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Isabel Ch. 03



Chapter Three

Orson pulled up to the curb before the hotel and braked to a stop. They had spent nearly two hours in the alleyway, and during that time he had fucked her four times. Isabel had also sucked his cock twice. Now he was letting her out at the hotel and preparing to leave when she was hot for more.

Turning to him, she reached out to run her fingers through the softness of his blond hair. She smiled when he looked at her.

"Are you sure you don't want to come in with me?" She asked. "I've really enjoyed what we've done so far, and I'd like to do it some more. If you come in you could spend the whole night fucking me."

Orson laughed.

"That's a real hot little cunt you've got, Isabel. But as much as I'd like to keep fucking you, I have to be getting back to Beth. And you.... You need to get back to Ingo," he said. His hand pat her thigh, the touching of his fingers to her flesh increasing the fire burning between her legs. "I'll see you again soon."

"Not soon enough if it's not tonight," Isabel pouted. "My pussy is still on fire and I want to feel your big cock fucking me some more. So please stay. Please, please, pretty please."

"Sorry, but I've gotta go." He leaned over and gave her a deep kiss. "One more thing. Before you see Ingo, you should clean up. You know, brush your teeth and douche? I could taste my cum on your lips just now."

"If you came with me we could wash up together."

"If I went with you, we would never get clean. We'd just get dirtier."

"I like that idea," she said. Her thoughts flashed back to the grimy alley they had just left. "Ummm, I like dirty. The dirtier the better."

Orson laughed again.

"You really are a horny virgin slut."

"Unh, unh. Not virgin anymore. Now I'm just a horny slut," she responded, shaking her head.

"Oh no, you're not. You've only fucked one guy, and sex with only one guy does not make you a slut. It only makes you a sexually active young woman. At best it makes you a wanna be slut."

Isabel moved across the seat toward Orson. Leaning her upper body against his muscular chest, she snuggled into him.

"And what would it take to make me a real slut?"

"Well, you would have to start by fucking more guys. I mean, you know, spread your pussy around. Not just to people you know, but to complete strangers. When you can walk up to a guy, tell him you find him cute, and let him screw you without even asking his name, then you'll be doing something slutty. A real slut is always ready to fuck, and not always only one guy at a time. Hell, not even always with a guy. A slut is a bitch with few limits. You're not even close to that." Giving her a quick tantalizing squeeze, he pulled back. "Listen, I'll see you at school after the weekend and we'll talk some more then."

"And fuck some more."

"Yeah. And fuck some more." He grinned, his green eyes sparkling. "Now get out of my car and go to your hotel room and get cleaned up."

The beautiful brunette Italian girl gave him one last peck on the lips then stepped out of the car. When she closed the door of the vehicle, Isabel saw him give her a wave right before he began to drive away. A smile came to her face as she watched his car disappear from view. Even though he had refused to spend the night, the thought of the things they had done together filled her with warmth. And she had no doubt they would share more times like that in the future.

When she walked into the lobby it seemed as if everyone turned to look at her. Her first thought was that she was exhibiting such a sexual glow that they could all see she had been fucked. But then she saw they were looking at the lower part of her dress, where it had been pulled down over the thick navy blue towel Orson had given her to wrap around her hips so that her dress wouldn't be stained by the blood and cum leaking from her cunt.

Instead of going to the desk to pick up her key-card, she headed directly for the women's restroom. Inside, she entered an empty stall, raised her dress to her waist, and removed the towel. Her pussy was no longer drooling the syrupy mixture of semen and her creamy discharge, but her cunt, the insides of her thighs, and the cheeks of her ass were covered with it. Isabel used the towel to wipe herself clean as best she could, being sure to remove the thick, white streaks and gobs that matted the dark brown bush of soft curls at her slit and pubic mound. When she was done she smoothed her dress back down over her thighs and stepped out of the stall carrying her clutch while leaving the soiled towel on the floor. Her skin was still moist with perspiration and she smelled strongly of sex but those things would have to wait until she reached her room. Looking at herself in the mirror, she saw that her lipstick and makeup were smeared and her hair was a tangled mess. She rinsed out her mouth then fixed her lipstick and makeup easily, but since she hadn't thought to add a comb or brush to the contents of her bag she was forced to use her fingers to straighten her hair. When she was done and felt she looked presentable, she returned to the lobby.

