tagNonConsent/ReluctanceIsabelle's Awakening

Isabelle's Awakening


Isabelle jolted awake to feel the cool night air blowing across her chilled skin. She absently reached for her comforter hoping to feel its warmth on her bare shoulders. She patted the bed searching for the hefty down comforter but it wasn't within reach. Sighing, she sat up and grabbed a hold of the sheet to cover her breasts.

Where was the damn comforter anyway? She supposed she could have kicked it off, but she wasn't a wild sleeper and usually stayed put most of the night. Isabelle scooted down to the end of the bed to look for the comforter. It was there piled in a heap on the floor. She grabbed the comforter up and arranged it on top of the sheet.

It wasn't until she was settled back into her warm cocoon that she began to wonder why it was so cold in the room. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness she noticed the curtains were lightly billowing from the open windows. Isabelle felt a chill move down her spine knowing that she had not opened the windows before going to bed.

Suddenly her warm bed didn't feel so safe. Isabelle jumped out of bed and turned on the light. The room didn't appear quite so sinister in the warm glow, but she didn't let her guard down until she had checked out the bathroom and closet. A brief check through the rest of the house reassured her that no one was inside.

"Well, that's that then. I must be losing it." Isabelle muttered to herself.

She closed the windows and straightened the curtains, then turned off all the lights except for her closet light. She cracked the door to allow some light into the room because she was still chicken enough to want a light on. She hopped back into bed determined to stop this nonsense and get back to sleep.

Isabelle was just drifting back to sleep when a hand dropped over her mouth.

"Don't scream." The voice said casually, in a deep, rich, melodic tone. The words were spoken as if they had met on the street and he was asking her for the time. The pressure of his hand was light, as if he expected no resistance.

Isabelle's eyes flew open to see a man standing over her, his silhouette outlined by the closet light. His face was obscured by the light at his back, only an outline of a large man could be seen. Isabelle felt a pang of fear, not sure if she could scream anyway as the panic clogged her throat.

"You understand what I'm saying Isabelle? I'm asking you not to scream, I don't want to hurt you, but I will if you disobey me. So if I take my hand away, you're not to scream, understood? Just nod if you do." There it was again, that casual, low growl.

How did this man know her name? Isabelle knew she must not panic. She closed her eyes and opened them again. She wondered if she was dreaming or if this was really happening. Surely this wasn't real she thought, but when she opened her eyes her attacker's silhouette remained shadowed in the now eerie closet light. So she slowly nodded.

"Good. I see you understand me." He said, still not removing his hand. "I need to secure your hands Isabelle. And maybe your feet, I don't need you interfering with my work, you understand don't you? Nod for me if you do."

Isabelle nodded her compliance, afraid to move for fear of what he meant by "work". Her eyes followed his movements as he pulled something out of his pocket and moved towards her face. His hand left her mouth and was quickly replaced with rough material, which he tied at the back of her head. Isabelle knew that once she was bound there would be no escape from this man. She began to squirm as the panic overtook her.

The man leaned down close to Isabelle's ear and whispered, "Remember what I said Isabelle, I don't want to hurt you but I will if I have to. Stop fighting me."

Strangely enough, his calmly spoken words had the desired effect and since Isabelle had no desire to get hurt she stopped her squirming and decided to save her energy to plan for a better escape.

"Good, I see you decided to listen to me. It really wouldn't have done you any good to fight me anyway Isabelle." The man chuckled with amusement.

Isabelle watched in fear as his hands moved to hers, pulling them above her head and securing them tightly together. He then moved to stand at the end of the bed, his eyes devouring his prey with her hands trussed up in the bed.

He grabbed the comforter and flung it to the ground as if suddenly impatient to see more of his prize. He stood back and looked at Isabelle's body under the thin sheet. Her breasts were plainly visible in the stream of light emanating from the closet. Suddenly conscious of the sheet brushing against her nipples, Isabelle squirmed under the sheet, hoping he wouldn't notice her nipples stiffening.

He tugged the sheet down a little, the fabric grazing her nipples and ending on her midriff. Her breasts were now exposed, the nipples raised and stiff. Isabelle looked up at him to see what his reaction was, and while she couldn't see his face, she sensed his satisfaction at making her respond.

