tagLoving WivesIs This It Ch. 04

Is This It Ch. 04


Chapter 4 – Things come to a head

I arrived home and relieved Andy and Sarah from their bay-sitting duties. Andy could see form my expression that something had happened and I told them what had transpired that evening. Sarah said. "I just don't believe it! Debbie would never cheat on you, I know she and T were an item, but that was fifteen years ago."

"Thirteen." I corrected her. "It was thirteen years ago tonight that we got together the first time."

At that point a car drew up outside and I heard the doors slamming. The front door opened and in stormed Debbie, with Irene and Bob in tow. Andy and Sarah took the opportunity and beat a hasty retreat leaving me to face the music.

Debbie was clearly upset and shouted at me. "Just what do you think you were playing at tonight. T is one of my major customers and you may have broken his nose?"

Before I could say anything, Irene then pitched in her pennyworth. "You are a disgrace! I have never seen behaviour like it. You were like an animal tonight, you ruined the entire evening and just look at Debbie's new dress, it's covered in blood!"

This time I lost it completely, I let her have it, both barrels. "Irene, you have schemed and plotted to engineer this tonight. From your perspective it could not have worked out better, could it? You have set out from the start of our marriage to split us up. Tonight you surpassed yourself, you managed to get Debbie together with that moron T. You deliberately separated Debbie and me at the dinner, making sure she was seated next to T and finally you kept me distracted for nearly an hour whilst your darling daughter was canoodling with him and his pals in the Snooker Room. You disgust me!"

She stood there speechless for the moment, so I turned to Debbie. "And as for you my sweet wife, what did you do tonight? Apart from allowing him to openly play with your tits in full view of his mates in the Snooker Room, then compounded that by allowing him to kiss you at the bells and openly finger fuck you on the dance floor, I'll tell you what you did, you totally fucking ignored me all evening. You looked absolutely drop dead gorgeous tonight, I thought at first that you were doing it for me, but events have proved that to be as big a sham as our marriage!"

I paused for breath and Debbie to the opportunity to wail. "But I was drunk! You know what I'm like when I drink too much."

"And so do you Debbie, that's what makes it so much more painful. You deliberately set out tonight with that in mind. So you can go to your lover and your welcome to him. I will be out of your hair first thing in the morning!"

"Lover? What do you mean lover? You have no proof that I have cheated on you and anyway, who are you to preach to me about lovers?"

She reached into her bag and threw a letter on the table. "I opened this by mistake! It is addressed to you, you had better read it!"

I quickly scanned the letter. It was from our local NHS GUM clinic advising me that, I had been named as a contact by a Mrs Pauline Weir. It also said that it was possible that I had a STI. I was confused, what the fuck was going on here? I didn't know any Mrs Weir and though I was no angel, I had never had unprotected sex with anyone other than Debbie. I admit that I had strayed occasionally since our youngest was born, but I always used a condom.

Debbie said. "I had hoped we could discuss this in private, but I went and had myself checked last week. And you...., you fucking bastard, I tested positive for chlamydia. You must have infected me you, you...........!"

Her parents stood there open mouthed at this latest development. I checked the date on the letter, it was almost two months old. I shouted back at her. "Why have you waited two fucking months to tell me about this?"

She had the good grace to blush deeply at this question, clearly she had no answer she wanted to share with me, so I continued. "If you have an infection as you claim, you didn't catch it from me, of that I can assure you. I will get myself tested just in case you have infected me, but I doubt it, it's been so long since we last had sex!"

Again, no response from Debbie and I noticed that she refused to look me in the eye, she was hiding something so I continued to go on the offensive.

"And what did you expect to happen tonight when you deliberately avoided me and proceeded to drink too much? Just what do you think was going to happen? That I would meekly stand back while he openly made a cuckold of me? Since we first got together, we have never missed bringing in the New Year together. Tonight was the first time in thirteen years that we didn't celebrate it together, so don't tell me you did not realise exactly what you were doing."

