Iris stiffened as they entered her small room. The rumpled sheets on her bed still bore the dark stains of her blood from the last time she had seen her father. Tremors ran through her body as remember fears and relived pain took its toll.

"Take a seat." Mai instructed, as she guided Iris on to the edge of her old bed. "I will pack your things."

Shakily Iris nodded as Mai began to empty the sparse contents of Iris's few draws in to a small holdall.

Resting her hand on the bed, Iris felt something square and hard under the cover. Her heart leapt as she realised her notebook was still there and she recovered the thing that had been her lifeline for the long dark months of her existence.

"What should I do with these?" Mai asked, holding up a pack of razorblades.

Iris looked up from the treasured item clenched in her hands, then looked away unable to fully meet Mai's questioning eyes.

"Throw them in the trash, I don't need them anymore." Iris answered, tying to fill her voice with the confidence she needed to feel.

It didn't take long to pack Iris's meagre belongings in to the small duffle Mai had brought with her. A few clothes and the notebook that Iris clung to like it was the life line it had always been.

It was dusk as Mai and Iris exited the building after leaving Officer Lopez to reattach the incident tape to the apartment.

Iris halted for a second to breath in the relatively fresh air. She smiled at Mai glad she was putting that part of her life behind her finally, then an all too familiar stench assailed her senses.

The same stench the apartment reeked of.

Mai yelled something in Japanese as something hit Iris in the back, pushing her in to door of Mai's car. The normal spots of light danced across her vision as she struggled to stand. She was almost aware of Mai screaming in fear as the petite girl cowered before the large figure that growled in hate.

Once again Iris was defenceless as she witnessed her worst nightmare coming to life.

Something inside her broke. She had the two things that had meant so much to her in her miserable existence. Her notebook, still clenched tightly in her hands, and Mai, about to feel the hatred and anger that had been rained on to her own body for so long.

She felt an odd rush of calm descend over her as she made the only logical choice.

Years of abuse and fear fed strength to her arms as she swung the notebook at her father's head. The impact jarred her arms as the notebook glanced off her father's head.

The hate filled face turned towards her as the note book dropped from Iris's numbed fingers.

Whereas before Iris had always cowered away from her father, this time she stood her ground, placing herself between him and Mai, unwilling to let his foul anger sully the pure innocence of the much smaller girl.

"Hey asshole." A voice called out.

Iris's attention snapped from her father to the figure of Maria Lopez standing behind her father, but even she seemed to be dwarfed by the much larger figure of her life long tormentor.

"Great another do-gooder woman." Iris's father slurred before swinging a large meaty fist at the policewoman.

Things moved slowly for Iris. She saw the fist descending towards Maria's head, totally sure the punch was going to land.

Then the policewoman leaned away and launched her own punch straight in to the gut of the bigger man.

Iris was surprised to see her father fold up like a cheap mattress as the breath gushed out of his lungs. She had always seen him as a muscular bear, but Maria had easily broken that illusion. Now he just looked like the drunken bully he was, gasping and vomiting at her feet.

"You have the right to remain silent mutherfucker." Officer Lopez told the ruined heap. "Anything you say may be used against you in a court of law. Even though you deserve to be dumped in the ocean from a great height."

Iris helped Mai to her feet as her father was cuffed and they shared a tight hug.

"You have the right to consult an attorney before speaking to the police, and to have an attorney present during questioning now or in the future." Maria continued in the background. "But if I had my way I would pop a damn bullet in you thick ugly skull."

"You protected me." Mai said slightly amazed. "It was supposed to be the other way around."

"If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you before any questioning if you wish. And I hope you get a long stretch as some nasty fucker's bitch."

A smile broke across Iris's lips at the policewoman's version of the Miranda warning. "I wasn't going to let him do to you, what he did to me Mai."


Twelve months had passed since the day Iris had shed her fear of her father. There had been several interviews at the precinct, and Iris, Mai and Maria Lopez had given evidence at her father's trial. Which had lasted less than a day. The pictures of Iris's injuries had drawn gasps of horror from the jury, and after her moment on the stand, the defence all but gave in and tried to do a deal of diminished responsibility. The Judge threw that out immediately.

