tagErotic HorrorIrdu-Lili Pt. 03: Under the Oak

Irdu-Lili Pt. 03: Under the Oak


Part Three: Under the Oak

"You were never truly one of them Kilili." Silili had said, "But you are not truly one of us either. We embrace the way of harlotry to fill the emptiness within us. But you, you seek to destroy your loneliness also. It is this yearning for something more that will see you last to tell my story. You are utterly unique, my love"

Kilili gazed out the window of her room, thinking of those scorching days in Sumeria, where she had first become immortal. Silili, the Ardat-Lili who had brought about the downfall of an entire empire simply because it thrilled her, had only ever managed to convert one of her numerous followers. The others overpowered by their own lusts. Kilili missed those days at times, when they would lie in bed together after whoring themselves, having glutted on seed. Those moments together with her were the only times in her long existence where she had forgotten her loneliness.

Well, those moments and another recent one in a café.

Black cloak covering her mirror, she put on one of her many dresses, black with pearls decorating one side. Although the dress was beautiful to her, her ardat-lili instincts recoiled at covering herself so. Nonetheless she endured it. She wants to enrapture him tonight, to show she is not as mad as he thinks she is. Well, in mortal terms she is utterly insane. But then she is no mortal.

It has been over a week now and still he has not come to her. She dare not wait any longer. Every day the call allures her that bit more. Her last hope was out there somewhere, confused and lost. He needs her almost as much as she needs him.

Drawing back the window, she glided out into the night sky.


Levant did not return home after the incident at work. Instead he walked the city. He walked and walked then continued walking. He did not notice the sunset and the appearance of the stars. Lost in his thoughts as he was as to what to do. He thought he was content to continue his everyday life, but clearly he could no longer do that. He needed to understand what he had turned into, needed to understand what effect he has on others, needed to understand what he is capable of. Levant sighed as he accepted the obvious conclusion.

He needs Kilili.

Scenting the salty tang of semen, Levant looked up and blinked at what he saw.

Without realising it, he had walked into the local park. He had climbed a hill he had never noticed before, upon which grew a gnarled and twisted oak, haunting under the sickly moon. Upon its leafless branches hanged countless used condoms, some fresh and full, other old and cracking. Levant fell to his knees, he should have been utterly repulsed, yet all he could do was gaze and marvel at the beauty of it. As his eyes welled he shook his head, "Why is this vile sight wondrous to me?"

"Because this is beauty to our kind."

Levant looked back and saw Kilili, materialising out of the shadows. He inhaled sharply as he drank in her form, encased in the luxurious dress. The urge to fall on his face in worship of her nearly overwhelmed him, instead he shuffled to his feet. "Kilili, what is this?"

She smiled and brushed past him, the faint touch setting his senses alight. She strode over to the tree and gently placed a hand against its trunk. "A meeting place for mortals. 'Dogging' is the crass term they use. They like to meet and fuck here, it's become a custom to cast the used condom up into the branches, adding to the collection. This old tree has grown rather fond of the taste of sexual fluids. It has become a part of our qliphotic world as a result."

"Why don't officials get it cleaned up?"

Kilili tutted, casting an annoyed glance at Levant, "This tree is favoured by our mother. Those who would harm it are encouraged not to see it. As such this wonder endures." Giggling, Kilili spread her arms and twirled. Under the moonlight she looked enchanting. "Condoms hanging in the branches, knickers cast into the bushes, these sorts of things are poetry to us. As well as darker pleasures."

Levant grit his teeth, "Who is this mother you speak of? What darker pleasures?" He was fairly certain he would not like the answers.

"Pff." Kilili dismissed and moved gracefully over to him, "Answering such questions now would be dull, so maddeningly dull." She carefully took hold of Levant's head and drew in, kissing him. "Our kind is about finding answers through experience, through lust and desire. I desire you Levant, ergo you are mine. For lust destroys all barriers."

Levant kissed her back, passionately, ferociously. He had experienced some satiation when rutting with mortals, but Kilili's kiss alone had aroused him more deeply than any of them. He tore away her dress, pearls spilling down the hill. Kilili's laughter as he ravished her was musical in its lilt, hypnotising even. Once she lay naked under the tree, red mane spilling out around her, Levant took a moment to admire the sight of her, before falling to his knees and burying his face between her thighs. Her nectar was sweeter than honey and spurred his bestial arousal.

