Invid Invasion Ch. 20

byInvid Writer©

"Okay, now it's your turn," Faye said to the guy waiting. She gave him a quick, sloppy blowjob to get his cock a little wet and then guided it towards Andrea's ass. Andrea felt the tip of his cock against her tight rear entrance and her eyes went wide with concern. It didn't feel like Faye's tongue at all. She instantly panicked, knowing she hadn't had a dick in there since Cuba more than half a year ago. She wasn't interested in having one in there now.

"This is what you get for not making five in time," Faye said and guided the man's cock into Andrea's ass. The men in her pussy and mouth held still, each imbedded to the hilt inside her. With a little effort, the man in her ass got his swollen head inside her.

"Unnngh" Andrea grunted through the cock in her mouth. It hurt. With a little bit of in and out motion, the man inside her tried to get her to adjust to his girth. Thinking incorrectly that she was ready, he thrust his hips forward and buried three inches in her ass. Andrea felt like she had just been winded. She tried to let out a hard breath but could only hack awkwardly around the cock deep in her throat. She couldn't concentrate on keeping her gag reflex under control and it started to try and expel the object.

"I swear to God man, if she pukes on me…" it was the man underneath her talking.

"Don't worry," Faye said in response, coming around so she was in Andrea's line of sight. "You won't puke on him, will you Andrea?" Andrea could only look at her and try to control her throats convulsions. Faye leaned down and looked her in the eye. "If you do, I'll make you lick him clean." She gave Andrea's cheek a lick, causing a clean line in her cum covered face to appear. "Mmm, tasty. Now where were we?" Faye walked back around to Andrea's ass. The man's cock was holding steady at three inches.

"I don't think it's gonna fit," the man said a little disappointed. "She's really fuckin' tight."

Faye sighed. "Do I have to do everything myself? Okay pull it out." He did so with a schlock, wet vacuum sound. The men in Andrea's pussy and mouth continued their action and without the foreign object up her butt, Andrea managed to get her gagging under control. She wished Faye would just go back to rimming her out.

Faye had other ideas however, and took the cock she was trying to get into Andrea into her mouth. She gave him another deep, sloppy blowjob, this time clearly able to taste Andrea's ass on his cock. Faye's nipples grew harder and she forced herself to stop before the man came. "Okay, try again," she said.

This time, the man went up to Andrea and immediately reburied his first three inches. Andrea choked again and tried to concentrate on keeping her gagging under control. The man in her ass gave another shove, getting about half of his nine inches inside her. "It's not gonna go," he said.

"Sure it is," Faye said. "There's no way this is the first time she's had a cock in the ass." She grabbed the man by the buttocks and shoved him forward, forcing him to bury another inch and a bit inside her. Andrea grunted again, this time louder than before. Her ass felt stretched inconceivably wide. She could feel the two men's dicks touching inside her, only separated by the two thin walls of her rectum and pussy. "There," Faye said. "Already two-thirds in."

Faye guided him back out again and once more took him into her mouth. "God that's good," She said pulling off him again. She licked ravenously up the length of his cock on all sides before turning her attention back to Andrea. Her ass hole was gaping wide open and Andrea could feel the cool room air against it. It was a pleasant surprise, when instead of a cock, she felt Faye's tongue burying itself inside her once more. Again, Faye eagerly and sloppily lapped at the inside of Andrea's rectum, leaving even more saliva behind than last time. Her tongue was cooling on Andrea's burning ass and she didn't want her to leave. Unfortunately, she did, and she felt the head of the man's cock against her once more.

This time, with one good thrust, the man planted himself all the way inside Andrea's ass. "UNNNNN," Andrea moaned through the dick in her mouth. She gagged again, this time hacking more severely. She barely managed to keep her stomach contents down, and only then because the man pulled out a bit. She had trouble not biting him. He pushed back in again and she gagged, once more making hacking sounds around his member. A long trail of saliva drooped down from her lower lip waving back and forth with the man's motions.

Then, adjusting to the rhythm of her throat fuck, the two men in her other holes slowly began moving in and out in tandem. She had never felt as full as she felt when all three men were buried to the hilt inside her. She moaned continuously, each time gasping for air whenever the man in her mouth briefly pulled out. She felt a cramp in her stomach travel all around her side towards her lower back and she started to sweat. She was having difficulty holding her head and chest up. She just wanted to collapse to the bed, but the man in her mouth held her armpits and forced her to maintain the position.

