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Iris's Fiancés Ch. 04


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"Oh come on, it will be fun." Barry insisted enthusiastically.

"No!" Caitlin repeated, "I'm not going through that humiliation again."

"Then why did you agree to this?" Iris pointed out with a grin, and then when her female fiancé glared at her she gently pushed, "Come on Cait, it will be fine."

"No it won't." Caitlin insisted.

"What if we did it together?" Iris offered sweetly, before using the puppy dog eyes, "Please? I really want to do it with you, like you did with Barry."

Caitlin opened her mouth to reject this again, but she just couldn't resist Iris West, so she relented, "Maybe when I'm more drunk. A lot more!"

"Yesssss!" Iris celebrated by leaning in, both girls clearly hating that they had to settle for a kiss on the cheek, before Iris whispered, "Love you."

"You too." Caitlin returned with a soft smile, and then after a beat turned to Barry, "But I'll only consider it, if Barry does it first, while we watch."

"You got it." Barry grinned, and then a few minutes later he was announcing, "My name is Barry Allen, and I am... The King Of Karaoke! Hit it!"

Iris West and Caitlin Snow laughed with loud delight at their date's dorky antics, although their laughter quickly died down at The Flash and at his new self appointed nickname. God, he really did had the voice of an angel, Iris thought with the dreamy smile. No wonder Caitlin hadn't been eager with the idea of trying to do a duet with him again.

Hell, her girl hadn't wanted to 'return to the scene of this crime' at all, and only relented because Barry had been so persistent in convincing both girls that their perfect first date would be to recreate that memorable night out with Caitlin. And even Caitlin had to admit, so far, he had been proven right.

There were tons of little friend groups in the karaoke bar, so the three of them just faded into the background, everyone around them completely unaware they were on a three-person date. Of course to maintain their cover they had to avoid any visible PDA, it had meant to be none at all but Iris just couldn't resist holding their hands under the table occasionally, and it really hurt not being able to kiss them at certain times.

Then again, Iris wanted to do a hell of a lot more than just kiss them most of the time, and she kept that in control, so this was no different. Or at least that's what she told herself. Besides, it was worth it to be finally out in public on their first real date as a polyamorous couple.

Sometimes it was hard to tell what her lovers were thinking, and despite asking them regularly Iris wondered anxiously if they were telling her the truth. She didn't want to lose one of them, but to lose both of them would be truly unbearable. But in this wonderful moment, and really throughout their evening together, Iris truly felt like they were on the same page.

That this was just, right. Better? God, she didn't want to admit that out loud and risk offending them, but it truly felt like this was the way things were supposed to be between all three of them all along, Iris unable to keep the goofy grin off her face as she stared lovingly at them. Which would hopefully be mistaken for her pining over her two friends and unsure who she wanted to be with more, instead of the truth of the matter.

Also it was just so fun here, the whole place was filled with positive vibes, which made Iris wonder why they didn't spend more time here. The drinks were good, and reasonably cheap, and the food was actually kind of good, and the company just couldn't be beaten. Yes, this was maybe the happiest Iris had ever been in her life.

Holding hands with Caitlin Snow underneath the table of the karaoke bar, while their date Barry Allen sang his heart out, before returning to them with a proud, and maybe even smug, smile on his face as most of the bar was still clapping for him. Iris tried to roll her eyes at this, but she couldn't. She was just too happy.

"See, it's easy." Barry grinned.

"Maybe for you." Caitlin grumbled.

"Well what do you expect? We've got the star of a high school glee club right here!" Iris chuckled.

"Hey, I wasn't the star." Barry quickly pointed out, "And I wasn't even in it for that long."

"He didn't like the fact that they kept casting him in villain roles." Iris explained to Caitlin.

"It's just not me." Barry shrugged.

"Yeah, it isn't." Caitlin smiled strongly, "I can't imagine you as a villain. Either of you, actually."

There was a brief pause and then Barry quickly pointed out, "You've never been a villain Cait. Not really."

Caitlin smiled softly, and then reminded him, "Awww Bare, you forget, you were gone for years."

Barry frowned and looked at Iris questioningly, who quickly told him, "Right after you left Caitlin disappeared for a while and did a few minor things for this crime boss."

