tagBDSMIrena in the Chair

Irena in the Chair


Soto could not suppress a smile as he looked down at Irena. She lay, naked and trembling, spread-eagled in a chair which he had gone through great trouble to have specially designed for a single purpose. It was made of soft and shining black leather, big enough to accommodate two people and had a back which could be raised and lowered according to the desires of the operator. The most interesting things about this chair, however, were the stirrups located on either side of the head rest and the series of seatbelt-like restraints which lined it from top to bottom. The restraints were currently tightly secured over Irena's body, holding her perfectly still. Her breathing was coming fast and her electric blue eyes sparkled up at him through a mist of mixed apprehension and desire. This was only their second night together after all. How could she know what he had planned for her?

He reached down and ran one hand lightly from her chin to the top of her pubis, observing with pleasure her little twitches and the trail of gooseflesh which arose in the wake of his caress. She had fallen asleep last night shortly after they had finished making love and although he had wanted very much to wake her in order to continue her amorous education, he had let her sleep. He had lain awake for a substantial portion of the night, listening to the gentle rhythm of her breathing and luxuriating in the growing desire he felt for the nymph who lay beside him. He had never imagined that such a night with Irena could have been possible and now that she had given herself to him he intended to take full advantage of his new position. So he had held on to his lust as his new lover slept beside him. He had gone to meet with business associates early that morning, leaving Irena sleeping and giving instructions to the servants that they tend to her needs while he was away. He had returned late that evening and found Irena waiting in his bedroom, clad in a nightdress of plain white cotton. Her posture had been erect, almost haughty, but her eyes, so easy for him to read, were cloudy with that odd mixture of fear and desire which he knew so well. He had gone to her then, kissed her, feasted on her lips until she had collapsed against him, and then he had carried her to his basement playroom, stripped her of her thin little nightgown and put her in the chair.

He ran his hand over her body once more, pausing this time to cup her delectably pert breasts. He pinched one of her nipples between two fingers and she gasped a little as he twisted the bud between them, hardening it so that when he released his grip it resembled nothing so much as a tiny pink pebble. He couldn't resist it. Soto bent and fastened his mouth over the erect bud sucking it hard and lashing it with his tongue. Irena moaned softly deep in her throat and tried to arch her body up at him, but the restraints prevented her. She moaned again and then slumped back down into the chair, letting Soto have his way with her. She certainly was a fast learner. When he finished with one nipple he moved on to the other purely for the sake of symmetry, nipping it and sucking it until Irena's moans became interspersed with short little gasps. She began to squirm in her bonds, shifting her hips ineffectually against the tight restraints. When he had hardened both nipples to his satisfaction, Soto straightened, giving each of them a hard pinch before walking over to the line of tools and toys hanging on the wall. He selected a soft deerskin flogger out of deference to the vivid red welts already emblazoned on Irena's white skin from the previous night, two pairs of rubber tipped clips, on large, one small, and a leather ring gag. The mouth piece of the gag was a large circle made out of soft black leather, designed to fit between the top and bottom front teeth and to keep the mouth open wide. It had been specially made for him, and accommodated Soto perfectly.

Striding back over to Irena, who was attempting to turn her head to watch him, but not quite managing it, he placed his tools on a folding table out of his little captive's line of sight.

"Are you ready to begin, my pet?" he asked as he turned to face her.

"What are you going to do?" He could tell that she was trying to sound casual, but it was obvious to him that she was frightened. She was a virgin until last night, Soto reminded himself. Be patient with her. He bent down and kissed her lightly on the lips.

"I promise that you'll like it. Now, don't ask any more questions. And you are to call me Sir, remember?"

"Yes Sir."

"That's my girl." He stroked her hair and then pulled the smaller set of clips from the tray, holding them up so that Irena could see them. "I am going to put these on your nipples Irena. There will be some pain, but it pleases me to see you squirm, little pet, so I hope that you will bear it for me. Do you think you can do that?" He snaked a hand down between her splayed legs, found her stiffened clit and gave it a hard pinch.

