tagNonConsent/ReluctanceIsaac Captured Ch. 02

Isaac Captured Ch. 02


I spent the better part of two hours debating and arguing with myself. In the end I decided that it didn't matter either way. Whether or not Isaac had known all along that it was me that was holding him captive or if he had screamed my name for some other reason while cumming didn't change anything. I could and would still continue with my plan. Isaac was mine to do with as I pleased. I would fuck him, humiliate him, torture him, and make him love every second of it. My decision made I spent the next hour and a half getting Isaac ready for step three of my plan.

Step three of my plan called for some mild to moderate sexual torture and more humiliation. First thing I needed to do though was move and reposition Isaac. Luckily moving Isaac this time would be much easier then moving him from the van had been. This time I wouldn't be trying to muscle 190lbs of dead weight around. When I had modified my brother's old workbench I had added wheels along with the straps and padded troughs. Moving Isaac was a simple matter of unlocking these wheels and rolling him, bench and all to a new location.

During my six months of planning I had had one of the two rooms at the back of the barn remodeled. One room was now a 10x10 shower with a dozen shower heads evenly spaced along three walls and multiple drains down the center of the floor. I had installed a simple remote operated chain driven lift on the ceiling.

Being sure not to ram Isaac's wide spread legs into anything I carefully rolled him into the shower room. I stopped the workbench in the middle of the room, and locked the wheels so it wouldn't roll out of position. Leaving Isaac there I made a quick trip back into the main part of the barn for my rolling table of toys.

Leaving the table against one wall I grabbed the lift's remote control and went back over to Isaac in the center of the room. Unclipping Isaac's left wrist cuff from the bench press support post I fastened one end of a twelve inch length of chain to the cuff's D-ring. The other end of the chain was attached to the U-bolt at the end of the lift chain. After repeating the same process with another twelve inch length of chain and Isaac's right arm I activated the lift.

Slowly so as not to injure Isaac's shoulders I used the lift to raise him to a kneeling position. Stopping the lift at that point I then unbuckled the straps holding Isaac's legs and moved his legs out of the padded troughs of the workbench and onto the floor. Eventually I would tighten the lift chain until Isaac was standing. However, I wanted to leave him kneeling until he regained conscious.

With Isaac now kneeling suspended from the ceiling I unlocked the workbenches wheels and rolled it back out of the shower room. Back inside I crossed to the nearest shower head. All twelve had Shur Shot anal shower duches in place of traditional shower heads. Turning the shower on I adjusted the water temperature until it was comfortably warm before using the shutoff valve at the end of the hose to stop the flow. I then stripped off all of my clothes and tossed them out into the barn before picking up the lube and an inflatable butt plug from my table. It was almost time for the fun to start again.

Isaac was already starting to groan as the tranquilizer wore off. I briefly debated blindfolding him before he completely came around. However, I quickly decided against it. He had screamed my name when he came. I was going to take that to mean one of two things. He either already knew it was me doing these things to him or he wanted it to be me doing it. Either way I no longer saw a reason to avoid him seeing my face.

As soon as Isaac's eyes started to flutter open I activated the lift. Even still groggy from the drugs the pressure on his shoulders as the lift chain shortened was enough to make him try to stand. However, he was still out of it enough that he stumbled several times as he lurched awkwardly to his feet. Even once Isaac was completely upright I allowed the lift to keep running until his had to stand on his toes to stop his own body weight from pulling painfully on his shoulders.

I didn't give Isaac a chance to focus on anything beyond being forced to stand stretched toward the ceiling before spearing a well lubed finger into his ass. Isaac's sphincter muscles had tightened back up in the three and a half hours since I had fucked him. He wasn't virgin tight anymore but he was close. The sudden penetration caused his eyes to shoot completely open as his entire body jerked. 'Ahhh...fuck. Please...not again. Please.'

Chuckling I twisted my finger in Isaac's ass. His pained groan was beautiful. It really wasn't my intention to stretch him any. I wanted this next part to hurt and burn as much as possible. However, I did need him well lubed, other wise his sphincter or rectum could tear. Pain and humiliation were my goals, not permanent damage.

With one final twist I pulled my finger from Isaac's ass and picked up the Shur Shot nozzle. I didn't bother with more lube before I pressed the tip against Isaac's sphincter. Instead of shoving in right away I stepped from behind to beside Isaac and waited. I wanted him to look at me. Slowly he managed to turn his head far enough to see me as his eyes focused and he gasped. 'Isabelle...' I didn't give him a chance to say more. Sudden steady pressure forced the nozzle into Isaac's well lubed asshole. He moaned and jerked causing himself to almost lose his footing. Two fat tears rolled down Isaac's cheeks as he pleaded and cried, begging me stop. 'Please. Oh god please Isabelle, stop. Please stop.'