The sheet moved down more, every small movement felt like a hundred needles piercing her skin. Isabelle couldn't understand why she was responding like this. This was a complete stranger in her house tying her up and about to rape her. Well, not a complete stranger, he knew her name. Somehow that was little comfort. And yet despite all that, her nipples were stiff, her stomach felt fluttery and there was a distinct pooling of heat in her womb.

Tug, the sheet moved down again, the fabric settling just above her pubic mound. Her pubic hair seemed ultra sensitive, the sheet heavy enough to rustle the hair but too light to ease the growing ache. Her hips jutted up involuntarily, seeking more pressure.

"Hmmm, look at that pussy. It looks hungry Isabelle." The man's hand hovered over her mound. "I wonder how hungry." He said as he lightly traced the shape of her through the sheet.

Isabelle felt her insides clench at his crude words. She did not want to respond to this man, to his words, to his deeds, but she was powerless to stop him. She was powerless to stop her body from reacting. A low moan escaped from her throat as she realized the hopelessness of her situation.

"I know what you're thinking Isabelle; you're wondering why your body is betraying you. You're thinking about how to get out of this." He said almost kindly, his hand still hovering over her mound. "But I'm going to tell you right now Isabelle; there is no getting out of this. That's why I tied you up, because I don't want those thoughts to disrupt what's going to happen, what you're going to feel, or maybe its part of it and I want your fear, I want you to feel helpless when I make your pussy come for me. Don't bother to respond, it doesn't really matter what you think anyway, my sweet little pussy."

Isabelle tried to suck in her breath at his matter of fact statement but the cloth covering her mouth prevented her from getting much air. This man expected her to come for him? Was he crazy? Didn't he watch the news? Rape was a power crime not a sexual one, at least that's what they always said.

Down the sheet went once more, scraping her thighs and leaving her mound open to his gaze. She felt more than saw his eyes moving down her body, they went from her breasts, down her stomach and over her now increasingly swollen lips. Isabelle shuddered at the arousal swimming through her veins caused by his visual violation.

His hands had not touched her save for his hand over her mouth and his torturous outlining of her pussy, and yet she was more aroused than she had ever been before. His gaze felt hot on her exposed skin, leaving a warm trail that ran from her breasts to her toes. The cold room was now a distant memory as the heat from within replaced any chill she may have had.

His fingers gripped the sheet and slowly pulled the rest of it off, leaving her naked body completely exposed in the dim light. Isabelle suddenly felt self-conscious, aware of the fact that she was not a young woman with a perfect body. Marriage and two kids will do that to you.

She wasn't a complete lost cause, her breasts were full and heavy, her hips rounded and lush and she had a nice ass, or so her husband had always told her. Then she wondered why she even cared, this man was raping her for crying out loud. But she did care; she wanted him to want her. She hated admitting that to herself but it was true, this man had brought forth in her a fire she hadn't felt in years and she needed it quenched.

"Your body is beautiful Isabelle, hmm, perfect for my needs. You have an ass that begs to be spanked, and those tits, my, my, I can't wait to get my hands on those. And don't you worry that pretty head of yours; I will get to that pussy but only if you do what I ask." He drawled out, his voice lower than before.

Isabelle just watched helplessly as he moved from the end of the bed to stand next to her. She tried to get a better look at his face but the light behind him made it impossible. All she could see was shadows of an angular face framed by what looked like dark hair but in the dark she couldn't be sure.

"Tighten your pussy for me Isabelle."

The words were spoken softly, too softly. Isabelle reacted instantly, her insides contracting violently, reaching, searching for something, what she didn't know. His voice set off a flow of heat emanating from her core. And still he had not touched her aching skin.

"Turn over." Again the voice was low and soft, issuing a command he fully expected her to obey.

Isabelle knew it was useless to object, besides how could she? She brought her hands down in an effort to turn over. She rolled over onto her stomach and turned her head towards him. She felt his eyes moving over her backside, down the arch of her back, and over her full bottom. She couldn't help the moan in her throat when she brushed against the bed. She pushed deeper into the bed, knowing he was watching her undulate against the mattress.

