tagIncest/TabooIrresistible Katie Pt. 01-04

Irresistible Katie Pt. 01-04



I met Gabriella when I was 30. She was two years older than me and had been on her own since she was twenty. A college guy had gotten her pregnant, she wanted the child, he didn't and so he disappeared. I had been divorced for three years and dated here and there, but nothing too serious. The wife of a co-worker gave me a phone number, and said, "Call her." I hadn't gone out in months, so I thought, Why not?

That first date was an absolute disaster. I was late, the restaurant didn't have my reservation, and I just felt uncomfortable. It had nothing to do with Gabby; she's a beautiful woman, with dark blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and is nothing but a lady. The woman was just too beautiful and classy for me. She was raising a kid on her own, had gotten her Bachelor's and Master's degree while working full time.

I was doing well and had nothing to be ashamed of. I was fit, played sports, and was the fire team for the firm; when something was going wrong, I was the one who was brought in to fix it. But for some reason, Gabby had thrown me off my game. At the of the night, I didn't even try to kiss her. I just told her, "Look, I'm really sorry-"

But Gabriella surprised me when she said, "Shut up. Kiss me." Who was i to say no? I expected it to be a soft sweet kiss. I was correct- at first. But then I kissed her again, and it was more passionate. As I think about it, we were primal and hungry for one another. We continued, with my cock growing thick and long within my pants. "Oh my," Gabby whispered as she felt me press against her.

The door then opened, and her daughter said, "Mom, everyone can see you!" She was twelve and looked embarrassed and annoyed. Her name is Katie and she glared at me with the unbridled hate of a twelve year old middle schooler.

"Give us just a moment," Gabby told her. Katie rolled her eyes and closed the door hard. We both laughed as adjusted our clothes. I was still hard and had to angle my cock up. "That's what I thought," Gabby whispered to me.

"What's that?"

"The date sucked, but I thought there was a cute and an amazing guy beneath your dorkiness,"

Gabby said.

I know I blushed and said, "Thank you?"

"You're welcome," Gabby said. "Are you going to ask me out again?"

"Yess," I said. "Friday?"

"Saturday," Gabby countered. That worked. "This time, don't try so hard. Relax. I like you and can tell you like me," her hand brushed against my still hard cock.

"Fair," I said. I then realized I needed to be the man, and told her, "Where some jeans. We'll go to a bar I know, drink and shoot some pool."

"I suck at it," Gabby said.

"Me too, so winner buys."

She laughed and then took my hand and pulled it up under her short skirt. I touched her panties, and they were wet. "I like you too." I gave her a soft kiss and she went inside. I drove home, hard as steel. When I walked inside, I got a text. It was from Gabby: "I just came so hard thinking of you. Want to see it for real. Gn." I texted her back saying I'd be doing the same shortly.

The next date was absolutely perfect. We had a few drinks, played terrible pool, and when I took her home, she invited me in. "Katie?" I asked.

"With my Mom." We were soon inside hungrily kissing each other and undressing. I think the plan had been to make it to the bedroom, but that didn't happen. I still remember pulling down her tight jeans. The sheer pink panties she'd been wearing came with them. I picked her up and put her on the kitchen table. My jeans were off, my thick eight inch cock was sticking forward. "Fuck, that looks good," she whispered breathily.

Gabby opened her legs. A thin strip of blonde pubic hair ran up above her clit. Her soft lips glistened with wetness. She wanted me to fuck her, but I had to taste her first. I knelt down and ran my tongue along her pussy lips, just barely touching. I grazed her clit with the tip of my tongue. She moaned, but then became frustrated as I teased her. She made a frustrated sound and lifted her hips to try and get full contact with my tongue. But I pulled back, and Gabby actually whined. "Is something wrong?" I asked laughing a bit.

"You're such a fucking asshole," Gabby said, her breathing ragged. She then grabbed my head and pulled me to her. I flattened my tongue as she rubbed her clit and pussy against it. She tasted amazing. I hadn't realized how wet she was until that moment. I couldn't talk, but Gabby could. "That feels so fucking good," she breathed. Her hips moved faster and faster, up and down, frantically. "So close..." she whispered, and then, "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" as she came against my tongue.

I then stood and pulled her up so that she was sitting up, my hard cock pressed against her pussy. We started kissing and I pulled her hair, directing her head so that i could kiss her kiss her neck, mouth, and nibble on her ear. I whispered, "Your pussy tastes so good. I need to fuck you."

