tagLoving WivesIrene's Seduction

Irene's Seduction


This is a full blown cuckold story written for my friend Oscar. If you are one of the illiterate hate-filled anons lurking in the loving wives section of Literotica, give it your cursory (that means hasty or hurried for the illiterate hate-filled anons) one star and move on.

What drives a woman into the arms of another man? What is it that induces her to remove her clothes and climb into his bed? Why would a woman, married over ten years, lower her unprotected pussy onto a stranger's hard bare cock? Well...in my wife's case it was me. It was something I was yearning for and finally it came true.

My name is Oscar. Let me tell you a little about my wife, Irene. Like me, she is Hispanic and 40 years old. Standing at 5'3" she is just as beautiful today as she was when we married. Her womanly figure along with her long and wavy light reddish brown hair still arouses me when I think about her. Despite her beauty, Irene dressed plain and she was always very self-conscious. Maybe even more so since her body grew into that of a mature woman having given birth to our two children. Until recently, I was the first and only man she had ever slept with.

I would have loved it if Irene wanted to have sex as often as I did, but I have never really been able to get her interested. We had sex only around two to four times per month. Usually it was five to ten minutes in the missionary position until I shot off into the condom and it was over. On the rare occasion Irene allowed me to eat her pussy, she always pushed me off before she reached an orgasm. Although she claimed to enjoy sex with me, I can't remember a time where she really seemed to get into it like other women seem to.

Irene's lack of sex drive often left me seeking my own self-relief while searching the internet. While doing so, a couple of years ago I happened across the story site, Literotica. I found the stories of what other people were doing incredibly stimulating. I tried telling Irene about the website and some of the things I read, but each time she told me she didn't want to hear about all that porn stuff. Eventually, I came across the loving wives section and what I read astounded me. Story after story about wives having sex with other men, began to put images into my head of Irene doing the same thing. My favorites were the cuckold stories. I longed for the day where I am sitting restrained in a chair, with my 4.5" cock straining inside my pants, while watching a large man pushing his massive (always bare and often black) cock into Irene's pussy.

One night, Irene and I were in bed and I had just pushed my condom covered cock into her. Having become so worked up from reading stories on Literotica earlier in the evening, I just blurted out my cuckold fantasies to Irene. She immediately became irate with me. She pushed me off of her and told me I needed to find something to do with myself besides trolling the internet. Needless to say that was one long sleepless night without any sexual release.

The next day when things had calmed down I was able to get Irene to at least hear my point of view. I told Irene that what I wanted was for our sex life to become more inspiring. I told her how the couples I read about used the wife's extramarital experiences as stimulus in making their private lovemaking more powerful. She didn't seem to understand me, but at least Irene calmed down. Later in the day, Irene and I were at the mall. We passed a women's shop which had a really low cut blouse hanging in the window. I pointed out to Irene that she would look stunning in something like that. She just shook her head and kept walking. A few minutes later, Irene blurted out, "So is that what you want me to do? I'm supposed to wear that thing, show off my tits to some guy, and have sex with him?"

"Exactly that!" is what I wanted to say, but my brain was fortunately working better than that at the time. Instead, I told her that she was the most beautiful woman I knew, and that she had no reason to be ashamed to wear something low cut. I could tell her mind was spinning because she was quiet, so I didn't push it. I did notice Irene staring more intently at the clothes displayed in the remaining women's shops we passed.

A couple of weeks went by, again without sex when one day I came home from work to find Irene wearing the blouse I had commented on at the mall. To say I was shocked doesn't tell the whole story. I immediately commented on how great she looked, and that she should wear it to work the next day. Later that night, we finally made love. Even though Irene seemed to be more into the sex than usual, it was still a quick ten minutes and done.

I was disappointed the next day to see Irene dressed, but not wearing the blouse. She told me she could not wear something like that to work and have all the men staring at her tits all day. I really wanted Irene to show off for the men at work, but I knew I couldn't push her. So, I suggested maybe we could go out and have a couple of drinks on the weekend with her wearing it. She didn't say yes, but then again she didn't say no!