She gave a soft cry and then gasped, "Yes Sir!"

"Good girl." In two deft motions, Soto attached the clips to first one nipple and then the other. Irena bit her lip and jerked slightly against the restraints, but other than that she made no sound. A chain connected the two clips and now he took it in one hand and gave a light, playful tug. Irena cried out sharply as her nipples were pulled by the clip's cruel little mouths and he chuckled, giving a couple more tugs and delighting in her moans of pain. "How does that feel, Irena?"

"It hurts sir," she said through clenched teeth. He tugged the chain again and she groaned.

"Just hurts?" Soto inquired, raising an eyebrow at her.

Irena's color deepened and she nodded mutely, turning her face away from him. Smiling, Soto tweaked the chain once more before reaching down to dip one of his fingers into the hot little cleft between Irena's legs. They came away glistening. He held them up to her and her blush deepened to crimson. "It seems to me, pet," he said, putting his fingers to her lips, "That you might also find these clips a bit arousing. Is that true Irena?" He tugged at the clips much harder this time and Irena gave a little scream. He took the opportunity to push his fingers into her open mouth. "Clean off my fingers and then answer me, Irena." Her eyes went wide, but she did as he asked, sucking her own juices from his fingers until he pulled them from her mouth. "Well?" he asked, giving the clips another gentle pull.

"They do arouse me sir!" her words came out all in a rush.

"It's always better to be honest, isn't it, Irena?"

"Yes Sir."

"Now, can you guess what these are?" Soto held up the larger pair of clips. They were both wider and longer than the others and had two extra lengths of chain on either side in addition to the connecting chain in the middle.

"They're clips sir."

"I know that Irena. Where do you think I am going to put them?"

She squirmed, but when he gave the nipple clips another sharp tug she said, "I think you're going to put them on my pussy sir."

"Then you think correctly, my pet." He gave her a crooked smile and then reached down between her legs once more. Grasping the lips of her vulva in his hands, he secured first one clip and then the other. The connecting chain lay slack between the two clips, so Soto took the chains hanging from the sides and looped them around Irena's thighs. This spread the lips of her sex wide, giving him an unimpeded view of the slick pink flesh and the tight little opening which on the previous evening, he had been the first man ever to breach. He pumped two fingers in and out of her a few times, relishing the way her inner muscles clamped down upon him. When he finished, he gave her his fingers to suck once more, and this time she did it almost greedily.

Soto retrieved the final item from the folding table and without bothering to show it to Irena, bent down to fasten the gag around her head. When he straightened up, she was looking up at him, her long black hair, a tangled veil flowing out from her head, her cheeks flushed, and her mouth open to its widest extent by the leather ring of the gag. "Lovely," he said, stroking her up and down as he would a nervous thoroughbred. Then he stepped away from her and began to remove his own clothes, throwing them all into a corner. He was already hard and aching with desire and it took a certain amount of his willpower to resist climbing on top of Irena right now and having his with her until they both simply collapsed. Instead, he went forward and straddled the chair, resting his knees on the padded stirrups on either side of the chair's head rest. He then reached behind the chair and pushed a small round button two times. The top section of the chair elevated, pushing Irena into a sitting position while still keeping her tightly confined. The new configuration meant that Soto's cock was now poised only two or three inches away from Irena's gagged and open mouth.

Her eyes had grown so wide that Soto found himself thinking of the expression of a kitten when it encounters something about which it is simultaneously curious and terrified. "You know what I'm going to do now, don't you Irena?" he asked softly, stroking a lock of hair out of her face.

"Yes sir," she replied, her voice warped and muffled by the gag. She avoided his eyes and he put a hand under her chin, forcing her to look at him. When she was looking directly into his eyes, he slowly, very slowly, fed his cock through the ring of the gag and into the ecstatic wet warmth of her open mouth. It was torture for him to keep his movements so slow, so deliberate, but he did it anyway, pushing slowly and gently until he felt her throat contract and Irena gave a muffled cough.