Gabby moaned and whispered, "I'm so fucking horny..." her hand then grabbed my shaft. She directed my cock into her soft silky wetness. She was very tight, so I went slow with small easy strokes, going deeper and deeper. I could feel her pussy gripping my cock, but slowly giving way. I was now all the way in her, my balls pressed against her wet pussy lips. I slid by cock out until the tip was just touching. "No!" Gabby groaned. I wasn't allowed to tease her. She needed to be fucked.

I slid my cock back in, still slow, but faster than before. Then again and again, until I was fucking her hard and fast. Gabby moaned and so I asked, "Are you close baby?"

"Uh huh," she breathed. I kept up the pace, going faster and hard. "Fuck, yes, I'm cumming," she breathed in my ear. I was close and couldn't hold back. I groaned as I filled her tight pussy. With me still in her she grabbed my head and kissed me passionately. "So fucking good," she said. With her legs wrapped around me, I carried her to the bedroom. We got the rest of our clothes off, fucked again and again. I woke up the next morning with her sucking my cock. She was so skilled that as hard as I tried to hold back, I couldn't.

She had to get Katie, so I got dressed and gave her a long, lingering kiss. "Can I take you out again?" I asked. Her answer was to kiss me.


We were soon a couple. I was around the house more and would sometimes spend the night. I did my best to befriend Katie, but she was unresponsive at best and downright surly at times. Gabby tried to talk to Katie, but the girl wasn't having it. She hated me. Gabby and I were in love and talked marriage. We both wanted to. Gabby finally decided: "It's my life. I have a right to be happy." I smiled and gave her the engagement ring I'd purchased months before. "You ass," she said, smiling with tears welling in her eyes. "That's the lamest proposal ever," she said. "I love it."

Neither of us wanted to make a big deal out of it. We both had the money for a big traditional marriage, but she was thirty six now, I was thirty four. We agreed on a quiet ceremony with just a few friends. Katie swore she wouldn't go, but relented. She had just turned fifteen that October, and was pretty fucking pissed. The girl was even more furious when I took her mom to Tahiti for a two week honeymoon, which by the way, was awesome.

I'd long stopped trying to make peace with the kid. Instead, I went the opposite route and retaliated. Gabby didn't like it, but she couldn't help but to laugh when one of my retorts was pretty clever.

The cycle was pretty standard: Katie would make a snide remark, I'd match her, the girl would storm off to her room, Gabby would try to talk to her, come back and say, and shrug her shoulders. We'd then have a nice evening that would end in us cuddling or fucking. Actually the cuddling always led to fucking, so same difference, right?

What was really cruel, I guess, was that Gabby just couldn't control herself when we fucked, especially when I talked dirty to her. It was such a turn on to watch her petite body with C cup breasts and tight ass rub her clit on my cock as we fucked. I'd grab her hair and tell her what a naughty little slut she was. That would always make her moan loud. She thought she was being quiet, but practically shouted, "You're cock feels so fucking good!" nearly every time we fucked.

The house was big, but not that big. I'd always smile, knowing Katie must've heard and was gnashing her teeth in fury. At the time, I was pretty much at the "Fuck you you spoiled little brat," level. Needless to say, most mornings, Katie would glare at me with hate in her eyes.

As happens with relationships, Gabby and I slowly cooled off. We went from sex every day, to most days, to just two or three times a week. Work and competition for time together didn't help. Shortly after turning eighteen, Katie looked at me one morning and said, "Must be getting a bit frustrated there." as she drank coffee before school. Her mom had already left.

I was annoyed. The girl had scored a point. Gabby and I hadn't fucked in five days, which was a lifetime by comparison. I know I shouldn't have said it, but I did: "You must be too. Now you've got nothing to get off to." To my surprise, she blushed. One thing that makes me good at my job is being able to read people. She really does get off to that, I thought.

"Fuck you you perv," Katie said. She tried to regain the high ground by saying, "I can't wait to tell Mom what you said."

"Go for it. She'll love to know you get off to hearing us at night," I countered. "That won't be awkward at all." Katie glared at me, grabbed her backpack and drove off to school. Point for me, I thought. That night I planned to get the double, but Gabby had to work late. I was really annoyed. Katie knew and said, "Serves you right."

I didn't say anything. I just went to bed and masturbated for the first time in ages. Gabby got home at about ten, and promptly passed out. I was angry and frustrated and went to go get a beer. As I walked by Katie's room, I heard something: the low sound of moaning. Is she playing? I thought. I heard a soft moan and felt my cock stiffen a bit. She was. I should have kept moving, but I just couldn't. It was like my feet were glued to the beautiful hardwood floor.

