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I had been a member of Lexxx, a local and exclusive BDSM club, for at least five years. An ex had been a member and gotten me in and I still stopped by on occasion when I needed to play. So, I wasn't surprised to receive one of their signature black envelopes in the mail, but the contents definitely had me... intrigued.

Dear Miss Cartridge,

We are developing a new event at the club involving an interactive art exhibition and we would love to have you be a part of that exhibition. If you are as intrigued by this as I hope you are please reach out and we can further discuss details and compensation. I look forward to hearing from you.



Needless to say I called them immediately, I knew my curiosity wouldn't let me ignore the vague promise of pleasure. Three days later I was $1,300 richer and standing on the top floor of the club in a thin black robe with three other similarly adorned people and a large tarp-covered object in the center of the room. It was me; tall and curvy with brown hair, chocolate eyes and nothing on but some mascara and robe. Next to me was a petite blond with azure eyes and an eager smile, I learned her name was Lacie. A few feet away stood the two men; Greg was a little taller, kind of nerdy looking, especially compared to Jayce who looked to be the epitome of athletic with his tousled sand colored hair, green eyes and over-muscled physique. We all stood there in our robes making small talk.

After a few minutes Lex herself walked in, dressed in a skintight leather dress and a drool-worthy pair of 'fuck me' boots. She was flanked by four guards who took up positions by the coveted object and stood, still and silent as Lex addressed us.

"Hello you beautiful people," she said, her voice a sensual purr. "Thank you for agreeing to be a part of our special event tonight. I've invited only 50 of our members, keeping things intimate for our first time." She concluded with a wink and turned to look at the men behind her. Raising her arms she said, "gentlemen, if you would, prepare the stage!"

The four men made quick work of the tarp, revealing an elaborate multi-colored dragon guarding it's treasure. The dragon's mouth was open and appeared to be lined with leather padding, the spiked rail was wrapped around another leather padded tube. In the claw closest to us the dragon was holding up pieces of his treasure, gold and silver spilling from its grasp to almost form steps, and again, padding on the palm. At Lex's urging we followed her to the other side to see the other claw pinning a golden throne to the treasure, wedged against an ornate chest at an angle, bending the chair to a reclining position. As we all took in the statue we turned to look at Lex, she was beaming.

"Robes off!" She announced, watching as we complied, the bodyguards stepping forward to take them from us.

"Let's see, Jayce, you in the throne here, lay back and relax. Good, slide forward a little there and perfect. Lacie, you lay down in the other claw, get comfortable. Greg, you can slide up into the tail, keep your arms tucked in, good, your head is perfectly visible and the spikes are perfect stairs. That leaves you at the head, Clare, slide in facing this way, perfect, feet on the floor, good. That fantastic ass of yours is going to be the first thing everyone sees." She punctuated her statement with a slap and walked to the door, her guards taking up positions in each corner.

"Okay, I'm going to let in our guests. Quick reminder, nothing is off limits as they explore the new art installation, so I hope you enjoy as much as they do. But, if at any time you wish to stop, remember the safe word is turtle, and the boys will be here just in case anyone decides they would rather be banned. Any questions? Good."

With that I heard the door close behind me and I could feel my body tingling in anticipation. I loved being put on show, I wanted to be enjoyed and I was getting excited. From my vantage I could see Jayce in his glory, he was already getting hard and I couldn't help but admire his cock. I could only see Greg's head, but his smile said he was as excited as me. It felt like an eternity before heard the approach of people, their steps and voices slowly getting louder as the climbed the stairs until finally the doors opened and the sound of voices filled the room.

I couldn't see anyone yet, but I was very aware that they could see a lot of me, and I loved it. I felt a gentle hand caress my right butt cheek before slowly dragging a nail down my skin. I heard steps moving away as another hand grabbed at me, molding my flesh. They too walked away as a woman walked into my view. I saw her eyes light up when she caught sight of Jayce, now fully erect on his throne. I watched her walk up to him and wrap her hand around his shaft, Jayce's eyes closing in apparent pleasure. As the woman continued I felt another hand on my lower back, followed by a finger tracing my wet slit. The person behind me exhaled, sighing in pleasure before speaking, "you have a beautiful cunt, I'm going to taste it." The voice was feminine and the lips soon probing mine were soft and gentle. Slowly she teased my clit with her tongue and then gently sucked on my labia, moaning as she tasted me. Digging her fingers into my thighs she pressed her face against me, sliding her tongue into me, wiggling it as her chin pressed against my clit. I moaned at her ministrations, smiling as a gentleman with his cock out and hard walked up to stand in front of me, telling me how hot it was watching the girl go down on me as he pressed the head of his penis against my lips. I eagerly took him into my mouth, letting him fuck my face slowly as I massaged him with my tongue.

