tagLoving WivesIs This It Ch. 02

Is This It Ch. 02


Chapter 2 – A Shotgun Marriage for Chris

New Year to Easter I worked like dog trying to get some cash saved for a new motor. I never heard a word from Debbie during this period, so I assumed that everything was cool.

So it came as a surprise that at Easter I had a visit from Debbie. She called me first and said she needed to talk to me, so I invited her over to my place. When she arrived, I could see from her expression that she was not a happy bunny.

She came straight to the point and said. "You bastard, you made me pregnant!"

"The last I heard was that it takes two to achieve that." I said rather flippantly. That was the worst way to approach the subject and she then laid into me for the next ten minutes. She called me for everything under the sun, until finally she paused to catch her breath.

Once she had all that pent up anger vented, we managed to discuss the situation rationally. Abortion was not on the cards. We had been brought up as Catholics and although neither of us was particularly religious, that route was not for us. I was adamant that I would stand by her and support her and the child but she wanted more that that.

She just blurted it straight out. "I want us to get married, so at least the child will not be a bastard. I don't love you, but I will honour my marriage vows and be a loyal wife to you in every other way, excepting loving you."

I was stunned and at a loss for words. Then I thought of the having to face both sets of parents and I hesitated even more. I looked at her sitting there, watching my every expression, trying to get an insight into my thoughts. I realised then, that the attraction I had for this girl at school was still there and I wanted to do the right thing by her. Ideally, I like to get to know her better, but there was no time available, she was already three months gone. So I said simply. "OK. Let's go tell the folks."

She jumped into my arms and we kissed properly for the first time sober. Her mouth was soft, yielding and tasted slightly of peppermint. As we stood there hanging onto one another she started crying and I held her in my arms gently caressing her hair and running my hands down her back. She pressed herself to me and before you could say preggers, we were frantically pulling off our clothes and trying to move to the bed at the same time. We tripped over and landed short of the bed, but such was our passion that we had our first daylight shag there on the floor.

I know we both had massive orgasms, she screamed so loud that I feared our neighbours would call the police thinking someone was getting murdered. We made it to the bed for a more leisurely and gentle loving the second time.

Afterwards in the post coital moments, the practicalities of what we were about to embark upon came to the fore. Debbie had clearly given this some thought and had a range of ideas about where we should set up home, but not how we were to finance it and strong ideas about her going to work and make use of her education. It was clear she had little idea of life in the real world that I lived in. I was working class and quite happy to continue working at my trade and in any case, I did not have the qualifications to find work paying the kind of money that would be required to support her dreams. She was definitely a cut above my lifestyle and used to having her own car and an allowance from her father to cover her needs.

As we discussed the options, I had to bring reality into the equation. What she wanted was all very well but my earnings were not going to support that life style. I told her my weekly wage packet was good enough to meet our living expenses as long as she was careful. My flat would have to do for the moment, as I could not afford anything better in the short term and that we would try and hold onto her car, but that was going to stretch us financially.

The touch of realism brought her down to earth with a bump, but to her credit, she said she agreed with my assessment and that she was being a bit starry eyed about the realities of our situation.

After showering, we went to face her parents. As you can probably guess, it was not a happy meeting and some sharp words were said. Her mother's name was Irene and she was a formidable lady. I could see where Debbie had got her looks from, but she had a tongue on her that could strip paint and she used it to berate me. I won't bore you with the details, you can probably imagine that for yourselves. Her father Bob, was more practical and asked how I intended to support my new wife and imminent family. I went over the same ground as I had with Debbie and he supported my plans for the immediate future. He did ask if I would consider accepting some support from him and I refused immediately. I think he respected me a bit more after that. I could have taken the easy way out and could see from the expression on Debbie's face that she was furious at my rejection of the offer, but wisely she held her tongue.

Next it was Debbie's Gran's turn to be told. We were working our way from the middle class side of town, down to where I and my parents lived.

Granny Jean was great, she congratulated us both and wished us all the best. She was a shrewd old lady and asked outright if Debbie was pregnant and when we confirmed it, she just sighed and said. "Well you can have worse ways of starting your lives together, your granddad and me were in the same position as you and it did us no harm."

Debbie looked at her, the shocked expression on her face meant no words were necessary.

Granny Jean laughed at her and said. "Did you think that you were the first couple to find yourselves in this predicament? We were younger than you when your uncle was born and lived with my mother until your mother came along. We were lucky, it was wartime and your Granddad was in a reserved occupation. There was plenty of work in the yards in those days so we fared better than most. I will tell you this, despite our ill conceived start to our married life, if you'll pardon the pun, I grew to love your granddad and never regretted my decision to wed."

"Are you telling me that you didn't know him when you made love to him that resulted in your pregnancy?"

Her Grandmother sighed and said. "It was wartime, the Yanks were starting to arrive, I was young, there were plenty of soldiers and sailors around with money to spend on a girl and what with the blackout, well let's just say we had plenty of opportunities to fuck and most of us did. It was just bad luck that time that I got pregnant. Listen lassie, that was the first time with your granddad and it was nothing to do with love, it was just another good night fuck that went wrong. I thought we had taken precautions, but French letters weren't what they are now. We knew as soon as he pulled out that there had been a problem, you understand what I'm telling you? He was a handsome man back then and we started going steady. I was fortunate in way, he stood by me then, just as your young man is standing by you but what if it had been one of the sailors, God knows what I would have done."