I heard Katie moan again, and my cock got harder. I then realized I was rubbing myself through my scrub pants. My stepdaughter was turning me on! What the fuck! I screamed in my head. But still, I didn't move. I listened to her whimpers and sighs. My cock was out and I was stroking it. There was still plenty of sperm in my aching balls; when I heard the girl say, "Fuck! Fuck!" in a low tone exactly like Gabby, I knew she was cumming. That sent me over the edge, and a jet of white cum shot down the hallway floor.

I am a perv, I thought now that the sexual desire was gone. What the fuck is wrong with you? I hurried to the kitchen, grabbed some paper towels and returned to clean up the mess. Just as I was finishing, Katie's door opened. "What are you doing?" she asked in the voice of a teen talking to an idiot or parent.

"Go back to bed. I spilled my drink," I told her. Katie looked at me skeptically.

When I stood up, I looked at the girl in a different light. The girl was actually quite stunning. She was wearing just a t-shirt that covered her panties. Her breasts were large, double D if I had to guess, and her nipple were a bit hard. She wasn't petite like her mom, but had Gabby's hair and curves; they just happened to be bigger in every area. Katie was looking at me funny. "What?" I asked. I then saw her eyes on my crotch; my thick cock had begun to grow again. Fuck, I thought.

"Wait, did you..." her voice trailed off. "Oh my God, you did," she whispered. "You heard me."

"What? No. What are you talking about?" I said unconvincingly. I then took the paper towels filled with my semen and threw them away. When I came back, Katie was still standing in the doorway, her nipples still hard. She was looking at me with an actual smile. "What?" I asked defensively.

"Nothing," Katie said, her tone now one I'd never heard before. It sounded sultry. My cock refused to behave and got harder. "Glad I didn't put my panties back on. I need a second round. Feel free to listen." I looked at her skeptically, but my cock continued to get harder. "Don't believe me?" Katie then quickly lifted up her long shirt. I saw her naked ass; I believed her. The door closed. I then heard her moan louder than she had earlier. My cock was fully hard. I wanted to stay but common sense prevailed. I retreated to bed and had a restless night trying to sleep. What the fuck just happened? Was the dominant thought of the night.

Katie (Part II)

After that, something was very different. I saw Katie in a different light. Before, I'd just seen her as a surly teen looking for an excuse to fight. Peaceful coexistence was the best I was hoping for. But now, I couldn't help but to notice her body. To be perfectly honest, the girl was stunning. Her breasts were either D or double D. She often didn't wear a bra around the house, and her nipples would poke against the thin fabric of her shirt. I noticed she would only dress like that when Gabby wasn't home.

But it wasn't just her breasts that caught my attention. Her thin, angular face with high cheekbones, matched with the dirty blonde hair (like Gabby) was sexy- not like a fashion model, but more like the really cute girl from next door. Like her mom and I, she was into sports. Katie didn't have Gabby's frame, but I caught myself thinking more than once, Fuck, she's sexy.

My relationship with Gabby was very solid. I loved her and she loved me. Work though was getting in the way. I soon started to feel fortunate if we managed to fuck once a week. Katie noticed. Even though I thought she was sexy, we continued to wage our cold war. But then again, that changed too. It had evolved from open hostility, to us making fun of one another. "Did you have to clean up the hall again last night?" She whispered one morning before Gabby rushed out the door.

I felt my cock stiffen a little, "Fucking brat," I whispered back. She looked at my crotch and could see my cock starting to strain against my trousers. Katie quietly laughed.

"Good bye baby," Gabby said as she gave me a kiss. She felt me and said, "I'll take care of that tonight. I promise." I smiled, feeling hopeful.

As soon as the door closed, Katie said, "She's going to be late again. You know that, I mean c'mon. You're on your own." The girl was grinning wickedly. I glared at her, thoroughly annoyed. She was about to walk out the door for school. "Maybe this will help you later," Katie said. She was wearing a sleeveless dark blue dress that went to her knees. To my shock, she lifted up the hem and flashed her ass. She was wearing a black thong.

"Katie!" I said, trying to sound like a disciplinarian, but she only laughed.

"You like it. You know it," She replied. The girl was right. I did.

I tried to play it off and said, "Whatever. Maybe I would if you weren't wearing anything under." Katie paused at the door, and looked at me as if she were thinking. "Go," I said. "You'll be late." But then, in one swift move, she reached under her dress with both hands, pulled off her panties and threw them at me.

