Is She, Isn't She? Ch. 03


Nevertheless, after Jeanie's numerous rebuttals, and statements about how she could never fall for Ashley, and didn't like her romantically, and all the rest – Tasha's love was sounding much sweeter than it had six months ago. Ashley began to think that maybe she just hadn't appreciated it when she'd had it, the first time round. This time, after having had her ego bruised by Jeanie, maybe she and Tasha would have something? Because maybe Ashley would have learnt the lesson; to appreciate the things you do have, and not to long after the unhealthy things you don't, i.e. Jeanie.

"Bella says Jeanie's not working. I checked for you because I knew you'd be too dignified to ask, when we first decided to have a big one this Saturday," Meredith said now.

"Perfect," Ashley then smiled at her with her faultless white teeth, and took a sip of her drink. "The last things I need are reminders of what happened with her!"


"Yo, Ash!" Tasha nodded her head at Ashley, as the DJ spun his set in Bolton's, around eight on Saturday night. "I made it!" she was as tall as Ashley, with silky brown hair trimmed boyishly and cupping the back of her neck. She had perfect skin, big grey eyes, a strong nose. A lithe, tough little body, muscled, sculpted and yummy.

Ashley usually didn't go for butch, but there was something about Tasha that had drawn her in straight away – Ashley was strongly attracted to her. Tash was a few years older than Ashley, at thirty-one, and knew her mind, was very outspoken.

"Tasha!" Ashley couldn't help the rising excitement that grew within her. Tasha was amazing in bed. Ashley's body was thrilling in anticipation already. It would be just what she needed! She was so excited. Jeanie had barely been able to touch her, barely been willing to touch her. Ashley quickly shovelled down the bite of anger that filled her again at that thought. Stuff Jeanie! Mm, Tasha! It was so nice to feel wanted, desired ...

She stepped into Tasha's strong arms for a hug.

"How are ya, babe?" Tasha asked her.

"All better now," Ashley returned, looking straight into Tasha's grey eyes.

Tasha barked a laugh. "We need to get you a drink, blondie! You want a Midori?"

"When I'm with you, I drink nothing else!" Ashley flirted.

"Allow me!" Tasha rolled her eyes. "You can drink your green, girlie shit, blondie – it makes you taste nice when I kiss you!"

"Are you insinuating I don't taste nice otherwise?"

"You're one of the tastiest I've had!" Tasha smirked at her.

"Who says I'm going to let you kiss me?" Ashley teased next.

"Me," Tasha grunted.

Ashley giggled girlishly, and allowed Tasha to buy her a drink.

The Saturday-night dance floor was jiving, as usual. Chantelle was off flirting with a cute redhead; Tansy, Claire and Meredith were dancing and drinking.

Ashley and Tasha talked about her new life interstate. Then Tasha reached out strong fingers, and cupped Ashley's jaw, staring at the blonde seriously.

"I've missed you bad, Ash, I'm not gonna lie," she told her.

"I'm so glad you're here, Tash," Ashley returned breathily.

"You're mine tonight," Tasha claimed brashly, leaning in and claiming Ashley's mouth with her own.

Tasha had always been a rough kisser, and Ashley enjoyed it. The butch's lips were hard, her tongue made Ashley feel like she was drowning in a sea of pleasure. It was nice for someone else to take control, for once. Tasha used her lips and teeth in a way that was steamily commanding, and Ashley smiled into her lips. It felt good to be kissed like that – satisfying.

Tasha nipped Ashley all over the side of her jaw, chewing on the skin of her cheek, before dipping her silky head into Ashley's long throat and running her tongue up and down it. Ashley tilted her head back and allowed her eyes to close. In the heated bar, with the music thrumming around her, her body was relaxed and electrified at the same time. Tasha always had had that effect on her.

Ashley opened her eyes dreamily when Tasha chewed on her ear lobe, blue lights from the DJ casting Bolton's into a floaty azure colour. The crowd parted – and with a jolt of recognition that caused her stomach to tense immediately, Ashley's eyes landed on Jeanie.

What was the brunette doing there? It was her night off, and a Saturday night to boot; she shouldn't be anywhere near the bar. She was standing there, in jeans and a white top, hair out, arms by her sides, and she was staring at Ashley and Tasha with eyes that were wide with surprise.

Ashley's quick mind was leaping at a million miles an hour. Jeanie had come there looking for her. Jeanie wanted to find her, talk to her ...

