tagMatureIs That For Me?

Is That For Me?

byFrederick Carol©

This little tale continues the 'Birthday Girl' trilogy, but this one concentrates on Dafydd and Louise.

Louise and Dafydd stood on the hotel porch together, watching as Mike and Lisa rode away. Dafydd sighed as the young couple disappeared from sight.

"What is it, Dafydd?" said Louise. "Are you concerned for Lisa? She'll be safe with Mike."

Dafydd made a face. "Most probably, yes, Louise, but I fear my baby girl will no longer be a girl when she returns."

"Yet you let her go," Louise said gently.

Dafydd's lips quirked in what was almost a smile. "She's older now than her mother was when I first made love to her. My little girl is a woman, and I must accept that." He laughed, short, wry. "At least I gave her some rubbers and told her to be careful."

Louise laughed, too, a happy gurgle. Dafydd glanced at her. She shook her head, smiling. "I gave Mike some, too. Told him to be careful."

"So we're both expecting my daughter to return as a woman?"

Louise sobered, nodding. "Yes, I think we are."

Dafydd frowned. "Louise," he said, his tone hesitant. "May I ask you a question?"

"Of course."

"Just what exactly is Mike to you?"

Louise looked at Dafydd for a moment. She hesitated, but she would not lie. "My friend's son, a good friend in his own right, and my occasional lover."

"Ah," said Dafydd. "I guessed it was so. And now?"

"Now?" said Louise. "Now an exciting man has come into my life, a man I'd like to know much better." She gazed straight at Dafydd, her eyes warm.

He smiled. "Intimately, perhaps?" he said softly.

Louise smiled, nodding. "Yes, Dafydd, my dear. Intimately."

"What about Mike?"

Louise looked at Dafydd, her lips quirked in amusement. "What about him? I think Lisa will be more on Mike's mind now than I will. He knows it was only a temporary thing between us, Dafydd, believe me. Lisa could ask for no one better than Mike. He is honest, hard-working and I would trust him with my life."

Dafydd smiled. "And your reputation?"

"That, too, but until you came there was no one around here whose opinion I care for, save Mike's family, and - in confidence, Dafydd?"

"My word on it."

"In confidence, it was Mike's mother who suggested I take him as a lover. That way, the itch I was feeling was soothed and Mike wasn't tempted by the whores at the saloon."

"A remarkable woman."

"She is, and she's raised a fine family."

Dafydd smiled. "Enough of Mike and Lisa. What about us?"

"What about us, Dafydd? You're dining with me tonight, you and Lisa, and Mike."

"Until then?"

Louise smiled and took Dafydd's hand between hers. "What would you like to do?"

Dafydd took a deep breath. "Make love to you." He held his breath.

Louise smiled. "I'd like that, too," she said softly.


She giggled. "On the porch?"

Dafydd laughed. "No, of course not. You know what I meant."

Louise shook her head. "No, Dafydd, not here. Hitch up the buggy and let's go for a drive, out to my place. I know the bed is comfortable there. And there'll be no interruptions," she added, laughing, as some townsfolk greeted the doctor in passing.

"You have a point," Dafydd said, smiling. "Come on, let's get the buggy."

Ten minutes later they were well out of town on the road to Louise's cabin. The weather was warm, the day was fine and Louise could feel a tingle of anticipation. She glanced across at Dafydd. He smiled. Louise sat back, content, just enjoying the journey.

When they arrived at the cabin, they turned the horses into Louise's corral. Louise smiled to herself. A freshly-mended corral, courtesy of Mike. She took Dafydd's hand and led him indoors, leading the way straight to her bedroom.

"I'll ask you once, while I still have my wits about me," said Dafydd. "Are you sure about this?"

Louise smiled. "I'm certain, as certain as I've ever been about anything." She paused. "Shall I undress for you, or do you want to undress me?"

"Which do you prefer?" Dafydd said, smiling back at her, feeling his prick hardening just at the thought of seeing her.

"Sit back and watch me, and when I'm finished, and I'm naked, I'll watch you."

Dafydd smiled, and sat back on the bed, his gaze warm on her. Fixing her eyes on his, Louise began loosening the buttons which ran all the way down the front of her dress, slowly, teasing him. She'd left the top button fastened and when she reached the bottom she straightened, looking into his eyes as she loosened the last button and slowly opened the dress, letting it slide back and down her arms, crashing soundlessly to the floor. Dafydd gasped, for all she wore under her dress were stockings, held up by silk garters tied above her knees. She bent to loosen a garter and Dafydd came out of his trance.

