tagBDSMIs This The Lady I Married?

Is This The Lady I Married?


Lets start with a brief introduction. My name is Paul, I'm a thirty something year old husband of a forty something year old wife named Becky. We've been together for just under ten wonderful years (so I thought). I manage a sporting goods store across town, Becky is a middle school math teacher. From the outside we have a pretty normal life, and that's just what it used to be...normal.

In my spare time I used to like to watch sports, hangout with friends, and surf the net . The later is what caused our relationship to change. In a nut shell, Becky was simply sick and tired of my lazy butt. Then, with the help of her education from her technology class she figured out how to check our internet history, which wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't been so bad. You see I had a secret interest in female domination. When Becky found that I had visited almost one hundred sites and maxed out a credit card (that she didn't know I had) looking for "Wife spanks Husband" web sites. Well I guess you might say the sh** hit the fan. Which is where I will begin my story.

It seemed like just another day at work until Becky called. All I a had chance to say was hello, Becky really chewed me out, I've never heard her so angry. She told me that she had found out about my little secrets and if I was lucky she let me come get some of my clothes to start my new life with, then hung up. I mean I know that hiding anything your spouse is wrong, but some things are hard to talk about. Right? I just could not believe that after all we had been through this was the end. I was really ashamed and figured that I had gone too far this time.

When I arrived home the door was locked and my key no longer opened it. I found a note that read: In the carport you will find a change of clothes in a paper sack. Get a room somewhere. I need time to think. That was all it said. I was afraid, truly lost. I called my best friend John to see if I could stay at his place for a few days or until Becky had cooled off enough to let me come home. I couldn't believe my ears, he said, "no". Becky had called his wife and told her that I needed time "to think" and that staying with them would be to comfortable. I was headed for the hotel. I understood their position she is their friend too, and besides it would be more than a little uncomfortable explaining why I was given the boot. The next two weeks were spent at the hotel. I called and left Becky messages daily to no avail for over a week. The second week I figured I would just leave her be. Hoping that somehow maybe she'd miss me a little.

I was standing at the counter counting down my cash drawer, I looked up and there she was. Standing right in front of me was my love. I didn't have the words, I stuttered and stammered like some drunken fool. I told her how I missed her, and loved her, and how I'd never betray her again. She told me to come by the house when I was finished and we would discuss the direction four future. This didn't sound good. I know that tone in her voice, I'm thinking she's already hired a lawyer.

I stopped down the street from our house, just to pull myself together. I decided if this was the end then I wanted to take it like a man! As I walked up to the house Becky greeted me at the door and led me in. She pointed at a dining room chair and told me to sit. I did. Becky then laid down two documents, she instructed me to read them carefully that our future was in my hands. Becky was making dinner so she left me alone with my reading. I opened the first envelope, it was the ever so dreaded divorce papers. She was very fair, everything was divided evenly. I had no argument with any of the asset disbursements. I then opened the second envelope. I started to read, my mouth went dry, my palms started to sweat. A shiver swept my body. This was yet another legal document. My wife had a Domestic Discipline Contract drawn up. It basically said that I would give her all rights discipline me as needed at her discretion. It was very detailed with no room for misunderstanding.

Becky invited me to stay for dinner. Meatloaf, it was the first good meal I had eaten in two weeks. We didn't talk much during our meal. Just small talk about the weather, work etc. When the meal was over she walked me to the door and told me to bring back the notarized document of my choice tomorrow by 5:00pm. I argued about the notary, how embarrassing it would be if a chose the DD arrangement. She simply stated that getting the divorce paper notarized would be less embarrassing.

It was an easy choice. I pictured my love swatting my rear end and laughing, you know all for the fun of it.

The next morning I drove one hundred miles to Grove City just so there would be no chance I would ever see the notary public again. The drive was horrible, I just kept thinking of how to act when signing this document. I arrived at the address and went inside. I was relieved at first, the woman behind the desk was older and seemed very friendly. I told I had a personal document in need of notarizing. She explained the fee and asked for my I.D., then called "Nickie" to please come notarize a document. I was frozen, my world as I knew had just changed, I then realized the power my Becky had over me. I was sitting in front of possibly the most beautiful twenty five year old woman I'd ever seen(sorry honey). With a very shaky hand I gave the document to Nikie to read. This seemed to take forever, she read it word for word out loud for the whole world to hear. She then got out her book, took down all the info from my I.D. and asked me if I was signing under my own free will. I said yes very timidly. She stamped the paper, I signed, she signed. Nickie asked me if I'd like a drink of water, she that I didn't look so good. She was right, I felt like puking.

After a few minutes I felt better and was on my way. On the way out the door Nickie said, " Be a good little boy". That one hit me like a freight train.

All the back to town my mind was reeling of the web site visions, women dressed in office looking suits playfully slapping their man's asses until it turns pink, then having their way with them. I thought I had made a wise decision, given the choices. I could not wait to get home! I had talked myself into a fantasy.