Unfortunately with her more or less straddling the man beneath her in a sitting position, the men in her pussy and ass couldn't thrust in and out more than a couple of inches. It meant that the majority of their length was inside her the whole time. It also meant they weren't enjoying themselves as much as they could be. "Come on, Andrea," Faye said. "Give these guys their monies worth. You're going to have to do some of the work here."

Andrea still couldn't talk with the dick in her mouth but she didn't start moving her hips. Hopefully they would get the picture that she wasn't going to help them.

"If you do it, I'll make it worth your while," Faye said, the smile returning to her face. "If not…"

Andrea made a frustrated sound.

"You've got 'till the count of three to start. One…"

Andrea began moving her hips. Using her knees, she lifted her whole body towards the headboards away from the two men inside her lower half, while simultaneously deep-throating the man in her mouth. When the heads of their cocks were just barely inside her two holes she stopped. She could feel her pussy and ass contracting, thankful to have a little available space again. She hated that it wasn't to last. She lowered herself back on their cocks, thus pulling away from the man in her mouth. She breathed in.

"Good girl," Faye said as Andrea slowly lifted her hips a second time. Her movements were slow and methodical as she tried to get the rhythm right so that no one slipped out of her. She also had to time her breathing for when she was fully impaled on the two cocks in her pussy and ass, which meant her breaths were sharp and ragged. After a few minutes she managed to get pretty good at it and managed to form a fairly stable pace. Faye, apparently not wanting to be left out any more, came to Andrea's side and leant down to lick the man's cock, and the rim of Andrea's anus, each time the two body parts started to separate. It was a strong, pungent taste, but Faye seemed to relish in it.

Finally, the man in her mouth came, and Andrea swallowed it like she had earlier been instructed to do. Another took his place and Andrea continued pumping up and down on the two giant dicks beneath her. Even after a good amount of time had passed, she still cringed each time she lowered herself on the two cocks. Her cramp hadn't gone away yet, but at least it was slowly fading. Meanwhile, Faye continued to lick at her ass and the man's cock, regularly adding some much needed lubrication.

After what seemed to be an eternity, the men in her pussy and ass came simultaneously when Andrea was on the in-stroke. She lowered her weight onto them, completely burying their members inside her body. She could feel their dicks pulse as they each shot load after load of cum inside her nether regions. The man in her mouth came not too far behind the others and she found herself taking cum in all three holes at once. The man in her mouth pulled out first, followed by the one in her ass and pussy. The man underneath her crawled away and Faye led the one that had been in her ass to the side. She whispered something in his ear and he nodded yes. The two came back.

Andrea was enjoying having a moments pause. "Well Andrea," Faye said. "You did good. I'm going to give two of your holes a bit of a reward."

Andrea nodded, happy to hear she'd get at least a partial rest. "Your mouth on the other hand, gets to keep going," Faye said. The man that had been in her ass stepped in-between her arms. His softening cock was still glistening.

"What?" Andrea was surprised. "But I did what you wanted."

"I know. And that's why you're getting your reward. Trust me, on the whole, you'll enjoy yourself just fine. But we still have to put a show on for all these guys you know." Faye moved around behind Andrea while the man in front of her grabbed Andrea gently by the hair and moved her towards his partially soft member. Reluctantly, she opened her mouth and took him inside. She was instantly relieved to realize the first thing she tasted was cum. She gained a bit of courage and allowed him to enter all the way. He was still soft so she could take him all in her mouth without bothering her throat. Unfortunately it wasn't long until the taste of cum gave way to the taste of her own ass. She gagged, despite her clear throat but once inside her, the man wasn't going to let her push him out.

Meanwhile, Faye was behind Andrea, spreading her cheeks. Her ass hole was red and a little swollen and her pussy was still dripping cum. Faye lowered her tongue to Andrea's ass and stuck it inside once more. She was encouraged to see Andrea's body instantly relaxed and she began to lap, this time sensitively, at Andrea's open rectum. "Mmm," Faye moaned as she dug out the first bit of semen with her tongue. "You taste good," she said. Andrea didn't agree, but she was enjoying Faye's attention. It felt even better than before. Andrea relaxed her pussy and ass, allowing Faye to dig out more precious cum with her tongue. "I told you, you would enjoy this," Faye said briefly before going back for more.