We did wind up making a date for that Friday night. Irene told me that if I would make sure the kids were taken to their grandparent's first, that she would meet me at a local bar after she got off work. I was fully expecting when I arrived at the bar to find her in the blouse, but was stunned to also find her in a short skirt which I had never seen before. "Don't get any ideas," was the first thing out of Irene's mouth. "I just changed into this after work for you and no one else." I didn't push my luck, except for occasionally pointing out to Irene which guys were staring at her. Each time she told me I was full of crap.

After a few drinks, we were pretty much both bushed and ready to head home. Just before we left, I caught Irene with an ever so slight smile on her face. I figured some guy must have finally caught her attention while staring. I could see him out of the corner of my eye. However, I didn't want Irene to know I saw her looking, so I waited until we were leaving to get a better look. He wasn't bad looking from what I could see in the darkness, yet the fact that he caught Irene's attention confused me. He was just an average kind of white guy that gives one the impression that you have seen him somewhere before.

When we returned home, we made love for the second weekend in a row. Again, Irene seemed more into it than usual. We were both feeling good from the drinks, so I decided it was time to eat her pussy for the first time in months. Before covering my cock with a condom, I went down on her and found she was absolutely soaked with her own juices. The more I pressed my tongue into her, the hotter she got. At one point, Irene had her hands on my head seemingly grinding my face into wetness. I was imagining that I was eating her pussy after she had been with the stranger at the bar. Just as it seemed Irene was about to cum, I heard her gasp "no" and pushed me off her. She somehow resisted cumming, but I did not. I was so worked up that when I rose up to put my cock in Irene it began involuntarily spurting all over her legs. Like normal, that was all I had in me for the night and was asleep moments later.

Something changed in Irene that night. I couldn't put my finger on it but it was there. Over the next few months, Irene began wearing more and more outfits like the one she wore to the bar. I was still badgering her on occasion about my fantasies, but now she was just blowing me off rather than getting angry. Our sex life had intensified as well. I wasn't getting it every night, but we were now up to at least once per week. Irene was becoming more aggressive in bed as well. She would pull on my ass like she wanted me to fuck her harder. Regardless, my cock could only reach so far inside her and as usual I was spurting into the condom long before Irene had an opportunity to orgasm, herself. I attributed the improvement in our sex life to all of my talk about Irene with strangers, so I just kept doing it. I figured at the very least my prodding was intensifying the lovemaking between us, so what was the harm.

A few weeks later, Irene called me late in the afternoon on a Friday. She told me she needed to stay late at work and help get a project completed before an important deadline. Although it was an unusual request from Irene, I dutifully made sure the girls were fed and then put to bed. It wasn't until after they were asleep that I realized how late Irene was, and began to become concerned. Finally, around 10:30 I heard the front door open and Irene walked in. I hadn't realized when she left the house earlier that she was wearing that low cut blouse and short skirt that she previously wore to the bar with me. She looked worn out from the long day of work. I offered her something to eat but she just wanted to go to bed.

We went up and crawled into bed and Irene was immediately all over me. I was a little surprised. Irene usually won't make the first move. I rolled a condom onto my rock hard cock and started to get ready to push it into Irene. Just when I had the tip of it at her entrance, I noticed something different. Irene had removed her thick reddish brown bush. Her pussy was completely shaved. In my confusion over never having seen her pussy shaved before I paused slightly. Then, before I could enter Irene, I heard her breathlessly whisper "eat me." Although I was shocked that Irene would verbalize her sexual needs. I was far too horny to worry about it. As I lowered myself down Irene's abdomen I felt her soft hands on my head pushing me down. I really didn't need any encouragement, but enjoyed it just the same.

When my lips and tongue reached her labia I found them just as soaked as that night after we went to the bar. This time, however, something was different. She had a slightly pungent and salty taste, nothing like the sweet juices she usually produces when excited. The strange taste made me try to pull back, but Irene kept her hands firmly planted on my head. Once again, yet more strongly and firmly than before, Irene repeated the words that are now seared into my brain, "eat me." I took a deep breath and then buried my tongue inside her sloppy wetness. Irene moaned and then I heard her say, "Is this what you wanted, Oscar?"

