tagErotic CouplingsIrish Men Love to Fuck Ch. 03

Irish Men Love to Fuck Ch. 03


*This Chapter contains real celebrities, there's no harm intended by the use of their names. It is merely to point out the celebrity club used in this Chapter. Thank you!*

"You ready luv?" Brian led us to his Porsche and we all climbed inside. We headed to my place and I rushed upstairs to change. I found my little dark blue school girl skirt with the pleats in it and slipped it on. Then I looked for my v-neck black shirt which showed off a little of my stomach. It also had slits down both arms. It was open in the back, showing off the upper part of my back. I threw that on and applied some quick makeup. I slipped into my black sandals with two inch heels. I took a quick glance in the mirror and bounded down the stairs. I stopped and ran back upstairs, grabbed a condom and slipped it in my small black purse. We were going to a popular private club. Mostly for celebrities. I didn't know who I might run into. Smiling I ran back downstairs. Climbing into the Porsche I heard Brian lose his breath.

"I am ready." I giggled uncontrollably. Brian looked at me out of the corner of his eye, checking me out. We arrived at the club and Brian left his car for the valet service. We walked into the club and I looked around in amazement. The place was gorgeous. Much nicer than any club Lynn or I had ever been in. Large leather sofas were located sporadically throughout the rooms. Waitresses were everywhere, taking orders, removing empty drinks. A large dance floor was located in the middle of the biggest room. A D.J. booth was unable to see. Large cages were surrounding the room, where exotic dancers gyrated. Music pumped out of everything and I felt my heart thumping. We were immediately led to a booth, with velvet seats. It must've been Brian's regular booth. Lynn and I both looked around frantically, hoping to catch a glimpse of some famous hottie. The place was packed with people but I wasn't sure if I knew anyone.

"I am gonna go to the bathroom. I'll be right back." I left my purse with Lynn and slid out of the booth. The bathroom was just as nice as the rest of the club. The floor was made of granite. The stalls looked like a faux marble. I slipped inside and relieved myself. When I went to the sink it was made of pure chrome. I looked around and realized the walls were made of glass. They were full length mirrors surrounding the room. I looked for a towel and realized there was another room attached to the bathroom. I approached it slowly. A man was in the room standing by a table. There were several towels on the table as well as three baskets filled with lotions and perfumes. I made small chat and dried my hands. I noticed a tip basket and cursed myself for not bringing my purse with me. I thanked him thoroughly and told him chances were he would see me again that night. Lynn had always told me that when I drink I have a tendency to pee constantly.

"Hello." A man's voice caught my attention as I was heading back to the table. I turned and found myself face to face with Dominic Monaghan. He was one of the biggest stars from Lost, but I knew him better as Merry from the Lord Of The Rings trilogy.

"Hi." I said breathlessly. His hair was spiked up in several directions and he wore tan khakis with a white button up shirt.

"Would you like to dance?" Dominic held out his hand to me.

"Sure." I looked over at the table. The waitress had just brought their drinks.

"I'm Dom." He looked down into my eyes.

"Julie." He wrapped his arms around me and we began slow dancing to Britney Spears' "Everytime."

You are very beautiful Julie." He complimented me in his strong Scottish accent.

"Thank you." I blushed and glanced back over at the table. Brian was looking around. Probably wondering where I had gone. I saw Lynn's eyes fall on me and she pointed casually towards us.

"Are you here with anyone?" Dom asked, brushing his lips along my ear.

"Actually a friend of mine, Kellan O'Shea and Brian McKinney." I said sheepishly.

"Ah I see." Dom pressed his body a little tighter against me. I looked over at the table again and Brian was staring intently at us. I saw him stand up and start heading our way. I turned away and asked Dom the same thing.

"I'm here with Billy Boyd. Just hanging out and drinking." Dom pointed over to their table. Billy Boyd had played opposite Dom in Lord Of The Rings, as Pippin.

"Mind if I cut in?" Brian put his hand on Dom's arm. Dom gave me a quick glance and said,

"Not at all." Then he turned to me. "Could I have your number?"

"You have a pen?" I asked. I heard Brian breathing heavily next to me.

"At my table."

"Be right back Brian." I followed Dom back to his table and wrote my number on a napkin. "See you later." I sauntered back to Brian who was still standing in the same spot. Another song had come on, a medium paced song by Nina Sky. We gyrated against each other. He put his hands protectively on my waist and ground his lower body into mine.

