That shan't be your concern. I will find them. And when they face me, they cannot resist. No woman can.

"You mean you are Prince Charming or what? Hell of an ego for a demon who got locked up for six hundred years."

That is why I got banished. When they look into my eyes, they see the man they most desire. When I bed them, they reveal what they really want and I give it to them.

"You mean, you are irresistible, because you tap into them somehow?"

Now you understand.

"Cool. Fine gift, that. So, you need energy before that? Sustenance? That means you need to get laid tonight or something?"


"Well, it's a Saturday night ... I'd love to see if you are bullshitting me. Or maybe I am just losing my mind. Either way, I need a shower and breakfast first. And a bit less chatter for the time being ... That acceptable to you?"

I will not interfere. So it is settled then? You help me and you will earn your freedom and my gratitude.

"Do I have a choice?"

No, not really. I could fight you also. But I would prefer your help. After all, the world has changed a lot since I last roamed it. I realised it when I saw your horseless carriage.

"It's called a car. Runs on gasoline. A bit difficult to explain."

I will access your memories, you will not feel it. You go about your day as you must.

"Ok, we've got a deal then. Don't try to screw with me though. I have powerful friends. A good witch for instance."

Good witch?

"Yeah, she is showing me the ropes, so to speak. But I have just started."

I am not deceiving you. I see that witch in your memory. Beware. She is not what she seems to be.


We will address this later. You need sustenance. And so do I.

"Well, I need a shower now. And my head to myself, if you'd be so kind?"

Agreed. Do as you please.


The demon was a hell of a smooth talker; I had to give him that. We spent hours chatting, as he adjusted more and more to my vocabulary. What surprised me most was that I didn't feel threatened by him at all; that I could not sense any evil or maliciousness. I shuddered when recalling how the energy had felt. The phone rang.

"How are you, my little friend? Recovered from the Halloween party?"

"Yeah, sure, bit hung over though. Hi Sarah."

"So, how was it?"

"Lame, as you suspected. Nothing to write home about."

"Really? Poor thing. Do you want to come around tonight to make up for that?"

Not this witch. Not now.

"Nope, sorry, I have different plans. Am going out with a chap I met yesterday at the party."

"I see. Well, have fun. I suppose I see you sometime next week then. Ring me."

"Will do. Bye."

This ... telephone thing is amazing. A lot has changed since I have inhabited a body.

"A body? You mean, it wasn't your own?"

No. I lived on a different plane. To roam the earth, I needed a vessel.

"Hm ... ok. Anything else we need to do before going out?"

No. Your body is young and healthy. You should be able to perform without any potions.

"Oh ... you mean like enhancements? Am sure I can do without. How often ... do you think I have to "perform" tonight?"

No more than four or five times, depending.

"Four or five? Darn, maybe we should get a potion after all ..."

Worry not. You will see. You better learn to think rather than speak to me. People might find it strange.

'Oh ... fuck yeah. Ok then, let's go and get you sorted. I am really curious about how this is going to work.'

Leave it to me. Just get me to a place with wenches. I will do the rest.

The Plush wasn't exactly my cup of tea; as a matter of fact I had never been in there before. However, there were tons of really attractive women there, exactly of the type that would never deign to speak to me, let alone getting off with me. So, this was the perfect spot to see how irresistible I'd really be with my demonic body-mate. I wasn't sure of how this was supposed to work, if I had any input or obligation to interfere.

I take care of that. What makes you think they wouldn't talk to you? You are a strapping fellow, intelligent and polite.

'That's not what this brand of women is going for though,' I thought to him, 'Money, power, fame -- that is their poison, if you know what I mean.'

Yes. That is a surface desire. We will dig deeper. Pick any wench you like.

'Ok, but I don't have a lot of money to buy them drinks, so you'd better be as good as you say you are. That brunette over there.'

She was sitting alone at the bar, sipping what appeared to be a martini, sporting a disdainful, haughty expression. She wore a tight strapless black dress that looked like it was more worth than my car, a diamond necklace with matching earrings and some uncomfortable looking high heels. The type of woman that I wouldn't dare to ask for the time of day. I am not sure whether it was me or Anatan that moved our body over to her and sat down next to her. She didn't even look up.