I tried to tell myself this wasn't real. I tried to tell myself that Irene was just playing on my attempts to get her to sleep with another man. Part of me reveled in the fact it was really happening, yet part of me feared what was happening between us. My head was spinning from the unfamiliar assault on my taste buds, but I somehow managed to push Irene's hands up far enough to gasp, "Who?"

Irene pushed down hard again forcing my mouth into the gushing wetness. "Len...you know... in sales" Irene responded. Wait...it was him...the man at the bar I caught Irene eying that night was her co-worker, Len. How did I not put that together? He always seemed to be trying to catch glimpses of Irene's ass at her company's annual party. Then it dawned on me. The unfamiliar taste in her pussy was the result of my wife having been with another man! Was this what I really wanted? Did it even matter what I wanted? If it was true...if Irene had really just fucked another man...I couldn't compete...how could I ever compete with him?

Despite my insatiable lust for Irene's sloppy pussy, coupled with my panic of losing her into the arms of another, and along her strong grip on my head I was somehow able to utter the words, "Tell me...please tell me everything."

Irene was writhing in bed from the ministrations of my tongue while asking "What do you want to know?"

"Everything...please tell me everything" I responded. "Where were you? Is this the first time? Was he big? Did you cum? Everything, please...I want to know everything...I have to know everything."

Irene's reply was first "Stop talking and eat me." I never heard her use that kind of forcefulness in bed before. Her vigorous nature was overwhelming me. My cock was harder than it had been in years as I licked around the inside of her thighs and all around her shaved mound, while occasionally lapping at her unbelievable wetness. "Len was trying to get me to go out with him for months" Irene said. "Remember that night in the bar? The one where you made me go out and show off to the world while wearing that slutty outfit? Len was there. He wanted to have sex with me...and I wanted to have sex with him."

Irene was trying to concentrate on her story. More than once, I tried to stop eating Irene so I could just fuck her, but each time she gently pressed my face between her thighs. "You did this" Irene whispered. "You made me fall for another man. The meeting at work tonight didn't take as long as we thought. Len asked me to go for a night cap the bar near my office, and since I knew you were taking care of things here, I agreed. Do you like that? Do you like that I was out with another man while you were home taking care of the children and the house? Do you like that I went on a date with another man? Is that what you really wanted? Does it make you aroused knowing another man has seen me naked...that another man slept with me?"

I was only able to nod affirmatively since Irene's thighs were now clenching the sides of my head. Irene continued with "You know how it goes. One drink turned into two, two into three, and the next thing you knew we were at his flat for another night cap. Needless to say, we never got to the drink. As soon as we were inside, Len's masculine hands were all over me. He is so strong and I felt helpless in his arms. You did this, Oscar. You drove me into Len's arms."

My head was spinning and my stomach churning. The heat disseminating from my wife's pussy contrasted with the cold wet spot forming underneath me as my hard cock leaked pre-cum at the thought of Irene with another man. "Before I knew it we were both naked" Irene continued. "He was so incredibly firm. He was all man, Oscar. He picked me up in his arms and carried me to his bed. There was nothing I could say or do at that point to change this. I knew then tonight would be spectacular."

I lifted my head from between Irene's thighs. There were so many things I wanted to say. There were so many questions I wanted to ask, yet all I could do was stutter out a few words. "Tell me please...tell me more."

"Len laid me on his bed" Irene went on. "His deep blue eyes pierced my very soul. I wanted him inside me. I desperately needed to feel him inside me. I was shaking uncontrollably when Len positioned himself to enter me. Then he pushed forward. He pushed forward into me. Is that what you wanted, Oscar? He pushed and it went inside me, Oscar. It was hard and it was inside your wife, Oscar. I didn't realize how big he was until he pushed. He was thick and it hurt at first. I've never been stretch like that, Oscar. You never stretched me like Len did. But that was only the start. Len pushed all the way inside me. Do you know what I mean Oscar? He was all the way inside me. I could feel him pushing on my cervix, Oscar. You never did that either."

