Is She, Isn't She? Ch. 03


"I did care! I didn't want to hurt you, I just ..." Jeanie stuttered, but Ashley cut her off again.

"You didn't actually hurt me," she told the younger girl. "I was surprised. Then I was angry. Nothing more. I don't like being used, Jeanie, and I'm angry!"

"I didn't mean to make you feel like I'd used you," Jeanie's eyes fell to the ground. "I did want to experiment and I ... but I ... I wasn't using you for that!"

"Why did you just take off once you'd got what you wanted then?"

"I didn't!" Jeanie protested. "I still wanted to be your friend! I just can't date you because I'm straight."

"You're straight, are you?" Ashley rolled her eyes. "You've said and done things during sex with me that indicate that you've had better sex with me, than you've had with any of your male lovers; deny it."

"I'd never cum during penetration before, if that's what you mean," Jeanie's voice was sullen.

"Amongst other things," Ashley raised her eyebrows at her, and walked over so that she was standing a whole lot closer to Jeanie. "I think you've called out "it's never felt so good, Ashie" a few times, as well as the little penetration fact, yes."

"You're the oldest person I've ever slept with; you're the most experienced, so you're probably the ... the best I've had just for that reason," Jeanie's eyes dropped to the ground and stayed there.

"Oh, is that it?" Ashley reached a warm hand up, laid it flat on Jeanie's upper chest, and pushed the girl backwards into the white wall. She began gently stroking the bare skin at the base of Jeanie's sexy throat. "I'm old?"

"No, Ashie, just more experienced," Jeanie finally looked into the blonde's green eyes, voice sincere.

"What, so you're trying to be sweet to me now?" Ashley's hand slid down Jeanie's neck, until it cupped a cloth-covered breast, and began fondling it gently.

"No," Jeanie replied with a swallow. "I probably shouldn't be letting you do that, Ashie," she added, her eyes darkening already with passion.

"Your body can't help itself, hun," Ashley told her bluntly, hand moving down further and sliding down Jeanie's flat stomach, fingers entering her pantline. The blonde's free hand unsnapped the catch on Jeanie's jeans, allowing her fingers to roam. The zipper fell down seemingly by itself, as Ashley's hand in the front of Jeanie's pants began to wriggle and dip into Jeanie's underwear, in order to get to the girl's bare pussy.

She gently parted the girl's slit with a curled finger, and began stroking Jeanie between her legs. Jeanie's breathing turned deeper right away.

"I told you there'd be no screwing," she groaned, hands going to Ashley's shoulders and gently resting against them, before one hand crept up and cupped the side of Ashley's neck.

Ashley smiled slightly. Jeanie was powerless under the blonde's skilled hands.

"We both know you can't help yourself around me," she stated, keeping her head back and away from Jeanie. There was to be no kissing right at that moment, even though Jeanie's dark eyes had flown open and were staring longingly at Ashley's mouth.

The older woman's fingers kept stroking Jeanie lovingly, diddling her clit softly at the top of her slit before sliding back down again, slipping between the sweet pink lips and probing, exploring. The gorgeous blonde femme was pleased that she'd simply been able to pin the younger girl to the wall and start fingering her with such ease, despite the brunette's statements before the event that it wasn't going to happen. Jeanie had major weak spots, it appeared, when it came to Ashley.

Jeanie was now very wet. The brunette opened her thighs even wider to give Ashley better access, a soft little sigh falling out of her mouth, giving in completely to the pleasure her body longed for, and letting Ashley have her way with her.

Ashley cocked her head and observed the younger girl knowingly. Sexually, Jeanie belonged to Ashley now, that much was obvious. The dark-haired girl couldn't help herself, she melted every time Ashley touched her.

Emotionally, however, she was still light-years away and the thought frustrated Ashley. It wasn't fair. They were perfect for each other – why couldn't Jeanie see it?

Because the girl was a close-minded self-absorbed homophobe, that was why.

Ashley's index finger slid deep into Jeanie's pussy, plunging all the way in with an audible wet sound, and Jeanie groaned when the blonde crocked it at the tip, and stroked her curled finger deep in the gorgeous brunette's body, coaxing more pleasure from her.

"Oh God, Ashie ...!" Jeanie breathed reverently.

"Tell me now," Ashley said casually, mechanically beginning to plunge her finger in and out of the delicious cleft between Jeanie's legs, to the tune of high gasps from the brunette herself, "how many people have touched you since you and I started fooling around?"

"What?" Jeanie gasped, eyes wide and staring at Ashley, as the blonde's finger fucking in and out her tight snatch made her whole body shake with need. "Ohhhh Ash, mmm ..."