The pleasant ministrations continued for quite some time until Andrea could no longer taste herself on the man's cock and he was once again hard. She was sure Faye had dug out all of the cum by now but it wasn't stopping her. She was tongue fucking Andrea's ass with passion and Andrea was getting close to an orgasm. Faye gently inserted two fingers into Andrea's pussy and curled them up to press against her G spot. With the tongue constantly searching out new territory inside her rear hole, Andrea couldn't help herself. Her body shook and she came hard, clamping down around Faye's tongue and fingers. Her orgasm triggered the man inside her mouth and he added his own deposit to the contents of her stomach. He pulled out and stepped away while Andrea was still shaking. "Don't stop," Andrea said wanting her orgasm to continue. Faye complied, pressing her tongue into Andrea's tightening rear as hard as possible and wiggling it around, trying to circle the insides of her rectum.

Eventually, the orgasm subsided and Andrea started to feel weak. "Okay boys," Faye said. "Back at her."

Three men took the same positions of the previous and slowly worked their way inside her. Faye leaned over to whisper in Andrea's ear. "I'll make you feel that good for every 12 guys you make cum. And don't worry, I think you're already a third done. Only about 55 more guys to go." Andrea's eyes went wide and Faye smiled. She gave Andrea's earlobe a quick suck. Andrea shivered at the pleasant feeling.

* * * *

Andrea was flat on her back once again but for the last couple of hours. There was currently someone moving between her pussy and ass with each thrust. One in the pussy, one in the ass, then back to her pussy. It was long past uncomfortable. Faye had returned to the sidelines to watch the days activities and currently, she was happy to only be dealing with two men, the second of which was in her mouth. Her jaw was sore as hell, not to mention her pussy and ass. If it wasn't for all the cum acting as lubrication she'd probably be in outright agony. Her stomach felt bloated from all the cum she had swallowed, but in reality, it was probably only about ten loads.

For most of the last few hours she had actually been serving four people at once. The fourth man would straddle her chest and tit fuck her, eventually smearing his seed over her breasts and neck. Apparently she was too covered in the stuff now and most of the guys stayed away. She figured her cleavage was probably a little too gooey for them. In fact, it was starting to get ridiculous. After serving nearly ninety men, most of which wanted to cum on her instead of in her, she felt as if there were virtual rivers of the stuff covering her body. Her vision was blurry from looking through pools of the milky substance. Her chest and stomach were drenched, especially down the middle from her collarbone and cleavage all the way to her belly button. A large pool had collected between her breasts that was probably about half an inch deep. Her belly button was also a swimming pool.

The men couldn't help but be a contradiction, always avoiding to touch it while at the same time constantly needing to add to it. Under Faye's instruction they had long ago laid a plastic sheet underneath her. Whether the reason was to collect the cum, or protect the sheets, Andrea wasn't sure and was more than a little worried about finding out. Nonetheless, the thick liquid had worked its way underneath her as well, coating her back in a thin, slippery layer.

She was shocked, when the man currently inside of her ass pulled out, came over her stomach and then left the bed without being replaced by another. She felt oddly empty without any meat in either of her lower holes and wondered what was taking his replacement so long. Not that she minded the empty feeling. It was actually kind of nice. It just felt unnatural somehow.

Not too long later the man in her mouth pulled out and came over her face, adding to the pool in her eyes and forming a strand between the tip of her nose and her upper lip. He got off the bed and got dressed. Andrea lifted her head up and looked around the room. The milky white liquid flowed down her face slowly and methodically. Her hair was wet and heavy. With the exception of Faye and the man getting dressed, the room was empty. Andrea let her head rest back against the bed. She breathed in deeply, another couple of stringers forming between her lips as she opened them.

"Well aren't you a sight for sore eyes," Faye said approaching the bed. "You're like some kind of sex Goddess, covered in spunk like that."

Andrea noticed for the first time, a tripod set up with a camera on top not too far from the side of the bed. "You taped this?"

"Are you kidding? That's why I had to leave. I forgot it at home and there was no way I was going to miss having this on tape. "I think you just became my new favourite video."

"Great," Andrea said exhausted. "I'm honoured."

"You should be. I've got an awful lot on tape, but nothing like this."

