Invid Invasion Ch. 20

byInvid Writer©

Faye smiled back with a mischievous look in her eyes. Her own face was becoming covered in the men's juices. She slid her hands down Andrea's sides and grabbing her by the waist, flipped her back over onto her back, effectively reversing their positions back to the original. She forced a kiss on Andrea using her tongue to part her lips and managed to get must of the concoction back into Andrea's mouth. "I'm not going down that easy," Faye taunted.

The two women wrestled playfully, each taking turns switching the mouthful back and fourth. Faye spun Andrea around and grabbed her breast hard, forcing her to open her mouth with a gasp before spitting it out into Andrea. Andrea spun them around again, this time inserting two fingers into Faye's pussy and kissing hard. The battle continued until Andrea eventually wound up on top, surprised to find when she tried to spit it out there was nothing left. Over the last few minutes it had all spilled out in small amounts, out of the sides of their mouths, flowing down to their hair or ears. "Looks like we both win," Andrea said unable to shake the smile off her face.

"What? I can't hear you, there's cum in my ears," Faye said.

"Join the club," Andrea smiled and lowered her mouth to Faye's ear. She stuck her tongue out and lapped at what was left, quickly removing it. Faye shuddered. Apparently the ear was a sensitive spot for her as well. Andrea did the same to her other one. "Better?" She said.

"Much," Faye smiled back. "I hate to say it Andrea, but my hour's about up. You're done."

"What, now that I'm finally starting to have some fun? Uh uh, you're staying."

"I was hoping you would say that."

Andrea smiled and kissed Faye hard on the mouth. Her hands found Faye's small breasts and with her right hand she pushed in hard, virtually flattening it against her chest. "I love small tits," Andrea said breaking the kiss briefly.

"At least someone does," Faye said with a smile. "Personally, I'd rather they look like yours."

"No way," Andrea said, admiring Faye's puffy nipple between the fingers of her left hand. The two women had been rubbing together enough that both their bodies were equally drenched in the men's cum. It still continued to pool on the plastic sheet around whoever was on the bottom. Andrea grabbed Faye's slippery nipples and pulled, forming her right breast into a cone, while her left was still flat against her chest. "Although, you look a little lopsided there," Andrea teased.

"Oh, so we're playing the titty game now, are we?" Faye said grabbing each of Andrea's nipples and pulling them hard towards her face.

Andrea's breasts stretched upwards into cones and she yelped. She let go of Faye's breasts, which let them bounce back into place, and slid up Faye's body to try and relieve some of the pressure. Before she knew it she found her tits hovering over Faye's face. "Ouch," Andrea said. "That hurts you know."

"Oh, you mean kind of like someone mashing my breast as hard as they can into my ribs?"

Andrea smiled. Faye had her there. "Um, yeah. Kind of. I guess."

"Uh huh." Faye let go and reached around to Andrea's back, pulling her towards her so that her breasts touched either side of her cheek and she was fully buried in Andrea's cleavage. Her sternum was still quite thickly covered in cum and Faye set about licking it clean, swallowing as she went. She didn't stop there though, continuing to clean first the sides of Andrea's breasts, then over to the nipple. When she was done, she sat Andrea back up by the waist and looked at her handiwork. They were still slick with saliva but looked almost out of place, so clean and well formed versus the relative melting effect the cum gave the rest of her body. "You're ass still full of cum?" Faye asked.

"You have no idea. Feels like a fucking sperm enema."

"Why are you holding it in?"

"I didn't want to gross you out."

Faye and Andrea both laughed after she said it. "You didn't want to gross me out?"

"Yeah, I guess not," Andrea smiled.

"Squat over my face," Faye said with a bit of eagerness.

"Whatever you say," Andrea said not entirely surprised. She turned herself to face down Faye's body and squatted over her mouth so her ass was only a few inches above. She grabbed the other woman's small breasts for support and couldn't help but rub them in her palms. They felt so nice and soft in her hands.

"Okay, give it to me."

"Are you sure? How am I supposed to know when to stop."

"I'll tell you," Faye said simple. "Come-on, don't keep a girl waiting."

"Okay," Andrea said to herself still doubting. She relaxed her anus and pushed lightly. The cum immediately started to flow in a thick stream from her ass into Faye's mouth. She couldn't see exactly what was going on but she heard Faye gulp down first one mouthful, then another. There was more than she thought in there.