"No!" he said, his voice suddenly hoarse.

Louise smiled. "No?" Dafydd stared at her as she straightened, one hand on her hip, a stray beam of sunlight through the window casting her profiled shadow on the wall, the curves of the shadow echoing the reality that stood before him, beautiful, curved, full breasts, erect nipples and a triangle of curls at her mons. She smiled at him. "You like to look at me like this?" she said, her voice soft as a spring breeze.

Dafydd swallowed to clear the sudden lump in his throat. "Yes, Louise, I do. I could look at your loveliness all day."

She giggled suddenly. "We're going to get awfully frustrated if you just look at me, Dafydd. Take your clothes off. I want to feel you inside me."

Dafydd shook himself as if coming out of a trance. He stood and shrugged out of his jacket, discarding it on a chair. Kicking off his boots, he unbuttoned his trousers and stepped quickly out of them. His shirt and tie followed the trousers, his drawers close behind. His socks topped the pile of clothes and he stood naked, his prick proudly erect.

Louise took a deep breath, her eyes on his erection. "Very pretty, Dafydd, very pretty indeed." She dropped her hand and stroked herself. "I'd like it here, please."

"No more than I, dear Louise."

She laughed and turned to the bed, laying herself on it, her legs spread. "Here, Dafydd, put your pretty tool to use. I want you to take me hard, and now, please, Dafydd. Now. There'll be time for gentleness later."

Dafydd moved to the bed and knelt between her spread legs. He could see the wetness of her and he bent, taking his weight on outstretched arms, aligning himself with her opening. Louise reached out and took him between her fingers, guiding him into her as he pushed gently forward. She was wet and he went in an inch or two, then stopped, drawing back, spreading her juices, pressing forward again, deeper, back, deep again until he was rooted deep within her, his balls against her bottom. He stopped to savour the sensation, smiling down at her.

She smiled at him and stretched up to kiss him lightly. "Go!" she said.

Dafydd laughed and began to move, withdrawing until he almost left her, then pushing forward again, deep into her wetness. Louise's arms came around him, her hands warm on his back, her legs coming up so that her feet were behind his ass, urging him into her. Louise thrilled to the sensations, enjoying the blunt-headed force of Dafydd's prick filling her, enjoying too the emptiness caused when he drew back, knowing he would fill her again.

Dafydd could feel the moment building in him, the breathless tension of impending climax, climax within the body of a warm and willing woman, a woman who had made no secret of her willingness to share the moment with him, to share her body with him, giving herself even as she took him, took him to heights of excitement he had not felt since long before his wife died, and as he thrust the excitement took him and with a strangled cry of "Louise!" he came, his hips driving his erection into her, his seed pumping into her depths.

Gradually he stilled, aware again of his surroundings, the sunlight on the wall, the soft breeze through the open window, the trickle of sweat between them, the sheen of it on Louise's face, her quim still snug about his prick, shrinking slowly now in the aftermath of his climax. Louise kissed him softly on the chin.

"Has it been long, Dafydd?" she asked, her voice gentle.

He smiled down at her and bent to kiss her. "Too long. I'd forgotten how good it could feel, to make love to a woman who wanted me."

"And who wants you again, as soon as you like."

Dafydd laughed, rueful. "I'm only a man, dear Louise, not a superman. I need time to recover."

She hugged him. "I know, but we have all day, before Mike and Lisa get back." A thought struck her, but she hesitated.

"What?" said Dafydd. "Tell me."

Louise shook her head. "It's greed, Dafydd, simple greed."

"Tell me," he said. "Please?"

"Will you stay tonight? All night?"

"You want me to stay?"

"With all my heart. I want you to stay every night."

"What of Lisa? And Mike?"

"That's why I hesitated. If, as we both suspect they will, they come back as lovers, well, I thought Lisa might want to spend the night with Mike. But that's unfair on you."

"How so?"

"Well, with Lisa being your daughter."

"Louise, my sweet, Lisa is a woman, well capable of making up her own mind. Yes, she's young, but as I told you, she's older now than her mother was when I first made love to her." Dafydd smiled. "If Lisa chooses to spend the night with Mike, that is their business." He shook his head, his look rueful. "It seems only yesterday that she was a child, with her rag doll."

Louise laughed. "I still have mine!" She wriggled slightly. "Dafydd, love, could you ease up a little. Much as I love having you in me, you're a little heavy."

Instantly contrite, Dafydd eased himself up, but felt himself slipping from her. Louise giggled. Dafydd continued the movement and withdrew fully from her. He glanced down. "Such insignificance now, such pride before."

