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Invid Invasion Ch. 20

byInvid Writer©

Author's note: Well, here we are. You are about to read the final chapter of Invid Invasion.

I remember several years ago I was prowling on a forum at the Grey Archive and saw a post that questioned why no one had written "the great porno epic." I saw that and being somewhat obsessed with epics myself (not to mention sex) I began to wonder the same thing. After a few days, I decided that if no one else was going to write it, I would. And here it is. I did. No matter whether people love it or hate it. Here it is. Some of this story turned out great, some of it not so much, a lot of it isn't even to my taste, but on the whole this is something I'm immensely proud of. It began as my first writing project outside of scripts. The first thing I'd ever written in prose. I've learned a lot and still have a lot to learn, but once again, on the whole, I'm immensely proud of it. I sincerely hope you've enjoyed reading it. Despite losing a bit of steam these last two years I know I have enjoyed writing it.

This project has taken me nearly 5 years to write and countless hours. The final counts courtesy Microsoft Word at 12 pt. Times New Roman font, single-spaced, not counting authors notes, are as follows:

Pages: 744

Words: 408,078

Characters: 2,241,974

The word count puts this almost as long as all three Lord of the Rings books combined! That's a damn long novel.

At some point I hope to have an edited version of this book, all in one file, for download. I've already gone through a couple chapters and the edited versions do have a little bit of new material here and there, but basically it's just me trying to make the flow a little better and fix some of the many typos I know plague the text here and there. In the mean time if you would like the whole story in one file, drop me a line and I will email it to you. This version of Chapter 20 is also edited down a bet. If you want the unedited version, email me.

Please let me know what you think of the book as a whole. A few months ago, hotmail deleted all the feedback I had received over the last 4 years in regard to this project and as such, I currently have next to none. It does mean a lot to me to get the stuff and it was a serious blow to lose it all.

Also, let me know if you want me to continue this. I have an idea for a second (and even a third) book involving most of the same characters. I don't know if I will write it as I want to make sure I can put chapters out in a decent amount of time, but if there is enough interest, I may make the effort.

See you all in the funny pages!

John Stellus

Invid Invasion

Chapter 20

"Faded Dreams"

Six Months Later

"Bright afternoon light filtered into the room from the large windows at either side. The room was bare, except for a large four-post bed in its center, two nightstands and two people. Andrea was naked and on her knees. Her back was up against the headboard with wrists tied to the wooden bars behind her. One of the pillows was between her legs and giving a bit of support to her butt. The man in front of her was also naked, save for a dress shirt that was unbuttoned but still draped around his shoulders. He was on the bed in front of her, also on his knees so they were face to face.

"You are gorgeous, aren't you?" he said looking her up and down from only a few inches away. He could see her even tan, her long brown hair, and of course her dark nipples attached to her pert, upturned breasts.

Andrea didn't respond. She wouldn't know what to say anyway. The man leaned forward and kissed her. She responded by habit, kissing back and pressing her chest as far forward as her bonds would allow. She felt her breasts mash in against his chest and her nipples began to get stiff. His tongue slipped passed her lips and again, habitually, she met it with her own. The man seemed to be putting enough passion into the kiss for both of them as he reached around and placed one hand on her ass, the other on the small of her back to encourage her to press into him. Andrea felt his hard cock tickling against her abdomen. She had a feeling the kiss wasn't going to last much longer. She was right.

With equal intensity, the man pulled away from the kiss and slowly stood on the bed, making a point to drag the tip of his hardening dick along her stomach, ribs, breasts and neck before finally requesting entrance between her lips. Andrea felt the cool line of precum he left up her body as she opened her mouth and took his half swollen member into her mouth. He was still small and she had no problem taking him all the way inside.

As she rocked slowly forward and back she felt his hands go to the back of her hair and when she took him all the way in, his cock now pressed against her throat as if asking a new permission. This time, however, Andrea didn't have a choice whether to grant it or not. With his hands still pressed firmly on the back of her head, he continued to force his cock all the way into her mouth. Each stroke, no matter the length of his dick, Andrea's lips pressed hard into the pubic hairs at the base of it. At first it was easy to handle, only entering her throat a half centimetre, but after a few thrusts, it was growing quickly, each time going in a little further. One inch, two, then three forced its way down her throat each time triggering her gag reflex and forcing her to prevent choking on him.