"There now," he sighed, reaching back and finding the throbbing bud nestled at the apex of her widely spread nether lips. He began to stroke it gently with one finger as he said, "Now, Irena, I want you relax your jaw completely. Let it go totally limp." There was a pause of several seconds and then her jaw actually tried to tighten before being stopped by the gag. "You can do it," he said, continuing to stroke her clit. He saw her gather her willpower and then saw her whole body relax. The teeth clenching the edges of the leather ring loosened and he felt the back of her throat open ever so slightly. "Very good, my darling," he soothed her, now pinching her clit between two fingers and working it slowly back and forth. She gave a soft gasp around his cock and her hips tried to give another one of those desperate upward thrusts. This pulled on the chains attached to the clips on her labia, pulling the slick little lips even wider apart. She groaned.

He began to rock his hips gently back and forth, pushing his engorged cock in and out of the ring, in and out of Irena's warm, wet mouth. At first she did not respond, merely held herself still as he had his way with her. As he persisted, however, she began to grow bolder. On his next stroke she wriggled her tongue against him and he stiffened, sure that she had just pushed him past the point of no return. He forced himself to think of icebergs, snowfields, barren tundra, and in a few seconds the need to climax had retreated a little. He began to rock faster, pushing his cock in and out of Irena's mouth to a steady rhythm. Now on every stroke her tongue tried to fold itself around him, tried to taste him. He realized that his pace had increased once more, and that now he had tangled his hands in Irena's long dark hair. He looked down at her, as he thrust, continuing to fondle her clit and relishing the sporadic little coughs that tightened her throat around him when he plunged too deep.

Suddenly, Soto was seized with the desire to watch his cock disappear between Irena's plump, pink lips. The gag had been fun, a good way of introducing her to the game they were playing, but we wanted to see what she looked like devoid of any adornment, working with her lips and throat and tongue to please her master. His hips first slowed and then ceased in their rocking and then he pulled away from Irena, getting down from the stirrups and wincing as he stretched and his back crackled. Reaching behind her head, he unbuckled the gag. She closed her mouth slowly, as if unable to believe that she had the free use of it again. Enjoy it while you can, my dear, he thought, because in a moment I'm going to put that pretty little mouth of yours to work again.

Soto knelt on the stirrups once more, and this time Irena opened her mouth eagerly for him. He fed himself in slowly, finding the sight of her coral lips enfolding his rigid shaft almost unbearably erotic. "Suck me, Irena," he said, almost panted, as she began to do just that. "Use your lips and tongue and throat. I want to feel you working at it." She did as he asked, even beginning to bob her head back forth in time with his own guiding thrusts. He let her work, trying to stave off climax until they were both ready. He gave her clit one final deep pinch and then focused on the clips on her nipples. The little buds would be quite sore by now he was sure. He gave an experimental tug at the connecting chain and Irena gave a little shriek. Her teeth came together briefly on his cock, and although she stopped herself short of a bite, the sensation was not particularly pleasant. Soto pushed her gently away and wagged a finger at her. "Irena, I must never feel your teeth. No matter what I may be doing to you at the time, while my cock is in your mouth, you will use only lips, tongue and throat. Say it." He pulled the chain harder this time and she gave another small scream.

"I will only use my lips tongue and throat," she gasped. Tears had begun to leak from the corners of her eyes and her face had turned a blotchy red. He reached down and began to stroke her pussy again, petting it as he would caress a frightened little animal.

"To do what?"

"To—to," she gasped, shifting her hips.

"To..." Soto mocked gently, now delving two fingers inside of her and reveling in the flood of moisture he encountered there.

"To suck your cock, Sir," Irena breathed.