"And a lot of people got hurt because of it." Caitlin grumbled, "If you hadn't found me when you did-"

"You would have still come to your senses and been the amazing person you are today." Iris said firmly, squeezing her lover's hand under the table, "I truly believe that Cait. I wish you would too."

"She is right." Barry said softly, taking Caitlin's other hand, "You shouldn't be so hard on yourself."

Both annoyed and flattered by the sentiment Caitlin did her best to brush it off, "Can we just changed the subject? I mean, tonight is supposed to be about fun, right? So let's have fun. Barry, sing another song."

"Oh, I think it would be more fun if you and Iris sang one." Barry grinned.

"For you, maybe." Caitlin grumbled.

"How about I do it, then you do it?" Iris offered hopefully.

There was a brief pause, then Caitlin grumbled, "I need to be a lot more drunk before I can agree to that."

Caitlin quickly regretted saying that, as Iris started buying them rounds of shots, and when Caitlin started declining hers Iris started taking them, and Barry's given they weren't really having much effect on him.

They brought that special liquid that Caitlin and Cisco had cooked up to get Barry drunk, but The Flash said he was simply saving that for later, if at all, and it was hard to argue given there could be an emergency at any minute. Plus it didn't suck to have a sober superhero watching your back, even if it made the girls behaviour a little embarrassing as the night wore on. Or at least Caitlin was embarrassed. Iris seemed to be beyond that point.

Then again between the two of them Caitlin had always been the worrier. Of course ever since getting her meta-human powers Caitlin had more to worry about. Well, technically since Barry got struck by lightning, but gaining the powers which had turned her evil in another universe had quickly turned her worry levels up to a constant 11, with the only thing being able to calm her down being her wonderful girlfriend and now fiancé Iris West.

The perfect woman who was now giggling her way over to the DJ, selecting her song and then walking up onto that stage like it was nothing. As she took the mic Caitlin let out an enthusiastic cheer, losing herself in the role of enthusiastic girlfriend for a few blissful seconds, before remembering where she was.

"This one goes out to my girl Caitlin... and my man, Barry." Iris said into the microphone, staring at them both in turn before breaking out into the song.

So obviously Iris was having trouble remembering where she was, or more likely she was just too drunk to care. Either way Caitlin found herself throwing back Iris's latest shots to distract herself from the looks they were now getting from some of the people around them, obviously wondering who Iris was dating.

Even though the words 'my girl' had made Caitlin's heart flutter people probably assumed she meant it as a friend, given she called Barry 'her man', so they had probably gotta away with it, even though that assumption annoyed Caitlin. Thankfully she forgot about that as people went back to their own business, allowing her to concentrate on Iris in peace.

Her woman was now happily singing her heart out, even though she was hilariously off key, and nowhere near the same level of skill of singing that Barry was. But she didn't care, and the people around them were too drunk to care at this point, maybe Caitlin could probably get away with singing now.

Although all Iris would have to do was probably talk her into it, meaning that Caitlin was probably doomed to sing. Yet embarrassment would be a small price to pay for Iris to smile like that again, because God damn, that was a beautiful smile. Everything about her was so beautiful, an opinion Barry shared as they both stared lovingly at her, only occasionally glancing over to each other and smiling and blushing a little.

"See, nothing to it." Iris beamed happily when she returned, playfully acting like she got the same round of applause Barry had done.

"Yeah, it's easy." Barry insisted, then when Caitlin gave him a look he said, "It's fun. Just go up there, and don't take it seriously, and it will be fun. We'll even come with you. Or maybe just Iris. Whatever you want."

There was a brief pause and then Iris told him, "Barry, can you get us some more drinks or something."

"Erm, sure." He said.

As soon as she left Iris gave her girl a wicked smile, causing Caitlin to softly protest, "Don't!"

"What?" Iris asked innocently, even as she leaned forward.

"We're in public." Caitlin reminded her with a soft whimper.