In another minute he was at his full eight inches, four of which kept sliding down her throat. Andrea tried desperately to raise her hands up, but all she could accomplish was a clink-clink sound as the chain of the metal handcuffs grew taught and loose. Andrea's arms continued to flex but she couldn't get her restraints to budge from its grasp on the bottom of the frame. The man moved her head faster and faster, causing Andrea's nostrils to flare as she tried to get enough oxygen. She gulped his dick down each time it pressed against her throat knowing that was the only way she could do it without throwing up.

Each time he withdrew enough for her tongue to reach the tip of his cock, she flicked it across, trying to make him cum quicker but he'd only shove back in and make her choke again. Saliva strung down from her lip and the man's balls to her cleavage. He pulled out briefly and she used the opportunity to gasp for air before he forced himself down her throat once more.

A few minutes passed in the same manner and Andrea felt her eyes flutter. Despite her best efforts, she wasn't getting enough oxygen. She forced herself to take one deep breath through her nose when he pulled out into her mouth but it backfired by throwing off her rhythm and the next time he shoved into her throat she couldn't help but cough around the man's dick, each time forcing it out of her throat, but each time he was ready and shoved it right back in. Another few seconds passed and he pushed himself in as far as he could. Andrea felt his prickly pubic hairs against her lips. She couldn't cough anymore, because she couldn't take in oxygen. Her throat clenched around the obtruding object and tried desperately to swallow it so she could breath again.

Suddenly as Andrea was beginning to get light headed, she felt a spurt of warm semen hit the back of her throat. Another one followed, then a third. She could do nothing but swallow it and hope he was about to pull out. Finally his orgasm subsided and he removed his cock from her mouth. Immediately, Andrea started to cough again, spraying bits of his cum over his softening dick.

"Hey, watch where you spray that shit," he said backing away. "Bitch." He got off the bed and pulled on his pants. Andrea was still coughing, but lighter now. Her lips were wet with the man's sperm. "I hope the next guy is rougher with you."

Fortunately, the man's hopes turned out to be incorrect. When the next man entered, Andrea immediately recognized him as Joe, a regular (and somewhat nerdy) customer. He whistled quietly to himself when he entered the room and saw her naked and kneeling on the bed with her arms behind her. "I don't think I've ever met anyone hotter than you."

"Thanks Joe," Andrea smiled.

"They tied you up today," Joe said matter-of-factly. He started getting undressed. He had done this enough times that it wasn't too awkward.

"Yeah. I like having my hands to work with, but oh well. A lot of guys like their helpless female I guess."

"Well I like it when you have your hands." Joe stood up on the bed, now naked and approached Andrea. Andrea smiled at his comment and leant forward to take his soft cock into her mouth before he was even all the way over. "Oh yeah, that's good," Joe said as Andrea worked his soft cock back and forth with her mouth. He quickly got hard but he wasn't the biggest of guys and Andrea was able to deep throat him properly, each time taking an inch or two of his member into her throat as her tongue licked at the underside of his cock.

Joe reached down and cupped Andrea's soft, firm breasts in his hands. "Mmmm," he moaned. After only a few minutes, Andrea thought he was getting close. She liked Joe so she didn't see any reason not to extend his enjoyment a little bit. She pulled her mouth off his dick and moved underneath to lick his balls. As she took one into her mouth, his hard, wet cock bounced across her cheek, smearing saliva and pre-cum across her face.

Joe still had a death grip on Andrea's breasts, rubbing the soft mounds aggressively, when Andrea went back to deep-throating his cock. His head was arched back and he shoved his hips forward and back. Andrea moved with him to keep from chocking. "Can I cum on your face?"

"Mm hmm," Andrea moaned affirmatively from around his dick.

"Thanks, babe," he said quickly pulling out. Andrea knew he was already coming, being able to taste the first bit of salty semen on her tongue as he pulled out. The majority of the spurt caught her across the nose and lips. The next few hit her right cheek and began slowly joining together to roll down her face and neck. When he was done, Andrea licked the tip of his dick and sat back. The sperm flowing down her body from her cheek was slowing down as it approached the gentle curve of her breast.

"Thanks again."

"My pleasure. Have a good day, okay?"

"You too. Um… Do you want me to clean that up?"

"No, that's okay, the guys like to see it."

