When I left work early I expected my son Jason to be home. He was home from college for the summer, and I wanted to surprise him by taking him out to dinner so we could have a chance to catch up on his life. Jason was home alright, and he was not alone.

I walked in the door and was greeted by the sounds of a young woman in what could only be described as an envious orgasm. I knew before I even looked that Jason had a woman over, and was fucking her senseless in his room. I knew, yet I had to look. I don't know why, but I was drawn to the sound, and had to see with my own eyes.

I walked down the hallway and saw his door was somewhat open. I looked in and could see their reflection on his dresser mirror. She was a pretty little thing, with a small waist, big fake breasts, and long blonde hair that is so common here in south Florida. She was on her back, with Jason holding her legs by the ankles up and wide apart. He was fucking her hard, and deep, making her huge breasts bounce violently on her little body.

He was looking down, so I followed his gaze, and my mouth dropped open at the sight of Jason's cock. He had a massive tool that he was relentlessly thrusting into this girls cunt. It had to be eight or nine inches long, and very wide. He would pull it out almost all the way, and then bury it deep into her womb in a big hard thrust. Her hands clenched the sheets, and she screamed with orgasmic delight at the sensations.

I was feeling my own pussy throb, and swell at the sight. My panties were already damp from the wetness dripping from my snatch. I walked away quietly, back to the front door, and out to my car again. I would go catch a movie and come back at the normal time to give these two a chance to enjoy themselves.

As I sat watching some horrible comedy I could not get the image of my son's cock out of my head. It looked so erotic, and arousing as it slid out of that girl's drenched pussy. It was so slick, and wet, and huge! I was wondering how she must have felt having that monster cock pounding into her.

I again felt my own wetness begin to build up, and my clit stood out from it's hood to kiss the fabric of my panties. I looked to either side, and saw my row was empty. The movie was horrible, so I figured I'd liven it up a bit. I slid my skirt up over my knees, and let my hand work it's way to my crotch. Through my panties I massaged my clit and lips as my mind wandered to the thoughts of my son's massive cock inside of me. I only had a moment of pause about that thought, and it passed as I imagined being filled that fully with man-meat.

All that night I masturbated at least six times, every time fantasizing about my boy's member. I decided that I would feel it for myself. I had to have Jason's cock.

The next day I put my plan into action. I called out from work and waited until I heard Jason go into the shower. I went to my wardrobe, and picked out a lacy baby doll and thong to wear. I looked myself over in the mirror, and liked the way the blue fabric looked against my fair skin. The thong barely covered my swollen pussy, which was already flooding with anticipation.

I walked into Jason's room, and sat on the bed right by the door to his bathroom. As I heard him shut off the shower I sat on the edge of the bed, pushed my chest out, and crossed my legs. He came out of the bathroom naked, with a towel over his head drying his hair. He looked up and jumped at the sight of me. I could see the confusion in his mind as he looked at me. He was shocked to see his mother sitting there, but was also drawn to my big breasts and bare legs. He didn't even seem to remember he was stark naked, with his monster cock hanging down his thigh.

"Mom. I didnt... What are you doing...?"

"I have a confession to make Jason." I said in a low husky tone. "I saw you with your little friend yesterday."

"I'm sorry mom. I didn't know you would be home. I'll make sure..."

"Do I look upset?" I asked, cutting his sentence off.

"Not really." He said, and for the first time I think he really took in what he saw. His mind wandered with the fact that a barely dressed woman was on his bed, and his instinct took over. His cock stirred, and then grew in front of my eyes. It got longer, and bigger, and took on the deep red color of true lust. The head swelled, and looked so inviting.

"I saw you yesterday, and couldn't get the sight out of my head. She seemed to be having a good time." I said with a chuckle.

"It was fun." He said, a bit embarrassed. "She barely walked right after we were done. I think I was too rough with her."

"You just need a woman who can take it." I said as I slid off the bed, and knelt on the floor in front of him. "Come here." I said as I reached out and wrapped my fingers around his rock hard tool. It felt so arousing to hold a cock this big, and dense. The head was wide, and that wonderful mix of hard, and spongy that makes it so appealing. I leaned forward, opened my mouth wide, and took as much of his head and shaft into my mouth as I could.

"Oh my God mom!" he exclaimed. "That feels so good."

I sucked away at his massive rod, tasting the somewhat salty taste of his flesh. I licked over the head, and ran the tip of my tongue around the ridge. He moaned, and grabbed the back of my head in his hands. I knew from watching him yesterday that he was a rough lover, and I anticipated him doing this. I let him force my head down onto his shaft. His head shoved it's way into my throat, and I gagged a bit as it entered. His hips thrust forward a bit and I allowed him to go as far into my mouth as he could. When I could hold my breath no longer I backed off and let his cock pop out of my mouth.

I got back up on the bed, pulled off the baby doll, and was about to remove the panties when Jason came forward, pushed me back onto the bed, and ripped them from my body. I felt so deliciously naughty having my tattered panties wrapped around one leg.

Jason pinned me to the bed by my wrists, and forced my thighs apart with his knees. The head of his cock seemed to instinctively find it's way to my slit, and he let it slide up and down over my clit collecting my slick juices on it's head.

"You're sure about this Mom?" he asked.

"Fuck me sweety! Fuck me hard, I need it." I said in a mix of submissive begging, and parental ordering.

He obliged me, and in one sudden, forceful thrust he was all the way inside of me. His balls slammed into my ass, as his cock spread me open wide. I felt like I would be ripped apart, but I loved it at the same time. He fucked me like an animal. He plowed into me relentlessly, his shaft keeping me spread wide open, and his head slamming into the back of my love canal. With every withdrawal I tried to breathe, and every time he pounded into me I lost my breath. His strong hands kept my wrists pinned to the bed, and I wrapped my legs around his thighs to angle him in as deep as I could.

My pussy was so wet that it made obscene squishy noises as he fucked me. I could feel my own juices running down my ass, and over his balls. My son rode me like I was the teenage girl he had yesterday, and it felt amazing. His head was so big that it assaulted my G-spot each time. I felt my muscles tighten, and my pussy start to spasm, and finally an orgasm ripped through me. My cunt clamped down on his cock with such force that he had to stop for a second and let it subside. As the waves of pleasure overcame me I closed my eyes and delighted in the ecstatic feelings of the best orgasm I had ever had.

As my orgasm just started to subside Jason pulled out of me, and turned me over onto my stomach. He grabbed under my hips and pulled my ass into the air. My face still on the bed, and my arms stretched overhead he shoved his cock into me again from behind. He fucked me violently, deeply, and without restraint. I had never had it this hard, for this long, and I was loving every second of it. His hand came down on my ass with a hard slap that shocked me, but sent me into another screaming orgasm. My pussy clamped down on him again in ripples that sent him over the edge. He thrust deeply one last time, held me firm in his hands, and let his cock erupt in a tidal wave of cum. His seed exploded into me, and his throbbing cock felt so good inside.

As he went soft, his cock slid out of me, and his jizz ran in a river down my thigh onto the bed. I stayed there for a good long time, collapsing onto my stomach and reveling in the sensations that washed over me.

That summer was a very good one. I never wanted for pleasure, and Jason seemed content to stay home and oblige his horny mother.

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