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Is This Wrong


Is this wrong? I’ve been trying to decide if it is, and I can’t decide.

I’ve been using hypnosis to sleep with women. Maybe hypnosis isn’t the right word – maybe it’s just persuasion. I’m not sure about the technical stuff. I don’t use a gold watch on a chain or anything like that. I just maintain eye contact, speak in a steady, almost monotone, tone of voice, and after a while of doing this, I start making suggestions.

The first time I did this was back in October. I was in a real dry spell – I hadn’t had any sex in months and I had no prospects. I was out at a bar one night and started talking to this hot blond. She was about 5’4”, nice big tits and a thick, athletic body. Her name was Sheila and she was a pretty cool girl. I could see the two of us going out. But for some reason, I was impatient that night. I didn’t want to exchange phone numbers, or wait to go out with her some other time. I was sitting there talking to her and something inside me just said, “try it.” So I made a point of looking right into her hazel eyes and using that tone of voice whenever I was telling her a little story or talking about my job or whatever.

It seemed like it was working. She looked more and more comfortable the more I spoke. I could see her shoulders relax as I looked into her eyes and used that tone of voice. After a while, it seemed like she wanted me to keep talking that way, like she wanted to let go and have me take over.

I was a little nervous about how I would test it out so that I would know for sure that it was working. I didn’t want to go too far and mess it up, but I also wanted to prove that I was on to something. We had been talking for an hour or two, and I was pretty sure that we would hook up, at least make out a little, with or without the hypnosis. So I wanted to suggest something a little more daring than just kissing.

We were sitting at the bar, at the short side of an L-shaped bar. There were people along the other side of the bar, and every now and again, people would walk into the little area behind us to fill up a bowl of popcorn from the machine. We were by ourselves for the most part, but not completely out of sight.

I looked into Sheila’s eyes and started talking about some book I was reading. In the middle of a sentence, I stopped talking but continued looking into her eyes. She didn’t look away, and she had this completely patient look on her face. I think she would have stayed completely still if I had just sat and kept gazing at her like that.

But I didn’t want her to sit completely still. I said to her, “Sheila, I’d like you to do something.” No reaction, just that same patient look. “I’d like you to put your hand on my crotch.”

She didn’t even hesitate. In a smooth motion, and subtle enough that the people on the other side of the bar didn’t even notice her doing it, she moved her hand quickly along the inside of my thigh and let it rest on my crotch. It was a great touch, warm and firm. Her expression never changed.

My mind started racing, but I kept it together. Still looking into her eyes, I said, “Thank you. That’s enough for now.” She smiled a little at that and took her hand back. I broke off my gaze and watched her out of the corner of my eye. She had that same little smile and a content look on her face. She seemed like she was OK, or even relieved, about what was happening.

I didn’t waste any more time. I looked at her and said, “Sheila, let’s leave the bar now.” She smiled that little smile and stood up. I touched her arm and guided her out of the bar.

We walked towards my place, but I wanted something different than my apartment. A block or two from the bar was a small, dark parking lot. There were only two or three cars there and I guided Sheila into the lot and behind an older model SUV. A streetlight gave us enough light to see each other, but we weren’t directly in the pool of light. We couldn’t be seen from the street, but if anyone came into the lot, we’d be seen for sure.

I positioned Sheila in front of me and leaned against the SUV. “Sheila, I want you to unbutton your sweater.” Smiling, she did so immediately. The three buttons were undone and her sweater was open before I knew it. The sight of her white lace bra and her full tits got some blood flowing down below for me. I started to make up my mind about what I wanted her to do.

“Take off your bra,” I told her. She slid her sweater off and unhooked her bra. Her tits were round and her nipples were large. I was getting more and more excited, but I stayed in control. “Unbutton your jeans and slide them down, but don’t take them off.” She did all this without ever breaking eye contact. She wanted that contact, wanted me to be in control.

Before I said anything else, I reached in front of me and felt her breasts. I moved my hands along the underside, followed the rounded slope up towards the top, and then moved my palms over the front of them. I used my thumbs to stroke her nipples and felt them get hard under my touch. She opened her mouth a little and let out a little gasp.

“Not too loud,” I said. “We don’t want the neighbors coming down here.” She nodded and kept looking up at me. “Now, take your hand and move it down into your panties.” She did so right away and let out another little gasp.

I moved my hands to my own pants and unzipped, getting ready. I told Sheila to masturbate and her hand started moving. I leaned against the truck and watched. I had just told a half-naked woman to jerk off in front of me in a dark parking lot. And she did.

Her hand moved slow at first, stretching the fabric of her panties. She rubbed up and down her pussy, looking at me the whole time. She was breathing heavier and faster. After a couple of minutes, I reached over and slid her panties down so that I could get a better look. She was sliding her middle finger along the length of her slit while her other fingers touched the lips. I had to remind myself to look into her eyes every so often. I didn’t want to break the connection.

She spoke. “Touch my breasts again.” I thought about making her say “please,” but I didn’t bother. I caressed her tits as she started moving her hand faster. I told her to put her finger in her pussy, and her eyelids fluttered as she did. She moved her finger in and out and I could see that she was rubbing her clit with her thumb. Then, I told her to take her finger out and put it in her mouth. She hesitated for a second, but then she did and moaned as she did it. I took her hand and put the same finger in my mouth, keeping the eye contact. I sucked her finger for a second and then moved her hand back to her pussy. She looked like she was getting close to ecstasy.

I pulled my dick out of my pants and put her free hand on it. She moved the tips of her fingers up and down the hard shaft, and she rubbed her clit faster and faster.

“Are you going to cum?” I asked. She nodded while her lips quivered. “Not yet,” I said and she eased up on her rubbing. “Put my dick in your mouth.” She crouched down immediately and her mouth was on me before I could catch my breath. She pressed her tongue against my dick as she moved her head up and down. I was pretty close to cumming myself. She was cupping my balls with her hand while she blew me. I hadn’t even asked her to do that.

I pulled her head off my dick and stood her up. I turned her around and told her to lean forward, against the truck. I dropped my pants down, grabbed my dick and guided it towards her pussy. I moved my head next to hers, spoke into her ear, and put my dick on her pussy lips. I said to her, “You can cum anytime now,” and slid my dick in. She was so wet that I went right in, and so hot that my penis felt like it was burning. She was moaning low, deep in her throat and I think she came as soon as her pussy muscles wrapped around my cock.

I didn’t take much longer. I grabbed her hips and thrusted hard and fast. Her pussy felt so good that I couldn’t hold out. The moist, warm pressure surrounding my cock was bringing on my orgasm. At the last second, I pulled out and a shot a load of cream onto her round, white ass. I think she would have stood there like that, bent over, hands on the truck, if I hadn’t told her to go ahead and stand up. I told her she could use her panties to clean herself up.

The panties went in the dumpster and I walked her home. I’m pretty sure she liked the experience, even if I did manipulate her into it. And it’s not like I did anything to humiliate her. So, if she liked it, and I liked it, that leads me back to my original question. Is this wrong?

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