tagRomanceIrene and Jack Ch. 03

Irene and Jack Ch. 03


I had several requests to add a third and final chapter to Irene and Jack, this is my attempt to do so.


The kids arrived early, which was a good thing in my book. They'd been out to dinner. I shook his hand again, Edith introduced me to him properly and we headed into the kitchen. I asked if it was okay to talk there since so many family decisions had been made at the kitchen table in the past. No argument from them.

"Scott, Edith tells me you two want to move in together. Give me one reason why I should give this situation my blessings."

He fussed and squirmed a few minutes. I stood up and told Edith, "If he's got no more balls than this, he isn't worthy of my daughter."

"Daddy wait. Scott he's right. I thought you were a man, you told me you were ready to talk to my dad. You know I'm not going to do anything without his blessing. So, what's it going to be? Do you love me or was it just bullshit talk?"

"Of course I love you. Mr. Reynolds, I love Edith, I would do anything in the world for her. I make a good wage, I'm a responsible citizen, I pay my taxes and I honor my parents. I'm not used to speaking with people as powerful as you sir."

"Well you damn well better grow some balls if you plan on being a part of this family. There's no room for panty waists in my life, or my daughter's life. What do you do for a living?"

"I'm a sprinkler fitter. Most people call it fire suppression."

"If I'm not mistaken, that's a five year apprenticeship isn't it? Are you a journeyman?"

"Yes sir, I'm less than a thousand hours away from being able to test for my masters license. Not every state has that requirement, but ours does."

"You're working for someone full time I assume."

"I am, I've been with them seven years."

"Do you realize the shit storm you're putting yourself into by dating and living with my daughter. Let me explain. She has a heavy demand on her life, and will continue to do so for at least another two to three years. There will be times she needs to be out of town on business. Are you going to get jealous and start chasing skirts? She's head strong and knows what she wants, can you live with a woman like that?"

"I'm ready to learn how to live together with Edith. I'm no piece of cake either. I too must travel out of state at times, sometimes for a few weeks. I believe if we come home to each other and communicate about everything, we have a better than average chance of staying together."

"Daddy we've talked extensively about my responsibilities, and how they become his as well in a sense. He knows going out getting drunk or screwing on the front lawn aren't good for depicting who we and what our company represents. He also knows if he ever cheats on me I'll kill him."

There was no laughter, it wasn't a joke. After coffee, some leftover cake and more talk we called it an evening. After Scott left I asked Edith how much she needed, told her I'd transfer it into her account in the morning and kissed her goodnight. I was still worn out from the night before.

Laying in bed I texted Juanita.

'How's my sweet little piece of ass tonight?'

'Laying here with my hand on my sore pussy dreaming about the next time your purple headed monster will be sliding in and out of my brown Chilean pussy. We got an interracial love affair going big boy.'

'That might be another day or so, you about fucked me to death last night. I love nailing you with your ankles on my shoulders. You do me right Nita.'

'Well that schlong of yours does me right. I need to crash, love you, see you in the morning.'

Love you see you in the morning. After only a few weeks of knowing and being intimate with each other, I could actually see us being together long term. I mean the marrying kind of long term. I liked everything I knew about her. She was used to money and didn't let it go to her head. She knew how to act in public, she would be an asset to me and the business. Hmm, gonna need to see where this goes.

Over the next few days Nita and I became almost inseparable. We did lunch and supper together, and shared time together at each other's place. On Thursday after work she was on my lap talking. I had my hand under her skirt, it was just there resting on her mound. If I tried to move it away she would put it back. She didn't say why, she liked my hand there when we were alone.

I would be spending Friday night with Irene and it was bothering me that Nita didn't know. Against what my head was telling me, I did what my heart said to do.

"Nita. I need to talk to you about something." I then explained the situation with Steve's impotency. She knew of my previous relationship with Irene. When I told her they wanted me to inseminate Irene I was expecting an explosion. To my surprise she looked at me and asked.

"So what's the problem? Help those kids out. You knew the two of you were never going to be together forever when it all started, and so did she. She and I have talked about this, she knows I'm in agreement with their decision. Now, if it becomes an affair with you fucking her behind Steve's back, and mine, then we have a problem."

