"You never know. So you abandoned your idea of writing a book or paper or something like that?"

"The strange thing is it doesn't matter anymore. I want to know ... that's all really. At least I think it is ..."

She smiled and stirred her tea.

"Perhaps you cast a spell on me?"

"Perhaps. Why? Do you feel drawn to me also?"

I didn't stop to think. I just blurted it out.


"Ah, I see ... the roses ... having a little crush on the old witch?"

"You're not old. And very, very beautiful."

"Flattery will get you nowhere ... what do you want, anyway?"

"I don't know; I honestly don't know ..."

"You see, this is another problem most people have. They don't really know what they want, and even if they do, they don't want it with all their being, their heart ... that is why perfectly good spells don't work for them either ..."

"I think I understand."

"Well, you see, if you can't say what you want, how are you supposed to get it? A spell is like asking for it, sincerely, with every fibre of your being."

"I think I am beginning to understand ..."

"Well, you are very young. It is perfectly normal for boys of your age not to know what they really want."

"Boys of my age? I am twenty-six. I guess that makes me a man rather?"

"You amuse me. A man? That is really cute ... so what do you want, young man, why the roses? Do you want to date me, propose to me, or simply fuck me?"

I felt my blood rushing through my veins. It was so blatantly obvious that she wanted to make me mad, to break down my defences and yet I was incapable of resisting the bait she had laid out for me.

"Maybe I just want to fuck you."

"Ah ... maybe ... what a perfectly lukewarm sentiment ... how flattering also ..."

"What am I supposed to say? What stupid game are you playing here?"

I don't know where this anger came from. She licked her lips and seemed to rejoice in my outburst.

"Uh ... does that bruise your little ego? Poor boy, is the old witch being mean to you? Get over it ... and tell me what you want, or go home to mummy and cry in her lap ..."

"Fuck you."

"Is that what you want? Fuck me? That sounded sincere for once ..."

"That is not what I meant; it's a bloody expression ..."

"Ah, so you don't want to fuck me? Shame; I was starting to warm up to the idea of you taking me here on the sofa, venting all your frustration and anger ... are you sure that isn't what you want?"

She laughed, a haughty, wicked laugh that reverberated in my head, expunging all sense of right and wrong. Next thing I know, I lunged at her. She didn't stop laughing, when I pinned her down on the sofa, which was difficult enough, as she squirmed and writhed like an animal. Her nails dug painfully into my hands and the pain enraged and excited me even more. I kissed her, forcing my tongue into her mouth, my blood approaching boiling point.

I sensed that she wanted me to hurt her, and although I had never done that before, I obliged and bit her lip until blood gushed out. She groaned and stared at me with a far-away fascination, her eyes wide open and radiant like stars. I licked some of her blood off her lip and chin fascinated by the metallic taste; then locked her again into a fierce and fiery kiss. I let go of her hands to get her out of the jumper; she assisted me there, but smacked me right in my face as soon as I threw the garment into the room.

Her expression was incredible, primal, wild, when she tore off my shirt, then scratched my chest with her razor-sharp nails. I responded in kind and bit her neck until she screamed, forcing her arms behind her head, forcing them so close together that I could clasp them with one hand. I stopped for a moment, watching her face distorted with passion, blood still trickling down from her lip and a massive bite-mark on the right side of her neck. I felt her hips bucking up, her thighs rubbing against mine, the urge to go on, get inside of her, possess her.

I cupped her right breast with my free hand; then travelled down south trying to get the seam of her skirt higher, which was easy enough, since she helped me a bit and it happened to be rather wide. She moaned when I placed it right between her legs, rubbing along her somewhat damp and warm panties. Until this point, I had not even noticed my own hard-on, but now it strained against the fabric of my pants. I slipped one finger under the elastic and pulled it to the side to reveal her pussy, which was completely shaven. That was a bit of a surprise; I could have sworn she had pubic hair on the video I had taken the night before. There was no time for contemplating such complicated issues though, all my concentration went into opening my own trousers and pulling them down far enough to free my cock from its dungeon to get ready to join the quest.