"Good girl," Soto said, pumping his fingers a little faster. He toyed with the idea of having her try again, but he was aching with pent up desire by now and he did not know how much longer he could hold out if her lips enfolded him once more. He took his hands away from her then and began to unbuckle the straps securing Irena to the chair. When she was free, he lifted her as easily as if she were a child and sat down on the chair with her cradled in his lap, his cock pressing up against her buttocks. Then he turned her over and lifted her so that he was poised just outside of her opening, which had been spread wide by the clips. "Straddle me," he told her, "But do nothing else until I tell you." He let her go and she did as he asked, positioning herself so that the tip of his cock just brushed her hot pink flesh. He rested one hand on the chain attached to the nipple clips and the other on the one connecting the clips on Irena's pussy. In the next second, he gave a hard thrust, penetrating deep inside of her while simultaneously jerking away the two sets of clips on her nipples and labia. Irena screamed, a sound of agony which began quickly to transform to ecstasy. Soto was shocked to find that she was coming all round his cock, her muscles spasming and jerking wildly, her hips jerking uncontrollably. He grabbed her around the waist and bean to work her up and down his cock as she came, forcing louder and louder screams out of her until at last he felt the whole process repeat itself and he knew she had come again. He lifted her up the full length of his shaft and then slammed her back down upon it over and over again; he worked her until his arms turned to rubber and his cock felt as if it might catch fire from the constant friction.

He paused for a moment, collecting himself. On top of him, Irena was breathing in shallow gasps. He lay back, pulling her down with him so that her head was cradled against his chest, and began to thrust once more, gently, this time, coaxing her, stroking her. It took several minutes of slow and patient strokes to rekindle Irena's passion once more, but soon enough she was crying out at every thrust. He held her tight against him and then thrust his hips up wildly, driving himself in and out of her. She began emitting a series of soft cries that fell on his ears like music notes and he knew that this time there would be no stopping himself; soon he would simply have to come. He would try to time his own orgasm with Irena's next one, knowing that the feel of her convulsing all round him would be more than enough to send him hurtling over the edge. He increased his pace still farther and a few seconds later he could tell that Irena was about to come. He cries had grown louder and more frenzied, and her pussy had begun to tighten around him in anticipation. He gave one final hard, deep thrust and then she was there, flying over the edge of the cliff and into the land of climax, and Soto was going with her. Suddenly, he felt as if all of the energy in his body had collected in his groin. There was an invisible explosion of colored lights and then he was coming, then energy was soaring out of his body and into hers in a wave of pleasure so intense that it was nearly pain. He rode Irena to the finish, his hips jerking out of control, even as her pussy squeezed and clenched him in her own ecstasy.

Sometime later, moments or eons, Soto didn't know or care, He arose from where he had collapsed on top of Irena, and pulled her up into a sitting position. Her hair was a tangled mess and there was a shimmer of sweat drying on her skin. To him she looked unutterably lovely, and he was unable to resist giving her a long and lingering kiss.

"What did you think of that, Irena?" He asked softly, before kissing her once more.

"It was wonderful, Sir, but a little draining." She gave him a wry sort of smile that made him want to kiss her mouth again.

He did so, and when he had finished he said, "Draining, you say?" He reached a hand between her legs and began to rub at Irena's clit, still erect and pulsing with a life of its own despite Irena's protestations. She moaned and shifted against him, giving him a look of ill-concealed surprise. Perhaps she thought that she had learned all of her lessons for tonight. If that was the case, then she couldn't be more wrong. Soto had no intention of letting her got to bed early tonight. "Well, my pet," he said as she began to squirm a bit more forcefully against him and her breathing became harsh, "That was only tonight's first lesson."

The End

So, I've finally decided to revisit Irena and Soto. I've been away from the world of erotica for awhile, but now that I'm back I intend to get some work done. I hope you enjoyed the story and look for more from me soon. Please vote and leave comments! I love constructive criticism.

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