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Invisibility at College


Hello everyone. This is jaderific.

I would appreciate any input, good or bad, as this is my first story I've submitted to Literotica. If you hate it, please take the 30 seconds required to tell me why.

Thanks! Hope you enjoy!


To blessed with the ability to turn invisible at will is just about every person's dream.

I'm living that dream.

And of course the initial desire any person would have in inheriting such a blessing, whether they would admit it or not, is to use it in the realm of...sexual fulfillment, to put it nicely.

College permits so much freedom with your time that such pursuits can be had with a large degree of secrecy. This of course cuts into academic activities... but when answer keys can so easily appropriated, you learn to look past it.

Ah here she is...Briana, my first and as of now most frequent victim.

Briana is the resident every-guy-wants-her-and-every-girl-wants-to-be-her female figure at our school. Long red hair, athletic figure, toned legs, a flat stomach, no visible ribs, sizable breasts... she's perfect.

She apparently likes the unknown aspect of our little escapades, because the climaxes are quite frequent.

Sometimes I just to watch her sit in anticipation in the cafeteria, as she acts like she wants to be there with her little clique but clearly would rather be...elsewhere. What a little...well, I won't say it. I can't take her everyday though, wouldn't want her to get bored, of course.

I'll admit I enjoy the little jump she has when I signal her with a subtle breast grope.

"Something wrong Briana?" Derek, resident star Tight End.

"No...I uh...have to go finish up an exam in Randlemann's class."

"That's the third one this week Bri..." Melinda, Derek's love interest. But I assure you it isn't for her personality. He seems to have a taste in the gorgeous black girl department. She's one of the higher ones on my "hit list." No pun intended.

"We all know you're going at it with another anonymous guy Adri. You don't need to blow us off like this!" Melinda said with a rye smile.

I smile. Melinda is more correct than she believes.

"Real funny Melinda!" says Briana with more than a little sarcasm.

Melinda persisted, "More the merrier, I say!" still with that smile.

No response from "Bri" for that one.

I cupped her wonderfully firm ass and lead her toward the technology building. One of the usual spots, as it was abandoned a year ago from lack of funding. She appreciates privacy, as I'm sure someone walking in would be a tad surprised at finding a naked girl being fucked by apparently thin air itself.

Checking if it was clear, I led her in.

"You still haven't shown up at my apartment. It would make things quite easier not having to dodge all the people here," she said.

I looked around and found a meager piece of chalk still remaining from the past year. I still didn't trust her enough to use my voice. And possibly give up my identity if she recognized it.

__ Roommates? __

"My parents are generous people. They cover the rent, and so I get to live all alone." The way she emphasized all alone was blatantly suggestive. Which I didn't mind.

__ I'll think about it. __

I walked close behind her, hooked my right arm around and ran my hand under her shirt. With my left arm I reached around to her stomach and pulled her closer against me. I started kneading her breast with my right hand through her silky bra. She started breathing quickly and quietly, with sharp intakes of breath every time I leaned down and kissed her on the neck.

After about a minute I took both my hands and lifted her shirt off, throwing it on a nearby desk. Reaching back, I unclasped her bra and simply let it drop to the ground.

She turned around, reached her hand out, grabbed my shirt and dragged me a few steps forward till she backed into a long desk. Leaning against it, she pulled my shirt over my head and threw it aside. Getting down on her knees, she struggled to unbuckle my belt. I was bemused to watch her fumble with the object she couldn't see, but I also wanted what I knew was coming.

Finally undoing it and sliding down my pants and boxers, she didn't even give me a moment to step out before grabbing my rapidly hardening cock and working her hand up and down. I inhaled quickly at the lust that surged through my stomach. After a few strokes, she began tentatively licking the head before beginning to work the shaft into her mouth, looking up occassionally with those beautiful blue eyes. Briana gives spectacular head, and she knows it.

She slowly worked the entire length into her mouth and began moving very quickly in and out, moving her tongue up and down it each time and continuing to pump it whenever she needed to take a breath. I groaned at the pleasure coursing through me. I shuddered and knew I was coming close to the end. I didn't know how much longer I could go, when I instinctually grabbed her head and bucked my hips right into her mouth. She didn't pull back, but she struggled to swallow the massive load I was kicking out. Finishing my climax, I stepped out of my pants pile and laid down on the desk, breathing heavy.

She stood up and smiled down, approximately, on where I lay. "Don't think you're done yet," she said. After slowly removing her blue jeans and black panties, she straddled me and ran her hands up and down my body as she leaned down and passionately started kissing me.

Soon enough, I was hard again. She slid down the table and positioned her pussy just above my cock. She slid the head up and down her entrance several times, teasing me, knowing she was denying me what I wanted. Yet I could feel she was clearly already wet from the make out session. Not wanting to wait any longer, I leaned forward, grabbed her by the waist and pulled her down onto it. "Mmmmmmm," she moaned softly as I entered her, her head lifting back and her eyes closing. She slowly built a rhythm, and my hips started match her motion. Her moans started to become louder and more frequent, and both of us started to breathe raggedly. She started going up and down quicker and quicker, and reached up to cup her breasts with both her hands. She was losing herself, focused only on going over the edge.