Jeanie computed Ashley and Tasha making out hotly by the side of the dance floor, Tasha's head rising up and down as she trailed her tongue along Ashley's neck like an antelope lapping water. The younger girl swallowed, her eyes fell to the ground; she snapped herself out of whatever trance she'd just been in, turned, and quickly disappeared towards the front doors. The crowd cut her off from view again, and Ashley was left feeling ... a jumble of emotions.

Her cold side was victorious that Jeanie has seen her with Tash. Hopefully the brunette had experienced writhing jealousy at the sight. Jeanie was such a brat, Ashley was sure that the brunette had been arrogant enough to assume that she was Ashley's only one.

Ashley had hinted at her pulling capacity before, but Jeanie had never seemed to take it seriously, always waving it off, as though yeah-yeah, say what you want but you only want me, I know it. Now, Ashley's point had been rammed home. If Jeanie had been taking the blonde's attentions, and affections, all for granted – which of course, she had been doing – she certainly would be looking back over their time together a whole lot differently now, that was for sure – maybe with an extra layer of appreciation, perhaps.

Of course, her cold side was one of the smallest components of Ashley's character. The rest of her heart lurched. If Jeanie had come to find her, to ... what? Confess feelings for her? The stars had been against it, and now it would never be. Jeanie had seen Ashley with another woman, would have figured immediately that Ashley no longer cared for her – and had bolted. Whatever small shred of courage she'd seized onto, when she'd made the decision to come there, would have been abruptly chased away. And Jeanie was too weak to fight for Ashley – one setback was all that would have been needed to drive the "straight" girl far, far away.

So. Even if Jeanie had come there to profess feelings for Ashley – and, honestly, Ashley couldn't imagine any other reason for the girl to randomly turn up to the bar on her social Saturday night when she wasn't working – the brunette would never do it again.

Did Ashley regret that? It's Jeanie's fault! Ashley couldn't regret it. She steeled her stomach, and turned back to Tash. There was nothing she could do – Jeanie was gone. Tasha was there.

Tasha was kissing Ashley's mouth now, and the blonde closed her eyes and allowed her body and soul to be carried away by the music, and Tasha's hand now stroking the side of her body, slipping over a breast even though they were in public ... Ashley's skin prickled with pleasure, and she smiled through Tasha's kiss. The blonde would heal ... it was soo nice to be so wanted by Tasha, Tasha whose body obviously hungered for Ashley's, making Ashley feel like a real woman again, a living, breathing person and not just some device Jeanie had used to achieve an experimental result ...


Something had been slowly cooking between Tansy and Claire for a long time. Now, they were softly kissing in the corner.

"Shall we get out of here, Tans?" Claire whispered into her lips.

"I think so," Tansy agreed breathlessly.

"Meredith!" Claire called their good friend over. "We're um, jetting."

"Good," Meredith smiled at them knowingly. "It's about time. What's the time? Eleven-thirty? Have a nice night!"

"We're not abandoning you!" Tansy protested. "We were wondering if you wanted to pool a cab with us?"

"Yeah sure! Just try to keep from making out too much in the cab, please! Once you've gone past my stop, you can unleash, but before that I demand a little decorum! Is Ash staying?"

"I would imagine so," sniggered Tansy, as all three girls craned their heads, looking for their blonde friend.

There she was, leaning against the wall at the side of the dance floor, tongue visible and going wild with Tasha's, between the two women's opened mouths. Tasha had one hand on one of Ashley's tits and was squeezing it strongly.

"God those two should so get a room!" groaned Claire, laughingly.

"They will soon, it's been what? Three hours?" Tansy laughed. "Ashley must be feeling pretty hot under the collar right about now! Making out like that for three hours would be ... phew!" she grinned at Claire, who wriggled her eyebrows suggestively back.

"They're teasing each other," she giggled now. "It's hot! How cute would it be if they ever got married? Tash and Ash!"

"Chantelle's already made off with her babe – typical," Tansy rolled her eyes.

"Never mind, Tansy, you'll soon be making off with yours," Claire reminded her innocently.

The three friends laughed as they began walking through the crowd, to the front door.

"Sorry for cutting your night short, Meredith," Tansy apologised, holding hands with Claire as they made for the exit.

"Not at all, I could have chosen to stay if I'd really wanted t – hey, is that Jeanie?" her voice suddenly rose in shock.

"Where?" Tansy asked, squinting in the direction Meredith was pointing.

"There, by the window!" Meredith exclaimed.

