tagErotic CouplingsIrish Men Love to Fuck Ch. 02

Irish Men Love to Fuck Ch. 02


"I cannot find my necklace!" I cried in haste. Lynn was holding the door open and we were late for our class.

"Find it later! It doesn't matter!" Lynn sighed loudly.

"It's my favorite necklace." I threw my bag over my shoulder and headed down the stairs. "You know what?" I stopped in front of Lynn at the door.

"What is that?" Lynn asked sarcastically.

"I haven't seen it since that night. I think I left it over at Brian's." I gave her a look as I thought about that night two weeks ago and then walked out the front door and straight into of all people, Brian. He looked good enough to eat. He was dressed in tight black jeans and a black t-shirt with the Jack Daniel's logo on the front. His hair was spiked up and gelled, but still managed to look casual.

"Hello me lass." Brian's strong Irish accent made me weak again. I hadn't heard from him or seen him in almost two weeks.

"Hi." I said breathlessly.

"Is this what you left at my place?" Brian held up my necklace from his hand.

"Yes!" I cried out in surprise and went to take it from him, but he held it out away from me.


"Can we talk?" Brian asked.

"She can't." Lynn cut in. "We're late for class." Lynn pulled on my arm.

"After class then?" Brian's eyes met mine.

"We've got homework." Lynn replied for me. I wondered what she was up to.

"Well how about this, I'll keep your necklace until we talk." Brian smiled.

"Bu-" I complained.

"Sounds great. We've got to go." Lynn pulled me after her and down towards campus. We left Brian standing on our porch.

"What was that about?" I asked her, blood rushing to my face.

"Julie, you don't want to fall for a guy like him. He sleeps around. He's got a different girl every night. He's probably only here because he doesn't have a girl lined up for tonight. You will only get hurt. He's not looking for a relationship. He's looking for casual sex." Lynn sighed heavily.

"I think it was different between us." I mumbled quietly.

"Trust me it probably wasn't." We reached our class and surprisingly weren't late. I zoned most of the class, thinking of Brian and the casual sex that had happened between us that night.

After class we walked quietly back to our apartment. When we got into view I noticed someone on our porch. We grew closer and I gasped. Brian was on our porch, smoking a cigarette. I stopped before the stairs to our porch and Brian looked down at me.

"Julie!" I heard someone yell. I turned to see a good friend of ours, Patrick, emerging from the apartment next to ours.

"I'll be inside. I don't think I want to witness this." Lynn smiled at me and headed inside.

"Patrick, hi!" Brian eyed him suspiciously. Patrick came over and wrapped his arms around me, kissing me quickly on the lips. We weren't really dating. We mostly just went out together as friends although I had a good feeling he wanted something more. Brian stood up from the chair located on our porch, hoping to catch my eye.

"Who the hell is that? Do you know him? He's been standing on your porch for almost three hours." Patrick gave him a dirty look. I wriggled from his gasp and laughed.

"Yes I know him. Brian come here." I looked at Brian. He came over to us and I introduced them. "Brian this is Patrick, Patrick, Brian." They shook hands, sizing each other up. "I'll see you later Patrick?" I smiled at him.

"Yeah...sure, I suppose. I just wanted to make sure you were alright." Patrick gave Brian another warning look and headed down the road.

"Is that your boyfriend?" Brian asked, a hint of jealousy in his voice.

"No, just a friend." I stared at him intently.

"A friend huh? Seems like he wants more than that." Brian looked at him and then back at me.

"He does. I don't." I shifted. "What did you want to talk about?"

"Well, Kellan and I were hoping we could cook you girls dinner." Brian shrugged.

"So you could fuck us again?" I squinted my eyes at him.

"If it came to that." Brian smiled sheepishly.

"You know I have a lot to do. We both do. We're both in school."

"Not high school I hope?" A look of fear flashed across his face.

"No college. We're both over age. Although it's a little late now isn't it?" I said angrily.

"Come on Julie. I would like to see you again. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together." Brian grabbed my arm.

"I dunno. I'll have to ask Lynn." I faced him.

"I'll wait here." Brian smiled confidently, prepared not to leave until he had both of us with him.