"What do you mean "WE" have a problem?"

"Jack, if you think I'm ever letting you go you're outa your fuckin mind. You may never marry me, but I'll stalk you like the Hounds of Baskerville. Your sweet ass is Juanita's in case you didn't already know that. There will never need to be another secretary with benefits. I'll be fulfilling all of your needs from now on."

My head was spinning. How did that woman know what I was feeling inside. Did Ingrid come back as Juanita? I don't believe in that shit, but it sure seemed like it. Isn't this lovely. I have Ingrid Jr living in my house and Ingrid's sex clone bedding me at work. I may as well give in.

"Juanita, I think we need to put the brakes on sweetheart. I can't argue with your premise, I can easily see us together for life, but I think we need to take it in steps."

"Well of course we do knucklehead. I was only letting you know your ass is mine. And by the way, this pussy you're caressing is yours. You own her Jack, and my mouth. No other cock goes in there but yours. We'll discuss my ass after we're married, a girl can't give the milk away before he buys the cow."

Nita got up, closed and locked the door, closed the blinds, walked behind my desk, skinnied her panties down, kicked them to the side, then bent over grabbing my desk.

"Fuck me over your desk like you did Irene, I want it to be my fuck station now. I want to own you here as well as everywhere you two fucked and sucked. Do it hard, she told me she loved this position because when she arched back it pushed her pussy higher as you pounded it like a jack hammer. That's what I want Jack."

I dropped my pants, lifted her skirt, took hold of her braid and pulled lightly. Her head went up and her back arched as I slid my cock into the depths of her cunt. I did as Irene told her I would. I pounded her pussy with abandon, it had been two days since we'd gotten off and we were both a couple of horndogs.

As I unloaded in her she squirmed and ground her ass against me, shuddering, moaning, rocking her hips up and down. She moved forward a bit to rest her chest on the desk, I moved with her and we stood still.

The room was quiet. I grabbed some Kleenex and quickly put it against her pussy as I pulled out. She scooted into the bath, I could hear the cum and her juices hitting the water. I wondered, geez, how much spunk do we produce between the two of us?

She had dropped her car off for it's 100,000 mile maintenance so I drove her home. In the driveway she told me something she envied about me.

"You get to watch your cock go in and out of me. That's something I've always wanted to see, it would send me over the moon. I can raise up when I'm on my back, but I never get up high enough for a birds eye view like you have."

"Then we need to remedy that. I have a friend in electronics, I'll find out how to do that without revealing what it's about."

I walked her to the door, we kissed, once she was safely inside I went home.

I booked a room at the Hyatt Regency for Irene and I, checking in I left a key for her at the front desk. I was there working on stuff I hadn't finished at the office when I heard the key mechanism. In walked my sweet Irene. I stood up to greet her with a kiss. She pressed herself into me and softly said,

"I'm yours until tomorrow afternoon, I began ovulating today and I'll still be ovulating tomorrow. Steve is going to Talladega with his friend for the 500 and he told me to 'git er dun' if we can. Your little slut is here to milk your balls dry. I hope I get a baby this time daddy. I want to be pregnant so badly."

"If you aren't, it won't be because we didn't try."

"By the way, I got a call from Juanita. Nicely done big daddy, telling her about our plan to get me pregnant. She told me it sealed the deal, whatever that means. She's almost as excited about me being pregnant as Steve and I are."

I put my work in my satchel, when I turned Irene was on the bed in nothing but a half cup bra and the slimmest slinkiest panties I'd ever seen. Her pussy hair was sticking out of the waist band. The bra didn't really have a half cup, it only had about a two inch band across the bottom to push her tits up.

I stripped and lay with Irene. "Daddy, will you eat my pussy before you put a baby in me? I want her to be nice and wet so you can fuck me hard and deep. That way your sperm won't have far to swim to find my egg."

I scooted down the bed toward her pussy and dove in, I was ears deep in her crotch. I knew it well, but it had been long enough that it almost felt like something new. As she bucked and contorted during her orgasm I remembered the old Irene. She still came like a herd of turtles, hard, fast, and long.