"I know." Iris whispered in Caitlin's ear, "And I am so, so tempted to fuck you, right here, under this desk. I know you'd like that, but I also know that you've missed just been the two of us. And I have too. I love Barry, and I love what we started together, and I want it to continue more than anything, but how about tonight we just focus on you and me. You'd like that, wouldn't you? Mmmmm, especially if we did that one thing. You know the one. Your favourite thing. Our favourite thing. The thing we've both missed so much. I bet Barry would love watching that, don't you think? Ohhhhh yessssss, I bet The Flash would just love watching me bend you over and-"

"Iris." Caitlin whimpered.

"All I need from you, is one little song." Iris propositioned her lover while moving back.

They then waited in silence for Barry to return, and when he did he asked them, "So?"

"One song." Caitlin croaked breathlessly, hoping to calm her nerves before softly adding, "But you both have to come with me, and you have to drink that thing Cisco made you."

"Deal." Barry grinned, wondering what Iris had said to make Caitlin change her mind.

Barry continued wondering that for a while, although given the adorable blush on Caitlin's face it was most likely something sexual, something he very much hoped he'd be a part of, or at least get to watch. Which was kind of a funny, or more accurately a weird, thing to think, but here they were. Oh well, he could worry about that later.

For now he concentrated on this moment. One he didn't think he would have with Caitlin again, and to have Iris involved in it as well made it perfect. Everything about it felt so right, walking together and picking a song before taking centre stage. Which filled him with hope that some other things in their lives could work, again something he quickly pushed out of his mind to concentrate on the present.

"I deeply apologise for this." Caitlin slurred, "But it's this, or Iris won't-"

Cutting Caitlin off by clearing her throat Iris gave the other girl a look which had her blushing, trailing off and beginning to sing. Barry, and pretty much everybody else in the room, would have liked to have known what that was about, but shrugged it off as Caitlin began singing even more terribly than she had during their first Karaoke Night, if that was possible. Iris quickly joined and wasn't much better, prompting Barry to quickly down Cisco's little cocktail in one go before joining in.

He waited that long because the effects only lasted about a minute, which to be fair was much longer than the first time Cisco had given him one of these things, and it still felt like an eternity to a Speedster. However he was still sober again before the song was halfway finished, leaving him to pretend to be drunk for the rest of it.

As a result the three of them gave maybe one of the worst performances in karaoke history, which was really saying something. Even a few of their audience seemed uncomfortable, but most of them just concentrated on their drinks to distract them from the awful performance.

Meanwhile Barry was having the time of his life, unable to stop smiling at his two favourite women abandoning all restraint, and maybe dignity, by giving the song everything they had, and he loved them for it. As in, literally. In that moment he loved them both equally, was in love with them both, which was staggering. Even when it was over he felt that way, especially as they all hugged each other and laughed.

"We're leaving now, right?" Caitlin whispered, unable to spend another moment in this place after that.

"Yes, we are." Iris grinned wickedly.

Nodding his agreement Barry slowly helped them off the stage, out of the bar and to his car. He was very tempted just to use his superspeed, but Caitlin looked like she might throw up if he did, which had happened before without the assistance of alcohol, so we didn't want to risk it and ruin the mood. Besides, by taking his car it gave the girls a chance to sober up, and predictably give him quite a distracting show in the process.

Really, he was lucky he was a Speedster, because Iris got into the back with Caitlin and almost immediately started making out with her, something that thanks to superspeed he could enjoy almost every second of without having to worry about causing an accident, as it took him less than a second to recognise the upcoming dangers. Then, they were home, and The Flash was in for quite the surprise.

"So..." Barry said once the door to the girls' apartment was closed, "Can I get you anything? Water? Aspirin? Beer?"

"Just get your cute butt into the bedroom." Iris told him, before softly asking Caitlin, "Are you sure you're up for this, babe? Because we don't have to do this tonight."

"No, I want too." Caitlin insisted, practically dragging Iris to the bedroom, "It's been too long."

"Yeah it has." Iris happily agreed, then once they're all in the room and standing around awkwardly she asked Barry, "So, are you going to ask how I got Caitlin singing?"

"Okay, how?" Barry asked, genuinely curious.