"So that's my story, and I'm only telling you this as I think you pair need to try and understand that sometimes a lasting relationship can survive despite the worst of starts. I have never ever told anyone else this and I'd appreciate it if you keep it to yourselves. The friends that new or suspected the truth of the matter, have long since passed away and I would like to go to my maker with my self respect intact. I know that sounds strange after my confession, but it's important to me."

We assured her that we would keep her confidence and she smiled and asked about our plans for the future and she offered to let us live with her. She had a large home with four bedrooms and said it was far too big for her, but we declined and thanked her again as we left.

Next stop, my parents and the contrast could not have been more striking. I started to explain that Debbie and I were getting married and that the reason for the suddenly springing this on them was her pregnancy. My mother took her in her arms and let her into the kitchen, closing the door behind them. Message received, I was not welcome and that this was serious women's talk. My father was more pragmatic about it and said. "Do you love her?"

I said. "I don't honestly know Dad, I'm attracted to her, always have been since school, but love I'm not sure."

"Well." he said. "One things for sure, your life is going to be different from now on. She's a bit above your league or thinks she is. You will be pushed to match her expectations. Does she love you?"

"No." I said. "She has made that very clear, but she is determined that our child will not be born a bastard."

We discussed the mechanics of the arrangements for our future and so on. Finally he looked at me and said. "Well there'll be a few men sleeping easier knowing their wives are safe from your advances and I dare say, a few ladies with a pang in their breasts with the news that you'll be off the market soon."

I looked at him in surprises and he laughed at me and said. "Did you think that I didn't know all about your life as the local Casanova? I've known all about it for a long time and about the hiding you received for your troubles. Marriage may be the making of you, if you can keep your cock in your pants except when at home."

The ladies rejoined us and Debbie looked much more relaxed. I don't know what was discussed but we left my parents house in a more positive frame of mind than when we entered it. Somehow, we seemed to have passed the first hurdle.

Things moved rapidly from that point on and within the next five weeks we were duly married. We could not afford a proper honeymoon but we did manage a short break to Oban on Scotland's West coast. It was cold, wet and pretty miserable outside, but as we did not stray far from our room, we never noticed. On returning home life soon established a pattern. Debbie continued her studies at Glasgow, the difference being , she now returned home each evening. I started to work as many hours as were available in an effort to built up sufficient money in advance of the birth.

Debbie and I had some problems adjusting to each other. I was used to being on my own and my own boss in respect of my personal life. Suddenly, I had to start considering another and Debbie was not slow in reminding of any shortcomings. I found that my rugby commitments suffered, not the playing side so much as the after match socialising. Before Erin, our eldest was born, Debbie would come along and watch some of the games and occasionally stopped for an after match soft drink. But as her pregnancy developed, she started to skip these events in favour of shopping trips with her mother, Irene. The bottom drawer reserved for the baby things grew at an alarming rate. We bought many of the requirements ourselves, but her mother insisted on buying the cot, the pram and other major accessories. I eventually had to call a halt to this so I put my foot down one evening when they retuned with yet more stuff that we had no immediate room for or need. That went down well!

My relationship with her parents had not improved. I still got along better with her father and in a way I felt rather sorry for him. Bob was totally under his wife's thumb and refused to say no to her on any subject. I used to ask him why he did not put his foot down and he just shrugged his shoulders and said. "I don't like arguments and as long as can have my garden to retreat to, I find it easier to let her have her way."

Our sex life was OK. Debbie was a sexy lady and enjoyed making love enormously, but as her pregnancy progressed she found her size and the bump to be a turn off. I would spend hours caressing her large breasts and watching her nipples grow from little nubs to about an inch long as they became engorged. She had me shave her down below as she could no longer see enough to do it herself. Now this was a task I enjoyed and it often ended with me using my tongue to bring her to orgasm. Debbie far from objecting to this, would engineer situations where I would find her in an exposed and vulnerable position. Opportunities, I was quick to exploit.

Along the way, Debbie gained her degree and I watched proudly as she went up to get her Diploma. Her parents were also in attendance and we had a celebration dinner with them.

Irene asked Debbie rather pointedly looking at me. "So what do you intend to do with your degree? It would be criminal to let all the hard work you have done go to waste."

Debbie, to be fair responded to her mother's obvious attempt to put me down and said. "Nothing until after the baby is born, then maybe I will start looking for employment. I would like to get into designing the interiors of houses. There's a huge demand for these new build show houses to have contemporary designs, so that's where I will probably start."

Irene said. "I know a few people who would like have their homes made over professionally. We were talking at the club the other night that it's a pity one has to bring in people from Glasgow and bemoaning the fact that there was not a good local contact."