Thinking she was probably about at the end of the cum, she clenched her ass and cut the stream. She lifted herself up and immediately felt lighter. It was easier to move and what had remained of the cramp in her side was now completely gone.

"That feels so much better," She said turning around.

"Can I fuck you my way now?" Andrea said.

"By all means," Faye said happily.

"Good," Andrea smiled. She slid her breasts down Faye's body and kissed hard at the smaller woman's nipples. She continued working her way down Faye's body leaving a trail of light brown saliva as she essentially rinsed her mouth out with the cum on Faye's body. She dipped her tongue in the other woman's belly button and could no longer taste the shit at all. Content, Andrea moved into a sitting position and lifted Faye's right leg high into the air.

"What are you doing?" Faye asked.

"You'll see," Andrea smiled. "If you've never done this, well… you're not a very good lesbian that's for sure."

"I'm a recent convert," Faye said.

"Really?" Andrea said surprised.

"Yeah. About three months now. What I lack in experience I make up for in enthusiasm."

"That's for damn sure," Andrea said. "Well, then hopefully I can show you something."

Still in a sitting position, Andrea put her left leg on the outside of Faye's extended right one, and her other leg, she rested across Faye's hips and waist. She moved closer until she was hugging Faye's leg tightly up her chest and her pussy was pressed tightly into her lovers'. Her pussy slid against Faye's surprisingly easily. Faye was definitely wet. Andrea smiled happily. That meant less friction, which meant she'd get to enjoy this for longer. She shoved her hips, and by proxy her pussy, into Faye's and was immediately rewarded by the other woman's shudder.

"Oh that's sexy," Faye said. "You're rubbing against my clit."

"I know," Andrea said smiling. Continuing to hug Faye's leg, she lowered her mouth and began kissing at her ankle, slowly moving towards her foot. She licked up the underside of her foot, surprised to find that even that was soaked in cum after all their rolling around. She dragged her tongue over to Faye's toes and took one into her mouth. She continued to pump her hips.

"Mmm," Faye moaned. "Fuck me harder."

Andrea picked up the pace, grasping Faye's leg with both hands she humped harder into her crotch. She started to shudder, feeling the familiar sensations on her own pussy and clit. For all the messed up kinkiness that preceded it, this was going to be one hell of an orgasm.

"Oh God, right there," Faye said as Andrea tilted her hips a bit to get a better angle. All the cum between them was squishing in and out from around their lower lips and adding a surprising amount of pleasurable sensation as strands formed between their sex, and then broke, slapping back gently against their engorged lips. Andrea looked down at where their crotches were pressed together and watched as their lips rubbed into each other, fording them apart to rub, clit on clit. The strands of cum formed surprisingly attractive strands each time she pulled away. It felt as if there was a glue between them, trying with all its might to prevent their pussies from ever separating. "Fuuuuuck," Faye moaned. "Harder, damn-it!"

Andrea leaned back so they were both flat against the bed. "Grab my leg and pull it towards you," she said to Faye. Faye did so and Andrea did the same, forcing their gooey crotches together with even more intensity. Andrea humped hard into Faye's pussy, grinding her hips with as wide a stroke as possible so their pussy lips would stay separate and allow their clits to kiss. Faye shuddered again and it forced one from Andrea as well. "I'm close," Andrea moaned.

"Just try and stop me," Faye gasped as she finally started to get the hang of the rhythm and ground her own hips into Andrea in tandem. Their stomachs flexed, their hips gyrated back and forth to reveal their abs and hip bones in each opposite direction, and their breasts shook with the effort, squished around each others' slippery legs.

Andrea felt the first sign of Faye's orgasm, as she gripped her leg hard and tensed. She stopped her grinding, froze in position and ejaculated a hard stream of cum directly into Andrea's spread open hole. She felt the warm liquid enter her body just like a man and her own orgasm struck her. She clenched onto Faye's leg for dear life and gave one last pump into Faye's quivering pussy and clit. "Unnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhh," Andrea moaned loudly.

Faye's pussy continued to pump out cum, sending warm spurts of liquid into Andrea's pussy. The second and third stream each struck her clit and Andrea gritted her teeth as her orgasm became more intense. "Fuuuuck," she moaned unable to help herself from pumping her hips into Faye another couple times. She finally found the perfect spot, where her clit broke through Faye's labia and fought hard against the other woman's most sensitive organ for position. Each pulse of warm cum caused her clit to rub against Faye's in a new way without either of their lower lips able to get in the way.