It was Jeanie. She sat in the corner booth of Bolton's, up on the back of the booth with her feet on the seat, a glass of water and ice on the table in front of her. Her hand was on her chin, as she stared moodily and pensively out at the night, outside the window beside her.

Even as they watched, drunk and tipsy women approached Jeanie and tried to get her attention, trying to hit on the beautiful brunette, but she simply and calmly, distractedly even, waved them off in less than thirty seconds – then returned to staring out the window.

"What is she doing?" Tansy sounded bowled over.

"I think I can guess," Claire mentioned.

"So can I," Meredith, sounding grim, led the way as the three of them approached Ashley's estranged lover.

"Jeanie!" Tansy commanded the younger girl's attention, as they reached the side of her table.

Jeanie looked around to see who had said her name. Her dark eyes landed on Ashley's three friends almost sullenly. "Hello," she greeted guardedly.

"What are you doing here?" Tansy raised her eyebrows over the black frames of her stylish glasses.

"I ... came to talk to Ashley," Jeanie confessed, eyes dropping gloomily to the table.

"Well, she's a little busy," Tansy stated the obvious.

"I know that," Jeanie retorted. "I'm waiting for her to ... be less busy."

"That's not going to happen any time tonight!" Tansy sneered.

"It might!" defended Jeanie. "I'll only take five minutes of her time – when they go to have a dance, or something, or when one of them goes to the bar ..."

"You can't slide a piece of paper between those two, Jeanie! Neither of them will be having a dance or going to the bar!" Tansy mocked. "They're going to be busy in here like that, until they decide to take their busyness out of this bar and into Ashley's bedroom. You're wasting your time."

"Maybe I'll be able to catch her on her way out, then," Jeanie put her hand back on her chin stubbornly, and stared back out the window. "I'm right close to the door here."

"How long have you been waiting?" Claire asked, scoffing. "How long have you been here? They've been going at it for hours ..."

Jeanie's cheeks turned slightly red. Her eyes flickered around, landing on Ashley and Tasha in their steamy embrace, through the crowd. She looked slightly sick for a moment, before she turned away again.

"I don't know how long," she answered softly.

"If you have to talk to her, do it tomorrow morning," Tansy told the younger girl. "Leave her alone tonight."

Jeanie stared up at Tansy uncertainly.

"Don't be selfish," Claire added.

"Selfish? How ...?" Jeanie queried.

"I think you should just back off, Jeanie," Tansy informed her, voice measured. "Leave Ashley alone, yeah?"

"She needs a nice gay girl who doesn't have your issues and hang-ups. Our Ash deserves to be loved without any baggage," Claire inserted.

"And what you want to do, interrupt her tonight when she's getting back together with Tash, is just selfish," Tansy concluded.

"She's ... she's ... getting back together with ...?" Jeanie looked crestfallen.

"That's her ex-girlfriend," Tansy told her brutally. "They were so in love six months ago – the only reason they split is because Tasha had to move away. Now, she's back, and she's the sort of woman who really knows how to take care of our sweet Ashley."

Jeanie looked down. "I'm not going to interrupt," she said. "That's ... that's why I've been sitting here, waiting ... for her to ... be on her own for just a moment ... but it hasn't happened yet but it might ... but ... it was just supposed to be a quick ... talk, I wanted to have with her."

"Save it 'til tomorrow. You're too late anyway, what's a few more hours?" Claire's words were viciously pointed. "It's nicer on Ashley for you to have this "talk" with her tomorrow. Like Tansy said, to interrupt her at such an intimate moment, on such a night when she's getting back together with an ex who's been so looking forward to seeing her again, because they've missed each other so much, I know that for a fact – is selfish."

"And let me guess what this "talk" will be about, Jeanie?" Tansy's eyes glinted.

"Don't!" Jeanie glared back up at her. "Leave me alone, okay? I was sitting here minding my own business, I wasn't bothering you!"

"You're not planning on minding your business though, that's the thing, Jeanie! You're planning on going over there and meddling with our gorgeous friend, again!" Tansy accused. "You had your chance with her, and you blew it! Now, let her be happy! If she means anything to you at all, you'll leave her alone now – Tasha can make her happy. They were happy together before, Tasha doesn't have the hang-ups and psychological, homophobic bullshit issues that we all know you have."

"And Tasha knows how to please Ashley, Jeanie, she's only ever been with women, so she knows what she's doing in bed," Claire used a gentle voice but her words were cruel. "I mean, you're worse than a needy virgin, with all your issues!"

"Ouch," Jeanie said, turning her back to them.