Suddenly her whole body tensed and her back arched. She didn't emit any sound for a moment, pouring all her energy into the orgasm, but then she let out a long, lustful moan as I continued gyrating her body up and down. Finished, she fell forward and collapsed on top of me, breathing hard.

But I had no intention of leaving myself unfinished. Lifting her off of me, I flipped her on to her back and straddled her stomach. Grabbing both breasts with their respective hands, I pushed them together to wrap around my cock and began tit fucking her. Briana isn't a big fan of this, but she wasn't exactly in a state able to resist. I was very close to the edge from a few seconds before, and it wasn't long before I bucked forward with a lustful groan, spraying my cum all over her neck and the bottom of her chin. The force of my final thrust forward inadvertently elicited a moan of pain from Briana with the aggressiveness of it. I muttered out a "sorry," as I rolled off her and laid on the desk beside her.

We laid there for several minutes recovering from the last foray. She was the first to sit up. She turned towards me and reached out trying to find my form. I grabbed her hand and laid it on my chest. She slid it upwards and laid her hand on my cheek. "Thanks for this, it really destresses me," she said with an appreciative smile. She leaned down to kiss me again, missed, and found her mark again. "I've got to go," she said as she pulled away, and got off the table. I watched her as she cleaned herself up with some tissues she had and then slowly got dressed. She was quite a beautiful sight. The other girls I have my way with are primarily for my own enjoyment, but with her I actually feel the need to make her enjoy it as well. Maybe it's because she was the first I used this power with...I'm not sure of the reason right now.

She walked through an open doorway into the adjoining room and left out the back door, assumedly heading to class. At least she wasn't a dropout slut like most of the girls I would enjoy having fun with. She maintained some balance in her life. Another reason why I feel a connection with her. I had no place to be at the moment, so I just lay there thinking about her.

But an opening of the front door suddenly interrupted my thoughts. I instinctually jumped up and tried to cover myself with my shirt, before realizing I still couldn't be seen.

It was a girl; I still couldn't make out her form after shielding my eyes from the blast of sunlight that was coming through the doorway into the dark room. She walked across the room and flipped on the lights. I squinted to help my eyes adjust.

"Bri, you little slut! I heard you moaning in here! Where is he, hm? Sounded like he had you pretty riled up. I think you should introduce meeeee..."

Melinda. My lips curled into a smile at the thought of this opportunity.

She scanned around the room for her friend, but she only noted my clothes that were now visible since they were no longer in contact with me.

"Hm. Looks like she took off. I'll find her though. Now that I know her dirty little secret," Melinda said with a wicked little smirk."

I tensed up and realize I had to move fast before she left. I ran through the doorway to the back room, trying to be as quiet as possible, looked around quickly and decided to knock over a stack of cardboard boxes. They clattered to the ground as I slowly walked back to the doorway and peeked out.

Melinda hesitated at the front door, looked back directly at the back room doorway, and decided to investigate the noise. She cautiously walked toward the door. "Adri, is that you?" she said with a laugh that had a touch of fear in it. I moved over to the back door and quickly opened and closed it, as if somebody had left in a hurry. Melinda came through the doorway and looked around. Seeing no one, she relaxed. "Ha. She thinks she can avoid me," she said with an amused look as she paced over the back door, "I'll just threaten to spread a bit of a rumor about her little activities back here and she'll have to tell me who this guy is."

I flattened myself against the wall, so she wouldn't run into to me as she went for the door through the thin hallway. She missed me by a few inches. Once she passed I crept up behind her, thankful I didn't have my shoes on, till I was close enough. She had her hand on the door handle when I straightened up and grabbed her. I reached around and grabbed either of her elbows and pulled her arms back till I could reach her wrists and grabbed them, quick enough so she couldn't resist. Twisting her arms around back behind her, I pinned her wrists against her lower back and held them there with one hand while reaching up and pushing her forward against the wall. She let out a scream, but no one would be this far back on campus to hear. I was trying not to hurt her but she was by this point realizing what was happening and trying to resist.

Once I had her against the wall, her right arm got free and she tried to throw her elbow back against my side. I dropped my free arm down and blocked it before she could connect with my side. Repinning her arms against her back, I pushed her hard back against the wall to show her not to make another such attempt. Realizing she didn't have the strength to fight me, she stopped trying to wriggle out and stood there breathing hard. She twisted her head back to try and get a look at me, her face full of complete fear. She looked up and down, seeing nothing, but still hearing and feeling my breath. She whispered quietly in a strained, panicked voice "What is going on?"