Their bodies continued to convulse against each other and thus so did their sex. It dragged their orgasms out for a long time, until finally, Faye ran out of cum and the now quieted pulses of liquid allowed them to wind their bodies down. Andrea gasped for breath, realizing she had barely breathed for the last few minutes and Faye found herself doing the same. With all the effort she could muster, Andrea spun herself back around and laid on top of Faye heavily. She rested her head on the other woman's sticky neck and immediately drifted off into sleep.

* * * *

Andrea awoke a short time later, as Faye shifted beneath her. Their bodies made a sticky schlock sound as they briefly stuck together. "I have to go," Faye said mater of factly.

"Don't. Stay with me."

"I can't stay here and neither can you. They'll kick you out as soon as I leave."

"Then let me stay with you. I don't have anywhere else to go anyway."

"Don't you have some friends to go to or something?"

"No, not since…" Andrea stopped herself. "No, not really."

"Look, Andrea. I like you. But I already told you, I'm not a nice person. I don't do charity."

"Then let me do something for you. Whatever you want."

"Whatever I want," Faye said sceptically.

"Absolutely. Whatever you want as long as you let me live with you and keep me fed. And if you keep up with the kinky shit you can't seriously hurt me."

"That's it?"

"That's it. Deal?"

"Emphasis on the word serious. I can still screw around a bit right?"

Andrea smiled. "No broken bones, cuts, internal bruising etc. You know. Serious."

"Right…" Faye thought about it for a minute. "Okay, you've got a deal."

"Really?" Andrea smiled emphatically and kissed Faye hard on the lips.

"Why don't you start by cleaning me off. I don't want to ruin my clothes when I get dressed."

"Sure," Andrea said. "Tongue only?"

"You bet, girl."

* * * *

The walk to Faye's house was long, cold and painful, seeing as how she didn't have any clothes and had had a cock shoved in all three of her holes for nearly the last 18 hours. It was past midnight so fortunately the streets were fairly empty. Faye had collected whatever sperm she could in a bucket for God only knows what reason, but she managed to scrape together almost three litres of the stuff. Andrea wasn't particularly worried though. She was looking forward to spending some time with her. Not to mention having an actual house, to live in.

She realized immediately upon getting there that Faye must have been pretty wealthy. To have a house in the suburbs of Trump Tower was really saying something. "What do you do?" Andrea asked curiously.

"I trade weapons."

"Ah," Andrea understood. Everyone always was willing to pay for weapons.

"Why don't you grab a shower, clean up a bit."

"You've got running water out here?"

"Yeah," Faye said with a bit of pride. "It's hot too."

"You're kidding."

"I wouldn't kid about hot water. I paid to have 'em lay the pipes down. I've got electricity too, Faye turned on the lights."

"This deal is starting to look better and better," Andrea said with a smile.

"I couldn't agree more," Faye said smiling back and looking up and down Andrea's muscular naked frame. "Go clean up."

"Gone. Thanks!" Andrea left the room and managed to find the bathroom without too much difficulty. She started the shower and got in.

Andrea came out, refreshed and clean with a towel wrapped around her waist. Her breasts still glistened from what water remained on them. "Sparkly clean," she said to Faye after finding her in the bedroom. "You got any extra clothes around I could use?"

"Oh, you're not going to need any clothes. In fact, even that towel covers up a bit too much for my tastes."

"No problem," Andrea said undoing the towel. "I'm a bit of a nudist anyway. But what if you get company or something."

"Don't worry about that. It's just trusted business contacts that come here, and believe me, in this day and age, having a naked slave walking around is nothing unusual."

"Slave, huh?" Andrea said tossing the towel in the corner, revealing her trimmed bush and shapely hips and legs. "You mind if your slave gets some sleep? I've had a long day."

"No problem. You can stay with me as long as I don't have company."


"One more thing," Faye said as Andrea crawled into bed. "Call me Mistress, or Master. It turns me on."

"How 'bout Master then? It sounds a little less cliché."

"Master it is," Faye said and climbed into bed with Andrea.

* * * *

A few days passed and Andrea was surprised to find she had barely been expected to do anything. She cleaned the house, had a lot of amazing sex with Faye, and did some cooking here and there.