"You are mine." She gasped, over and over, "Mine. Mine. Yes, mine." Levant's tongue danced inside her until she orgasmed, "Mine!" she screamed, back arching.

Far from done, Levant clambered over her and thrust his hips in. Never had the act felt so good, never had a face looked so perfect as Kilili's. He was lost in her porcelain visage, her malachite eyes, her ruby lips. Pressed against her warm flesh, intoxicated by her perfumed scent, Levant lost himself to it, allowed his instincts to take over. He exhaled as her nails dug into his back.

"Yes." Kilili breathed, "You are beginning to understand."

They both gasped as they climaxed, before collapsing into one another's arms.

They lay there for a time, beneath the defiled tree, bathed in moonlight, content in one another's embrace.

Eventually, Levant spoke up, "So you have turned me into an immortal pervert. Is that basically what you are saying?"

Kilili chuckled, "We are embodiments of harlotry. Perversity is what we strive for. What I exist for..."

"Are you alright?" Levant frowned as Kilili's voice trailed away. He looked and saw her gaze had turned distant, "Kilili?"

She blinked and smiled up at him before rising, "Alas, an irdu-lili's seed does not sustain me. I must feed."

Wincing, Levant watched as Kilili picked up her dress, inspected the damage, and tossed it into the nearby brush, "You must go sleep with other men?"

"Do not seek to possess me!" Kilili rounded on him, "You must feed on others as must I. We may be bonded but we are harlots, do not expect me to share my body with you alone. It goes against all we are."

Levant could not help but feel a spark of jealousy. Swallowing, he rose himself, "I have so many questions still."

"Khmara!" Levant did not need to ask what that word meant in English. The way she spat the word at him and flung her hands up was more than enough, "Questions, questions! All answers do is take the pleasure from the mystery. Sometimes ignorance is more thrilling than knowledge. Take it from me."


"We shall meet again soon, my love. You have done more for me this night than you know." Kilili seemingly melded into the shadows.


Confused but giddy after his night with Kilili, Levant returned home. If it meant being with her, perhaps being an irdu-lili would not be so bad after all.

Surprisingly, he felt wiped. He walked to his small room and fell onto his bed. There, for the first time in days, he fell asleep.

He dreamt.

Dreamt of a world without light, yet still he could see. He stalked in this world, his jaws salivating. He hungered, he always hungered. He could hear some of his brethren gibbering madly in the many recesses. Up in the sky he watched as a trio of his mother's avatars glided by, cackling as they answered the summons to attend her throne. The sight of them made him erect and even more hungry.


A speck of white. With elongated limbs he bounded over the onyx landscape, bearing down on her in less than a moment. She made a delightful sound as he pounced and bore her to the ground, a cross between a scream and a laugh. He did not wait to make her out, all that mattered was his hunger. He thrust his member into her, ripping through her. He howled as he hammered into her, drawing more of his brothers to join the feast.

She must have been in this realm a long time, for she was coated in semen where she had been the plaything of others before. She grit her teeth in pain even as she smiled in joy. She made no attempt to struggle. Why would she? This is the eternity her kind chose, her kind embraced. Dutifully she kept her legs spread as he ruined her, she even thrust her hips to help him drive deeper through her.

Just as his brothers swarmed in to join in the feast he orgasmed, his ejaculation like thunder and his seed a torrent flooding her ruptured body. Her eyes rolled back in agonising pleasure as he did so. It was not over for her though, it never will be. As he leapt away to seek his next prey, his brothers started on her.

He spotted another, in moments he was upon her. A true gem in that black world this one. Oh yes, tearing into this one would be a true delight. Destroying her is magnificent. Red hair flicking, breasts flopping back and forth, blood frothing from ruby lips, green eyes glazed with acceptance...



With a start Levant woke. Panting heavily, he looked to his alarm clock. He had only been asleep a couple of minutes. The nightmare had been too real for comfort. He buried his face in his hands. Kilili did not want to give them, but he needed answers.

Just what manner of thing exactly is he turning in to?

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Good continuation

Good chapter. Added more to the plot but like levant said "I have so many questions still"
Keep up the good work

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