"Fine." I walked away from him when he called after me, "How old are you anyways?"

I spun around and couldn't help but smile. He looked so adorable. I blew him a kiss and replied, "Twenty-two." I opened our door and found Lynn leaning near the window. Apparently she had been watching.

"How did it go?"

"Patrick is jealous as hell and surprisingly so is Brian." Lynn raised her eyebrows at this. "And...Kellan and Brian want to make us dinner. At his place I think."

"Kellan?" Lynn asked, her voice softening.

"You told me not to fall for Brian, yet you've already fallen for Kellan?" I cried in amazement.

"Kellan isn't like Brian. He's more of a gentleman." Lynn fought.

"They are both like that! Brian may be worse, but they have a whole system. That night we were with them was totally planned out." I said curtly.

"Brian hasn't even attempted to make contact in two weeks. I've been talking with Kellan every night for the past two weeks." Lynn blurted out.

"What? And you didn't tell me?" I glanced out the window at Brian, standing patiently in our yard, my thoughts jumbled.

"I didn't want you upset that Brian wasn't talking to you. Kellan said he's been with a different girl every night since you. Brian is not looking for a relationship!" Lynn threw her hands in the air.

"I understand." Tears welled in my eyes. "Did you still want to go to dinner to see Kellan?" I asked.

"Of course. But I want to change." Lynn ran upstairs. I looked down at myself. Tight light blue jeans and a tight pink long sleeved shirt. Good enough for me. If Brian wasn't interested in a relationship, I wouldn't go out of my way to impress him.

I opened the door and he smiled in anticipation. He came to me and told me to turn around. I did as he said and he clasped my necklace around my neck. Before he moved away I could've sworn I felt him brush his lips against my neck. Or maybe it was just his breath I felt.

"Lynn'll be right out. She's changing." I decided to test him a little. I turned to face him. "Did you know Kellan and Lynn have been talking every night? They are becoming quite the two little love birds." I laughed gently.

"So I've heard. Lucky for him." Brian smoothed my hair and looked into my eyes. "You look absolutely gorgeous today. So casual."

"Casual eh?" I rolled my eyes. Just like he liked it. Casual.

"Great, my car is right over there." Brian pointed across the street at a silver Porsche parked in the road.

"That's your car??" I screamed in delight. "It's gorgeous." He held my hand as we walked over towards it. Lynn came bounding down the steps after us.

"Hey, wait up. Don't even think about leaving me here." Lynn caught up with us. She stopped and stared at the car. "This is your ride?"

"Sure is, get in." Brian opened his door and let Lynn climb into the back seat. I walked over and climbed into the front seat on the passenger side. Brian climbed in after Lynn and started up the car, which began to purr. He drove the short distance to his place and Lynn and I both marveled at how beautiful it was during the day.

"This is where I stay when I need to get away and when I'm not filming." Brian pulled me close to him and held my hand. We walked to the front door and Kellan swung it open. He was dressed like a chef, with a tall white hat, a white apron that read, "Kiss me, I'm Irish", and he held a long wooden spoon in his hand.

"Hey honey!" Kellan handed Brian the spoon and wrapped his arms around Lynn pulling her close to him. He pressed his lips to hers and they both murmured. Brian shoved Kellan out of the doorway and pulled me into his place.

"I'll give you the entire tour today." Brian's eyes met mine and he looked me over. He nodded and kissed me impressively quick on the lips. The room opened up into the quaint living room. Near the back left of the room was the downstairs bathroom. "This was the only bathroom when I bought it, but I found I needed a private bathroom since I have company so much. That's when I built the second, larger one upstairs." He led me to the right, back through the living room where an open doorway led to the kitchen. It was a gorgeous kitchen, equipped with several windows along the wall and it held a small table and chairs, for four. I could smell the sweet scent of pasta in the air. A huge pot on the stove, proved my sense of smell to be correct.

"You guys are cooking us pasta?" I giggled.