I held her there for a moment as I tried to catch my breath. She meekly tried to escape my grasp again, but I had a firm grip on her. Her breathing was starting to become more audible and frequent. I imagine being restrained and powerless at the hands of something you can't see is one of the more terrifying experiences someone can have. I leaned my head down and put my mouth next to her ear. "Shhhhhh," I whispered. She caught her breath and quieted, but I could still see her chest heaving up and down.

I trusted myself to speak, believing Melinda wouldn't be able to recognize my voice, as we had never met. I still spoke much lower than normal in an attempt to disguise it. "Calm down Melinda," she took in a short bit of breath at the fact I knew her name. "I have no intention of hurting you unless you force me to," I rumbled, "you may even enjoy what I'm about to do. There's no point in running, you obviously won't know be able to identify me to anybody. Assuming they would actually believe you."

Her body tensed as she recognized what my intentions were. "No!" Her voice was more panicked than before, and she redoubled her efforts to writhe out of my hold on her. "Please no!"

We struggled for a few moments, but she now had no chance of breaking away. I was tired from my episode with Adrienne, but at this point Melinda was merely tiring herself out. After a while she gave up the fight.

"Okay..." she breathed, "Okay, I'll do whatever you want."

There was still uncertainty in her voice. I had a feeling she would make an attempt to get away. But I had her under my power at the moment. I dictated the rules.

I pulled her away from the wall and walked her back into the main room, holding firmly to her arms. I led her to the corner farthest to the door so I could react if she made a move. Releasing her, I turned her around and stepped back. She was magnificent. Her curly brown hair fell to her shoulders, her white shorts came all the way up to her toned thighs, her relatively large breasts were clearly distinguishable through the tight fitting tank top.

But I didn't wish to leave her body to the imagination any longer. "Take your clothes off, all of them. Slowly," I said, still trying to disguise my voice. She was staring at the ground and looked up when I spoke to her, and I caught her making a quick glance at the door. "Don't even think about it," I warned her. She looked me in the eyes quickly before looking down at the floor.

She waited a few moments and then tentatively reached up toward the straps of her top, she pulled them off quickly. "Slowly Melinda," I reminded her. She hesitated and then proceeded. She slipped the tank top over her head and threw it to the side. Her breasts were pouring out of her black bra, "She might have just as well not worn one," I thought. She reached back and unclasped her bra, throwing it aside as well. She reluctantly began to slip off her shorts, to reveal her black panties, apparently matching the bra. She slid the panties down as well and stepped out. She tried in vain to cover herself with her hands.

I stepped forward and grabbed her hands, moving them away and placing them at her side. "It's going to okay Melinda, I promise you'll enjoy this," I said in a calm voice, attempting to reassure her. She looked forward just below my eye level, with a questioning, almost trusting look. Her conversation with Adrienne earlier made me believe she wasn't a shy one, but her reluctance told a different story.

I grabbed her by the shoulders and lead her to a table, urging her to lay down on it. She was beginning to breathe quickly. Once she had laid down I took a moment to gaze upon her. Helpless. I leaned over the table and began to kiss her thigh from the knee all the way up to her pussy. "No, no, please don't," she gasped as I came close to her entrance. Her voice was faltering, she didn't know if she meant it or not. Still moving upward, I kissed her across the stomach until I came up to her breasts. Stopping momentarily to climb on the table and straddle her, I leaned down and took her left breast's nipple into my mouth and began sucking it. That elicited another gasp from her. I kept going, alternating between each nipple while using my hand to knead the opposite breast. She was breathing even quicker now, and I began to hear small moans every so often from her. She didn't want to give me the satisfaction that I was making her body betray her mind.

Once I was sure she was ready, I positioned my once more hardened cock just above her pussy and pushed inside.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh," she let out a clearly audible, high-pitched moan. I began to work in and out of her, slowly, going deeper and deeper each time. "Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes," she began chanting louder and louder as I began picking up speed. Her pussy was beginning to tighten around me and her hips were starting to match my rhythm. She reached up to wrap her arms around me and I felt her pull me into her with each inward thrust. She was starting to want it badly. All her reluctance was gone; she was losing herself in the frenzy. Her chanting was becoming more incoherent. Her moans were becoming high pitched and strained. I looked down at her breasts, heaving up and down with the speed. "Ohhhhh Gooooood!" she screamed.

She tensed and arched her entire body into mine and let out a blissful scream as she hit her climax. The mere sound of her going over the edge was enough to make me orgasm as well. With a long grunt of lust, I thrust into her deeply one last time.

We both relented at the same moment, and I rolled off of her, knowing there was no way I could hold myself up after that. We both lay there for several minutes recovering, breathing hard, the pleasure still running through our veins.

She was the first to speak. "Thank you for that, I've never had it so intense before. I can see why Adri has been so distracted." She chuckled and rolled onto her side and faced me. She felt around and found my chest. Tracing her finger down the center of it, she smiled, "And don't think you shouldn't bring me along when you have a go with her either."

I would certainly keep that in mind.

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