Faye had gone out and Andrea was washing some dishes mid-afternoon. She was pleasantly surprised, to find her "master" had come back early. "Close your eyes," Faye said. Andrea shut them, her hands still in the soapy water of the sink. "I bought you something."

"Really?" Andrea said happily. "What is it, Master?"

"You'll know soon enough," Faye said coyly. She dipped what Andrea presumed to be her hand in the soapy water and knelt down behind Andrea. With one hand, Faye spread her cheeks and pressed her tongue up to Andrea's asshole.

"Fuck you're good at that," Andrea moaned, leaning forward slightly to give Faye better access.

Andrea was disappointed when she felt Faye's tongue disappear. She was optimistic however, since Faye was still keeping her cheeks spread. Andrea moved her legs apart a bit in encouragement. "You ready?" Faye said.

"Ready," Andrea said breathlessly. She immediately felt something hard press against her ass. "Ooo," She gasped. It was big too. As wide as one of the bigger cocks she'd had.

"I got it specially made, just for you," Faye said as she continued to shove the object in deeper. It went in fairly easily for its size. Faye probably dipped it in the water.

"Oh God, how much more is there," Andrea moaned, feeling it fill her ass deeper and deeper. It felt like eight or nine inches.

"Almost there," Faye said and gave the object one more shove. Another two inches or so made its way inside and Andrea felt her sphincter close around the object. It didn't close completely however and she felt something tickle her rosebud from the other side.

"Damn it's big. What is it?" Andrea asked.

"Open your eyes and take a look," Faye said holding a mirror. Andrea opened them and looked.

"A tail?" Rich brown hair that perfectly matched the color of her pubic hair flowed down from the butt plug in her ass.

"Real horse hair. You'll wear that 24/7 except when you need to take a dump, got it?"

"Sure, but… It's going to be a little uncomfortable. It's really big."

"I know," Faye smiled. "Like I said, I made it custom."

"Right," Andrea said. She reached behind her and grabbed some of it in her hand. She moved it around so she could see it better and analyzed this seemingly new appendage she would have. Odd, she thought. She looked back at Faye, who was staring at her with ravenous eyes.

"I need to fuck you right now," Faye said.

"You're the master," Andrea said smiling. She had figured some sort of kinky thing had been coming, but she sure as hell wasn't expecting a tail.

Faye was naked in a flash and immediately pressed Andrea up against the counter. Her butt pressed into it and she felt the plug move around inside her ass. It actually felt kind of good, when she knew it was Faye that was responsible for it. In fact, she was surprised to find she was getting turned on.

Faye grabbed Andrea's breast with one hand and pushed hard, forcing Andrea to bend at the waist all the way back until her shoulders rested on the counter. She then lifted one of Andrea's legs off the ground and wrapped it around her waist before raising her own opposite leg, and stretching it over Andrea's rested it on the counter. The result was that Andrea was supporting herself with one leg on the floor and her shoulders on the counter, while Faye, with one leg on the counter as support was still mostly vertical and was pressing her pussy into Andrea's.

Ever since that first night, Faye had become obsessed with pussy on pussy sex. She was always looking for new positions and ways to make it happen and it seemed as if she had stumbled across a new one. She humped hard into Andrea's crotch forcing a moan to escape the other woman's lips and Andrea's tail, hanging towards the ground, to sway back and forth with the motion. Faye's small breasts stood out firm on her chest, barely moving with the motions, whereas Andrea's slightly bigger ones rocked back and forth in accordance with her tail.

Faye grabbed the leg Andrea had wrapped around her waist and began to hump even harder. Andrea was forced to grab on to the underside of the cabinets to keep from going anywhere. Their clits began to mash together and Andrea felt her strength starting to leave her. It was an awkward position and hard to maintain. She didn't want to let Faye down though and did her best to maintain the posture. Faye continued to hump obliviously, all the while getting wetter and wetter.

"Come for me, girl," Faye said. With her free hand she grabbed Andrea's breast and held it tightly. Andrea tried to concentrate on the wetness she knew was coming. She focused her mind on Faye's small upright tits and puffy nipples moving perfectly with the rest of her tight body. The plug in her ass sent enjoyable vibrations throughout her nether region with each thrust and soon, her body tensed and then began to shake. Andrea bucked uncontrollably against her lovers sex as orgasm consumed her. Her random thrusts and hard grinds that came with it, did wonderful things to Faye's clit and she found herself on the verge of coming as well.

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