I envisioned Irene lying on her back with her soft thighs spread wide. I gasped as I imagined Len taking his place atop my wife. Irene's luscious hispanic-toned skin undoubted contrasted with Len's white ass as she wrapped her arms and legs around her new lover. Thoughts of Len's cock going into Irene's body forced any type of rational thinking from my brain. "Did he fuck you hard?" I naively asked.

"No Oscar. Len made love to me. He made love to me like a real man. He started out slow at first. After about ten minutes I was sure he was ready to finish, but he kept on going. He was so full of passion and lust for me. I simply wrapped my arms and legs around him and held on. Slowly, Len began increasing his rhythm inside me. His manhood seemed to only get larger inside me. His firm body produced an intense heat between us. Then, he started pushing faster and harder. I knew he was finally ready. I was thrusting back against each one of his plunges. Len started to shake. He pushed hard...one last time he pushed really hard."

I began trembling at the thought of my wife inducing another man to ejaculate into her. In my mind I watched Len tense up in ecstasy as his large cock began spurting voluminous waves into a thin layer of rubber barely protecting my wife from insemination. "Then what Irene? Did he cum a lot? Did he fill the condom?" I asked nervously.

Irene's response only made me bear down harder on her pussy with my tongue. "No, Oscar...I mean yes...I mean no" she said. "It was hot. I've never felt anything like that before. First, Len was shaking and then my body started to shake. We were shaking together...we were shaking in unison. It was an orgasm, Oscar. Len made me have my first orgasm. Ohhhh, it felt so good when he came. I never feel you when you finish, Oscar. I didn't even feel it when you impregnated me with our daughters, but I could feel Len. It was hot and it was pouring into me. I could feel each spurt deep inside me. It was deeper than you ever reached, Oscar. Len is so strong and so virile. Do you think I'm pregnant? Do you think Len impregnated me, Oscar?"

When Irene said that, I pulled her hips towards my face and pushed my tongue as far inside her pussy as I could trying to pull out the seed placed there earlier by Len. It was then I felt it. Irene's body began trembling and then began shaking uncontrollably. She was having an orgasm for me! Irene's thighs involuntarily clamped down on my head. She screamed out "NOT AGAIN...OH FUCK NOT AGAIN!!!" Suddenly, more of Irene's juices than I ever felt flowing from her before inundated my mouth. But, I soon realized it wasn't Irene's juices. It was their juices. It was the remnants of the earlier mating between my wife and her first man other than me. It was the remnants of Irene's copulating with a man who could pleasure her with his expert manhood in a way that I never had and surely never could. When Irene came down from her high, I asked her why she didn't make Len wear a condom. She didn't like the pill and always made me wear a condom for protection.

"His cock was so big and so strong and so beautiful that something in me just said to hell with it." Irene responded. "You aren't mad are you? This is what you wanted wasn't it? Tell me this is what you wanted" she said in a firm tone.

I couldn't deny it. Despite the incredible anxiety from what I just learned, this was what I wanted. Irene didn't let me respond before she continued. "We talked about you in between. Len and I talked about you, Oscar."

I somehow felt violated at that moment. What did she mean? She talked about me with the stranger she was in bed with? I momentarily stopped my tongue work long enough to ask "You talked about me? What do you mean in between? In between what, Irene?"

Irene replied, "In between the first time and the second time we made love, Oscar. Len never went soft like you do after one time. He was ready for more. I was terribly sore after the first time, but when a real man wants sex...you know...well I guess you don't know. He would have made love to me all night long if I could have stayed. I think next weekend I will stay with him. Anyway, in between we discussed some changes that we are going to have to make for this new arrangement."

I had no clue what Irene meant by that last statement. "Arrangement?" I asked. "What new arrangement? What do you mean by arrangement?"

Irene answered with, "Len told me about guys who want their wives to experience real sex with real men. He said he would be willing to share me as your wife, but he's not willing to share my vagina. According to Len, real men don't share that. This is what you want, right? You said you wanted this right? I want this, Oscar. I can't go back to the way it was. You are willing to share me, right? You are willing for me to give my pussy only to Len, right?"

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