After the trial, Mai and Iris spent a good amount of time getting much closer. It had been difficult early on. Iris woke up on many occasions screaming from relived fears, but Mai was always there to comfort her.

The first time they became intimate, Iris had been uncomfortable about letting Mai see her body, and Mai had choked back tears over the number of scars on her love's body, not having realised just how bad things had been for Iris. She had settled for promising to kiss every scar and blemish until Iris became a little more relaxed about how she looked.

Maria had become a firm friend of the two younger women, and had sponsored Iris's application in to the LAPD. A move that had surprised Mai, but had been the most obvious choice to Iris. From the first moment she had seen Maria, she had seen an image of hope and strength, then after witnessing how Maria had easily faced down her father, Iris knew that she wanted to protect people from the horror and fear she had lived through.

At just over eighteen she had been at the very bottom age limit for induction, but with a serving Officers sponsorship, she had been accepted. Iris then surprised everyone by becoming top in every class and graduated as the highest scoring applicant of the intake.

Her journey through the training course had been one of self-discovery, her fears and self-loathing had evaporated as her fitness levels and confidence had risen. Throughout the course, she had gone from feeling worthless to feeling significant, all because of Mia's love and Maria's positive nature.

The pair of them had trained and schooled Iris, who constantly nagged them to push her harder. Now her graduation was the result of all of their hard work. And just as importantly to Iris, she could not only pay her own way, but help fund Mia through her collage years.


As she marched up to received her reward and graduation certificate, Iris had spotted Mai, resplendent in a bright scarlet dress, beaming at her from the audience and she put a little more swagger in to her stride wanting to show off a little to her lover.

There had been the normal speeches after the ceremony, followed by a meet and greet by the Mayor. Mai had stunned him by asking if he could take a picture of Herself, Iris and Maria, but he had taken the snap with a grin, then thanked Iris for being an example to others.


The apartment door banged open and the two women nearly fell through the open doorway. There was a brief pause in the kissing as Iris kicked the door closed again.

Mai ran her fingers through Iris's short cropped hair. "You know I love your hair like this, and I think I like women in uniform." Mai panted as their lips parted.

"Any women?" Iris joked. "Or do you have one in mind?"

"Well there is this one girl... but I don't think it will work out." Mai replied coyly.

Iris put on a fake frown. "Why's that then?"

"Well she is a bit 'by the rules' sort of girl, and I don't think she would use her issue handcuffs on me while we made love."

Iris froze. "Handcuffs? You've never mentioned that before."

"Well I've never made love to a policewoman before." Mai said giggling.

Their lips met hungrily again for a few moments.

"I suppose my strip search techniques could use some practice." Iris whispered in Mai's ear, and was rewarded with a slight shudder. "And although it would be a flagrant disregard of regulations, if I put it down to training, I think we could bend the rules a little."

"Will you need to strip search many women?" Mai asked with fake indignation.

"Only the ones that may be hiding something." Iris answered, giving Mai's bottom a quick squeeze.

"How do you know that I'm not hiding anything." She gasped.

Iris stepped back to hold Mai at arm's length. "Well first I will have to perform a weapons search."

"Show me." Mai whispered.

Gently Iris spun Mai around and placed the smaller woman's hands on the apartment wall, so that her arms were above her head. Slowly Iris let her fingertips drift down Mai's arms, caressing her skin. When her hands reached Mai's shoulders, she changed the flow so that her hands ran across Mai's shoulders and under the long black hair.

Mai shuddered as Iris's fingers touched the nape of her neck.

The searching fingers gently ran the length of Mai's back, following every subtle curve under the red dress, to just above where Mai's back met her pelvis, then reversed direction allowing themselves to run upwards under Mai's exposed armpits, inducing a slight wriggle and a stifled snigger.

Iris leaned in closer, allowing Mai's precious scent to fill her senses, before letting her hands run down Mai's chest. Her hands gently cupping the small breasts through the silky material and enticing two small nubs of hardness, which Iris tweaked to make Mai gasp again, before moving downwards.