"That is a hungry pussy, isn't it? It really must need some attention, but I didn't tell you to do that Isabelle. Remember you're supposed to obey me." He said, only this time his voice carried a hint of sternness in it.

Isabelle stopped pushing into the bed and stayed still, waiting for him to make the next move. It happened so fast she had no time to react, his hand came down hard on her ass cheek, slapping it hard enough to sting.

"Tighten that pussy." He said with more force. His hand once again came down onto her bottom, the slap leaving her skin tingling and warm.

Regardless of whether of not Isabelle wanted to tighten her pussy, his words caused her pussy to tighten almost of its own accord. She felt the wet heat of her arousal on her lips and that caused her to tighten once more.

Slap! Slap! Slap! The blows kept landing on her now red ass cheeks. Isabelle felt the wetness between her legs grow with each slap, the vibrations of the slaps tingled at her core. She didn't want to be aroused; she shouldn't be leaking wetness out of her pussy, and she shouldn't want the slaps to continue, but she was and she did.

Then as suddenly as it had started, it stopped. Isabelle was left with her ass red and her pussy aching. And wondering what was going to happen next. She didn't have to wonder long.

"That's what happens when you disobey me Isabelle, I may not always spank you but you will be punished. I may for example, not let you cum, even when your eyes are begging me to let you. I may make you suck my cock deep into your throat and I won't care if it makes you gag Isabelle. So take heed of the last warning I will give you. Don't disobey me, sweet pussy."

Isabelle laid there and tried to suck air into her lungs. Her system was on overload, she shouldn't want to be tied up and spanked, or forced to suck some strangers cock, but oh, how she wanted him to make her do those things. Her swollen weeping lips had long ago betrayed her.

"Spread your legs Isabelle. I want to see that dripping pussy of yours." He said as he moved to better position himself for the view.

Mindful of his last warning, Isabelle didn't hesitate and quickly spread her legs. The action caused her pussy to sink into the bed a little more, but she ignored the fabric rubbing against her lips and concentrated on following his directions.

"Spread them wider, Isabelle, I know you can show me that pussy. Raise your ass a bit and spread those legs. And don't forget to tighten your pussy."

The man was surely going to kill her with desire, Isabelle thought, as her pussy contracted again. She opened her legs until she couldn't spread open any more and raised her ass up in the air, granting him the view he wanted. Knowing her ass was perched in the air, her pussy exposed to his view only made her pussy walls tighten once more.

"Hmmm, that's right Isabelle; you know what I want to see, don't you? Did you know that when your pussy tightens like that it pushes all your juices out? I like seeing your pussy leaking for me Isabelle." The man grunted his approval.

Laying there helpless and wet with desire Isabelle hoped the man would hurry up and stop his torture. Never in her entire life had she been this wet, wantonly displaying her pussy and ass, wanting, no, needing to get fucked as if her life depended on it.

Isabelle was so lost in desire that she wasn't prepared for his next move. A light slap landed on her pussy lips, not hard enough to ease the aching, but hard enough to make Isabelle jump and her insides quiver once more.

Her legs began to shake with the effort of maintaining her position. Another slap rained down and Isabelle began to want more of this man's hands slapping her pussy. She pushed her pussy out farther, wanting him to see her engorged lips.

"Hmmm, good Isabelle, very good. You know if you continue to give me such a good show I might let you cum. What do you think about that? Would you like that Isabelle?" The man chuckled, "I know you can't answer right now, you just keep that delicious pussy of yours on display and I might let you cum. Might, Isabelle."

Isabelle groaned into the mattress. Her skin was on fire, every slap of his hand only served to inflame her desire. Her muscles ached with holding the position he demanded of her but her aching pussy was the only ache on her mind as she awaited his next torturous act.

His hand slipped in between her thighs, a finger tracing the shape of her slick lips. He pulled on one lip slightly, stretching the tender skin until taut. Then letting it slip back into the folds of her vagina. He repeated the action with the other lip, then back to the first one. Over and over he pulled, his fingers growing wet from the slickness of her pussy.

Isabelle's will was slowly eroding; she wasn't sure how much more she could take. His hand moved towards her clit, grasping the tender bud between his fingers and pulling the sensitive skin until she wanted to cry out. He would abruptly release her clit then pull it again, applying direct pressure to her most sensitive spot.