"I promised to fuck her in the ass." Iris explained with a wicked grin, taking a few long seconds to enjoy the expression on Barry's face before continuing, "You see, when we first got together we experimented a lot, you know, to see what worked for us. And what really got us off was me topping the hell out of Caitlin. Which made me think to myself, what could be more dominating than fucking someone's ass? And what could be more submissive than taking it up the ass? Of course Caitlin wasn't that keen at first, being an anal virgin and all, but that just made me want her cute little butt even more. Then we actually did it, and nothing made Caitlin cum harder, ever. But, we've been busy playing with you lately, and I thought it would be better concentrating on other things before introducing ass play, but now seems like the perfect time, don't you think Barry?"

"I... I, erm, yes." Barry blushed.

"Yeah, that's what I thought." Iris grinned, eyeing his boner before continuing, "But I'm afraid that just means just watching for you. At least for now. Caitlin's ass is mine, and I'm just not ready to share it with anyone, not even you. Not yet. So just sit back, relax, and watch me fuck our girl up the ass."

"Okay." Barry murmured, although he wasn't sure anyone was listening.

"Caitlin, take off your clothes and get in your natural position." Iris ordered.

"Yes Iris." Caitlin said submissively before doing as she was told.

Iris grinned with delight, not only because of that response, or the fact Barry didn't argue about being sidelined, but because as she obeyed Caitlin did it nice and slowly, giving her lovers a chance to savour Iris's present being unwrapped for her.

Especially because once Caitlin was topless, and had removed her shoes and socks, she turned around and slowly pulled her pants and then panties down, revealing her perfect little ass, practically making Iris drool in anticipation. Which was a feeling she sooned felt again as Caitlin got into her natural position, a.k.a. all fours with that heavenly butt pointed out at Iris. Hell, Iris barely had the presence of mind to remove her own clothing and retrieve a strap-on dildo.

When he saw the strap-on Barry got flustered, "Wow... I, erm... I..."

"Something you want to share with the class, Mr Allan?" Iris teased as she was stepping into the harness.

Composing himself Barry softly asked, "Isn't that a bit, you know... big?"

"Actually... this is pretty small for this ass whore." Iris revealed with a wicked grin as she pulled the harness up her thighs and tightened it around her waist, "But, it has been a while since Caitlin's slutty little ass was properly fucked, and I might need to train that hole again. Remind it what it's true purpose is. And if it's not big enough for her, Caitlin will just tell me, and I can get something to properly stretch her out. Isn't that right sweetie?"

"Yes Iris." Caitlin blushed.

Honestly Iris wasn't sure what she enjoyed more, being able to practically taste Caitlin's embarrassment, or the look on Barry's face as she told him all this while standing there while now equipped with a cock even bigger than his was, and he was certainly no slouch.

It was probably the latter, simply because she could see that not only was Barry embarrassed but he was also turned on by all this. Perhaps even more than she thought he would be. Which was encouraging in more ways than one, but for now her main focus was her precious Caitlin, who Iris slowly approached while putting both their minds at ease, after grabbing a bottle of edible lube that she'd need for later.

"But don't worry though Bare." Iris smirked, "I would never butt fuck Caitlin without making sure she was properly prepared first."

Once she was finished speaking Iris practically dived onto the bed and buried her face in between Caitlin's butt cheeks. It should be obvious what she was doing, especially given Caitlin's moans, gasps and cries of pleasure, however just to make sure it was crystal clear after maybe about a minute of frantically licking the other girl's back hole Iris bought her hands up to those cheeks and spread them wide as she possibly could so Barry could see what she was doing.

So the superhero of this city The Flash could see Iris eating another girl's ass. So that one fiancé could see her rim the other. So she could have an audience for preparing Caitlin's most intimate orifice to be abused by her strap-on cock.

Some form of those words echoed in Iris's mind for the next few minutes as she both became consumed by it and the rim job itself. As a result she just continued to gently lap away at that forbidden hole for quite a while. Well, that and she wanted to properly please Caitlin before giving her little ass slut the attention that.

Which unfortunately meant teasing herself, but that was a small price to pay for the pleasure of squeezing cute little whimpers of desire out of Caitlin and she continued gently licking her butt hole. It was also fun to see Barry's reaction, which she could just about work out of the corner of her eye, but of course it was Caitlin's reaction she was concentrating on mostly now.

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