Then she dropped the bomb, she must have guessed what my reaction would be, but she stuck the knife in anyway. "Your Dad was just talking to Andrew Roberts. He's building those five bed-roomed houses on that new estate over by the Tower and he is hoping to have a Show House ready by Christmas. Maybe there will be an opportunity for you there?"

She paused for a second and then said wistfully. "Your Dad and I had such high hopes for you and T, Debbie."

Debbie sighed and just said. "So did I, but it wasn't meant to be. I have my husband and baby to think of now and they have all my attention, so thinking of what might have been is wasted effort and I for one have put it behind me. You should do the same!"

I was pleased to hear her be so honest and put her mother firmly in her place.

I knew Andrew Roberts, the builder. He contracted the company I worked for to undertake the plastering of the first two of the new houses on the Tower Estate. My boss told me that he wanted me to be the foreman on this contract and I was looking forward to the challenge. The down side of this contract was that Big T was the son

of Andrew Roberts and the Project Manager representing his father on this development. I told my boss about our past history and he told me not to worry about it. It would be interesting to see how things developed. After all, I did get his girlfriend pregnant, effectively finishing his romance with her in the process. I held no grudges, but I wondered if he did.

As the projected date birth grew closer, we attended all of the pre-natal classes together. One night, after I had brought her to a nice soft orgasm, I cuddled up to her and said. "Debbie Bellows, I want you to know that I love you so much."

I was disappointed when she relied. "I should hope so, it's a bit late to change your mind!"

That set a pattern that was to repeat itself over all years of our marriage. No matter how often or how I approached her and told her I loved her, she never once came right out and said. 'I love you too' or even a spontaneous 'I love you'

Erin, our first daughter was born a few days late and our life became chaotic for a while until a routine was established. It was about two months before Debbie felt confident enough to want sex again and our love life resumed. It was a little more structured than before due to the restrictions of a young baby but at least we were making the most of the limited opportunities. In parallel with all this Debbie had started work on her Interior Design business. She started with a project to revamp a bedroom belonging to one of Irene's friends. This first project, did not make her much money, but served to whet her appetite for more. Thanks to my mother and to Irene who undertook some of the babysitting duties, Debbie started to work two days a week on various projects, mainly from contacts of her mother's.

The money came in useful as we were now finding our budget getting stretched in unforeseen ways since the birth of Erin.

It was about six months after Erin was born that Debbie and I had the chance to go out. We arranged for Erin to stop overnight at my mother's and after dropping her off we went onto the celebration. My side had just won our division in the local league and the whole team and their wives and girlfriends had a celebratory meal at our local curry house. The drink was flowing and Debbie really let her hair down for the first time in ages. There was a karaoke machine in the restaurant and as Debbie was known to be a good singer, she was persuaded to go up and 'give us a song' She was a big hit and flushed with success she may have started drinking a little more than she normally did.

As usual when in drink, Debbie was getting pretty randy and was up dancing between the tables. Well, I suppose it could have been dancing, it was certainly a very sexy undulation and her little red mini dress was sliding up her thighs, her breasts were also moving in very interesting ways and she was revelling in the encouragement she was getting from everyone around the table. One of the other girls joined her and they put on quite a show before the owner asked them to be seated. Things were getting a bit rowdy and I decided we had better make our way home.

As we walked home with two other couples we were all in a happy frame of mind. Debbie wanted to have a party but the other couples had baby sitters to relieve so it was Debbie and I who found ourselves on out own walking the last mile or so home.

On the route home we passed a dark alley between a row of terraced houses. Debbie pulled me into the dark alley and grabbing me round the neck started raining kisses on me. I realised she was ready for anything so I pulled her a little further into the dark and opened her coat. I pulled her close and my hands went under her bum, sliding up the back of her thighs and onto her bum. To my surprise, she was naked to my touch! She must have taken off her panties at some point! I wasted no time in taking full advantage of this and moved quickly to caress her bald pussy and found she was soaking wet. As my hand explored her intimate parts, she opened her legs and wrapped one round my waist. I grabbed her other leg and pulled it up alongside her other one. She locked her legs behind my back and started humping against my erection.

God she was so hot for it, I manoeuvred her around so that her back was against the wall and with her hanging onto me tightly and braced against the cold brick wall, I freed my now rampant cock. And slipped it deep inside her soaking cunt. Once I was fully in, she rocked back and forward and urging me to fuck her harder. I felt my balls expand, I wasn't going to last much longer unless I did something and I wanted to see just how far she would let me go, so I eased out and moving out from the wall slightly, I unzipped her dress. Releasing one arm at a time, she helped me pull he r dress down off her shoulders, baring her magnificent breasts. In the little illumination emanating from the single street light covering this part of the alley, I could see her nipples were standing out like organ stops.

She leant back from me supporting herself solely by her legs locked around my waist. I could see the lust in her eyes and quickly thrust my self back into her steaming cunt. She had at her first orgasm as I really started to work up a tempo and another as I released my full load into her. She was clinging to me and making little mewing sounds, when I heard footsteps coming our way. I pulled her into my arms and hastily rearranged her coat in an effort to save her modesty. I needn't have bothered, the guy shone a torch straight at us and said. "Nice tits your missus has. If you ever feel like sharing let me know."

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