Faye straddled Andrea, and lowered her butt onto Andrea's wet, gooey stomach. Her hands moved to Andrea's armpits and she rested them there casually. "Do you think I'm attractive, Andrea?"

Andrea looked up at Faye's tiny, tight body, then up to her face. "You're beautiful. You remind me of someone I knew."

"I know you're tired, but if I undo your handcuffs, will you stay here willingly for the next hour?"

Andrea nodded. She wasn't going anywhere. She wanted Kitty and Faye was the next best thing. Faye smiled and got up off of Andrea, her crotch and thighs now smeared with cum. She moved around to the other side of the bed and undid the cuffs. Andrea moved her arms down to a more natural position and rubbed her wrists. They were red and quite sore. Faye resumed her previous spot on Andrea's stomach but this time leaned forward and thread her fingers into Andrea's wet, matted hair. "Kiss me," she said, only a few inches from Andrea's face.

Andrea lifted her head, her lips red and engorged from all the sex. She touched her lips hesitantly to Faye's and pulled away slightly. It felt electric and the two women stopped for a moment and looked into each others eyes. Faye met no resistance as she pulled Andrea's head towards her own and kissed her deeply. Her tongue exited her mouth and searched out Andrea's. The two organs met by Andrea's parted teeth and began a struggle for dominance, each kissing harder and with more passion. Andrea wrapped her still dry arms around Faye's back and pulled the smaller woman against her body tightly. There was a squishing sound as the semen was spread between them and Andrea wrapped her in her arms even tighter, not wanting to ever let go.

They kissed for as long as Andrea's tongue had the strength to continue. Eventually, Andrea loosened her grip and Faye broke away. Her lips weren't gone for long. They quickly returned to Andrea's neck, slowly kissing their way down, each time taking a group of stringers with them when they moved to the next spot. Andrea gasped in pleasure as Faye slowly kissed down her neck, working her way towards her collarbone. Her senses felt heightened and oversensitive. As Faye continued to kiss down her neck, Andrea started to shudder almost imperceptibly.

Faye extended her tongue into the pool of cum at Andrea's collarbone before dragging it through and down her chest towards her right breast. Her tongue left a clear line down Andrea's body, from collarbone to nipple. Faye enveloped Andrea's nipple in her mouth and sucked on it hard, pulling it away from her body. Andrea let out a more noticeable shudder. Faye briefly moved to Andrea's other nipple, giving it the same treatment before continuing her descent, kissing down Andrea's stomach, lapping at the pool in her belly button and finally reaching her target. With her fingers, Faye gingerly spread the outer lips of Andrea's pussy. It was still quite loose from all the action and she could see inside a good ways. The bright pink gradually gave way to darkness and as far back as she could see, a river of cum, trying to escape. She couldn't keep her tongue away.

"Ohhhh," Andrea moaned as Faye's tongue split her pussy lips and entered inside her. Just as before, it felt cooling to have her wet, soft tongue inside her. Faye's mouth quickly filled with load after load of cum Andrea's pussy was expelling. Andrea lowered her hands to Faye's hair and pressed her crotch tightly against her face. Faye's nose was tickling her clit and an orgasm was already approaching. "Don't stop," Andrea gasped.

Faye was forced to gulp down the full mouthful of cum. Her tongue re-entered to finish the job and Andrea came. Her pussy spasmed around Faye's mouth and ejaculated everything it could of the men's cum, now diluted with her own juices. This time though, Faye didn't swallow. As Andrea's orgasm winded down, Faye slid up Andrea's cum slick body and moved her lips in for a kiss. Andrea fell for it again, instantly lifting her head and slipping her tongue between Faye's. Her mouth was instantly filled with sperm and her own cum. She nearly chocked, surprised by it, but to Faye's astonishment, didn't stop the kiss. The cum didn't gross her out nearly as much as her own urine, so instead of spitting it out so dramatically, Andrea pressed her tongue deep into Faye's mouth, locked their lips and rolled over quickly so Faye was on her back and she was on top.

The mixture of cum emptied out back into Faye's mouth and Andrea smiled at her. The rest of the gooey white liquid on Andrea's body began to drip down as well, stringing down from her face, hair, breasts and stomach and landing on Faye's equivalent body parts. "Tag, you're it," Andrea said with a smile. The cum rolling off her face and onto Faye made it almost look like she was melting. It was odd to see a smile through it.

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