Louise sat up. "He'll be proud again, if I have anything to do with it." She swung her legs over the side of the bed and stood up, bending to kiss Dafydd lightly. "Stay there, my dear. I'll fetch some water and we can wash ourselves. Perhaps a nap, and then we'll see if we can't get him hard again."

Dafydd lay back, smiling, his prick now soft against his thigh. Louise blew him a kiss and went out, still naked, a trickle of semen on her thigh. She was back in moments with a bowl of water, and a soft cloth and towel. She moistened the cloth and then knelt on the bed, bending to wash Dafydd's prick, towelling him gently dry.

"My turn," he said as she made to wash herself. Louise giggled and passed him the cloth, laying herself beside him and spreading her legs. Dafydd washed her carefully and dried her, studying her for a moment.

"What is it," said Louise, laughing.

"It's beautiful," Dafydd said. "I'm a doctor, Louise, I've seen many a quim before. Usually, I admit, in childbirth. A few, very few, in intimacy, like now. Dear Louise, I think yours is one of the loveliest."

Louise giggled, blushing slightly. "I'm flattered, Dafydd. A little embarrassed, but flattered."

Dafydd looked up at her. "Don't be embarrassed, my dear. There is nothing to be ashamed of in beauty."

"Thank you." Louise reached out her hand and took his. "Lie down beside me. It's warm here and we don't need a blanket, not yet."

It was the movement of the sun, striking the mirror and reflecting into Louise's face, that woke her. She looked at the sleeping figure beside her and smiled, easing herself from under his arm. She took a light robe from a hook on the door and went out, down to the kitchen. She glanced into the parlour as she passed. Three-ten. Time to put the pot roast into the oven. It was the work of moments and she washed her hands and went lightly back upstairs. Dafydd was awake, lying on his back, his fingers idly stroking his burgeoning erection.

"Is that for me?" she said, leaning against the door jamb.

"Not you, lady, sorry. It's for the naked nymph who was here earlier."

"Aah," said Louise, slipping off the robe and hanging it on the hook. "You mean this nymph?"

"Yes," said Dafydd. "That nymph."

Louise stepped lightly across to the bed and went to her knees astride Dafydd's legs. "What plans have you for the nymph?"

"I thought she might like to provide a sheath for my weapon."

Louise smiled. "It's a good plan so far. I like it. It's simple to understand, but you have to realise, the only sheath I have is here," she said, stroking her cleft.

"That is the one I had in mind."

"That's good, I was almost worried for a moment."

"Almost? Surely you never doubted me?"

She giggled. "Not really." She shuffled forward on her knees until she was poised above his erection. Reaching down, she took him in her cool fingers and lowered herself so that she could stroke his hardness along her cleft. She was wet again and his erection moved easily in her warm wetness. Stopping, she lowered herself, taking an inch or two of him within her. She took her hand away and leaned forward slightly, her hands on his shoulders.

"Do you like me on top?" she whispered.

Dafydd stretched up and kissed Louise lightly. "I love it."

"Good," she said, moving down, pausing, moving up slightly to spread her juices, then down again. Up again, down, until her bottom was on his thighs and as much of him as she could take was in her. She sighed, a smile on her face. "You feel good," she said.

Dafydd laughed. "Good? Is that all? You feel absolutely wonderful to me."

"All right, better than good. Very good. Very, very good." Louise paused, smiling. "In fact, when I think about it, 'absolutely wonderful' is definitely the correct description."

"I'm relieved," Dafydd said, smiling. "Now we've established that, do you have a plan?"

"A plan? Me? You're the planner. A sheath for your weapon, you said. I've provided it, so what's your next plan?" Louise said, fighting a giggle as Dafydd flexed his prick in her quim.

"I think you should ride me until we come. How's that for a plan?"

"Excellent. Very simple, and very possible. Let's do it!" Louise raised herself, feeling the sudden emptiness as she rose, thrilling to being filled again as she sank. This time she was in control and she angled herself slightly, knowing from experience, both with her late husband and with Mike, that if she held herself just so, she would come to climax, just so long as Dafydd didn't come too quickly. She smiled. After the way he'd come earlier, she thought she'd have time.

Dafydd's prick was stimulating her and she began to move more quickly, enjoying the build-up of tension within her, enjoying the feel of Dafydd's prick as it filled and emptied her, enjoying too the audible evidence of her excitement, Dafydd's prick squishing in her juices as she moved. She giggled as trapped air escaped with a sound like a wet fart. Dafydd grinned at her, his eyes dancing.