I caught them. "If you use them, just toss them in my hamper." I didn't know what to say. My cock stiffened more. Katie watched, and laughed. She'd opened the door. Before stepping through, the girl said, "You know, fucking with you is more fun than hating you. Bye perv." The door closed. I could feel myself blush, embarrassed and angry. I was mad at her and myself. I was a perv. I preferred when we just hated each other. But it was my fault, I guess. By making Gabby moan and scream while we fucked, that was more of a tease to Katie than I'd realized.

"Payback's a bitch," I whispered. I then noticed that the crotch of her panties felt a little damp. She'd gotten herself horny teasing me! That was a game changer. I then realized my cock hurt. I checked the time. My balls ached. I couldn't cum without being late. Fuck it, I thought. I texted my assistant that I was running slow. I thought about using them, but couldn't. I threw them in her hamper, carefully undressed and stroked my hard cock, thinking of Kaitie. I tried to focus on Gabby, but Katie kept invading my mind.

As I stroked my cock, I could only picture Katie rubbing her clit. I wondered if she thought about me. The more I tried to not think about it, the more I did. I soon came, remembering Katie's moans from week's before. As I cleaned up, I remembered Katie's words: "perv." Fuck me, I thought. Cumming to her was bad enough. For the brat to be right was far worse.

I went to work and got a lot done. I suspect it was so that I didn't think about Gabby or Katie. I stayed later than usual, and got home at seven. Katie was still in her blue dress. She was on the couch watching something on Netflix. "You're home kind of late," Katie said.

"Busy day," I told her.

"It's too bad you didn't get your 'problem,' taken care of," Katie said, smiling like the Cheshire Cat.

I was about to deny it, but then I remembered: the way to deal with her was to meet force with force. "Who says I didn't?"

"You didn't," Katie said confidently. "I checked the hamper."

"Who said I had to use your panties?"

"Bullshit," the girl said, not sounding nearly so confident.

"I like the feel of my hand," I said. Katie's mocking look disappeared. She was now looking at me in such a way that she didn't know I was fucking with her. I pressed my attack: "Oh yeah, right after you left, I took off all my clothes, and rubbed my thick hard cock. That's why I was late."

"You didn't," Katie whispered, staring at me. I could feel my cock stiffen a bit. But Katie had her own tell: she'd taken her bra off and her nipples became hard, poking through the soft thin fabric of her dress.

"Oh, but I did," I said, my voice low. "Want to know what I was thinking about?" Katie didn't answer, he mouth slightly open. Her hand was slowly rubbing her leg through the fabric of the dress. I don't even think she noticed, but it was creeping close to her crotch. Gotcha! "I was thinking about you. The way you moaned when I listened that night. The way you took off your panties this morning. I thought of you rubbing your clit and cumming, thinking of my cock."

Katie didn't say anything. I was mesmerized as her hand kept crept closer to her pussy. Was she going to touch herself in front of me? My cock was straining against my pants. "You really did," she breathed. I nodded. "Holy fuck," she whispered. And then just before her hand reached her pussy, she caught herself. "Fuck," she said, and then popped up, walked by me in a hurry and went to her room. I heard the door close.

I couldn't help but to smile. "Fire with fire," I said to myself. I was very turned on, but figured I should just pour a drink and relax. Gabby might be home early, right? But then the devil on my shoulder said, "Do it.' The angel apparently agreed, so I walked down the hall. I didn't even try to be quiet. I stopped in front of Katie's room and listened. I thought I could hear soft moans as I approached. When I stopped, so did Katie.

Fuck, I thought. I wanted her to cum. I was about to move on and cum myself, but then Katie started to moan again, except now it was louder. She knew I was listening. It then occurred to me: That's turning her on! I rubbed my cock through my pants as I heard her whimper and say, "Fuck! Oh fuck! So good!" I wanted to pull my cock out, but there was just no way to do it without making a quick getaway. I then heard her give a high pitched squeal, and knew that she'd just cum.

That was amazing. I could hear Katie breathing heavily as I continued down the hall to the master. I stripped naked and began to stroke my cock. I then caught myself making noise as I groaned a bit. I thought I heard something and looked at the door. The hallway light was on, my room was dark. I could see that some of the light was being blocked. Katie was doing what I'd just done. That turned me on. Fuck it, I thought. I groaned louder and then, to really get to her, I said fairly loud, "Oh Katie."

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