tagBDSMIryna and Danil - Happy Birthday

Iryna and Danil - Happy Birthday


Odessa Ukraine, year 2108. The country is currently owned by the Russian mega Corp. Zaitech whom in a shady alliance bought out the government in late 2060.

Main plot summary:
The Resistance, demoralized by defeat mess outta next generation to carry the banner of freedom. Current scene takes place early on in the overall story as the two main characters are brainstorming ideas. Today is Irynas 19th birthday.

Pertinent characters:
Iryna: co-mastermind behind the resistance plans to banish Zaitech.
Danil: co-mastermind behind the resistance plans to banish Zaitech.


The following scene involves mild scarification and blood play, this is done by two young adults living in a closed off corporate own country. They discovered it on their own and do not have access to all pertinent information about it. Please do not interpret this scene as the proper way to do this. I have made them clumsy at it on purpose as this is the very early on in the overall story. Please do not attempt in real life without proper education and practice.



"Aaahhhhh fuck!"

Iryna winced as the knife carved through the skin on her back. Danil chuckled adoringly.

"You said you wanted a star for your birthday!" He watched a little stream of blood as he finished another line of her design.

She hissed air through her teeth again, naked on her stomach except for her black cotton panties. Danil sat in his boxers on the back of her thighs as he crouched over, carving a star into the flesh of her lower back. He turned the pocket knife in his hand again to achieve the last connecting line. Slowly he traced a finger through the small pools of blood, creating little swirls that flowed from the star design.

"All done," he said, admiring his handiwork. Wiping the knife on a clean towel before licking his blood covered fingertip tasting the iron bite in the back of his mouth. Iryna kept her head down, breathing hard. Bending down, Danil kissed up her spine, recalling their many brainstorming sessions that had cumulated in this moment. Cleaning her off quickly with an alcohol wipe as she hissed in air.

"Ahhh, warn me next time!" Danil laughed playfully at her surprise, amused at what parts in all this she needed warning about. Turning over, she looked suitably annoyed. Her eyes only slightly wet from the experience.

Knife still in hand, he leaned down and kissed her lips, her annoyance instantly subsiding as he caressed a hand down her body, feeling every curve and line. Biting her bottom lip as they kissed he playfully distracted her by sliding his fingers under her panties. Iryna moaned and pulled herself against him, reaching up to touch his face. He played with her for only a moment before rising and grabbing her knife.

"Not so fast," he teased. "It's my turn now."

She glared at him again with mock annoyance dancing across her face as he just smiled. Taking the knife, they switched places. Iryna slipped off her panties as he lay down beside her on the bed, Danil always liked her in as little clothing as possible.

Feeling his hands running up her legs and around her hips as she sat astride him set her heart rate running. Leaning forward, she picked a spot on his chest to carve his matching star. Feeling him tense up beneath her made her want to hurry this up. Smiling right before lowering the knife and beginning on the first line.

Groaning, he gritted his teeth as the first cut brought a gasp into his lungs. Rolling his hips up against her as she sat on his lap, hands tugging her down on him, the impediment of his boxers now just teasing them both. Iryna happily sighed.

"I'm never gonna finish if you keep doing that," she sang with a smirk. It appeared to do the trick. After running his hands up her whole body again, he forced himself to hold them above his head on the pillow. She seemed to be taking her time! Looking down he saw her laser focused on making sure everything lined up correctly. An enticing endorphin rush was taking hold. As he closed his eyes, he thought about how he wanted her and that she better finish quickly or he was going to end up with a half completed star. She kept teasing him though, rocking her hips around and pretending she wasn't. He was having trouble controlling himself he stopped himself more than once from throwing her back on the bed and taking her.

"Almost done," she finally said, sitting up.

He exhaled a long-held breath, opening his eyes. Iryna wiped off all the blood with the extra alcohol wipe.

"Aahhh! That always hurts!" He winced in pain as the alcohol stung his skin, knowing she was just playing fair. Cleaning the knife off, she kissed his chest, signifying she was done.

Desperately grabbing at her while clawing at his boxers, the endorphins and accompanying lust took over. Her face broke out into a bright smile as she dropped the knife out of harm's way, just in time for his hands to bring her down hard on him. He gripped her waist as she enthusiastically took him in. Grabbing his arms, she balanced herself, letting her eyes close and head fall back, all senses lost.

Danil watched her rock against him, chest rising and falling with strained breath. He let his hands explore her as she had her way with him until they couldn't stand it anymore.

A giddy euphoric warmth blinding her as every muscle tensed in glorious agony, only his words broke through the chaos:

"Happy Birthday...I love you," he whispered, hands caressing her face.

He felt her weight collapse down on him and wrapped his arms around her as he panted. Her body was shaking and he could hear her fighting to catch her breath, his own body awash with sensations.

"I love you Danil. Thank you for a wonderful day."

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