"How many people, have touched you, since you and I started, fooling around?" Ashley repeated forcefully, shoving her finger in Jeanie quite roughly, causing Jeanie's body to lurch against the blonde's tall, slim frame.

"Oh God!" Jeanie got out, body rippling with pleasure. "Well ... well, Matt, obviously ... the stripper."

"And?" Ashley demanded, one hand cupping Jeanie's jaw and making sure the younger girl couldn't get close enough to kiss her until they'd talked this out, the other fingering the brunette half near out of her young mind. "I know there's been more."

"And ... and ... and ... mmm, Ashley, your fingers just ... ai! Ahh ... mmm ... I can't think ..." Jeanie swallowed hard, her eyes flickering in and out of focus with dizzy pleasure as Ashley softly diddled the brunette's little clit again.

Ashley was being very gentle with Jeanie's clit, knowing how sensitive it was – contrary to the comparatively rough motion of her fingers plunging inside Jeanie's hot body. The blonde stilled her fingers for a moment, then raised her brows commandingly.

"Tell me!" she ordered.

Jeanie whimpered. "I let ... I let Jermaine finger me ... two nights after the first time we ... we ... after your birthday party ..."

"I see," Ashley's fingers began working again, slick wet sounds providing a backdrop to their conversation as Jeanie's juices coated the blonde's long, gentle fingers. "Who is Jermaine?"

"No one!" Jeanie moaned as Ashley left off Jeanie's clit for the time being, not wanting the younger girl to cum, and slid her middle finger into the girl's creamy centre again, swirling it back and forth as though she was mixing something in the younger girl's body. "No one ... important," Jeanie continued, voice rasping. "A guy I slept with twice before we met, Ash ... I was considering dating him ... but I won't because ... I don't like him ... uh! Oh yeah, that feels so good Ashie, mm ... but ... but that's all, just Matt and him and you ..."

"Three? That's a little bit slutty, Jeanie!" Ashley reminded her, curling the finger that was shoved deep between Jeanie's lips as though she was calling someone.

"Ashie, I ... I'm just really messed up, I got scared, I freaked out about what you and I ... uh-uh-uh god mmm ... what you and I did together ... it shook me up, you know?" Jeanie admitted, breathing heavy and heavier. "So I got with a guy really quickly after but ... but ... mmm ... but it didn't come from a slutty place it ... ah ... came from ... a scared one ... God, you're driving me wild!"

"Who was better at fingering you?" Ashley asked, green eyes fixed on the brunette's rapidly flushing face knowingly.

"You ... oh, you, Ashie ..."

"Who was better at going down on you?" Ashley queried, leaning in closer to the girl this time and whispering it huskily into her small ear. "Who was better at licking your pussy, sweetie? The truth now."

"You!" Jeanie moaned. "Hands down. It was soo good when you did it to me," she added, body shuddering as Ashley slid her finger out, with a slight sucking sound.

"And we already know who was better at fucking you, if you've never cum during penetration before me," Ashley said, more to herself this time. "Did you like it when I fucked you with the dildo, darling?"

"Mm, yes, I like it when you do anything to me," Jeanie confessed, words spilling from her lips. Her clit was being petted and fondled again – Ashley was rubbing wet fingertips lightly all over it, keeping Jeanie nice, poised and ready to cum, but not allowing the brunette the pressure she needed to achieve the act.

"What did you like doing best with me?"

"I like it when you ... uhhhh ... lick and finger me – yeah, like that Ash, just like that, mmm!"

"Hm, interesting. So you liked penetration but it wasn't your favourite thing?"

"N-n-ohhh, Ashie harder, please ... just up a bit, a tiny bit ...!"

"So, just to clarify one last time, who is better at pleasuring your little body, Jeanie?"

"You Ash, you, you, you!" Jeanie's voice rose in pitch, in frustration.

"And I'm a girl and all? Funny, that," Ashley made her point.

"Just fucking kiss me, Ashley!" Jeanie screwed her face up, breathing searing her lungs as Ashley's fingers wrecked havoc with her soaked pussy.

"No," Ashley denied her casually. "We haven't finished talking yet."

Jeanie's head tilted back and lay against the white wall frustratedly, as Ashley's fingers pinched the brunette's pussy lips together and held off from stimulation for a few long, long seconds, to prevent Jeanie from cumming. "God Ashley, you're driving me crazy," Jeanie moaned, her hands gripping fistfuls of Ashley's blue top. "I said I wouldn't let this happen."

"Shall I stop then?" Ashley made to remove her hand.