Ignoring Isaac's pleading I switched the Shur Shot's flow valve on. Isaac's eyes bulged as warm water quickly started filling his colon. It only took seconds before the high power enema to become uncomfortable. I knew instinct would have Isaac trying to push the nozzle out so he could empty his bowels. However I wasn't going to allow that to happen.

Holding the Shur Shot nozzle in Isaac's ass with one hand I grabbed the inflatable butt plug with the other. Isaac jerked and swayed as he fought to get away. However, stretched out like he was all he accomplished was driving the nozzle farther up his ass.

I had no way to gauge how much water had been forced into Isaac's colon. Judging from the way his usually flat stomach had started to bloat and distend though it had to be close to a gallon or more. Dipping the butt plug in lube I quickly pulled the Shur Shot nozzle from Isaac's ass. A small blast of water escaped as I shoved the plug in. Three quick pumps of the butt plug's inflation bulb expanded the plug to its full two inches though. With the plug inflated Isaac's asshole was effectively sealed until I removed the butt plug.

It was quickly obvious that the horrible stomach cramps associated with retaining an enema were hitting Isaac. I could actually see his abdominal muscles clench and spasm as his body desperately fought to expel the water. He was almost screaming as he cried and begged. 'Stop! Oh God...Please stop. Please...Take it out. I have to shit. Please...It hurts Isabelle.'

Watching the way Isaac's limp cock flopped around as he struggled and begged I had a sudden idea. Originally I had planned to simply make Isaac hold in the enema for thirty minutes before I removed the plug and let him empty his tortured, overfilled bowels. Now I decided to change that plan though.

Turning Isaac to completely face me I sucked his cock, limp and shriveled from pain, into my mouth. I once again used every trick I had learned as Isaac's girlfriend as I tried to suck him hard. Isaac was shaking and sweating and I could still clearly see his stomach muscles cramping as his body fought to relieve it's self of approximately a gallon of water and waste. Despite my efforts though after almost five minutes Isaac's cock was still only half hard.

Pulling Isaac's cock from my mouth I ran my hands up Isaac's thighs to his lower abdomen. Licking the head of his cock I pressed lightly on his distended abdomen. "Hurts don't it? Do you feel like you're about to explode? Do you want me to stop?"

Tears ran in a steady stream down Isaac's face as he franticly nodded his head yes. 'Please... Isabelle... Please... It hurts...'

Licking the head of Isaac's cock again I sucked him back into my mouth. After only a few seconds I pulled off once again. 'You have to earn relief. You have three options. You have cum for me or you have to make me cum.'

Wailing Isaac fought against his restraints, trying desperately to keep as much of his feet on the floor as possible and still curl around his aching gut. 'I can't... Please... Isabelle... I can't... Please... I can't get hard.'

Isaac was right, he wasn't going to be able to get hard enough do either of us any good and I knew it. That didn't stop me from taking his mostly limp cock in my mouth again. Rolling his cock around with my tongue I bit down just enough to hurt as I pressed on his stomach again.

Screaming Isaac tried to jerk away from me as best he could. 'Owww! Ahhh god... Owww... It hurts... It hurts... Please Isabelle... It hurts.'

Releasing Isaac's cock from my mouth I thumped him on the balls hard. 'You know what, on second thought forget it. Your cock is useless.' Relief flooded Isaac's face. He obviously though that this meant I would remove the butt plug and allow him to expel the enema. Yeah right.

Still kneeling I spun Isaac around and delivered one stinging slap to his right ass cheek. He yelped like a puppy and tried to move away as much as he could. The bright red hand print stood out beautifully on Isaac's smooth pale ass. I have to admit my hand was hurting bad from that one blow though. Bare hand to bare ass probably hadn't been one of my better ideas.

Standing up I went to the table for a paddle, my hand would never be able to take spanking Isaac bare handed for long. I retrieved my favorite paddle, a beautiful rolled leather cord twisted into an intricate Celtic knot. Four quick strides had me back at Isaac's side. In the time it took me to get the paddle from the table and get back to Isaac he had subsided to pitiful whimpering and moaning. He was obviously scared and in pain from the retained enema. Perfect.

Isaac's back was toward me now and I could still see the fading edge of my hand print, pink on his ass. Bracing my feet I swung the paddle in an up swing, landing a solid stoke to the underside of Isaac's left ass cheek. He screamed as his body bowed as far forward as possible. He was so beautiful, so responsive to every little stimulus. I know I was grinning rather maniacally as I followed Isaac's movements, making sure to keep a good angle to swing the paddle.