"Uh-ahhh-ahhhh...Not just pasta..." He walked over to a second pot on the stove and lifted the lid revealing a cream sauce. "Two kinds of sauce." Brian inhaled the scent and moved close to me. He brushed his lips against my cheek and whispered slowly into my ear, "You look absolutely divine today." Brian held me tightly by the waist, his fingers digging into my soft flesh. He pressed his lips to mine roughly, trying to deepen the kiss immediately. Reaching up, I put my hands on his chest and pushed him away.

"Don't." I turned away and practically scrambled out of the kitchen. Lynn and Kellan were cuddling on the couch.

"Julie..." Brian caught up with me and grabbed my hand. "Let me show you the rest." He pulled me up the stairs. This was all too familiar to me. "Well, you know my bedroom." We walked through his bedroom, most of which was unkempt. His bed was unmade, his blanket hanging over the edge of his bed. Used condom wrappers were lying on the nightstand, surrounded by Brian's jewelry. I took an unsteady breath, willing away the dizziness. "My bathroom." Brian flipped on the light. I walked in slowly.

"This is nice Brian." I smiled and turned. He was nonchalantly slipping the condom wrappers in his pocket. I scoffed, "You don't have to fool me. For one I already saw them. And for another, I know you've been with a different girl every night since me. I don't care. We're not a couple. You don't have to play off that you are someone else with me."

"How-uh how did you know?" Brian looked around uncomfortably.

"Kellan." I answered heedlessly. I walked to the other side of the room. A pair of blue cotton underwear was on the floor, almost hidden under the bed. They were women's. I rolled my eyes and sighed.

"Kellan doesn't know everything luv." Brian started my way. I held my hand up in protest. Bending down, I slipped one finger along the rim of the underwear and picked them up.

Flinging them at Brian's chest I replied, "I think these explain it all anyways." He caught them and tossed them in his wastepaper basket.

"Julie babe, everything is not as it seems." Brian held her hands together in his. "Let me show you my other room." I wondered if he thought his other room would win me over somehow. His eyes met mine and I couldn't help but relax. The look in his eyes was filled with integrity. A personality trait I wasn't too sure he was filled with.

"Alright." With my hand securely in his, we walked to the end of the hallway. Brian opened the closed door to reveal a small room filled with bookcases, built into the walls. They covered the opposite walls of the room. Books were sporadically placed on the bookshelves. Amongst the books were various awards, which he'd received for his acting. A desk sat in the middle of the room underneath the window.

"This room was originally a second bedroom but I had the bookcases built in and I renovated it into my trophy room." Brian beamed. He was proud of his work.

"I like it. I'm a big reader...and writer..." I blushed. I hated talking about myself. Brian came over to me, testing my mood. I stood fixated on my spot and he slowly touched my waist. My breath was caught in my chest and I sucked in a tiny bit of air. Brian slid his hands around my waist and pulled me against his strong muscular body. I loosened my body and leaned against him. Sliding his hands up my waist, his mouth met mine. I wanted to resist, but his smell was intoxicating. I figured one little kiss wouldn't hurt anyone. This time I let him deepen the kiss. His tongue traveled inside my mouth. I wondered if he knew his mouth was so sweet. He massaged my tongue with his, savoring it. I moaned into his mouth; my hands glided up his arms and grasped his broad shoulders. I pulled the short sleeves of his shirt up his arms so I could clutch the bare skin on his shoulders. I dug my fingers in his hot flesh.

I knew I shouldn't be teasing him, especially since I was trying to be cautious about my feelings for him but I couldn't help it. He had such magnetism about him. I wanted my mouth all over him and I wanted him fucking me again. I wanted to taste his cock and tweak his nipples. I wanted his hands on my tits, and I wanted him to crush them beneath his well-defined chest. Trying to please that urge, I pressed my breasts against his chest.

Brian backed me further into the room and swung the door shut with a free hand. We moved closer to the desk and he kicked the chair away. It rolled across the room and bounced off the bookcase gently. Brian grabbed my waist and lifted me up on the desk. He pulled me to the very edge and spread my legs. He moved in between them and I could feel him growing hard against my own throbbing ache. I wondered if he could feel my heat through my jeans.