She had been in constant motion throughout, heaving, writhing, slithering like a snake -- but now she was still as a morning's pond, even held her breath until I entered her, overcoming all initial resistance with one hard push, slicing her open, then pumping her with every bit of rage and ferocity that I could muster. She managed to free one of her hands, but all she did was grab my hair and force my head down to kiss me, while she lifted her legs and wrapped them around me to allow me to enter deeper. She pushed as I shoved, an asynchronous battle of epic proportions, fierce, wild and painful for both of us. Maybe it was the pain that kept me from coming for a long, long time. We were both dripping with sweat, when I finally exploded right into her.

It took a good while to regain my breath. She traced her split lip.

"Wow, a biter, never expected that ... see, you get what you want, if you really want it ..."

"Why do I get the feeling that was rather what you wanted?"

She grinned.

"Because you are obviously not stupid. Good boy. You are learning your lessons fast. If you could kindly get off me now, I don't want to drip your cum onto grandma's sofa."

"As you wish."

I released her and watched her clean herself up.

"So I suppose you stop stalking me now?"

I was too stunned to answer.

"Well, I don't see any reason why you should. And you aren't particularly good at it either."

"I'm sorry ... I don't know why ..."

"Shut up. Here's the deal: If and when I feel like it, we will meet up. I tell you a few things, show you a few things and we fuck -- that wasn't bad, by the way. Not bad at all."


"If I see you loitering around here or in the house across the street at any other times, you will regret it. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes ... again, I am sorry ..."

"Shut the fuck up and listen. No more interviews, I will tell you what I want to tell you. You will desist from trying anything magical on your own and stop bothering Charlene and all the other shop owners you have pestered in the past few months. Understood?"


"You can go to the witch tree with me and on your own, and you will eventually anyway, when I give you exercises and assignments."

"Oh, great ..."

"However, under no circumstances are you to go there after nightfall, especially ... not on Halloween."

"Halloween? Is that like a day of special significance for witches, or ..."

"No, at least not for us, and it is a mere coincidence that this year ..."

She paused as if she had already said too much.

"Never mind. It is not important why. Just do as you are told. Are we clear on that?"

"Yeah, sure."

She sighed and massaged her neck.

"Ok then, I'll make us another cup of tea and you had better be ready for a second round. That's the one thing you will learn today about witches ... they are insatiable ..."

I reflected upon what she had said while she prepared the tea in the kitchen. It looked like I was going to learn the craft. I was overjoyed really. However, what had really made me curious was what she had said about Halloween.

" least not for us ..."

That could only mean one thing: that was the night the second coven was about to meet.


I saw Sarah regularly now, at least twice a week. She insisted that I didn't allow magic to take over my life, nor our relationship. We fucked a lot though, when we were together. It was strange, I didn't feel anything for her, no more than a strange affinity, but as soon as I was close to her I could hardly contain myself, all fuses blew and we were at it like animals again. The sex made up for quite a bit of the disappointment caused by the lack of initiation into magic -- she simply didn't show me much, just lectured me on herbs and even took me out on field trips to identify plants. I had hoped for more, but grudgingly acknowledged that things would go according to her timetable, no matter how I felt about it.

Tina, a former girlfriend of mine, invited me to a Halloween party. I told her that I didn't know whether I could make it or not, but was pretty sure that I wouldn't go. Nevertheless, I asked Sarah if she wanted to come. She laughed, that bitchy, mean laugh she occasionally produced to wind me up.

"Me, at a kids' Halloween party? Forget it ... and I hope you got it straight that I am not your little girlfriend? I allow you to fuck me every now and then, but that is as far as it goes. Are we clear on that subject?"

Well, I hadn't really expected anything else. I told her that I would go to the party nevertheless. I had different plans though.