"Tasha can make Ashley happy, Jeanie, in ways you never could, that's what we're saying! You can't make our Ash happy, and she deserves more than you! Go marry someone with a penis, like you really want to do, obviously, and leave her alone!" Tansy ordered.

Meredith was just watching all this calmly. Jeanie shot Ashley another look through the crowd.

"See, doesn't she look happy with Tasha like that?" Claire pushed her.

"She does," Jeanie nodded, looking very sad. "I ... I guess I didn't think of it that way. I guess I was being self-centred. Well ... alright. I suppose I'll call it an evening." She slid off the back of the booth, and climbed off the seat, picking up her water glass as she did. "Goodnight," she said distractedly to Tansy, Claire and Meredith, not looking at them. "I'm just going to take my glass to the bar, then I'm out." She began to walk away.

"Jeanie!" previously silent Meredith suddenly barked over the music.

Jeanie turned back around. "Yes?" she enquired, voice and body language dejected.

"If you let her go now, without a fight, then you truly don't deserve her," Meredith told her, eyes boring into her.

Jeanie fidgeted in front of Meredith. Tansy and Claire raised their eyebrows at each other, then both looked at Jeanie at the same time to gauge her reaction.

Jeanie took a breath, and sighed it out. She regarded Meredith for a long time, before simply shrugging one shoulder at her, and shooting her a wry look. Then she turned and pushed her way through the crowd.


Tasha's hands slipped down Ashley's back to cup the blonde's ass. She squeezed it, hard, and began kneading it with her muscled hands. Ashley sighed rapturously into Tasha's lips and teeth, her own hands slipping around Tasha's smaller breasts.

They'd been steamily making out like this for hours and Ashley's panties were soaked. She was so wet, her pussy was aching for Tasha's touch, her skin was tingling. Which was, of course the whole idea. The whole night had been a languorous, luxurious tease and Ashley couldn't seem to stop groaning. Tasha's touch set her on fire ...

She was so into what Tasha was doing to her body, that it took her a few seconds to compute the light touch on her shoulder – a gentle tapping to get her attention. She took her lips frowningly from Tasha's, and looked dazedly over her shoulder.

It was Jeanie. She looked nervous again, and frightened, and very sad.

"What do you want?" surprise made Ashley's voice sound aggressive – but the blonde had seriously written the brunette off and had cast her a long way from her thoughts – to see her now, like this, was a jarring shock. Tasha continued to suckle at Ashley's throat, oblivious for the time being.

"I'm sorry to interrupt, it's just ... I was waiting for um ... so I wouldn't have to interrupt but ... but ... it's been a few hours and ... and it just didn't look like ... didn't look like ..."

"It didn't look like what?" Ashley couldn't believe her.

"I just needed a moment of your attention and I didn't think I'd be able to get it because ... because ... I mean, like I said, it's been a few hours and there was just ... no opportunity to get your ... attention. I'm sorry," she offered an apology, shoulders lowered. "I know this must be annoying, but ... I was wondering if ... if ... maybe later on, for just five minutes before you go, if you wouldn't mind ... if we ... if we could talk?" Jeanie managed to finally get it out, looking as though her own heart was slamming.

"Not tonight, sugar, she's spoken for," Tasha lifted her head lazily from Ashley's neck now and sniffed at Jeanie.

Jeanie's eyes landed on Tasha briefly, before she ignored her. "Please, Ashie?" she fidgeted nervously with the glass she still had in her hand, the ice-cubes clinking around in it. "Just five minutes? I promise I won't take longer than that, I know you're ... busy."

"Listen, cherry, back off!" Tasha's voice raised in volume a few notches – she wasn't one to be ignored. Ashley was still held, rigidly, in her arms, as the music struck on. "Yeah she's busy, so take the hint!"

"I wasn't talking to you!" Jeanie transferred angering eyes onto the butch.

"Well, I am talking to you, cherry – back off!" Tasha started to get aggressive.

"Ash ..." Jeanie turned to the blonde appealingly, but Tasha let Ashley go and got right up in Jeanie's face.

"Are you ignoring me?" she demanded, raising her hands and shoving Jeanie in the chest.

A very surprised look overcame Jeanie's face as she was forced backwards a couple of steps. "Don't touch me, you butch rug-muncher!" immediately came flying out of her mouth.

Ashley closed her eyes in dismay at Jeanie's impulsive mouth, as Tasha saw red.

"What the fuck did you say to me, peachy?" she demanded, shoving Jeanie in the chest again and forcing her back another couple of steps.

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