"God no please!" Jeanie grabbed desperately at Ashley's wrist and held it in place down the front of her panties. "God Ashie, please, please let me cum ..."

Ashley quirked her lips. It seemed she always had the brunette begging for it.

"For the record, baby, if ever you need something shoved up your tight little pussy, I can oblige. You don't need a guy for that," she told the younger girl now.

"I know, I know that now," Jeanie writhed, as Ashley's index finger sank home between the brunette's lower lips again, and into the wet, warm, yielding tissue that was between them.

"I can be there for you in every way you need, sexually, baby, do you understand me?" Ashley slipped her index finger out yet again, and softly circled Jeanie's clit.

"Oh yes Ashie, yes!" Jeanie groaned, tossing her head back into the wall again.

"Tell me you're close!" Ashley goaded now, finally sliding her lips right up close to Jeanie's, and sharing air with her. "Tell me you're close, darling ..."

"I'm so close, I'm closer than I've ever been Ashie!" Jeanie's sweet breath flooded Ashley's lower jaw, as the brunette groaned and gasped. "Oh God, Ash ..."

"Kiss me," Ashley told her, opening her own mouth, green eyes settling darkly onto Jeanie's lips.

Jeanie wasted no time, bringing her face close to Ashley's and kissing her passionately, tongue sliding between her lips, roaming around her mouth hungrily as though she'd been absolutely longing to do it. Ashley's mouth was still warm from the tea she'd been drinking before Jeanie's arrival. Jeanie's tongue swirled energetically around Ashley's mouth, entwining intimately with the blonde's pinker tongue.

"Oh Ash ..." the kiss broke, and Jeanie whispered rapturously into Ashley's lips. "I ... what ... what?" her voice spiked in raw shock.

Ashley had slid her hand free.


And had walked backwards, away from Jeanie, leaving Jeanie where the blonde had pinned her to the wall. Jeanie's mouth fell wide open. Her eyes were wide, her skin was red and sweaty. She was panting as though she'd been running a marathon, and an expression of the purest shock sat on her pretty features.

She hadn't cum. Ashley had withdrawn before she'd let her. Jeanie stared at Ashley.

"What are you doing?" she asked her lover brokenly. "Come back here."

"No," Ashley said calmly, sliding the warm fingers she'd just been using to fuck Jeanie into her own mouth and sucking on them lightly. Jeanie's addictive, heady taste flooded the blonde's tastebuds. "I'm afraid I have to make a point, hun."

"What?" Jeanie sounded devastated. "What point?"

"I'm refusing to let you cum because you messed around on me. It isn't acceptable and you don't treat people you really care about that way. I don't let anyone treat me the way you treated me, Jeanie, I'm stronger than that."

"I didn't treat you like anything!"

"You used me!"

"I did not!"

"Yes you did! You're too immature for me, hun, you need to go away and do some serious thinking. If you really like me, and want to be with me, then that's fine – we'll be together in a monogamous, committed relationship."

She watched grimly as Jeanie flinched at the thought, and the blonde's stomach plummeted. Jeanie was such a homophobic little ...!

"If you're too juvenile and homophobic to handle it, which I think you are, then you've lost me," Ashley concluded, voice turning harsher. "And if you decide to do the former, and be with me, I don't mean for a dishonest few weeks or months, or maybe even a couple of years, before you go running off back to men. I mean you enter into this relationship with me with the view that we're going to try to make it work. As in, work. For the long haul."

Jeanie flinched again, as though Ashley was hitting her. The brunette's reaction cut Ashley like a knife. Maybe the brunette was just flinching at all that the decision to be with Ashley entailed – the coming-out to her parents and so forth. Surely not because it was so repulsive to her? Ashley was burning.

"If you want anything more to do with me, Jeanie, you will apologise for sleeping with that guy, which you refused to do the morning after it happened, and you'll grow up and quit being so immature," Ashley finished with finality. "There's the door. Come round again when you're ready to have another talk."

"Ashley," Jeanie had reigned in her breathing now, doing up her pants casually and leaning up off the wall, eyes flashing with rage at what Ashley was trying to do to her. "That's just not going to happen."

"So be it," Ashley shrugged.

Jeanie shrugged back. "Goodbye," she said calmly, turning and walking down the hall, straight-backed and graceful. "Oh by the way!" she paused in the doorframe.

"What?" Ashley snapped ungraciously.

"We're ending this on good terms, aren't we?" Jeanie asked. "You know I didn't mean to make you feel like I was using you. I thought we could just be two friends who had an experience together. I really want to be friends with you, Ash."