Irene started to speak again, but go no further than the first breath, when Bob for the first time since I have known him spoke to her sharply and said. "Irene, just shut the fuck up! Chris is quite right, you have tried to undermine their marriage from the start and tonight's performance was disgraceful even by your machiavellian standards. I have always given into you in the past, but tonight you have gone to far. I find it incomprehensible that you are willing to go to such extremes to destroy you daughter's marriage! Now just hold your viperous tongue for once in your life and go and sit in the car, I will be out shortly to take you home!"

Irene was so stunned by this outburst, that she meekly did as he ordered. He then turned his attention to his daughter, who throughout his exchange with her mother had stood there open mouthed. I guess she had never seen this side to him before either.

"And as you Debbie, I have loved you since you were my little baby girl and I never thought I would ever be ashamed of anything you did, but tonight you behaved like a slut! Tonight, I was embarrassed and ashamed to be your father! Your behaviour was beyond the pale and Chris is right, you and that prick T deserve one another! For what it's worth, I believe Chris when he says that he is not responsible for your infection and after your performance tonight you have done nothing to assure me that you are entirely innocent!"

With that he turned and left. Debbie was sitting on the settee crying softly and went up the stairs and started packing. I called a taxi and by the time I had packed my case, it had arrived.

Debbie met me at the foot of the stairs and appealed to me not to leave her. "What will I tell the kids?" she wailed.

"Tell them the truth. See if they believe you!"

I stopped at the door and said. "I will drop by tomorrow and talk to the kids and collect the rest of my stuff."

I left and then wondered where I was going. It was three AM for Christ's sake. Would I be able to find a hotel at this time of night? Certainly not locally. Our town only had the one hotel. In any case if I wanted to broadcast to the whole town that Debbie and I had separated, that would be the easiest way to announce it. Then I had a brainwave, my flat! It was empty at the moment and ready for the next let. I could simply pull it off the market and use it myself until such time as Debbie and I had finalised our futures.

The keys were in my office at work, so I got the taxi to drop me there and picked them up. From there it was a short walk to my old flat. I let myself in and the memories came flooding back. We had been happy here, I thought and had to force myself to push those memories away. I had to see about fresh bed linen before I could get to bed, so I quickly rooted out the fresh linen and made up the bed. I thought sleep would be hard to come by, but I dropped into an immediate deep sleep. I awoke with nightmare scenarios going through my head. Debbie featured in them all as I appeared like a spectator watching as she fucked her way through every man I had ever known.

It was time to go home! Was it home any more I wondered as I walked the few miles back. As I entered the house, the kids came over to me and gave me a hug. They had been crying that much was obvious, but they had no questions to put to me just then for which I was very grateful.

I went and found Debbie in our bedroom, she also had been crying and she tried to grab me. I held her at arms length and proceeded to collect the rest of my essential together. In my haste earlier, I have neglected to pack any shaving gear or toiletries.

Debbie asked if we could sit down for a minute and talk about last night. I sat and she started.

"Firstly, I want to apologise to you regarding my behaviour last night. It was unforgivable of me to neglect you like that. You were right, I did dress up for him last night. We have been lovers for about three months now and I wanted to get my revenge on you for your affairs! Oh yes, I had suspected you for some time, but T finally showed me the proof a few months ago. The letter from the clinic was the final straw, I don't know why, but I wanted you to be jealous and realise that I was something worth having. Lately, we have not been as connected as in the past and he made it obvious that he desired me, so I let him seduce me."

"What about love?" I asked her. "Do you love me at all?"

I saw her hesitate and weigh up how to answer me. I did not give her the time and just said. "Your hesitation tells me everything. You told me from the very start that you did not love me, I doubt that you have ever loved me and it's always been him, hasn't it? Well I hope you will be very happy together, but I only ask this. Do not allow him to stop overnight in this house when my children are here. I will be seeking a larger apartment big enough to house them when it's my turn to have them."

She didn't deny it and as I turned to leave, she held my arm and said. "We did have some good times though, didn't we?"

"I suppose that it's all relative. Yes we had some good times but you have always held out a torch for him. I don't know what changed recently to cause this reaction, but all I ever tried to do was love you, but you have never really given me a chance over the last few years, have you? All he had to do was crook his little finger and you were like a bitch in heat. I have lived with you for thirteen years and I honestly thought that you had grown to love and respect me just a little, but that's not enough for me any more. If you cannot give me your undivided love, then it's best we part."