As I stood to reposition, Irene grabbed my cock and stuffed it in her mouth. She had nearly all of it in and wasn't gagging. Ah ha, she had been practicing on Steve. I pulled away as I lay her back. She wanted it missionary with a pillow under her butt so the cum couldn't run out. As I plunged in she hissed.

"Oh daddy, it's so wide, it stretches my pussy walls. I love cumming on your cock, plant a baby in my tummy big daddy. Make me a mommy."

I fucked her long and deep, making sure I held back a little energy and stamina for the next round. Knowing Irene, she was going to want it at least three times before dawn. As I pulled out she raised up and had me stuff another pillow under her butt. Not sure if that works or not, but who was I to argue. I rubbed her ample tits and sucked the nipples as she lay there. In no time we chucked the bra and let those girls run loose.

We ordered two New York strip steaks from the hotel restaurant and had them delivered to our room. Irene had put on a pair of tight panties to try and keep as much spunk in her as she could. She was desperate, I truly hoped she became pregnant this time. I set the plates and utensils outside the room door and we both lay down for a nap.

I woke about 11, Irene felt me moving and was on her hands and knees waiting. I kissed her, peed and returned, kneeling behind her. I lined up my dick and put it against the opening of her vagina.

"Don't tease big daddy. Put it in all the way and fuck mama good. I need more of your creamy sperm inside me."

I obliged, starting out slow and then picking up speed. We had been hammering about 5 minutes when she put her hand on my thigh. That had been our signal for me to stop.

"Daddy, do you remember how you used to stand above my ass and then squat down plunging your cock into me? Please do me like that, it goes so deep."

I stood, lowered myself and stuffed my shaft into her tight little cunt. I was pounding for all I was worth, my legs weren't going to be able to do this twice so I concentrated and gave her everything I had. I could hear her starting to moan as she tensed up. Something new, I liked it. As I was starting to bellow like a water buffalo she pushed back into me and clenched her pussy muscles around my cock.

I was spraying spunk in her tiny hole with a vengeance, I was unrelenting in my pursuit to provide enough sperm so at least one could get through her cervix and into her womb. Her ass was wriggling as it contorted and shook. I stood up, my cock coming out with a 'pop' sound. There was little to no sperm dripping from my cock, her pussy had indeed milked it dry.

She was still on her knees as I lay down. She was breathing hard, her ass still pointed toward the ceiling and her face on the pillow, she smiled as she looked at me. I think I dozed momentarily because as I stirred I was aware of her laying next to me. She put her arm around my neck and pulled me in. Kissing me deep and long.

"Daddy, I think that was the load. Somehow, I feel different. I know you can't know immediately, but I just think there's a baby in me now. Big daddy, I need to sleep, you've worn me out."

I thought to myself I've worn her out? She's more than 30 years younger than I am and she says I'm wearing her out? I know she's gonna want to fuck again in the morning, so sleep it is for me. I was right, just after 6 she was sucking on my cock getting me hard. I was getting close to the point of no return when she pulled off.

Laying down she said she wanted it on her side. I put her left leg over my shoulder and sank my cock into her pussy. She jumped when I hit bottom. I told her to take it like a woman. She shot back,

"Just fuck it Jack, fuck it hard. No mercy, I'll be okay."

Fuck it hard I did. Reaching our climax in less than 10 minutes. I dropped her leg and ran my fingers through her pussy fur. Irene purred and cooed, she was humming softly under her breath. It was like old times, and it wasn't. We finished off with one more fuck late morning and then checked out. We couldn't have fucked anymore if we had wanted to. I took her shopping, we went to a matinee at the movie house and went our own ways.

It was good being able to breed Irene, but I was anxious to get back home. I texted Juanita telling her I'd be home soon would she like to go out for lunch? Her answer came back immediately, yes she would, pick her up at her place, she had some new panties she wanted to show me. I thought to myself, how am I ever going to satisfy her after Irene had drained me? She was waiting for me at the door, walking in she closed the door, spun and raised her skirt revealing a pair of bright red panties that said Jacks Pussy across the front in white letters.

"What better way to market your lingerie products than by wearing them? They used my photo in the advertisement, from the midriff down, no way of knowing who I am. But also no mannequin, real panties on a real thin woman."

