tagLesbian SexIs 3 A Crowd? Ch. 03

Is 3 A Crowd? Ch. 03


Faith's head was in a daze when she got home that night. She'd a crazy time with Rob and Lex. When she took the job on as their PA she wasn't quite expecting to become a bisexual slut. She switched on the shower and got in, hoping to wash the day away. She knew this wasn't the end of this type of behavior in a way it made her disgusted and thinking about quitting, but on the other hand she couldn't wait to go back to work tomorrow. She switched off the shower and crawled into bed, still thinking about what had happened and why she had let it happen.

She was just about asleep when she heard her text message sound go off.

"Oh god who could be texting me at this hour" she said picking up her cell.

"Faith, I need to talk to you. Meet me for breakfast at the office 7am, Rob"

"Ugh," she said as she flung her phone back on her nightstand adn closed her eyes again.

Just as she settled down again to sleep she got another text, "What now? If it don't get some sleep soon I'll go mad," she cursed as she picked up her phone again,

"Faith, I had a really great time tonight, think we can meet up after work for a few drinks? I really hope so. Lexy"

Throwing it back on the nightstand again, she found herself wide awake, did they know that each other had just text her individually. What did this mean? She tossed and turned in bed eventually getting up and slipping downstairs to grab a drink.

She decided to text Lex back.

"Sounds good to me, where shall I meet you? Or if you wanted to meet earlier that would be great"

About twenty seconds later she replied,

"Well I'm stood outside yours right now, so how about letting me in baby,"

"Holy shit, I didnt mean this early."

Doors open come on in

"I couldn't sleep for thinking about you Faith, you and that hot little bootie of yours. I just want to dive right in!"

"I cant stop thinking about you guys either. I never saw myself being with a woman ever, but Lex you are just so amazing" she heard herself say.

"Want to start where we left off?" Lex asked seductively.

Faith didn't answer her with words, she walked over and shoved her tongue down Lex's throat. She pulled off her top and unhooked her bra, pulling it off and swiftly attacking her erect nipples, Lex moaned and tugged at Faith's shorts desperate to get to Faiths hot sweet pussy.

While Faith massaged Lex's breasts, Lex put her hand down Faith's shorts rubbing her finger ever so lightly over the entrance of her sex.

"Push it in," Faith whispered to Lex, I want to feel you massage me, push it in deep," she said throwing her head back and letting go of Lexs nipple so she could enjoy the snesations.

"Oh god Lexy"

"Feel good?"

"I can't even," she moaned and arched her back as Lex started pounding into her deeper. "Begin to tell you" she choked out, "how this makes me feel," she said as she started to cum, sweet liquid dripping from her well fingered pussy.

"Time to do me now beautiful," Lex purred as Faith had gone down on Lex, catching a drop of moisture which had appeared on her slit.

Faith stuck her tongue deep into Lex's slit savoring all of her juices.

"Faster Faith, you are making me so damn hot I love it. Fuck my pussy with your tongue. God you are fucking amazing," she said as Faith reached up to play with her nipples, sending Lex into a frenzy.

"Oh yeah baby, make me cum, make me drip my cum in your mouth" Lex moaned as she swivvled her hips over Faith's face. Her tongue tiring from licking out Lex. She reached down and started to play with her own clitoris, two fingers either side, frigging herself as her tongue deftly dipped in and out of Lex's pulsating mound.

"Need help babe?" Lex moaned as she noticed Faith fingering herself. "Lay down on your back"

"What?" she asked replacing a finger where her tongue was.

"Lay on your back and I'll help you out." she ordered.

"But what about you?"

"Ever hear of 69ing?"

"Of course," she replied with a wicked grin, "but can I ask, where's Rob?"

"Don't worry about him. I needed to see you on my own. I needed you all to myself,"

"So Rob doesn't know you are here?" she asked curiously.

"No and please dont mention it to him" she said then turning her head to Faith's pussy. "Enough of this come on, I want to cum for you"

"I'm going to cum for you Lexy, just thinking about you makes me cum. I've never had a woman before. Plenty have made advances and I've always shied away from them but you. Wow,"

"Really? I thought you would have been, seeing your advances to me and that"

"Nope honey you are my first and last. I want no one but you from now on"

"What about Rob?" she asked panting,

"Exactly Lex, what about Rob?" she said and then delved into Faiths soaking wet pussy lapping up her juices. She stuck her tongue deep in Faith's sex and then shook her head sending wonderful sensations all through her body. She gripped Lexs head and forced it further in, it seemed that she couldn't get enough of pussy.

"Fuck Lex" Faith grunted. "I'm cumming again" She said looking for something to grasp but couldnt find anything so she latched onto Lex's long blondish brown hair, she started to run her fingers through it, grasping and pulling as wave after wave hit her.

"I've never came like that before, ever. That had to have been the best orgasm ever. All because of you Lex," she panted as she slowly came down off her high.

"You know you could quite turn me Lex," she said as she pulled her up to kiss her, to taste herself on Lex's lips.

"I think I already did," Lex said as she licked Faiths lips.

"Not totally Lex but I'm certainly getting there," she replied.

"Well, i got my fix of you for now Faith, I guess I better get home before Rob notices I'm gone. He has to be at the office early for some sort of meeting,"

"What time?" Faith asked.

"About 7. Apparently it's a straight laced meeting that I can't be there for, so I think I'll just be in bed, playing with myself thinking of you," she winked as she dressed and walked out of the door. Faith just sat there on the bed in euphoria.

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