly blond hair, pressing her hard into her mouth. The other arm found itself around Irene's back, once again pressing hard to mash their breasts together tightly. Irene took the hint and pressed herself hard into Andrea, allowing their stomachs to press against each other. Andrea's toned abs brushed against Irene's flat but less defined stomach. Irene lifted a leg and placed it on the other side of Andrea's so their lower lips could kiss with as much force as their upper ones.

Irene forcefully sucked Andrea's tongue into her mouth and swirled her own wet muscle around Andrea's. Andrea moaned again at the feeling but her moan intensified when she felt Irene grind her pussy into her own. Her labia slid easily in-between Irene's to cover itself in the wetness coming out of her blond lover. As the two pressed together, Irene's light blond pubic curls entwined themselves with Andrea's shorter ones while their labia's continued to press together as if they were one.

Andrea was reminded of the finger in her ass when Irene curled the thin digit to rub against the wall of her rectum. Andrea arched her back hard, forcing her stomach into the air and to press more tightly against Irene. She was long distracted from the kissing she was participating in and simply let Irene play with her tongue, still inside the blonde's mouth.

Suddenly, Irene started to hump hard against Andrea, forcing their bodies to bounce with the motions. Her breasts slipped free from her partners when she lifted her body up slightly to assist in the back and forth motion. Both sets of breasts moved in tandem with their hips, as both sets of lips remained locked tightly. Irene's firm large breasts hung down attractively, occasionally bouncing against Andrea's as they rocked back and forth.

Andrea gasped as she felt Irene's finger leave her rectum but found she couldn't breath as it reinserted itself with a second digit. "Ahhh." She tried to move back onto her side but Irene's other hand didn't allow it. She gripped at Andrea's breast and continued to hump hard into the other woman.

Irene arched her neck back as her orgasm approached. Andrea's eyes rolled up as she felt the same sensation in herself and flinched with pleasure as Irene's clit found her own. They continued to stimulate each other for a few more moments until Andrea realized there was no way she was coming down from orgasm now. Her stomach clenched and she let out a loud moan as it built up inside her. "More... Faster."

Irene obliged and kicked up the pace. She changed from long slow strokes to quick ones that focused on their clits until she felt herself become flustered and her own stomach tensed. With a loud groan, Andrea came and tensed her rectum around Irene's fingers. The digits inside her seemed to add to the pleasurable sensation in her stomach and she bucked slightly up and down as the feelings washed over her.

As she was nearing completion of her climax, she felt Irene's fingers tighten inside her and suddenly became aware of the warm pulsing sensation that belonged to Irene's sex. Andrea looked up and saw Irene, with mouth open and lips bloodshot red, immersed in a silent scream of ecstasy. As she recovered herself, she slowly opened her eyes and let out a quiet purr before collapsing onto Andrea's body once more. Her pussy still pulsed and she could feel her cum dripping towards Andrea. She opened her mouth as if to speak, but closed it again after thinking twice. Andrea noticed.


"No, it's nothing," Irene said sheepishly.

"You can tell me, it's alright." Andrea put her arms around Irene and hugged her closer.

"I..." She paused and gulped. "I don't want it to sound like it's just physical."

Andrea smiled encouragingly. She wanted to know what was on Irene's mind that she was so nervous about. "Go ahead."

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