It was a cold, dark, moonless night, two days before new moon. I had spent more than five hours in the woods close to the witch tree, trying to find the perfect spot where I could hide and watch safely and still with unimpeded sight. The place was deserted by strollers in the afternoon already, but as soon as the night fell, every living creature except me seemed to have fled the woods. I had found a shelter in a thick shrub and managed to set up all my equipment before the dark. It was an uncanny, eerie silence that pervaded the forest, just a faint rustling and bustling in the trees. I had the advantage of seeing at least a little bit through the night vision mode of my camera. Despite the cold and somewhat electrifying atmosphere, I dozed off for a couple of minutes, so I didn't see the women arriving.

Suddenly, the clearing lit up in the light of torches. Four women were visible, marking large circles in the ground around the witch tree, placing torches on the outermost one. It looked as if the majestic tree in the middle was on fire. Two women went around the circles placing odd looking arrangements of twigs and little metal objects on its borders, the other two drew geometric patterns in the inner circle. They were dressed in black robes, barefoot despite the temperatures and did everything in remarkable silence. I was but thirty meters away, but did not hear a sound, no cracking twig, nothing. Even the rustling of the trees had ceased.

It was as if nature adopted the same breathless silence that suffused me. The women took off their robes and revealed their naked bodies. They had placed some bowls on specific points of their geometric pattern and dipped a finger into each in passing, smearing some sort of liquid or paste on their foreheads and bodies. Each woman then assumed a position on the circle, exactly equidistant from another, probably representing the four cardinal points.

They were facing away from me, towards the tree, slowing raising their hands into the pitch black night sky. Then the chanting began, almost a mumbling first, then with ever increasing volume and urgency. As they were raising their hands, the flames of the torches went higher and higher. I could not understand a word of their chanting; it was definitely a foreign language, reminiscent of Latin, but probably not that. All of a sudden, there was a weird energy in the air, coming in waves from the centre of the clearing. First it was an almost energizing feeling, but then the waves became darker and colder, sickening even. For the first time I had to battle my instinct to get up and run as fast as I could to get away from what was being unleashed over there. I noticed that I had clenched my hands into the earth, to withstand whatever was coming towards me.

The women started to turn around, now facing away from the tree, their hands raised in the air, their eyes closed, still chanting with self-assured, almost commanding voices. Then it happened. Each of the women lit up in a blue-whitish energy bubble. They stopped chanting and took turns reciting lines that I could not understand. In their midst, something seemed to form, coming out of the earth and probably even the tree, something incorporeal, like red mist. The energy emanating from there was vicious, my entire body resounded with pain and a fear, so overwhelming and confusing that I thought I was about to lose my mind. I dug my own fingernails into my palms to keep me from screaming, to combat the sensation that my body was ripped to shreds.

A sound like a deep rumbling accompanied the manifestation of whatever thing was being summoned there. The mist became thicker and thicker, then energy beams resembling lightning shot across the tree and hit the four bluish energy fields of the witches, altering their glow to a spectacular golden sheen. More and more beams shot at the witches, while my stomach revolted against the fierce onslaught of darkness coming my way, and I threw up violently. My eyes were filled with tears; there was no danger of them hearing me, as the sound was obliterating everything else, putting pressure on my ears as if I was in high altitude.

It was becoming unbearable. I couldn't think, I couldn't move, I couldn't close my eyes. The witches glowed in a dark amber now, absorbing all the energy beams from what almost looked like a creature now, but I couldn't make out any details. Then I saw an energy bolt coming straight towards me. Something exploded in my head. And then nothingness; sweet oblivion.

Complete darkness. I had opened my eyes, but it was too dark to see anything. I could barely make out my camera on the little tripod in front of me. It had switched itself off, so I must have been unconscious for quite a while. The memories of what had happened earlier only reluctantly returned. The stench of vomit and urine assaulted my nostrils. I must have pissed myself when the energy bolt hit me, before passing out. Now it dawned on me how idiotic the whole undertaking had been. I could have been killed by whatever it was that these witches had tapped into. Cautiously I tried to make out if there was any movement coming from the tree. It took a while of breathless suspense before I dared switching the camera back on into night vision mode. The clearing was empty. The witches were gone.