And that's how we parted and I moved back into my little apartment. I went to the GUM Clinic and asked to see the person responsible for the letter. At first they were reluctant to tell me who had sent the letter or the name of the person who implicated me. Eventually, I got to see the boss man and he was very apologetic about the whole matter. It seems that my name was added to the list of contacts by mistake, yeah some mistake, I thought. It may have cost me my marriage and I told him so! I had more questions as to how they had my name in the first place since I had never attended the clinic before, but he was equally at a loss as to how to explain it. He promised that he would launch a full investigation about it and would inform me of the outcome. I wasn't going to hold my breathe on that one.

I had myself tested, just in case and a few days later received the all clear. I did not bother to contact Debbie when I got my results, I didn't see any point, after all she had made her choice and it wasn't me she wanted! A few weeks later, I had second thoughts and I tried to phone her but failed to get through. Her mobile was going straight to voicemail, but I was damned if I was going to tell her any other way than face to face. I wanted to see her reaction when and if I confronted her!

For the next month, I made a point of stopping by to collect the kids and take them out for the day. It was frustrating as hell to see their sad faces as we parted. Debbie never came to the door and on the odd occasion I did see her, she never mentioned what she was doing and I never asked.

I decided to drop in on one of the Robert's sites where I had a crew working. Andy was my foreman on this job and he looked surprised when I turned up without warning. He pulled me aside and said. "Chris, I have something to tell you and you won't like it."

He led me to a window and pointed to where Debbie's car was parked outside of the new show homes. He said. "She's in there with T and has been for about 30 minutes. You should be aware that they were at it for about an hour yesterday as well. They were making no attempt to hide it, he was shagging her right next to the window and there was a gang of brickie's watching and cheering them on. It didn't seem to bother her none."

I thanked him and stalked across, I could see some men standing looking in through a window of the show house but they quickly dispersed at my approach. I just barged straight in and found her on her knees sucking his erection as if trying to swallow it whole. She had never done that for me and that made my anger grow. He looked up as I approached with a smirk on his face. She looked up and saw me advancing towards them and tried to pull off him, but he held onto her head forcing her to continue. I just said. "Don't let me stop your enjoyment, but I would appreciate a few moments with my wife when you're done!"

He just smirked some more and said. "When I'm finished, it shouldn't be long she's the best cock sucker I've ever had. She sure knows how to suck cock."

I turned and waited in the hall and I could hear her struggling to get off him and finally I heard the sound of a hard slap and her cry out. I stormed back in, she was lying with her blouse torn open exposing her breasts and a rapidly reddening welt on the side of her face. That's when I lost it and punched him hard in the belly as he was trying to zip himself up. I followed up with a knee to his face, breaking his nose yet again.

"You are a stupid fuck aren't you? You'll never learn will you, you can fuck her all you want, I no longer care, but never ever hit her again or I will really do you some damage. She's still my wife for the present and I have a duty to protect her."

I threw a copy of the report regarding my STI at her and said. "You can read this at your leisure, but it confirms that it was not me that infected you. You need to look more closely at your lover or is it lovers plural yet. He or one of your other admirers must have done the nasty, because it surely was not me! See you in court, I will be seeking full custody of the children and after what I have just witnessed, I don't think it will be an issue. As you can see, there are plenty of witnesses as to your behaviour."

She looked up at the window for the first time and I watched as she turned red with embarrassment. There were about six guys standing watching the events. I think they must have been expecting me to kill their boss. She started to belatedly button her blouse together and I simply spat in her upturned face and departed the scene.

Outside I collared a couple of the guys I had seen using mobile phones to record the incident and took them from them. I told them I would leave them at the security gate before they finished their shift today. I took their phones back to my office and downloaded the images before deleting them. I also found some more explicit pictures from the previous day and copied them also before deleting the lot. The last thing I wanted was those images being splattered all over Facebook or the Internet. I owed my children that much.

To be continued

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