'So, what now? Are you going to chat her up, or do I have to do anything?'

You sit back and enjoy. You might want to order a drink, I am not familiar with your likings, there is too much in your head I still do not understand.

"I'll have a single malt please, Ben Nevis, if you have that."


What are these people doing, what are these herbal sticks they are lighting?

'Cigarettes. Made of tobacco, a highly addictive drug that will eventually kill you. You inhale the smoke. I stopped two years ago myself.'

The brunette was playing absentmindedly with her lighter. She hadn't even looked at me once so far. Anatan took over. He took her packet of cigarettes, pulled one out and put it in my mouth. Thankfully, he was observant enough to put it in with the filter tip first. Then he snatched the lighter from her hand and lit it. As petrified as I was, darn that puff tasted nice. ...

The woman stared at me in disbelief. She had hazelnut eyes. I had the odd sensation of being sucked into those eyes.

Interesting. She needs danger, the thrill of being caught, of being ravished in public even. And being dominated.

"Do you mind?"

"I do. Come."

He put the lighter in my pocket and grabbed her hand.

Pay for the beverage and drink up. We are leaving.

It all occurred so fast that I couldn't believe what was happening. I had assumed that he would chat her up and somehow hoped to get some pointers for chat-up lines in the process. But without further ado she meekly followed me out of the bar and around the corner into a back alley. Just a few metres into the alley, he stopped her, pressing her against a wall and starting to kiss her.

I say him, for he had completely taken over my body. Her perfume was intoxicating, and so was her submissiveness, the eagerness of her kiss, her rapid breathing when my hands explored her body. I noticed that she was looking towards the street quite often, where an endless throng of Saturday night enthusiasts kept passing by, without noticing us as yet. She bit her lip when my hand trailed up her suspender stockings until it found the silken flesh of her inner thighs. My hand moved higher; my index finger trailed her pussy on the fabric of the minuscule panties she was wearing.

The wenches today sure do not wear a lot of clothing. A great advancement, be assured. It rips easily too.

With this thought he tore her panties off. The expression on her face was indescribable. He placed two fingers on her outer labia and pressed lightly at first, then with more zest, almost massaging her sex. She moaned audibly, he eyes scanning the passing crowd for casual observers of her lust. Then he inserted two of my fingers into her, pressing hard against her vaginal walls, first downwards, then turning the fingers, pulling them slightly out and finding a spot on top that felt slightly rougher and pronounced. Her face was flushed with passion and her moans and groans got louder by the minute, as he rubbed that spot with increasing urgency. Then he withdrew the fingers very abruptly and lifted the tight dress as high as he could. Her pussy was shaven except for a fashionable landing strip.


He opened my trousers and slid them down far enough to get the boxers down also. He beckoned her to touch my dick, which was almost fully erect from the entire episode anyway. She squeezed and wanked my dick until it was rock hard, while he grabbed her arse, digging hard into her buttocks. He stooped down a little, clasped her thighs and lifted her up, pressing her against the wall again. She let go of my dick and hastened to fling her arms around my neck.

My cock found its target almost instantly, her pussy was slick with juices from his earlier manipulations and I slid in easily. He was not satisfied with the position and adjusted it a bit more, so that my dick could get in deeper and it was easier to move my hips. It was great, she whimpered and moaned, a small tear running down from her right eye, leaving a smeary trail of mascara or something like that below it. He pumped her hard, although not particularly fast, finding an odd angle that kept most pressure on the top of my dick.

I noticed from the corner of my eye that we were being watched by a small group of men, beer cans in their hands, nudging each other and grinning, but keeping quiet in order not to interrupt the unexpected spectacle before their eyes. Her head tilted towards them, as her breathing got fast and faster, her groans louder and louder, until I felt her vaginal muscles clenching. For a few seconds I lost track of where I was and what was happening. A blinding white light obliterated every detail out of my consciousness, followed by a feeling of relief, of deepest satisfaction, completeness. Then everything came back into focus, my dick was still working her hard, a bit less controlled now, as if it was more me being in charge.

