tagBDSMIs My Mistress Happy

Is My Mistress Happy


Clank, clank, clank, I could here the high heels walk up to my bedroom. I had called her an hour ago and told her I wanted her to do her worst to me. I love pleasing my mistress.

As my mistress walks into the room...I am on fire with anticipation. What will she have me do? What dirty little thing will she want today?

"Hi mistress Breanna," I say. "How are you today?"

"Shut up Slave, Speak only when spoken too!" She announced.

Oh my god, my mistress looks good. She is only wearing 7 inch tall heels with thigh high stockings. With a mask covering her face. My mistress's body looks so good. She has big perfect breasts. She has a very nice ass on top of some wonderfully tall legs. Her pussy is shaved clean and looks tasty. I can't wait for this to begin.

"I see your wearing the women's undies I told you to wear. Very good." On the phone earlier she told me to put on a pink thong and some white pantyhose. She also told me to insert the large butt plug up my ass so it would be ready for her. I did all of this and now she is very happy. I love to see her smile. It makes me happy to see my mistress proud of me.

Now Breanna pulls out the butt plug very quickly. The pain is quite intense, I moan a little and she whips my ass telling me to be quite or I will get whipped severely. Next Mistress Breanna tells me to bend over. She takes this new plug and puts it in my ass. She then pumps it up to almost 3 times its normal size. She plays with it for a few minutes making good use of the vibratory function and then takes it out. Telling me she has something else to shove up in there in a minute.

Now my mistress takes my hand and leads me into the bathroom. She motions for me to lie down on the floor. I have done this many times for her. I either watch her pee or she gives me a treat and pisses on my chest.

"Today will be a little different," she says, "today you will taste my nectar. I'm going to pee on your face. And you will make sure I'm clean afterwards, I want you to lick every bit of my tiny little pussy clean."

With this she slowly and seductively guides herself to my face, she takes her right hand and spreads her beautiful lips for me and tells me to get ready. With this my mistress starts to pee on me, this seems like it goes on forever. Then she grabs my head and moves it to her crotch. "Clean me!" She yells. I resist a little and she slaps the crap out of my face, now realizing there is no hope of not doing it I begin to lick her pussy.

My mistress tells me to shower off so we can play.

Next my mistress walks me into the bedroom and makes me lick her shoes and feet. I start with her heels and slowly work my way up it. She puts the 7 inch heel in my mouth and asks me to suck it like I would her strap on. I slowly go up the right leg to her pussy, she does not allow me to stay there long...she makes me go to her left leg and work my way down.. My mistress says, "Now since you did such a good job on my legs and heels you can suck my strap on like the little slut you are." She makes me suck it the whole time making fun of me telling me I'm not a man, my dick is small and all kinds of insults. I am very humiliated, and she likes this I can tell by the smile on her face.

My mistress now tells me, "Bend over I'm going to fuck you up the ass with this dick." She uses the largest strap on that she has ever used. It is at least 7 inches long and very thick. It hurts so badly. She fucks me so hard with it. I can't wait for it to be over.

When she finally has enough of my ass she tells me I can fuck her.

I love fucking my mistress. The only problem is as turned on as she always gets me it doesn't take me long to get to climax. I love the feel of her tits, her skin, and her pussy against my body. I insert my dick into her pussy and start to ride. I moan with pleasure. The whole time my mistress is telling me she wishes I had a bigger dick and how good it would be to be fucked by a real man. As I'm about to cum she tells me to cum on her breasts. I pull out and spill my load on her. Now she tells me to lick it clean. I've never done this before so I'm a little timid. My mistress smacks my face and takes me by my hair and makes me...

I hope I have made my mistress happy. As she leaves I ponder what wonderful things she will have me do next time!!

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