Exerting a little more pressure, Iris ran her hands across Mai's flat stomach dropping lower an inch at a time, until she was rewarded by a small moan of pleasure as her fingers crossed Mai's pantie line. Immediately Iris changed direction again to run fingers across Mai's pert bottom, hesitating to give each cheek a squeeze, then down the outside of each shapely legs to Mai's ankles.

Iris marvelled at the silky smoothness of Mai's perfect legs and she planted a light kiss on the back of a thigh before running her hands back up the inside of Mai's legs, loving how she smaller woman raised herself up on to tiptoes as Iris's hands slipped under the close fitting dress, and pushed the soft garment upwards until her hands touched the top of Mai's inner thighs.

As Iris removed her hands from Mai's body, the Asian woman whimpered quietly.

"Well it doesn't look as though you have any concealed weapons." Iris said as she placed a light kiss on Mai's ear, her breath making Mai shudder again. "Although to be sure we had better remove this dress."

"Oh please don't officer. I am innocent." Mai said stifling a giggle as she played out her role.

A grin split Iris's face. "Innocent?" She managed to say as she slowly tugged on the zipper.

Material peeled back to reveal Mai's bare skin, broken only by the pure white of her bra and the striking purple of the Iris tattoo. Iris guided Mai's arms down then pushed the red dress off her shoulders. With the zip only half undone the garment fell partway down, caught on Mai's narrow hips.

"Best check this out as well." Iris informed as she popped the fastener on Mai's bra, then pushed the small garment to the floor.

Mai automatically moved to cover herself.

"Oh no little lady, you have to have the cuffs on now." Iris told her, trying to adapt to her role. She felt a tremor run through Mai as the steel cuffs clicked over the petite wrists, and Iris wondered just how far Mai wanted her to go with this role play, and if she could carry it through.

"Are you a flight risk?" Iris asked running her finger tips down Mai's spine.

"Oh I am Officer." Mai breathed, her voice barely more than a whisper.

"I think we had better make sure you can't run then." Iris said glancing around. Gently she ushered Mai to one side and secured the cuffs over a coat hook on the back of the door. It was just high enough to keep Mai's arms above her head, but not too high to make it uncomfortable.

Now Mai was stood facing the door, her arms above her head and exposed from the waist up. Iris paused to take in the perfect beauty of Mai's body. There was something so pure about it, unmarked and unsullied by anything. Iris could easily loose herself in that angelic form.

Iris leaned in closer and placed a soft kiss on the tattoo on Mai's shoulder. That very same tattoo Mai had shown her all those months ago. Now her training was over, Iris planned to have Mai's name in Japanese tattooed in exactly the same place on her shoulder as a surprise for her lover.

Mai trembled under the touch of Iris's lips, and a soft tug on the zipper of Mai's dress was all it took for the garment to fall away from her hips and drop to the floor.

Iris couldn't resist running her hands over Mai's nearly nude form again, loving how she moved and twitched with every minute contact.

Mai whimpered every time Iris's hands touch her last item of clothing in anticipation of them being removed. Something Iris dearly wanted to do, but also wanting to draw out the experience as long as possible. She flicked the elastic of Mai's panties bringing forth a muted squeak of pleasure, then placed both her hands on Mia's lower back and let them slip slowly downwards until her fingertips edged under that same elastic and over the cheeks of Mai's bottom.

Mai moaned and twisted as Iris paused to cup the slim cheeks in her palms. A brief squeeze lifted Mai on to her toes, then Iris pushed the thin material over the delicate round mounds of Mai's bottom. Gradually the last item of clothing dropped lower and lower until they fell away under their own weight to rest around Mai's feet.

"I suppose we had better unhook you ready for processing." Iris whispered in Mai's ear, before flickering a dainty earlobe with her tongue.

Carefully, so not to bruise Mai's flawless skin, Iris unhooked the cuffs from where they were secured and let Mai step out of the clothing bunched around her feet as she turned around to face Iris.