Exiting the ladies room, Isabel, literally, ran into Ingo. He had come from the elevator section of the hotel and was walking toward the lobby when she stepped out in front of him.

"Ho. Sorry... I didn't..., he began. Then he saw it was Isabel and smiled. "Oh, you're here."

He took her in his arms and kissed her with a passion that caused her heart to beat faster, her breathing to quicken, and her cunt to sizzle. The intensity of the heat that burned in her pussy was surprising to her. Ingo was a very attractive man, but she had never found him to be so sexually arousing. And she knew that what made it surprising and arousing was the thought that had come to mind when he pressed his lips to hers.

At that moment she remembered wrapping her lips around the froth slathered bulb of Orson's cockhead and sucking the sharp, flavorful slime of the mixture of their cum from it. She recalled the ultra-tart oysterish taste that had filled her mouth and knew she hadn't washed it all away with a quick rinse. Though another person might have thought it embarrassing or disgusting to kiss a man after sucking another man's prick, Isabel found it extremely exciting. Her cunt became a bubbling pit of hot fuck juices as she wondered if he could taste that same flavor as he kissed her.

If he detected the difference, she saw that he obviously liked it. Ingo kept his lips pressed to hers as they rode up in the elevator, his tongue flickering like the tongue of a snake into her mouth to sample the deliciousness again and again. They stopped kissing briefly to hurry down the corridor to his room, but once inside he drew her back into his arms and resumed kissing her.

Ingo pressed her back against the wall right next to the closed door, his slender body pushed tightly to her as his hands roved the contours of her enticing figure and his tongue dueled with hers. As their tongues swirled and entwined with each other, like sinuous snakes mating, he relished the flavor that washed over his taste buds. It was a salty, sweet tanginess that seemed similar to the taste of a lemon which had been dipped in syrup and sprinkled with sea salt. Unable to get enough of the savory deliciousness of her kisses, he kissed her for a long time while his hard cock throbbed against the softness of her flat belly. Then he pulled back, fumbling for a moment to find the switch beside the door, to turn on the lights. When he could see her clearly, he stared into the darkness of her deep brown eyes.

"I want you," Ingo murmured, his eyes burning with desire. "I love you. I have always loved you. And now I want to make love to you."

Before she could respond he kissed her again. This time he picked her up and held her cradled in his arms as he carried her to the large bed at the center of the room. After setting her atop the mattress, he reached behind her neck to untie the thin straps the held up the top of her dress and the fabric glided down in wispy silken ripples to bare the smooth, tawny flesh of her upper body. He then slid his hands across her slim shoulders to the sensitive rises of her tits to caress and squeeze them, causing them to tingle excitedly and adding to the heat in her cunt.

Isabel was not surprised to find that even after having spent two hours with Orson's humongous member stretching the wet walls of her pussy wide and pounding hard against her cervix, eradicating every last vestige of her virginity as she came over and over again, she was still hot to fuck. At home, when masturbating, she had often spent the entire night rubbing her clit and slit to orgasm. Before he had driven away she had planned to spend the night with Orson's gigantic prick inside her. Now, as she sat with Ingo, her fingers gliding through his dark hair and his hands kneading her breasts as they kissed, her dark haired cunt bubbled and gushed in anticipation of receiving the stiffness of Ingo's masculine shaft.

Everything about the time she was spending with Ingo was more sexually exciting than usual. Isabel knew that the reason for the intensity of her arousal was because she had allowed another man to screw her first. The decadence of it thrilled her.

I'm a wicked little whore who's been cheating on the man who loves me, she thought, her heart pounding excitedly. I'm a little nympho bitch and I love it.

As Ingo's lips moved from hers to trail hot kisses across her cheek and down her neck, the thought that she should shower came to mind. Not only was she still sweaty and covered with the residue of cum, but she smelled strongly of sex. Isabel realized that if Ingo became aware of what she had done there was a good chance he would respond in anger. However, as he had just seen her exit the downstairs restroom, she could not even claim a need to piss as an excuse to extricate herself from his embrace. Having no other choice, she allowed him to push her back on the bed and continue as he desired.