As soon as Isaac started to calm and relax from the first paddle blow I swung again. This stroke landed on Isaac's lower right thigh, just above the knee. A beautiful Celtic knot shaped welt instantly bloomed bright red on his pale skin. Once again Isaac screamed and tried to arch as far away as his restraints and aching gut would allow. 'Stop...Please...Oh God...Please...Stop!'

Making sure to keep a good angle despite Isaac's thrashing and swinging I started landing blow after blow with the paddle. I was careful to confine my strokes to Isaac's back and thighs. A blow to his already abused abdomen would have risked a serious injury, something I wished to avoid. Isaac didn't know or understand the fine line between the wonderfully arousing pain of a hard paddling and the serious pain of injury so I had to keep the presence of mind to know for him.

Somewhere between strokes nineteen and twenty-five, Isaac stopped screaming and fighting to escape the blows of the paddle. He was reduced to pitifully moaning and whimpering as he twitched with every blow. On stroke thirty-three he lost control of his bladder. The harsh tangy sent of urine was my sign that Isaac had reached his limit. Anymore would be crossing that fragile line between good hurt and bad hurt.

Tossing the paddle in the general direction on the table I gently ran my finger tips down Isaac's back. His skin was slick with sweat and I could feel his muscles twitch just beneath the surface. Large welts formed an intricate Celtic weave from his shoulders to his knees. The bright red of the design contrasted drastically with the smooth almost milk white skin that the paddle hadn't touched.

Reaching around Isaac I pressed one hand against his belly. With the other hand I reached down, pressing and pulling lightly on the base of the butt plug being used to stopper his ass. A small gasping whimper and a full body shudder were Isaac's only response. It was like he was in a trance.

Pleased beyond measure I grabbed the air release valve for the butt plug. Pressing the plug as deep in Isaac's ass as I could I released the valve, deflating the plug. A single biting kiss to Isaac's shoulder and I stepped to the side quickly pulling the plug out as I went.

For several seconds Isaac just hung there, eyes wide and mouth opening and closing. It was as if his body didn't realize that the plug was gone. Then his stomach cramped again. His whole body seemed to seize for a second as his body and mind finally caught up to what had happened. His moaning grunt was loud enough to echo against the walls as his bowels finally let loose.

A mix of water and brown bits of shit rushed from Isaac's body. He strained and cried for several minutes as the flood continued. I knew the vacuum caused by the water leaving Isaac's body had to be painfully sucking his intestines closed. However, I think he was beyond even noticing as his body instinctively strained to push out the last of the water and shit. By the time his stomach finally stopped heaving and cramping, Isaac was barely conscious. His knees had buckled his legs no longer able to support him. He would have looked gorgeous if he hadn't been so filthy.

Turning one of the many shower heads on, I started hosing Isaac down. He was so out of it he barely flinched as the high pressure spray hit his tender asshole. I briefly thought about using the nozzle to give him another enema but decided against it. He was just too out of it right then for it to be any fun. Instead I finished rinsing the last of traces of shit off of him and down the drain.

Once Isaac and the shower room were again shit free I shut the water off. Leaving Isaac hanging from the ceiling I opened the door and brought the workbench back in. It was a simple matter to lower Isaac to a sitting position on the workbench. Straps around his ankles and across his calves kept him secure while I unhooked his wrists from the lift chain. Once unhooked from the lift, I clipped the D-rings of his wrist cuffs together behind the raised back of the workbench Three more straps across his chest and stomach and Isaac was completely secured.

Unlocking the workbenches' wheels I moved Isaac out of the shower room and back into the main part of the barn. Once again I left Isaac in the middle of the barn and crossed to the large cabinets. I wasn't after toys this time though. It was late and I was tired. Instead I grabbed a blanket to cover Isaac with so he wouldn't catch a chill during the night.

After covering Isaac I went to the barn's second storage room. While the first storage room had been converted into the shower room this one had been turned into a media control room of sorts. Monitors and recording equipment covered almost every available surface. All of it was linked to the cameras I had installed both in the main part of the barn and in the shower room. Quickly saving all of tonight's video to two different hard drives I shut down the cameras.

I stopped next to Isaac on my way out of the barn for the night. His eyes were closed and it looked as if he was asleep. Leaning down I brushed his damp hair off of his forehead. Mumbling what sounded like 'Please...Love you' he turned his head toward my hand. Stunned I just stood there for a minute. Finally I pressed a tender kiss to Isaac's lips before standing up straight and leaving the barn. Tomorrow morning would be soon enough to question Isaac. I just hoped he would resist answering.

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