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Invisible Man


Bob woke up in the hospital room with a strange feeling. Somehow, he was suspended in mid air looking down upon his bed. He could see his family and friends gathered around. His Mom was crying. His Dad was holding her hand.

He could see his body with tubes running out and in. He saw the cast on his left arm and his bandaged head. "What the hell???" Bob said out loud. No one seemed to hear. No one looked up. "Mom! Mom! What is happening?" No one noticed. He continued to be suspended as if he was floating through the room.

Bob thought back to the accident. He pulled out from the intersection. He never saw the truck from his left. He heard the horn. He heard the loud crash. Then everything went blank. He had no idea how badly he was hurt.

Doctor Bernard walked in. He was a young Doctor in his early 30's. "I am very sorry. I give your son little hope. Frankly, I do not know how he is hanging on like he is. All the vital signs are showing he should have let go hours ago. But, he keeps hanging on. I am afraid it is only a matter of time." Bob shouted, "What? I am fine Doctor! Look, here I am!" No one noticed.

Bob continued to look around the room. He saw his girlfriend Susan. She had tears also. Susan was hot, even with the tears. She was a 19 year old college freshman. She was a perfect 38-24-36. She had sparkling blue eyes and shoulder length blond hair. Her body was fully toned from all the workouts she did on a daily basis. He saw she was wearing the white cotton sweater he had gotten her for her birthday last week, with a matching cotton skirt that seemed to flow with her curves over her perfect ass. He wished that he could touch that ass. He craved it seemingly more than ever at this point. He wanted to feel, to know he was alive. Somehow, as he was suspended in air, all of his focus was on this perfect ass. He desired to feel, to touch. He felt his body begin to drift in Susan's direction. No one noticed him. No one could see or feel him or hear him.

He drifted down around his family. He felt himself floating behind Susan where he was only inches from her ass. He reached out to feel. He could feel nothing. His hand just floated in space. He placed his hand upon her skirt over her ass. He kept it there. He wanted to feel it, to know he was alive. He concentrated on Susan's hot ass. He wanted to feel it again. He wanted to touch her.

Suddenly, Susan jumped. She could feel his touch! She looked behind her. She saw nothing. "Susan, it's me!!! I am right here!" Bob shouted. Susan turned back around. Bob could not believe what was happening. Somehow in this suspended state between life and death, he was given the ability to feel, to touch if he concentrated enough.

Bob was shaking. He did not know how to feel at the moment. He was glad he was able to touch. He was glad he could place his hand on Susan's ass. But he was fearful at what the future held. Bob was very tired. He drifted back up into the air. He let his eyes close. He let his mind drift back to sleep.

Bob woke again. The Doctors were gathered around him working feverishly. Bob knew it was serious. However, he had more important things on his mind. As he floated in the room again, he looked for Susan. She was not here.

However, the Nurse standing at the foot of his bed caught his attention. Nurse Rachal had dark brown hair that was cut short. She was tall, probably about 6'. Her lips were perfect. Her dark eyes revealed a very sexy appeal. Her breasts pushed out against her green Nurse's dress. He had never seen anything that he wanted more at this moment. She was a full D at least. He waist was not small but not big. Her ass was full, a bubble butt. As they worked on his body, Bob once again focused upon the situation. Susan would understand. After all, it looked like he was going to die.

Bob drifted downward. He found himself behind this hot body of a Nurse. He reached around the Nurse's body and placed his hand gently on her breast. Bob felt nothing again. He concentrated fully on his fingers. Slowly he began to feel the material of the dress. Nurse Rachal jumped. She looked down at her tits and saw nothing where she felt the touch. Somehow, Nurse Rachal could not see, feel or touch Bob. But she could feel his touch.

Bob continued to touch her right tit. It was the most erotic thing that Bob had ever experienced. To know that he could touch this hot babe and no one would ever know. He began to massage her breasts more fully as he concentrated on his fingers. Nurse Rachal did not understand what was happening. She could feel the carressing. She could sense her body responding.

Doctor Bernard spoke, "Rachal? Are you ok? You look flushed."

Nurse Rachal said, "Yes, Doctor, sorry, I am fine." Bob moved his hand from her breast and placed upon her ass. He squeezed it and played with it with both hands. Rachal could not concentrate. Her pussy was getting moist and she had no idea why. What could be happening?

Bob knelt down on his knees. He looked up under her dress and could see she was wearing a skinny red thong. He could see her pussy lips glistening around the g-string. He ran his hand upward on her legs. Nurse Rachal looked down. She could feel his touch. His touch was driving her crazy. Making her wett. She saw nothing. She turned her attention back to the patient on the bed. The Doctors were working feverishly on Bob to revive him.

Bob ran his hands up to Rachal's pussy lips. He moved the thong to one side and drove his finger into Rachal's pussy. She let out a gasp. Doctor Bernard looked around. Rachal looked startled. Rachal said, "I thought I saw some movement in the patient's legs. It startled me." Doctor Bernard and Doctor Hastings continued to work.

Bob could not believe how much he could do as he concentrated more and more. His fingers were in Rachal's pussy up to the hilt. She was soaked. He moved them in and out...in and out. She began to move back against his fingers in a rhythm. She wanted his fingers in her!

Nurse Rachal did her best to hide what was happening. How could she explain what was happening? She bit her lower lip. Her body was on fire about to explode. She had never in her life felt this hot.

Somehow Bob's touch was electrifying. She had never felt anything like this before. Her body shuttered. She began to cum without warning. Her body jerked. Her eyes rolled upwards. She was in a place that she had never been. "Aggghhhh," Nurse Rachal let loose.

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