tagRomanceInvisible Girl Ch. 02

Invisible Girl Ch. 02


**I know it took long enough, but I had a few corrections to make. Well I know your probably wonder why this story is taking so long, but I wanted to have some type of character development. But rest assured its about to get heavy.**

"Okay", Analia thought, "this isn't so bad. I made it to the mall without any mishaps al I need to do is get out of the car." Taking a look around Analia notices that there aren't many cars here today. Well I guess that happens when you come to the mall at 10 o'clock in the morning. There were only 20 cars in the parking section where she was parked. It had to be the early joggers and walkers who used the mall like it was an indoor track. At least is wasn't a bunch of stuck-up girls, elderly people Analia could deal with.

Out of the blue Analia's cell phone rings which cause her to shriek. She finally finds the send button, and Courtney's voice comes thru loud and clear.

"Hey Court." Analia said knowing that would be the only words she got in for awhile.

"Lia are you going to the mall, because if you are I can meet you there and help you pick out a sexy outfit for tomorrow night," Courtney said excitedly.

"Sexy huh. That word has no right to be associated with me", Analia replied sarcastically.

"Whatever, do you want my help? Never mind that I'm coming to the mall to help you anyway because I know that you will walk out of their with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt that doesn't have a shoe brand on it and call it dressy casual."

As the rant was going on Analia was thinking that maybe she should really bow out of going. This was becoming way to complicated for a girl like her. She didn't know this guy and she barely knew Courtney's boyfriend Ray. But it was something about the situation that made her want to go. I guess like Courtney said at least I can come for the drinks and see a real live good looking male up close and have him pay attention to me, if only to learn my name.

"Hey," Courtney shouted, "are you paying attention to me."

"Sorry I was thinking about something," Analia said.

"O, I bet how to get out of this date, well you can't I have already made the plans and Jason is really interested in meeting you. Ray told me last night," Courtney said.

"Are you sure that Ray knows its me your bringing or does he think that it is Linda, because if he doesn't know its me I'm not going and that's final," Analia said.

"Of course he knows its you, I wouldn't do that to you. You said you didn't want to be embarrassed so I told him. And no matter what you might think, Ray really likes you and wonders why you want hang out with us. He said that if he made you feel uncomfortable or not wanted he was sorry," Courtney said.

"I bet he did," Analia said deadpan.

"I'm serious he said that, I mean I can call him up if you need verification," Courtney said.

"Okay, okay I believe ya, lord knows I don't want to catch you in a lie about your boyfriends feelings towards me. I don't need your relationship on my conscious," Analia said.

"You know what I forgot to mention something," Courtney said.

"What did you forget to mention, Courtney," Analia said heatedly.

"Calm down tiger, I was just going to say that I am sitting inside the mall waiting on you to come in. I can see you sitting in your car," Courtney said humorously.

Analia looked up towards the mall entrance and there was Courtney standing inside the door waving like an idiot. Analia couldn't help, but laugh that she didn't notice Courtney's Corolla sitting right beside hers.

Getting out of the car and locking her door she thought to herself once I leave the parking lot there is not turning back. She then turned and looked at Courtney standing in the doorway, then said into the phone after taking a deep breath, "Okay, I'm coming in."

Analia stood staring in the mirror trying to figure out how she let Courtney talk her into buying this outfit. She usually would buy a dress of some bag-like design with a floral print if she had to go out on casual visitations, but Courtney had talked her into buy a skirt. The skirt was shorter than any dress she had ever wore, but it wasn't a mini skirt exactly. It was a tasteful skirt that was black with a pink stenciled rose on the left side, and ending about 2 inches above her knee.

The shirt was another eye opening experience. It showed more of her cleavage than she normally would which wasn't saying much because she tried to keep that covered as much as possible. But the shirt was a nice designer blouse down in light pink, the exact match of the rose on her skirt, with pink sandals to finish off the outfit.

"Well I guess I don't look half bad, if I say so myself," Analia said out loud.

"I was thinking the same thing. In fact I think you look great," Courtney said excitedly, scaring Analia half to death. She must have used my spare key to get in.

"You know one of these days you are going to put in the emergency room, scaring me like that," Analia said trying to sound aspirated. But it wasn't fooling Courtney and she knew it.

"So are you ready to go, are do need a little more time admiring yourself in mirror some more," Courtney said teasingly.

Analia not amused, just rolled her eyes, while Courtney laughed herself into the kitchen.

"So Ray how long have been dating this girl," Andras said.

"First off, she's not just some girl, her name is Courtney, and we've been dating for five months," Ray said deadpan.

"My bad man just asking a question," Andras said, "I didn't know it was that serious. You must really like this girl, because I have never seen you act like this with anyone else."

"Yeah I think it might be serious, at least I want it to be," Ray replied seriously.

"Anyway tell me about the girl your pushing off on me," Andras said with a smile on his face.

"Well her name is Analia and she just graduated from College and looking for a job, you know on of those goal oriented females," Ray said.

"Yeah I know the type, but man what does she look like, you know man he stats, "Andras replied.

"Well Analia is like...

"Okay Ray and Andras are at the bar waiting for us, but I gotta run to the bathroom right quick," Courtney said.

"Okay I'll be right here," Analia replied.

So Courtney went in to the bathroom and Analia waited by the entrance into the restaurant. She was so nervous, but she had been trying to keep it to herself so Courtney would know. Since Courtney was taking a longer time than anyone need to in the bathroom Analia decided to take a peak and see if she could catch a quick glance at her potential date.

Trying to stay out of the way so that Ray wouldn't see her peaking. What she say really made her want to turn around and catch a cab out of here. She couldn't believe he was here. She still remember him after all these years. And what he did to her.

Out from behind her someone tapped her shoulder which caused her to jump.

"See anything interesting," Courtney replied humorously.

Analia thought if she only knew she wouldn't think that it was so humorous. That this would be a horrible encounter for her as the walked to the bar and immediate recognition shown in Andras eyes.

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