"Why'd you cut in?" I asked angrily.

"He's a shmuck. You don't wanna be around him." Brian placed his hands on my lower back. I held onto his shoulders, my favorite part of his body, minus his cock.

"Please, he is not. Don't be a jerk." I scoffed, pressing my hips harder into his.

"Fuck him." Brian leaned down running his lips along my jaw. He moved to my ear and whispered, "You look fucking hot enough to eat. I can't keep my eyes," he slowly ran his fingers up my shirt, "or my hands off you." I felt him growing hard against my belly. He nibbled on my earlobe and soon his mouth found mine. This was when I always lost it with him. I pushed away and thankfully the song ended. I walked away from him, swinging my hips as I walked, giving him the tease of a lifetime. I sat down at our table and finished my drink in three gulps.

"Who were you dancing with?" Lynn asked excitedly.

"Dom Monaghan." I giggled.

"The shmuck." Brian sat down and placed his hand immediately on my upper thigh.

"Oh my god really?" Lynn looked over at their table.

"Yeah, she even gave him her number." Brian rolled his eyes and slipped his fingers up under my short skirt.

"You are so bad. Dom Monaghan." Lynn let out a low whistle. She was cuddled up to Kellan and his arm was around hers.

"What's the matter Brian? Not like yourself tonight." Kellan glanced at him.

"Fine." Brian smiled and downed his Guinness. Under the table, his fingers found the rim of my lace panties. He spread my legs wider and slipped his fingers inside my panties. I gasped quietly and looked over at Lynn who was kissing Kellan passionately. Brian was leaning back casually as if nothing was going on. He dipped a finger down to my pussy and I heard him catch his breath at how wet I was.

"Come with me." Brian pulled me out of the booth. We headed towards the dance floor but went passed it and Brian pressed me against a wall near the back of the club. He molded his body to mine and kissed me passionately. His hands were up my shirt, playing innocently with my breasts. I looked around wondering if anyone was watching us, but no one was.

"I'm gonna eat you now." Brian lifted me up and wrapped my legs around his waist. He carried me into the men's bathroom and took me into the primping room. He handed the man by the table a single bill. The man smiled, slipped the bill in his pocket and told Brian to have a nice evening. He then stood outside the room a little. I assumed it must've been a lot of money. He laid me on one of the couches and kneeled down on the floor. My heart was pumping and my head was spinning. He pulled me to the edge and flipped my skirt up. He ripped my panties off and tossed them on the edge of the couch. I felt the soft leather beneath my bare ass and held my breath.

Brian spread my legs wide and buried his face in me. His hot breath on me gave me chills and I whined. His warm tongue bathed my clit, sending the most extreme pleasure up my body. I couldn't help but writhe against his face. He held two fingers on either side of my sensitive bud and licked me over and over. His other hand held my waist and helped me writhe against him. I gripped onto his hair and pulled his face deeper into my small bush, begging for more. I felt his tongue glide up my clit and then back down. He nibbled it precisely and I bucked under his touch. I heard him moaning quietly.

Apparently I tasted good enough to eat as well. My grip in his hair tightened as he slid two fingers deep inside my pussy. I could feel the how slippery it was with my juices mixing with his saliva. I felt him clicking his tongue on my hard little clit, causing my body to jerk uncontrollably. He darted his tongue back and forth over my jewel and he fucked me with his fingers. I started moaning more and then I felt his entire tongue licking my nub. He was fully lapping me now and I was shuddering against his face. I felt my release close in on me before I knew it and my whole body was shaking. Tears came to my eyes from the pleasure. I wanted to scream so loud and hold Brian's head between my thighs until I stopped shuddering. He tasted me deeply until I calmed down and then he stood over me.

He sucked on his fingers and then dropped his pants. He took himself out and I was marveled that he was already rock hard. He picked me up and set me down on the table.

He thrust his cock inside me and I cried out. Holding my waist tightly, he claimed my pussy, this time with his cock. It was so wet down there I could hear his cock exiting and re-entering me. I scraped my nails down his back as I nibbled his ear. I felt his body strike me, his cock pumping in and out of me, savoring every second. His eyes were clenched tightly, a look of extreme pleasure in his face. He groaned when I tensed the muscles in my pussy, tightening my grasp on him. I did this repeatedly until he came close to his orgasm.