You are. Finish it up now; those fellows are getting too close for comfort.

I lunged at her a bit harder, trying to come. She groaned incessantly, a filament of spittle hanging from her lips, her eyes strangely vacant. A few more heavy thrusts and I climaxed, squirting my hot load into her. I let go of her thighs, Anatan made me kiss her once more and then urged me to dress and leave. The drunken group had closed in and a few even applauded cynically, their faces distorted from drink and obviously lust.

'Shouldn't we take her out of here, to make sure those guys aren't doing anything stupid?'

None of our concern. I need more sustenance.

My legs didn't obey me; he simply removed us from the scene. Not a moment too soon, as a police car pulled up almost immediately afterwards.

We should look for wenches elsewhere now. You lead on.

'There is one thing we should keep in mind though: This is the twenty-first century. You can't just go around fucking people. There are consequences ...'

Not if you hasten your step.

'No, not that, STDs, pregnancy ... well, suppose, that hasn't changed, but we have lethal illnesses you can contract through unprotected sex now ... like AIDS ...'

Anatan went silent for a while, maybe he was searching my memory for what I had mentioned.

I fathom your meaning now. Do not be concerned. I sense illness; she had nothing of the sort.

'What was that blinding light, by the way?'

Her energy. My sustenance. She will feel weak for a few days, but it will pass. There is another inn over there. Let's tarry not. I need more sustenance.

'Ok, but I need a break first, maybe a couple of pints. And it is called a pub nowadays. Take it easy, the night is still young.'

Anatan wasn't exactly the patient type. We went into the pub and about half an hour later I found myself fucking a barmaid in a filthy back room. I was just sitting back and enjoying the ride, including two flashes of light. I suppose she would not have been able to complete her shift after that. In order to get a bit of a respite myself, I decided to introduce him to the twenty-first century proper.

'You know where we should go now? To a rave. I am pretty sure that you haven't had anything like that in your time ... You are going to love it.'

If there are wenches there I do not see any reason why we shouldn't. Oh, I see, it is like a dance? Yes ... that seems like a good location.

It was difficult to get him to wait in line with me, until we finally got in. Difficult because there were groups of girls around us and it took quite a bit of convincing not to pull any of them out for a quick snack. When we finally got in, it was him for the first time losing his composure.

Lord of darkness ... what inferno is this? Is it a ritual? A black mass? An orgy? I do not believe my eyes.

'The music is called Techno. You see all these people beaming and screaming over there? They are on E or any similar drug. Completely off their faces. E stands for Extasy. It is a synthetic drug, very powerful.'

You do not understand. They are releasing sustenance all over the place. Weaker, yes, but aplenty. Let us go, feast upon it.

Within minutes I had my demon turned into a hard-core raver, dancing around girls, picking out those who were high as a kite and draining them of their energy. I experienced one flash of light after the other, as he had correctly assumed, not as strong and blinding as with the two women before, but strong enough to keep him in an excellent mood. He was perfectly satisfied with just basking in that energy, until an unsuspecting victim felt the urge to hug me and look deep into my eyes.

A minute later, I was kneeling in front of her in a stall at the lady's, licking her juicy little cunt, three fingers up her vagina and two of my left hand up her arse. Apparently, she had trouble concentrating at first, but then she came like a train, leaving me stuck in that white limbo for what seemed like an eternity. Anatan was so impressed that he continued relentlessly, until she came a second and third time even. She sank to the floor like a puppet, a shallow husk of a human being, when I finally left the stall.

'Is she going to be alright? She looked seriously done in.'

She will survive. That was incredible. I have enough energy to confront the witches already. Let's go back to the dancing people and get some more.

Eventually we left the rave with two girls who were probably just about eighteen or nineteen. In any case, they kept me/us up all night before they finally crashed at my place. When I awoke at around mid-day on Sunday they were gone.