I stealthily moved my fingers inside the rim of his jeans and he moved against me. I unzipped them and slid my hand inside and massaged him. His thighs bucked against my hand and I clutched onto him harder. I began stroking his cock, from the base of his shaft up to his head. My fingers manipulated him and he was solid as a rock in a few seconds. He groaned under my touch. I stroked him slowly at first until he started naturally fucking my hand. I ran my hand faster over his cock, tightening my grip a little at his head. Brian's hands found their way up my shirt, and under my bra. He squeezed my breasts tightly, my nipples growing hard the instant his fingers touched them. I moved quicker over his cock and I heard him panting in my ear.

"Hey guys," Kellan started up the stairs calling to us, "Dinner's ready."

"Be right there." I called quickly. I slipped off the edge of the desk and dropped to my knees. Brian gasped with pleasure, hoping he knew what I was going to do. I unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down a few inches. I pulled his large cock out and before I knew it, Brian's hands were on my head and he was guiding his cock into my mouth.

"Dinner is ready." Brian fucked my mouth, his head grazing the back of my throat. I was deep throating him as much as I could. I looked up at him to see a smile spread across his face. He spread his legs, giving him a better stance on the ground and while holding both sides of my head; he began guiding his cock in my mouth in quick thrusts.

"Fuck...luv..." Brian's grip in my hair tightened as he pressed his cock deeper into my mouth. "Hum..." Brian begged. I began humming lightly, the vibrations sending Brian over the edge. He groaned loudly and then his body went stiff. I felt his warm liquid hit the back of my throat. I swallowed instantly, feeling more cum sliding down my throat. I sucked him hard, making him jerk into my mouth. He let out a huge breath of air and released his grip on my hair. He backed his cock out of my mouth. I swallowed the remaining cum and wiped my mouth.

"Do you expect me to eat dinner now?" I looked up at him shyly. He smiled down at me and put himself away. He pulled me off the ground and kissed me on the lips.

"Fucking great shite luv." Brian opened the door and I followed him down to the kitchen to where Lynn and Kellan were already eating.

"Couldn't wait until tonight eh?" Lynn shot Brian a very untrusting look.

"Dinner looks great." Brian walked over to the stove, ignoring Lynn's comment. "Sit down luv, I'll make your plate." Brian made a motion to the table. I was giddy as I sat down. I watched Brian, noticing that his face was flushed. I assumed mine was as well.

He brought me my plate. A sampler dish of both sauces made with farfalle pasta. We all ate in silence. Brian made me seconds and watched me while I ate, pleased with his and Kellan's dinner. Finally when we all finished I complimented them both on a wonderful dinner.

"You guys wanna go dancing?" Kellan rinsed the dishes in the sink and turned to face us.

"Sounds great!" Lynn jumped from the table. I looked over at her. She had changed into a short black skirt and a light blue v-neck shirt. She looked ready to dance. I didn't however.

"Nah, I don't think I wanna go." I shook my head and handed Kellan my plate.

"Come on Julie..." Kellan urged me.

"I'm not dressed for the clubs. I'm in old school clothes." I laughed.

"So we'll swing by your place and you can change." Kellan looked to Brian for agreement.

"Yeah. That's cool." Brian placed the leftovers in the fridge and excused himself to change as well.

"Let's talk." Lynn pulled on my arm and we headed towards the door. "We'll be waiting outside Kel."

"Kel?" I asked once we were outside.

"Eh, it's something I picked up when we were making love. The rest of his name never seemed to make it past my lips, so I stuck with Kel." She shrugged. "Now tell me, you didn't fuck Brian again did you?"

"No!" I shook my head.

"Then what was going on upstairs? We could hear Brian moaning pretty loudly."

"Well..." I smiled and began blushing. "At first we were only making out and then I started stroking his cock a little...and then I sucked him off." I took a deep breath when Brian and Kellan came out of the house. Brian was now dressed in black slacks and a long sleeved green button up shirt. It had a large collar and large cuffs. The first few buttons on his shirt were unbuttoned and his cuffs were unbuttoned and loose flaring around his wrists. His hair was a spiked up a little more than it had been. Kellan was dressed similar, with black slacks and his shirt was dark blue and did not have a large collar or large cuffs. Just a simple button up. His hair was combed back and spiked up a little.

"Don't let him fool you Julie." Lynn warned.

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