"Ohhh," the dark haired Italian woman moaned softly as the pointed tip of his tongue slid in a slow, tantalizing line down along the crease beside her throat. Her fingers still in his hair, she nervously urged him downward. "Oh yes, Ingo. It feels so good when you kiss my neck like that."

To both of them it was a telling moment. It was a test of their sexual compatibility. What Ingo sought was a highly sexual woman who enjoyed various forms of carnal pleasure. Having never had sex with Isabel, he wanted to make sure she wasn't frigid. While he was in love with her, and wanted to marry her, he knew he wouldn't be able to continue their relationship if she was averse to sex. As an average Latin blooded young man, his thoughts were constantly filled with licentious imagery and he needed a woman who was willing to fulfill his desires. Isabel, on the other hand, wanted to see if she could get away with what she had done. If Ingo realized she had been with another man and given him her virginity and found the thought of it to be hot, that would be great. If he was aware of her having been with someone else and chose not to mention it, that would be okay too. But she thought that if he didn't know it would be better. There was something about the idea of fucking other men behind his back that made her pussy drool with hunger. The thought that she could return to him and lay in his arms as another man's semen leaked from her dark haired slit caused her blood to boil and her cunt to gush. She had no intention of being monogamous, so it was crucial that any man she had a relationship with be accepting of that fact or unaware of it.

Kissing and licking the soft smoothness of her lightly tanned flesh, Ingo was blissfully unaware of the change in her. As his lips and tongue travelled over her perspiration coated skin, the sweetness of her feminine sweat filling his mouth, he breathed deeply. A heady odor came from her that made his mouth water. He thought it to be the aroma of her floral perfume in combination with the musk of feminine arousal. And believing himself to be detecting an indication of sexual excitement, his cock grew harder, straining at the front of his pants as if trying to cleave through the fabric.

As the flat of his tongue washed over her breasts, lapping through her cleavage, he noticed a change in the flavor he encountered. In places her skin was a little slicker and a little saltier than others, but the differences in the tastes he experienced only added to his pleasure and increased his desire for her. When he captured one of her erect brown nipples between his lips and worried its rubbery surface with the tip of his tongue he felt the hands at his head press his face tighter to her tit.

"Sssshhhhhh," Isabel hissed, drawing air through clenched teeth. A current of pleasure flowed through the firm, round flesh of the breast he was sucking and her hot teenaged snatch gushed heavily, the wetness making a mess of her crotch and soaking the back of her dress. "Suck my tits, baby. Oh, Ingo, you're making me so hot with your mouth."

His mouth at her breasts was driving her wild. She felt his lips and tongue move over every inch of her chest as he repeatedly went from the stiff, sensitive nub that capped one mound to the other. Aware there were places where Orson's cum had dripped on her belly and tits when he had crawled up over her to put his prick in her mouth, she knew Ingo must be tasting it as he bathed her flesh with his tongue. She also knew he liked the taste, because he couldn't seem to get enough of running his tongue over her skin.

Suddenly she found herself wondering if he was planning to give her a complete tongue bath. She had heard from her girlfriends that some guys liked to kiss and lick their way down a woman's body to her cunt and would bring her to orgasm with their tongues. The girls called a man's mouth on their snatch things like eating pussy, cunt lapping, carpet munching, tongue fucking, and slit licking. Whatever the term, it sounded like something she should try. And since Ingo had already licked his way down to her breasts she felt she might as well urge him to go down further.

At first she had been nervous about it being found out that she had had sex with someone else when Ingo began to kiss her. But when he didn't seem to recognize what had transpired from the taste of her lips and the heavy aroma of sex that swirled around her in an intoxicating mist, she began to question how much she might get away with. Having Ingo eat her pussy while it was flooded with another man's seed was a make or break kind of test. She knew that if he realized what was happening she could lose him completely. However, there was also a chance that he would remain unknowing and enjoy the flavor between her legs as much as he did when kissing her mouth. If that happened she believed she would also feel secure in her ability to experience whatever sexual pleasures she desired without worrying that the taste or smell of her might give her away. And that was a chance she was definitely willing to take.