A Quarter Revenge

The following days were strange. Anatan withdrew for hours at a time, not offering any explanation. He didn't clamour for sustenance, nor did he try to get me to do anything else. He seemed to be waiting for something. I was relieved, in a fashion. After all, I needed to sort out my own life. I managed to meet up with my dad, who grudgingly got me out of my dire straits by giving me just about enough money to pay off my rent debts. Anatan had kept quiet for the entire episode, but suddenly got really excited when were at my bank.

Hurry. She is here. I can sense her. No more than a few hundred yards away.

'Who is she?'

One of the four. Leave this building now. She is moving. Hurry!

I clasped the envelope with the money my father had given me. It was imperative that I paid it in that day; otherwise I couldn't get the transfer to my landlord's account sorted in time. It was close to five o'clock already.

'I can't ... I have to pay in the money first. I explained that to you earlier, didn't I?'

He didn't listen any more. He simply took over my body and made me run out of the bank, accompanied by suspicious looks of other customers.

'Stop that ... I need to get back there; it is closing in a few minutes ...'

There she is. Do you see, do you see?

I did. It was indeed one of the four witches. She was the blonde one, the one that had stood closest to my vantage point. She came towards us, carrying a couple of shopping bags, but then stopped, opening the boot of a car.

She is going to use her carriage. Hurry; let's get into yours, so that we may follow.

As much as I could understand his excitement and saw the logic in trying to follow her, I was prepared to make a stand for my own rights and problems. I needed to get back into the bank.

'No, no way. I need to pay in that money.'

The pain was excruciating. It came out of nowhere, spread from my heart region throughout my body. Tears filled my eyes. For the first time since Halloween, I felt this dark, sickeningly vicious energy again.

You will obey and get into your carriage. Do not test my patience.

He meant business, and I wasn't going to test what else he could do to me to break my will. I got into my car and pulled out of the parking bay almost at the same time as the witch. It was difficult to follow her nevertheless; after all, rush hour had just started. I lost her at a red traffic light, which she just about managed.

'Fuck, lost her.'

No, I can still sense her. She is going east.

That didn't help me a lot. I had no idea where east was supposed to be.

Right then. Around that corner. You see? There she is again.

She was heading out of town. I hoped sincerely that I had sufficient gas in my tank for this pursuit. The needle was swinging dangerously close to empty. We passed a couple of villages, until she took a turn in the third one and went up the driveway of a farm.

Go past it and we leave the carriage where she cannot spot it.

That was a good idea. For someone, who hadn't seen any detective movies as yet, he had a pretty good grasp of what to do.

It was getting dark now. From where we parked, we could see that she took out her shopping and went into the farmhouse. I noticed statues and a lot of scrap metal. Maybe she was an artist of sorts. Definitely not a farmer.

'What now?'

You can climb over that wall over there and cross the fence to her property without her noticing you.

I wasn't so sure about that. There were dogs barking close by. It started raining as the street-lights went on. But he was right. Climbing over the wall wasn't difficult. The fence was no hindrance either. I could see her moving behind a lit window on the ground floor. I tried to get closer to the building, using the piles of metal and wood as cover. However, when I was about fifteen yards away from the house, I ran into an invisible barrier. It bounced me back so violently, that I found myself lying on my back, fighting for breath.

'What the fuck was that?'

She has protected her house. It does not surprise me.

'But she went right through that ... how does the postman or anyone else get close to the house then?'

Her postman won't be a demon.

Now it dawned on me; it hadn't repelled me, it had repelled Anatan.

'Ok, I understand. So what now? Back to the car?'

Yes. We cannot confront her in her protected lair. We need to wait and follow her, when she leaves it again.

'And wait here all night?'

If need be.

I wanted to protest, but remembered clearly how he had got me compliant just half an hour earlier. So I crawled back to the fence and scrambled over the wall to my car. Okay, if he wanted to wait, we would wait. Maybe the other witches would show up too. The fact that she had protected her house with that demon-repelling energy field made one thing clear: Irresistible or not, this would not go down as easy and smooth as his charging process.

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