Grabbing me, he carried me to the couch, his cock still embedded inside me and sat on it. I was now riding his dick and I had all the control. I held myself up on my heels and pounced on his cock. He was still clutching my waist, forcing me down and back up, giving the most range of motion along him. I quickened my pace and came on his cock. He said my name as he came and a look of surprise came over me. I pressed my cheek against his as he emptied his load inside me. I climbed off and cursed myself. It was the second time we'd forgotten to use a condom.

I slid my panties on and glanced over at Brian who was digging his cigarettes out of his pocket. He lit one and took a long drag. He motioned for me to go to him and I pressed my body against his. He held his cigarette away from me and kissed my mouth passionately. For a second I wondered if he was going to fuck me again.

He walked into the bathroom area and I followed him. He stopped in front of a urinal and took himself out of his pants. He expertly rolled his foreskin up and began urinating. I blushed fiercely and looked away. Brian washed his hands quickly and stopped in front of me, holding out his arm. I entwined my arm through his and we walked back through the crowded club to our table. We sat back down and I looked over, smiling to myself since Brian's cigarette was still hanging out of his mouth.

"Hey Brian..." A blonde bombshell came over to us and slid in on the other side of Brian. She was thin, had bleach blonde hair, a fake tan, and I assumed she was completely Brian's type. I swallowed my jealousy and looked on the dance floor. Lynn and Kellan were slow dancing, their bodies molded closely together.

"The other night was great Bri. I'd love to have another go." She giggled. I rolled my eyes and averted them towards Dom's table. Two blondes were sitting at their table. Apparently they had their catch of the night as well. I sighed under my breath. Why couldn't I get a decent guy once in a while?

"Uh...maybe another night babe." Brian finished his cigarette and put it out in the small glass ashtray on the table. "Can't you see I'm busy?" Brian slid his arm around me protectively.

"Again? So soon Brian?" I batted my eyes at him and asked with a fake valley girl accent.

"Like she could give you anything better than I could?" The blonde grabbed her fake tits and giggled in a high pitched squeal. I thought my ears were going to bleed.

"Well..." Brian glanced at me and then gave her a disgustingly appalled look. "She can give me the real thing and not a cheap imitation." Brian reached over and grabbed my tits, squeezing them. "Not to mention she's a great fucking lay." Brian smiled, his Irish accent coming out stronger now that he'd been drinking.

"Oh." The little slut gave me a dirty look. I leaned over and while giving her a dirty look right back, grabbed Brian's cock through his pants and sucked on his earlobe. Brian reached up and grabbed the back of my head. He pressed my lips to his and tasted my sweet skin.

"Well, how about I leave you my number, and when she can't satisfy you tonight, you give me a call and I will suck you cock and fuck you like I did Thursday night." She scribbled her number on a piece of paper. She slipped it in the lining of Brian's pocket and blew him a kiss. The moment she was out of earshot Brian began mumbling.

"Can't catch a fucking hint you half breed. You were a terrible lay." Brian pulled his lighter from his pocket and lit the paper on fire. He laughed heartily and dropped the paper in a glass of water. "You wanna get outta here?" Brian's hand traveled down to my panties again. I looked over at Lynn and Kellan still on the dance floor.

"They look pretty happy."

"We can leave them here." Brian shrugged.

"Aren't you ever satisfied?" I laughed gently, my hand grazing his thigh.

"Not around you luv." Brian looked me in the eyes. I stared into his, trying desperately to read him and I wondered what he saw when he looked at me.

"I need to get home. It's late." I ran my hand through my hair, pulling it away from my face.

"You should wear your hair up for me sometime." Brian slipped his hands in my hair and held my hair away from my face. "It's gorgeous." Brian's lips gently brushed my neck. He kissed my ear and then grazed his lips against mine.

"Thanks." I mumbled in his mouth.

"I'll take you home." Brian slid out of the booth and headed over to Kellan and Lynn. I followed quickly.

"Ok, we're gonna hang here. You'll be back?" Kellan asked.

"Yeah." Brian slipped Kellan some money and we headed out of the club. We sped off in Brian's silver Porsche and he seemed to remember the way to my place. Brian slipped his cigarettes out and lit another one. He tapped his fingers on the steering wheel to a catchy tune on the radio, his cigarette hanging from his lips. He sung quietly, watching the road ahead of him. I leaned my head back on the seat and closed my eyes.