Soon, almost too soon, she could feel the tension overwhelming her and she felt herself getting closer, closer, until with a strangled moan she let her climax wash over her, her quim clutching down on Dafydd's prick, her belly rippling, a trembling going through her like a personal earthquake. She felt Dafydd thrusting up into her, vigorously, almost violently until, her own pulses still wracking her, he came, gasping as he thrust up into her, sweat on his face in the warm summer afternoon.

Gradually, they quieted, pulses slowing, sweat drying. Louise eased herself off Dafydd's shrinking prick, making a face as she felt their combined fluids leaking from her. She stepped across to the dresser where the bowl and cloth still stood, and quickly wiped herself dry. Dafydd lay back, watching her. He smiled as she gently washed and dried his prick and balls.

"We should probably get dressed," said Louise, glancing out of the bedroom window.

"Probably. Any particular urgency?"

"Two riders just topped out on the ridge. It's probably Lisa and Mike."

"In that case, dear Louise, I shall dress," said Dafydd, "much as I feel like staying naked and tumbling you again."

Louise laughed and kissed him. "Later, my love." She kissed him again. "I would prefer being naked, too, but we must see to Lisa and Mike first. Besides, I can smell the pot roast and suddenly I'm hungry for food, not your delicious prick." She stopped suddenly and stared at him. "Do you want to come in my mouth, later?" she asked in a whisper.

Dafydd groaned. "Oh, yes, sweetheart. I want to taste you, too."

Louise shuddered. "As soon as we can, dear, just as soon as we can." She glanced out of the window again. Yes, it was Mike and Lisa. "We just have time to get dressed."

They had been dressed for five minutes when Mike and Lisa reined up outside the house. Louise and Dafydd went out onto the porch to welcome them. Louise gestured to Mike. "You can unsaddle Lisa's horse, Mike. She and Dafydd are staying tonight."

"Oh, that's good," said Lisa. She looked at Louise, and then her father, and flushed slightly.

She knows, thought Louise. Good! Aloud she said, "Come on in as soon as you've washed up, Mike." She turned to Lisa. "There's water and soap and towel in the spare room, if you want to freshen up, honey."

"Thanks, Louise. I will." Lisa went off indoors.

Dafydd touched Louise's arm. "Do I ask her?"

Louise shook her head. "I'll do it. I knew she and Mike were planning to make love. She'll expect me to ask."

Dafydd made a face. "I'm her doctor as well as her father. I want to be sure she's all right."

"I'll ask her now. You and Mike can set the table for dinner. Mike knows where everything is." Louise went inside, and up to the spare room. The door was closed and she knocked lightly.

"Who is it?" called Lisa.

"Just me," said Louise. "Can I come in?"

The door opened immediately and Lisa stood there in her underwear. She took Louise's arm and pulled her into the room, closing the door.

"Well?" said Louise.

Lisa flushed, but she was smiling. "Yes, we made love and it was wonderful!"

Louise reached out and hugged the younger girl. "I'm so glad." She held Lisa at arm's length. "Your Pa guessed."

Lisa grimaced. "He gave me some rubbers, he had to have guessed."

"It's all right, sweetheart, he's fine with it. Just concerned that you aren't hurt, or sore."

"Saddle sore. I haven't ridden so far for years. But the other? No, not sore, just tingling. There was blood, but only a little. I can't wait to do it again."

"I think Dafydd will want to examine you. As he said, he's your doctor as well as your father."

Lisa bit her lip, nodding. "I think I expected that. Would you go down and ask him to come up. If he's going to examine me, it seems silly to dress."

"I'll send him straight up."

Downstairs, Mike and Dafydd were just finishing setting the table. "Dafydd? Would you go up and see Lisa, please. She's waiting for you in the spare room. Dafydd? Take your bag."

Dafydd nodded and went out to his buggy, returning in moments with his doctor's bag. He gave an absent smile to Louise and Mike and went upstairs. Mike turned to Louise.

"What did Doc say? Did he guess? He had to have, he gave Lisa some rubbers." Mike's expression was anxious.

"Relax, Mike. He's fine with it. He just wants to be sure Lisa is all right. As he said, he's her doctor as well as her father. Come on, give me a hand. We can have the food on the table for them coming down."

A few minutes later, Lisa and Dafydd came downstairs arm-in-arm, smiling cheerfully. Lisa went straight over to Mike and took his hand. Dafydd coughed and cleared his throat.

"Mike, it's a difficult moment for a father to accept that his little girl is now a woman. My daughter tells me that you helped her make that transition, with gentleness and love. I thank you for that."

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