"Okay, um, see you."

"See you."

As Joe got dressed and headed out, Andrea took a minute to adjust herself. After staying in one position so long she was starting to get a little stiff. As Andrea propped herself up on her knees in as new a position as her handcuffs allowed, she realized she was really looking forward to getting off "work" and having a fairly relaxing stroll around. She hadn't felt much like leaving the building lately but the urge had been growing within her again for some time. She was looking forward to some fresh air.

She was taken away from her thoughts as the door opened for what was supposed to be her third and final blowjob of the day. She could see her guard standing outside the door with arms crossed as the man walked inside. It made her feel better to know that he was just outside if she needed him. Normally she would have no problem taking any client that got out of control, but with her hands cuffed to the bed, it was another matter entirely.

The blowjob went quickly and was soon over. "Okay, that's it," she said to herself when the room was empty once more. There was a new trail of warm sperm flowing from her cheek to her breast. It copied much the same route as the previous one and between the two loads managed to make it down to her crotch before finally coming to a stop at her landing strip of pubic hairs.

About five minutes passed and Andrea started to wonder if something was wrong. The sperm on her face and chest was getting cold with the room air. Andrea was looking down at her hardening right nipple. The cold was encouraging it more than she would have preferred. Finally, the door opened. "Pearson, it's about time. I'm getting stiff as hell over here."

"Sorry sexy. You just missed him."

Andrea looked up to find it certainly wasn't Pearson talking. She did know the man though. He was a regular client. He had always pressured her to do regular insertions but she was told when she got the job that it was purely blowjobs. "Sorry J. I'm done for the day."

"Your day hasn't even begun yet," the man she knew only as J said.

"What are you talking about?"

"They've fired you."


"I guess they didn't tell you when they gave you your hiring package, eh?" J smiled and began undoing his belt. He took it off completely. "See, when customers start to get tired of a girl, they need to bring in new blood. Don't take it personally. You're real fuckin' hot and you lasted a lot longer than most… Still though, business is business."

Andrea looked at him confused. "Quit fucking around J. Do you have the key for these cuffs?"

J laughed to himself. "Oh those cuffs won't be coming off anytime soon. They've told me how dangerous you can be." J wrapped the buckle side of the belt around his hand once and moved over to the bed. Andrea was still kneeling with her legs underneath her and her butt against her ankles.

"What the fuck, J?" Panic was starting to set in.

"Oh, one more thing I should tell you. On a girls last day, before she's let go, they open up the floodgates and get as many customers in as they can. They let them do all the strange perverted things that they promised the girl she'd never have to do. Believe me, they make a bloody fortune. I'm giving them 2000 creds, just for this half-hour."

"Come on J," Andrea pleaded. "You're a decent guy, just go get me the key for these cuffs and I'll see what we can do, huh?"

"Tempting offer," he said. "But I've got a better idea."

THWAP, Andrea was caught off guard as he swung the belt like a whip. It hit across her stomach. "Aaahh," Andrea moaned. "J, don't do this."

"Not to proud to let out a moan I see."

J swung the belt again. There was another thwap and another moan of pain from Andrea. "I don't know what pride has to do with getting hit by a fucking whip," Andrea said.

"Very progressive of you. Get up on your knees. None of this sitting back on your ankles shit." Andrea didn't listen. She stayed sitting back.

THWAP. The belt came down again, this time across her left breast. "Aaarrrrrgh," Andrea moaned louder. It was nearly a scream.

"I'll bet that hurts, doesn't it? Come on now. Up on your knees. I can make it a lot worse than that you know."

"You're going to regret this when I get out of here," Andrea said and rose to her knees. The handcuffs clanked against the wooden headboard behind her as she drug them up with her.

"That's the spirit," he said. "Now you've blown me what, 17 times now?"

"About that."

"And I've asked to fuck you about 25 times?"

"At least," Andrea didn't know what he was getting at but she had a feeling she wouldn't like it.

"Let's round it up to 30 just to be safe then."

"What does it matter?" Andrea wished he would get to the point.

"What does it matter? Not too much I suppose. I'm going to punish you. I'm going to give you one lash for every time you told me no. Not counting the first three of course." J smiled as he saw Andrea's eyes go wide. "I don't know about you, but I can't wait. Count out loud."