It all felt too surreal...Nothing felt real. I was sitting in Brian McKinney's car. The king of one night stands had now fucked me several times. I wondered if he ever fucked one night stands more than once. Did he treat them better or worse than me? I glanced over at him. He looked so handsome. His hair was slicked back a little more as a result from the sweat from our lovemaking in the bathroom. My mind returned to our lack of condom use. I hoped he was clean.

"Do you ever use a condom?" I stated.

"Um..." Brian took his cigarette from his mouth and glanced over at me. "To be honest luv. I always do. Always." Brian flicked his cigarette out the window. He lit another one and inhaled deeply, a smile spreading across his face. As if reading my mind he said, "I just get really caught up in the moment with you and I guess I keep forgetting. I'm very sorry Julie. I'll use one from now on." Brian squeezed my hand and then grabbed his cigarette from his mouth. From now on? He plans on fucking me again? I smiled in the darkness and we drove the rest of the way in silence. He pulled up in front of my place, and I swung my door open.

"Julie." Brian grabbed my arm.

"Yeah Brian?" I met his gaze.

"Why don't you give me your number. Just so I'll have it." I dug around in my purse for a paper but he flipped his cell open, "What is it?" I gave it to him and he saved it in his cell. He closed his phone and dropped it next to us. He leaned over the seat and pressed his lips to mine quickly. When he pulled away, he winked at me.

"Bye." I pulled myself from the car and walked slowly up my walkway. He waited until I was in the house before he drove away. I trudged upstairs and stripped my clothes off in my bedroom. I walked naked out into the hallway and into the bathroom. I started the water and climbed into the hot shower. I thought of Brian, his hands on my body and his lips on my skin. My head was spinning from him. It always spun right after I was with him. I rinsed away all the evidence from our lovemaking and thoroughly toweled myself off.

I climbed into bed after changing into a slinky silk pink nightgown and felt that my nipples were hard. My hand traveled down my hot skin and I spread my legs. My left hand trailed down between my legs and found my tart little clit. I started massaging it gently, the pleasure coursing through my body. I rocked my thighs in circular motions, imaging Brian's mouth sucking the nub. I was wet and I wanted him again. I cursed myself for not going home with him. I rubbed my jewel harder, squeezing my tit with my free hand. I felt my orgasm coming quickly and as my clit hardened I felt my pussy become wet to it's fullest extent. I slipped my fingers inside my pussy and felt the muscles tightening around my fingers. I shuddered lightly and then removed my hand. Walking back into the bathroom, I washed my hands thoroughly. I climbed back into bed and fell asleep almost immediately.

I awoke a few hours later and I heard laughter from downstairs. I heard Lynn and Kellan. I wondered if Brian had found another girl for the night.

"Fucking shite!! I'm fucking sorry Lynn!" I heard Brian's voice become serious quickly.

"No big deal. Soak it with some paper towels. I'll be right back." I heard Lynn ascending the stairs and she opened my door. "Julie?" She murmured quietly.

"Yeah?" I answered sleepily.

"Um..I hate to ask this but the guys were gonna stay the night here and Brian spilled beer all over the sofa. Can he sleep in here with you?" I sighed, more nervous than anything.


"Just so you know...he didn't get another girl when he came back. He stayed at the table and drank...A bunch of girls kept coming up to him and I kept seeing him turn them down. Maybe he does like you?"

"Or maybe he was satisfied for the night?" I offered.

"Maybe. I'll have Kellan help him upstairs." Lynn left the room and a few moments later, I heard Kellan and Brian's drunk voices coming up the stairs. Kellan helped him into my room and plopped him on the bed. Kellan removed his shoes and left him there. His eyes were closed and I wondered if he was already sleeping.

"Night Julie." Kellan waved to me and shut my door. I lay back in bed slowly, trying not to move.

"Come 'ere." Brian wrapped his arm up underneath my neck and pulled my head on his chest. "You smell fucking wonderful." He inhaled deeply and soon I heard his heavy breathing.

When I awoke the next morning, I rolled over and my eyes flew open when I felt Brian's arm brush my skin. I had forgotten that he'd spent the night. I looked him over. He was still dressed and to my advantage, still sleeping. My room smelled strongly of liquor and beer and I scrunched my nose. I snuck out of bed and grabbing a towel, made my way to the bathroom.

I let out a deep breath, inhaling the fresh air. Thankfully the shower woke me right up. I had an early class and needed to be alert. After my shower, I turned on the fan, hoping it would help alleviate the steam. I began spreading lotion all over my body when the door opened and knocked into me. I cried aloud and grabbed for my towel to cover me.

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