As I reached for her she bunched her skirt around her waist and wrapped a leg around mine as she kissed me.

"Feel her Jack, she was lonely without you. Put your hand down the front of my panties and say hi."

Her furry bush was warm and wet. I rubbed across the mound and then dipped a finger into her vulva. Her legged instinctively opened enough to get a finger inside, as I played she whimpered and cooed in my ear.

"Jack, either take me in the bedroom and fuck me or take me to lunch."

"It's gotta be lunch baby. Irene pulled every bit of sperm out of my body, I'm not sure I could even get a hardon right now."

"Oh, I'll make it hard, and it will be in me before the night is over. I may only get one load from you tonight, but you're going to ride. Comprende?"

She stepped back, straightened her skirt, checked herself in the hall mirror and took my hand. I grabbed a handful of ass as we walked to the truck, she slapped it and told me not in public. She knew of a taco place she was sure I'd like. As we pulled into the parking lot the only thing I saw were food trucks. She led me to the one serving tacos and ordered for both of us. I have to admit they were the best tacos I'd ever eaten. When we finished she pulled me to the end of the truck, introducing me to her niece and nephew.

Nice kids, in their early twenties, they certainly had a great product. On the drive home Nita told me they wanted to expand, add another truck and hit the other side of town by the mall. I told her to have them come by her place tonight after seven, I'd like to talk with them. She called and asked if they were free that evening, they were, she gave them her address and told them 7:15. We ended up at the mall, she needed soap for the bathrooms from Bed and Bath, coffee beans from Caribou Coffee, and Victorias had bra/panty sets on sale.

I was going to wait outside Victorias on the bench, she told me no way, I was to get my hind end in there with her. Her exact words were, "If I'm going to wear it for you, then you're going to help pick it out."

An hour and three bags later we walked toward the truck. She had gotten two matching sets, a purple garter belt, lavender silk stockings, three more pair of thigh highs and three pair of boy shorts that were just high enough in the front to cover her bush. At home she modeled every single thing except the thigh highs.

She looked hot as hell in that purple belt and lavender stockings. She hadn't put on any panties so her love nest was framed as she stepped directly in front of me.

"Would you like a taste Jack? You can have all you like."

Like a starved animal I dove into her muff, growling, pulling the hair with my teeth as she squealed, giggled and slapped at my head. Stepping away she commented I was a ravenous pervert.

"You told me I could have all I liked, I was simply following your command my dear."

Not being hungry enough for another meal but needing something before the youngsters arrived we had popcorn for supper. Not the microwave stuff, old school popcorn cooked in a pan with oil and butter. Nita had a 2 quart Revere Ware pot that had never been used for anything but popcorn. After thirty plus years of use it was well seasoned and produced mighty good corn. Nita's niece and nephew were right on time, punctuality is one of my pet peeves, there are times when tardiness occurs at no fault of your own, but constantly being late is rude and inconsiderate. Ingrid used to say it was a form of rebellion, I think she was right to a degree.

I was introduced to Raul and Maria as we settled at the kitchen table. Ingrid and I had typically used the kitchen table to discuss business, how interesting that Juanita would do the same. They wondered why we had invited them over, I asked them to tell me about their vision.

"You mean like where we wanna be in five years?"

"Sure. What are your goals, your aspirations, your plans for growth if any?"

At 27 Maria was older than Raul by a year and a half, and while he was the mastermind in front of the grille, it was she who had the business sense to run their operation. They would like to upgrade their current truck to a bigger version and add another truck to sell their product by the mall. I asked if the food court was going to allow them to park in the lot and take business from them?

Maria spoke, "We wouldn't be in the mall lot. There's a city public lot that adjoins to the mall and we would park there. It will require a permit but that won't be an issue, there are already other trucks parking in that area, none of them are offering what we do."

"I've done a little research since we ate at your truck earlier. It looks like you can pick up a full size newer truck ready to go for 35 to 60 grand. There are more expensive versions, but those prices seemed to be the most common."

Maria answered. "What we're looking at now is an older truck that needs some maintenance, but it's all we can afford right now."

I sat back scratching my chin. Looking at Juanita I shrugged my shoulders. Nita spoke up.

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