THWAP. Andrea was silent, except for a stifled moan.

"Still not cooperating eh? Let's try this again."

THWAP. "Ahhhh," Andrea moaned as the belt came down across her breasts again. It caught her nipple at a bad angle and stung like hell. "Fuck. Two."

"Oh no. You don't count, or you lose track and we start over."

THWAP. "Aarrrgh, one." Andrea moaned out.

"That's better."

THWAP. Andrea hissed in. "Two."

THWAP. She flinched with that hit. It caught an already reddening mark just below her left breast. "Errrr, three."

"Very good Andrea."

THWAP, "four." THWAP, "five." THWAP, "six." Each time the belt hit it hurt more. Her chest and stomach were completely red. He hit her a few more times. Andrea was starting to sweat and her body became slick and shiny with perspiration. It also made the strikes hurt more. THWAP, "AHHH," Andrea felt dizzy, she had to think for a minute. How many was that? "Seventeen," She said, thinking she was right.

"Oh, I'm sorry Andrea. That was eighteen."

"FUCK," Andrea yelled at him. "Stop this."

"Tell you what," J said. "I'll make you a deal. Or rather, a little wager."

"What's that?"

"You spread your legs…" Andrea was waiting for him to finish but he looked at her angrily. "Spread your fucking legs." Andrea, still forced to kneel, spread her legs out as much as possible until they were out wider than her shoulders and her pussy was exposed to the bed. "Better. As I was saying, you spread your legs, and I'm going to take only ten more tries."

"So what's the wager?" Andrea was still grimacing. Her chest felt like it was on fire.

"Well I'm going to aim the end of the belt for that lovely pussy of yours. If I manage to hit it, I'll stop right there. If not, your thighs should absorb the ten blows and save you a bit of pain. Don't worry though, seeing as how it's at such a bad angle, I doubt I'll be able to hit it. But," he smiled. "You never know."

THWAP. "Unnnnnhhh, one." Andrea said. The end of the belt struck her just to the side. Her thigh hurt like hell.

"Good girl, still counting."

THWAP. "Ahhhhh, two." He missed again. This time he struck her a little too high, right in her landing strip. It was still close enough to bring tears to her eyes. She struggled against the cuffs behind her.

THWAP, THWAP, THWAP, THWAP, THWAP. "ARRRRRGH." Andrea's lungs heaved. "Eight," she managed to sputter out. Only two more to go.

THWAP, "AAHHHHH," Andrea was outright screaming now. The belt missed just to the top again and struck in almost exactly the same place. More tears escaped her eyes. "NINE," she shouted. She saw him wind up for the final blow. She closed her eyes tightly and cringed back as much as she was able. Her stomach tensed as did her legs.

THWAP. "AARRRRRRRGGHHH," the scream was the loudest yet. J had gotten lucky and the tip of the belt came down between her legs and almost directly on her clit. Andrea's eyes darted wide open and she violently lurched forward as if to double over. "AHHHH," she screamed again.

"Lucky me," J smiled. "Guess I got it."

Andrea didn't hear him, she was in too much pain. She bucked her hips and tensed her muscles uncontrollably. Her whole body shook with the pain of it and she couldn't stop. "Unnnnnnnngh," she let out a long moan.

"Does it hurt?" J said cockily as he quickly took off his pants.

"Oh, Godddddddddd," Andrea moaned as her body continued to buck and shake uncontrollably. She pulled relentlessly at her handcuffs to try and double over but they wouldn't budge. She was still bouncing up and down on her knees, her body unsure of how to react in its confined state. "Fuuuuuuuck."

Her eyes were clenched tight again and she was trying to slow down her breathing. She didn't even notice as J, now naked from the waist down, manoeuvred himself in front of her, also kneeling. Without warning, he shoved his cock into her dry, swollen pussy and Andrea's eyes shot open once more. "I'll teach you to say no to me, bitch."

Andrea couldn't scream, she didn't have enough oxygen left in her lungs. She only let out a constant subdued moan, interspersed with gasps as she desperately tried to get air back into them. She felt like she was going to pass out. "I'll fucking kill you for this," Andrea said barely at a whisper.

Suddenly, J stopped. "What was that?" He said, obviously having heard. "I'm not sure I quite caught that." He reached down between their bodies and grabbed her swollen clit between thumb and forefinger. He squeezed.

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