"Mmmmm. Yeah, lover. Kiss me all over," Isabel murmured in a breathy voice. Gripping the dark hair at the back of Ingo's head so tightly in the fingers of both hands that she knew it was probably painful to him, she coaxingly pushed him further downward. "Go down and eat me, baby. Ohhhhh. Suck my pussy and make me cum."

The hard bud of Isabel's rigid brown nipple slipped from between his lips with a loud slurp and his face passed slowly over the smooth, concave expanse of her abdomen as she insistently shoved him down her undulating body.

He didn't resist her. He had fantasized about tasting her pussy ever since he'd heard his older brother talk about having done it to his girlfriend. And he liked the raunchy way Isabel had told him what she wanted. It amazed him to find that, when sexually aroused, there was nothing prissy about her. She was not afraid to express her desires in the most vulgar and arousing manner, her soft melodic voice filled with passionate heat.

As he descended closer to her pubic mound, Isabel lifted her ass from the bed, allowing him to push her dress down from her slender hips and thighs. When her legs were free she spread them widely and the scent that rose from her crotch to fill flaring nostrils become more pungent.

He'd heard it said that once you get past the smell you've got it licked and now he thought whoever coined the phrase to have been an idiot. Ingo loved the sensual odor of Isabel's cunt. The aroma was a piquant mixture of earthy, woolen musk, oceanic saltiness, and wildflowers in bloom. To him it was a rich smorgasbord of irresistible smells arising from what promised to be a succulent buffet. And the sight that accompanied the fragrance was equally appetizing.

Soft sable curls adorned Isabel's pubic mound and flowed down to decorate the engorged lips of her gash. The downy black pelt at her pelvis was streaked and matted with the whiteness of drying juices while the hairs surrounding her slit were awash with fresh, creamy fluids. At the top of her cunt a small, pea sized hot pink protuberance stood up beneath a thin hood of flesh which he knew to be her clitoris. Below it a wavy ribbon of crimson ran between the plumpness of her pussy lips to where wetness streamed from her aroused teenaged fuckhole and, seeing the thick fluid, he could barely restrain himself from diving face first between her gorgeous, round thighs to sample its sweetness on his tongue.

When Ingo raised his head to glance up at her, and she saw the ravenous hunger in his eyes, Isabel smiled. Knowing he wanted to eat her cunt, she tried to be patient and allow the anticipation to tease her. But then his pink tongue slipped out to moisten her lips and all restraint fled from her. She wanted his mouth on her pussy and she didn't want to wait one second longer.

"Oh shit, Ingo. Eat my pussy," she gasped. Her hands were still gripping his hair and she forcefully pushed his head between her thighs, shoving his face into her steaming young snatch. "Lick me, baby. Fuck me with your tongue."

At the first touch of Ingo's warm, supple lips to her young, furry gash a bolt of electric sensation flashed through her horny snatch and crashed thunderously into her womb like a lightning strike. Isabel cried out in response to the intense pleasure, unconsciously hunching her trim hips up to press her slippery gash against his mouth as a steaming deluge of her aromatic discharge and Orson's gooey spunk spewed from it.

"AAAIIIIIIEEEEE!" The dark haired Italian girl squealed as the licentious thrill of feeling Ingo's face between the sensitive insides of her thighs flowed through her. Just the act of having his mouth against the fat, hair fringed lips of her pussy was a lurid delight that caused hot juices to boil over within her snatch. Then his tongue darted out to glide over her clit and her pleasure immediately escalated to become a roiling tempest of carnal bliss that caused her to cry out in climax. "OHHHH SSSHHHHHIIIIITT! I'MMMMM CUUUUMMMMMMIIINNNNNGGG!!!"

Sharp bursts of pleasure, like surges of high voltage electricity, shot through her clit and cunt to fill her uterus. The fiery current of orgasmic sensation streamed through her hot, young pussy and womb again and again to make her tremble with delight.

"Oh! Oh! Eat me, Ingo!" Isabel wailed. "Catch my cream in your mouth, baby. Ohhh yeah! Eat me out!"

The first time her snatch had spurt, at the instant she had shoved his face into her hairy gash, Ingo was unprepared and the sticky liquid had splattered in a molten spray against his lips and chin. This time his lips were open over her slit and he caught the full rush of succulent nectar as it flushed from her beautiful twat in a heavy torrent to fill his mouth.

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