"Sure, whatever," Ashley waved her off. "I don't want to be social with you again though – we'll just be friendly when we see each other at the bar, and so forth."

"You've been an important part of my life, Ashie," Jeanie added. "And you know I really care about you a lot, right? I just don't like you romantically, like, I could never, you know. Fall for you."

"Yes, yes!" Ashley rolled her eyes. "You've made your point, hun. I'm glad we had this talk. We've both got some closure now."

"Yep," Jeanie nodded. "Hope it's not going to be too awkward."

"I can handle myself if you can," Ashley stated heartily.

"And one other thing?" Jeanie's eyes hardened now as another thought popped into her mind. "I don't appreciate the way you just tried to manipulate me like that."

"Like what?"

"Like, you know what! Fingering me and stuff."

"You wouldn't be complaining about how manipulative I was if I'd let you cum, sweetie, we both know that. And I was proving a point."

"Congratulations," Jeanie's voice abruptly turned icy, "because it didn't work."

"Oh well," Ashley shrugged. "Plenty more where you came from, hun. See you later."

Jeanie slammed the door.


A week had passed. Ashley had been to Bolton's for after-work drinks with the girls twice, and both times Jeanie had been there, and both times Ashley had been served by her.

The first time had been a Friday night.

"Hi Ashley, how are you?" Jeanie had greeted her without making eye contact.

"I'm good thanks hun, just a semi-sav please."

"How's work?"

"Good thanks."

"That's good."

Ashley refused to allow herself to be drawn into conversation with Jeanie, and was calm, dignified and classy each time she went up to the bar. She made her friends be civil to Jeanie – and they complied, albeit icily.

Jeanie, for her part, was also professional and removed, voice like a robot, treating Ashley with the same polite courtesy she would as if she didn't know her.

The second time Ashley came in for after-work drinks with her friends, it was a Wednesday, five days later, and Jeanie was slightly less removed.

"Hi Ashie, how was your day today?" she asked eagerly, before Ashley could open her mouth.

"It was fine thanks. Just an orange juice today, thankyou."

"No worries, coming right up!" Jeanie began making it for her. "How've you been?" she asked as she did so.

"Great thanks," Ashley returned, refusing to ask Jeanie the same question.

"Are you staying long this afternoon?"

"Not sure."

"Cool. Were you busy at work?"


"That's okay, right in the middle of not-being-bored, and flustered, right?" Jeanie seemed filled with nervous energy, the fingers of her spare hand drumming on the bar top like a sparrow's wings while she fired OJ into a glass from the drink-gun.

"Yes," agreed Ashley, voice pleasant.

"Plans for the weekend?" Jeanie asked, accepting Ashley's money and pressing the till open.

"Yeah, few things organised," Ashley answered.

"How about Saturday night? Are you doing anything?"

"Yes, I am doing something."

"Are you coming here Saturday night by any chance?"

Ashley rolled her eyes. "Maybe," she said. "I don't know where we'll end up. What is this Jeanie? Twenty questions?"

"I'm just making conversation," Jeanie answered, hurt.

"I don't want to have a conversation with you anymore, Jeanie," Ashley declared firmly, making sure that Jeanie fully understood the double meaning to her words.

"You don't?" Jeanie repeated.

There was a brief silence.

"My change?" Ashley indicated the notes still clasped in Jeanie's fist.

"Right!" Jeanie shook her head and handed it over. "I thought we were still going to be friends?" she tried.

"We're just going to be friendly, I didn't say anything about being friends," Ashley said, voice still polite.

"Fine," sighed Jeanie.

Ashley turned and walked away from the bar.

"See you Ashie!" Jeanie called after her forlornly.

"How is she?" Tansy asked.

"I think she's feeling guilty, so she's trying to be all "friends" now," Ashley grumbled. "I'm sick of her! I need to hook up with someone, get some distance on this thing. Tasha's in town this weekend, I think I'll see if she's still interested."

"Of course she'll still be interested!" Claire rolled her eyes. "She was crazy about you, Ash, and you know it!"

"I've never seen a butcher girl more head over heels," Chantelle snorted. "I was embarrassed for her."

"Alright, guys, alright," Ashley grinned at her friends, a surge of pleasant feelings welling within her as she remembered, indeed, how besotted Tasha had been when they'd briefly dated six months ago.

Tasha Rawlins. They'd broken up because Tash had had to move interstate for her job – but truth be known, Ashley had been feeling bad because, although she had liked Tasha, and the sex with her had been verrry hot, Ashley wasn't as into Tasha, as Tasha had been into her.

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