Weird. I couldn't shake the feeling that I was not alone. My head was still spinning and my body felt like it had been mangled. I had to pull myself up on some branches of the shrub and it took me ages to collect my belongings.

I stumbled through the darkness, ran into trees, fell over roots. It took me a while to figure out that I was going in the wrong direction. I couldn't find the main path any more, but somehow, I managed to reach the pyramid after an hour. It had taken me ten minutes to get to the tree from there in daylight.

I pressed on to my car, which I had parked another ten minutes' walk away from the woods, in order not to arouse the suspicion of the witches. I wasn't curious any more who they were and what the fuck they had been doing there. I just wanted to go home, crawl into my bed and sleep; forget about this nightmare I had been experiencing.

Finally, my car. I opened the door with trembling hands.

Horseless carriage.

What the fuck was that? Was I hearing voices now? I froze; chills went up and down my spine. There it was again, the feeling that I wasn't alone, that something was there, a presence, something elusive and definite at the same time.


The street was empty; all the houses in the street were dark. It was ten to four in the morning. I had to shake this off, snap out of it. Concentrate on driving. I started the engine, still listening into the silence, stealthily glancing into the mirror, somehow expecting to see a monster rearing from the back seats. But there was nothing.

I drove like a maniac, not oblivious to the fact that there might be more police patrols because of the Halloween parties, but simply not caring about that any more. I wanted to put as much space between me and that creepy place as I possibly could, as fast as I possibly could.

I sighed in relief when I finally managed to get home and close the door to my flat behind me. I stripped off the sullied and ripped clothes and crashed on my bed.

It is time.

I startled out of sleep. Nine o'clock. I was still bloody tired. Every bone in my body was hurting. Something smelled rather nasty. I definitely needed some coffee. And a shower. It was doubtful, whether I could eat anything. My stomach was still grumbling.

You need sustenance. And so do I.

Fuck! I jumped off the bed, looking around for anything I could use as a weapon. But there was no-one to see.

"Where are you? Who the fuck are you? How did you get into my flat? Come out; show yourself arsehole, game over!"

I am Anatan. And I am not outside of you.

"What the ..."

I entered this body when the witches summoned me, to steal my essence and weaken me; so that I cannot escape from that prison they have trapped me in for six hundred years.

"You mean, you are in my body? Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! What are you? A fucking demon?"

And what are you? A witch? I sense no powers. Your language is strange; I find many words without meaning.

"No, I am not a witch, at least not yet ... and I have nothing to do with the four bitches that sucked off your energy, just to avoid misunderstandings there ..."

That I surmised. You looked at me.

"Oh ... that's why they were turning away ... now I get it ..."

I had to sit down.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck ... and what now? I am stuck with you, or what? I am not really into body sharing, if you know what I mean."

This is but temporary. If you assist me.


I need sustenance, to build up strength and face the witches. To take back what is mine. Once restored, I will leave this body and you are free.

"Sustenance? You mean like food? Ok, I still feel a bit sick, but we could have a toast or something. And some coffee. Definitely some coffee."

No, you understand not. The sustenance I am craving is but energy I draw from others. Energy released in the heights of ecstasy.

"Huh? You mean you need pills? Did they have E already six hundred years ago?"

I cannot fathom the meaning of your words. Let me explain: When ravishing a wench energy is built up in her also. When it releases in the apex, I receive it.

"Oh ... you mean orgasms? When the girl comes, you suck off the energy released there?"

Yes, that seems to be the right word. I am not familiar with what I find in your memory; you will have to help me.

"What gives you the idea that I will help you? After all, you are a fucking demon, aren't you?"

Not as you think. And there is no other way for us to separate. I pledge that you will not be harmed in any way. On the contrary, you will enjoy it vastly.

"You mean, facing the witches will be all hunky dory? I don't think so."

You really don't know who I am. I get my essence back from them in the same way I receive my sustenance.

"Oh ... you mean, by fucking them?"


"I've got news for you, man. It isn't that easy to get laid nowadays. I've got an ok looking face and body, sure, but that doesn't guarantee that any of those witches will get physical with me, leave alone finding them in the first place."

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