Looking over I could see a different woman was riding Jayce's dick with enthusiasm, while someone was straddling Greg's face. There were many people standing around watching everything too, but suddenly the woman behind me started sucking on my clit and all my focus was on the sensations created by this stranger's mouth.

I could feel an orgasm building, my body tensing as I continued to be face-fucked. Suddenly the pressure on my clit vanished and I could hear the lady standing up, her hands giving my thighs a gentle caress as she did so. Then, without another word she was gone. Moments later I felt fingers probing at my wet flesh before sliding inside of me. They were moving their fingers in and out, almost at the same rhythm as the man in front of me but with less skill. This allowed me to focus more on giving head as I angled my face to better slide him further back, adding a little suction as my tongued played with his cock. The man seemed to appreciate my new-found focus as he tangled his fingers in my hair and increased his tempo until he was cumming down my throat with a grunt. I could feel my pussy getting wetter listening to this stranger's pleasuring, tasting his cum as he withdrew from my mouth.

Catching my breath for a moment I could see Jayce was being ridden by a different woman now, her tits bouncing as she rode him. Another woman was sitting on his face, his hands on her hips as she writhed at his attentions. The room was filled with moans and grunts and the sound of slapping flesh. Against the wall a pair of lovers were going at it hard and several others were touching themselves as they enjoyed the views.

Eventually the stranger fingering me wandered off and someone else stepped up behind me, and slowly pressed a large cock into my dripping cunt. I moaned, loving the feeling of being stretched around this dick. This wonderful stranger was merciless; pounding my hips into the padded jaws of the dragon as his balls slapped against my clit with each stroke. Another man stepped up in front of me, pressing his cock into my mouth and the feeling of being twice filled was incredible. The man fucking me slapped my ass several times, making me moan around the cock in my mouth which made it even harder. Another woman approached, observing for a moment before she reached down to pinch my nipple as my breasts swayed with the force of being fucked, tugging against her hold on them. She smiled at me as she slid down underneath me, taking one nipple and then the other as she alternated sucking on them, driving me wild.

As the man fucking my face started to groan the woman moved from my breasts to suck on that guy's balls, making him moan louder as he emptied his load into my mouth and over my face. He helped the woman stand and they walked off together, watching a woman 69 with Jayce on his throne. My body was wound tightly, I was so close to cumming and each stroke of the stranger behind me was driving me closer and closer. I was moaning loudly as he smacked my ass again, pulling out as I was about to cum, leaving me on the edge. I felt the warm drops of his cum on my back, dripping down my thighs as he left me there.

Fortunately another cock was quick to replace the previous one, not as big, but he was definitely at the right angle and I was speeding towards release. My orgasm hit hard, my body shaking as my pussy squeezed this stranger's cock. With a cry he came too, filling me with hot cum. I relaxed, enjoying my post-orgasmic bliss as I watched another couple fucking on Jayce's treasure chest, her tits swinging in his face as she was taken from behind. I felt a finger trace the cum dripping out of me and slide up to press against my anus. With gentle pressure the finger lubed with cum slid into me slowly. I moaned, arching my back, wanting more. This stranger slid their thumb over my slit, bringing more cum up to help lube their finger stretching my ass. Without a sound the stranger maneuvered the head of their cock against my entrance and slid in with one smooth stroke. I moaned deeply, loving the feel of their finger in my ass as they filled me with their dick. They switched fingers to slide their thumb in as they began to pump into me.

At this point I was so turned on that my orgasm built quickly, it was not long until I was cumming, clenching down on this cock as it continued to fuck me. The thumb in my ass moving slowly, stretching and filling me as I was pounded. Another cock pressed into my mouth and I gave it as much attention as I could; licking and sucking until my face was covered in liquid cum. Another dick replaced the spent one in my mouth and I gave it the same attention, swallowing another load as another orgasm reached crescendo, throwing me into bliss. The man behind me groaned deeply as he spent his seed inside of me, holding my hips as he bucked against me.

I laid there in the dragon's maw, dripping cum, my body spent with pleasure. I could hear Lex directing people to exit, guiding them to the doors. The four of us who had been fixtures were all that remained, each of us breathing heavily. Slowly I slid backwards, standing up on shaky legs as I climbed off the statue. One of the guards met me and handed me my robe with a nod. With a smile at my cohorts I headed to the changing rooms and back home. I was definitely hoping that this new exhibit would become a little more permanent.

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by FASfan04/12/18

Top story

I hope there might be more of it! Five stars and a favourite ;) !

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I do hope there will be another chapter

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I tend to read Bdsm stories once and awhile but only if their good,but this one,oh my, was so deliciously written I wish I were there to witness how Ms.Cartridge was throughly treated😉
And I loved themore...

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