I made it home in record time. Becky was not home from work yet so I waited out front. It seemed like an eternity. The longer I waited the more time I had to think about our new arrangement, this was driving me crazy. By this time I had a raging hard on and was about to do something with it when Becky pulled into the driveway. I jumped out to greet Becky. That's when she put things into perspective. First off she wanted to she my paperwork. Right there in the driveway she commended me on having the balls to get our "Domestic Discipline Contract" legalized. I asked her to hold her voice down, the neighbors could hear. She laughed, and said," I got the whole idea from one of our neighbors. By the time I'm done paddling your ass for everything that led up to this, the whole neighborhood is going to know about our arrangement. So shut up and get inside before I give you a good spanking right here." I was devastated. Once inside things did not get any better.

Becky reminded me of the rules to our new arrangement:

1. No opinion over disciplinary matters

2. No hesitation for disciplinary corrections

3. Any insubordination could result in divorce

Becky gave me the additional rules for the weekend.

1. No speaking unless spoken to

2. Not to have more than one layer of clothing covering my ass

3. Do nothing without her permission

Basically I gave her total control, and I was about to learn exactly what that meant.

After this degrading, she ordered me upstairs to strip and pick out two implements for her to use on my inaugural spanking. I found everything in the drawer right where she said to look. There was a large hair brush, a ruler, a ping pong paddle (from my store), and a leather strap. My stomach was knotted. I felt like puking again. She yelled for me to hurry that her patience had already run out. I quickly grabbed the paddle and the ruler and hurried down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs she stood arms folded waiting. This did not look at all what it looked like in my head not twenty minutes earlier. She then barked at me that I was standing before her to receive punishment and I had not disrobed. That was added to my list of punishable crimes. I quickly stripped. What happened next was the most humiliating event of my life. Becky bent me over at the waist, she tied my ankles to the front legs of the chair and had me lean on the back of the chair. She then opened all of our down stairs windows so that our neighbors or anyone walking by could certainly hear and possibly see what was being administered. She positioned the chair in a manner so that a mirror was in front of me. She ordered for me to watch and thank her for each blow. This was the first time in my that I begged. She told me that begging is punishable, and has been added to the list.

Becky apologized to me for allowing things to get to this point, but there is no turning back now!

"Are you ready?" she asked. Like my answer would matter. I heard the paddle cut through the air and heard the landing a split second later. Wow, did that get my attention!! . I cried out like a school girl. I felt the burn in every nerve ending in my body. Before I could recover, down came another and another. I could feel the fever on my ass growing with each swing. Then she stopped and calmly asked when I was going to start counting, or was I letting her have a few warm up swings. Crap! "Starting at one, lets begin again", she said. Each swing seemed harder, the tears were running down my face. I lost count around thirty because I couldn't keep up. The paddle broke right after that. She used the ruler until she realized it really didn't hurt after feeling the sting of the paddle. Becky noticed that our neighbor, Ruth had found a good vantage point and had been watch for who knows how long. Becky untied me she said she needed a break, her arm was getting sore. She pointed at corner and told me to put my nose in it as she walked out the front door to chat with Ruth. I'm guessing Ruth's the one with all the ideas, she raised four boys and more than once I heard the crack of a belt coming from their side of the fence.

The phone was ringing, Becky was outside with Ruth. There was no way I was going to move an inch from my corner, I was working shortening my list. The answering picked up. I truly think Becky was testing to see if I'd answer it. "Ha-ha not this time", I thought. After the answering machine greeting played I heard a terrifying voice. No way, this could not be happening to me. It was Nickie, asking to speak to the lady of the house. She said " I notarized an interesting document today regarding an arrangement you made with your husband. I would like to further discuss this arrangement. Please call me at ###-####...Thank you." Awe shit, I'm thinking maybe I should have taken my chances and picked up the phone. I really hope she's just looking for information.

When Becky came in she commended me for holding my post in the corner. "Now back to the business at hand",she announces. According to her we still have three punishments to get caught up on tonight. My love instructs me to go up stairs and lay facedown on the bed with a few pillows under me for elevation. I quickly do as I'm told. After what seems like forever, Becky joins me in the bedroom. She says regrettably has to add another punishment to my list. This time for not telling her of a phone message. I argued that I had been instructed to keep my mouth shut unless I was spoken to. This didn't work, Becky's the boss she'll make the rules.

My next punishment began. Out of what seemed like thin air came this mind blowing crash to my raised ass. I turned to see what hellish tool had just lit my already tender backside afire. Apparently, Ruth, with her southern generosity loaned Becky a sawed off boat oar. Yes I said boat oar. And oh my God did this shed a whole new light on how far my wife would go to make sure I was very sorry for hurting her. I could actually feel the wind on my body from the oar after each blow. The pummeling kept coming. I am really surprised on how much I took before she found some mercy for me. After my convulsing ceased and my breathing returned to normal, Becky said that we have a clean slate for now. She washed my face and gently rubbed my oh so very sore butt with some cooling cream. Becky sent me down to the couch for the night. I hadn't earn a place in her bed yet. We said our good nights and I headed for the couch.

I quickly nodded off to sleep. I started reliving everything all over again when I was woken by the sound of my wife's voice from upstairs. I strained to hear but all I could catch was," It was good talking to you Nickie, I look forward to meeting you soon." I got no sleep the rest of that night.

To be continued...

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