For a long moment Iris just looked deeply in to those ebony eyes that were filled with admiration and love.

Wordlessly Iris reached out and unlocked the cuffs, with a clunk they dropped to the floor and Iris pulled Mai's naked form close in to hers.

"Sorry Mai." She breathed in to the raven hair. "You are far too beautiful to wear those things and I can't abide to see you marred by anything."

Iris half expected Mai to protest at her actions, but as it was she melted in to her arms, holding tightly to Iris's body.

"That is so beautiful Iris." Mai told her looking up from the deep embrace. "Will you settle for taking me to bed?"

A tear stung Iris's eye as she smiled happily and scooped the small woman in to her arms. Mai giggled as she was carried over to the bed by the window and laid gently down on the covers.

"Did I tell you that I love how strong you are now." Mai told her.

Iris felt a little colour rise to her cheeks, embarrassed at the compliment. It was true that her physical strength had blossomed with the training routine Maria had made up for her, plus the greatly improved diet Mai had put together, which was a massive improvement on what she had been eating in her previous life.

"Do you want to see my muscles Mai?" Iris joked shyly.

"Oh yes." Mai said grinning and rolling on to her side. "I would pay to see you naked."

Iris felt her face flush again. Whereas before she had zero confidence in her own body, but now even with the scars that hadn't faded, she was quite proud of how she looked. More testimony to Mai's love and care.

Trying to hold Mai's gaze, Iris unbuckled her issue belt and hooked it over the end of the bed. She had been tempted to perform a tantalising striptease, but wearing her dress uniform she wasn't about to start throwing items around, so she settled for carefully removing her shoes then shirt, which was folded neatly and placed on a chair. Then she took off the dark blue trousers which were also folded neatly and placed on top of the shirt. Dressed in just her form fitting underwear, Iris placed her hands on her hips, aware, but unashamed of the thin white lines that crisscrossed her arms and legs. Mai had accepted the scars of Iris's past, and so Iris had learnt to accept them as well.

Mai patted the bed beside her as an invite for Iris to join her. "Come and make love to me, sexy cop woman."

"Well our motto is; To Protect and to Serve." Iris said as she slipped next to Mai. "So I guess I have to do as you ask."

"Oh yes I like that idea." Mai giggled. "My own personal police protection."

"How about you just kiss me?" Iris suggested before Mai had the idea of using the cuffs on her.

Their lips locked together once more, tongues entwining. Iris returned to her fingertip search technique on Mai's skin, and Mai worked her hands around to try and unfasten Iris's bra in an effort to free the firm breasts beneath it.

"It doesn't have a fastener Mai." Iris said through a smile as familiar Japanese cursing came to her ears.

With the bra out of the way Mai locked her mouth on to one of Iris's nipples, alternating between nibbling and licking as she let her hands go to work on Iris's panties.

It always amazed Iris at just how mobile Mai's hands were. She had the ability of using her mouth hands and feet all independently, to touch, stroke and excite. She was a little jealous as she had to work hard to bring Mai to climax level, where her little partner seemed to know exactly how to raise Iris up very easily.

Iris gasped as Mai switched nipples while gently flicking at her now exposed nub, already feeling her arousal climbing beyond reach. She allowed her thumb to rub over Mai's swollen wet lips and tenderly press on Mia's sensitive spot, as her index finger slipped in to the damp folds, searching for the one part of Mai's body that always levelled the playing field.

She clearly lifted Mai as teeth bit down a little harder, making Iris wince.

As they climbed higher they pair of women wrapped each other closer, Mai burying her face in Iris's breasts, Iris nuzzled in to Mai's neck. Fingers stroked and played with each other's sensual zones until the climaxed within seconds of each other, both women crying out each other's names as they pushed further past they thought possible.

Iris lay awake. Mai still wrapped in her arms and breathing evenly whilst she slept. Casting her mind back to how things had been, Iris was still in awe at how different her life was now. Oddly she silently thanked her father. If he hadn't been the monster he had been, she would possibly have never found the happiness she had now.

A few minute later Iris fell asleep, a smile on her lips.

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