His touch was anything but soothing on the swollen knob. Her flesh would swell up as soon as he stopped applying pressure ensuring a rush of warm heat deep in her pussy. She gritted her teeth against the grating sensation and tried to pull away.

"Don't pull away Isabelle. I'm only doing this for your own good. Your pussy deserves to be tortured; it has to be punished for making me want it so much. Maybe that doesn't seem fair to you, but I don't really care all that much Isabelle. You see, I have work to do and I can't be bothered with your petty grievances." He said, his tone remaining conversationally light, almost teasing.

His fingers searched out her clit and again pulled on it, only this time he held it, kneading the hardened bud between his fingers, rolling it around. He knew her pussy would contract and that she would back towards him, furthering his view of her gaping slash. And she did, seeking to ease the discomfort he was causing her. His fingers grasping at her were at once pleasurable and painful.

A slap landed on her warm bottom and Isabelle's clit jumped in his fingers. The tingling sensations built deep in her vagina walls before she felt it in her clit. Her pussy was making sucking noises as the waves emanated from deep within her womb, radiating out and encompassing her entire body as she began to shake. He only pulled harder on her clit, seeking to stretch the flesh beyond its stretching point. Her already engorged pussy spilled out, the wetness covering his hand. Before the wave washed over her completely, he removed his fingers, leaving her convulsing alone, her bottom still jutted out.

"Isabelle, sweet pussy, I didn't tell you to cum yet. What a bad girl you're being. Now truthfully I don't mind your pussy spilling for me, in fact I want it spilling for me, but from now on Isabelle, you only cum when I tell you to and not a minute before. I may want to make out with your pussy or suck the cum from your pussy lips next time." He said while licking the cum from his fingers.

Isabelle's head was swimming. She laid there trying to calm her racing heart but her pussy was still throbbing. She watched his tongue slip out and scoop up the creamy liquid left there by her orgasm and her insides contracted again.

She tried to concentrate on what he was telling her. He wanted her to wait to cum until he told her? How ridiculous was that? She surely wasn't able to retain any semblance of control when he was pulling on her clit, so how was she supposed to cum on demand? She only shook her head and tried to clear her mind of the thoughts crowding in.

"I want you to roll over Isabelle. I'm going to remove the gag but only if you promise not to scream. Remember sweet pussy, I don't want to hurt you but I will. Can you do that for me Isabelle? Nod for me if you understand?"

Isabelle rolled over onto her back and tried to sit upright nodding her agreement in the process. She was resigned to whatever this man had planned for her. Truth be told, she wasn't sure if she didn't want it just as much. When he leaned in to untie the gag around her head she caught the scent of cologne, the fragrance was a familiar one but she couldn't name the brand.

Isabelle sighed with pleasure when the gag was untied and she was free to breathe normally and speak again. But the pleasure was short-lived and quickly replaced with panic as the man wound the gag around her neck, looping it around and tying it in the back, essentially collaring her. Isabelle wanted to fight him, wanted the tight collar off of her neck, but she didn't dare knowing how vulnerable her position was at the moment.

"I see you've decided not to fight me Isabelle. Good choice. I really wouldn't want to hurt that beautiful body of yours, and really, Isabelle is it so bad, being made to do the things I'm going to make you do?" He said, his large body blocking any thoughts of escape.

"How do you know my name?" Isabelle asked her voice husky from not being used.

"I know lots of things about you Isabelle. For instance, I know that your pussy likes to be punished, you like your bottom to be spanked and you have the biggest, juiciest pussy I've ever seen."

Isabelle sucked in her breath and tried to control the clenching of her pussy at the casually spoken words.

"See, even my words make your pussy jump. So maybe it's not so important how I know your name, what's important is the fact that I can give that pussy what it needs." His eyes raked over her naked form sitting on the bed, her hands tied and a collar of cloth wrapped around her neck.

"You look so lush sitting there waiting for my next move, Isabelle. Your breasts are heavy, the nipples aching to be sucked, your pussy, while it just came, is ready to cum again. I don't have to tell you what a turn-on that is, Isabelle. In fact, I want you to feel what you're doing to my cock."

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