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Island Discipline


This is the beginning of what I hope will be an entertaining novel. All feedback is welcomed and I hope you all enjoy the story of a woman who needs to be taught to treat others with respect and courtesy.


Kristy strode from the courtroom, filled with triumph. That pitiful excuse for a lawyer who had been her opponent had never stood a chance! Typical male, full of their own importance, writing her off because she was female! Well she soon showed him! Without even acknowledging her co-counsel, she turned towards the reporters who were waiting outside. This had been a land mark case and she was determined to get all the exposure she could from her win. Let the partners see just what she was capable of!

She had taken care that morning to dress to impress. Clad in a stunning black & red Chanel suit, which set off her slim figure and wealth of blonde hair, she drew every reporter's gaze. As if drawn like moths to a flame, they surrounded her, eager to be the first to get their questions out. She flashed them all a glittering smile, whilst inwardly sneering at their eagerness to please. Little people, all of them. Far beneath her contempt, she deigned to notice them only for the boost that good publicity would do her career. The only female junior partner in the firm, she was determined to become full partner in as short a time as possible. That would show all those people who had told her as a child that she would never amount to anything due to her background!

Eager to shed the trappings of her early years growing up in North Miami Beach, Kristy had been quick to move to a classy neighbourhood as soon as she could. Now a junior partner, she had a beautiful penthouse apartment in Aventura, wore only designer clothes and had rewarded herself with a brand new Jaguar XKR when she had made jump to her current position. She was careful to ensure that no trace of her poor origins remained. She refused to even acknowledge any family members and made sure none of them found out her phone number or where she lived.

Smoothly she answered the reporters' questions, making sure that all those surrounding her knew that the case had been won on her skill. Technically, she had had the weaker case, but she was sure that her forceful manner, combined with a certain amount of fancy footwork had managed to convince the jury to decide in her favour. Just one more testament to the fact that she was far superior to most people!

Smiling gracefully, she wound up the interview, stating that she had to get back to work as she had a long list of cases she was working on. The hint was not lost, that here was a rapidly rising star in the world of corporate law.

A little later, she swept through the doors of Malinson & Partners, confident of an effusive reception. She was not wrong. Associates and staff crowded around, eager to add their congratulations. She faltered slightly as she caught side of David, standing unobtrusively to one side, a small smile playing around his lips. David Bourne was an enigma to her. He was quiet and unassuming and yet was a full partner in the firm. She couldn't understand it! Why was this apology of a man a full partner whilst she had to fight tooth and nail for everything she got? It never occurred to her that his actions spoke louder than any theatrics and trumpeting of her achievements could ever do. She had not realised that quiet competency was a commodity of higher value than gold to the senior partners at the firm.

Finally, the managing partner appeared at the door to his office. Catching Kristy's eye, he beckoned her inside.

"Well, Miss McCall, it seems I should congratulate you on your triumph today. That was a fine win under tricky circumstances." Mr Malison smiled and extended his hand to shake hers. "I have instructed our accounts department to pay you a very generous bonus for your efforts today." he went on.

"Thank you sir, I did my best!" Kristy replied, smiling at him.

"Well, I think you have earned the right to take the rest of the day off!" he continued. "Make a long weekend of it!"

"Thank you sir," Kristy replied, trying not to bristle at this obvious dismissal. One paltry congratulatory statement and that was it! Still, she did have the bonus promised and she could do with the break.

Exiting Malison's office, she mulled over various destinations in her mind. She had always wanted to visit the Florida Keys, maybe now was her chance. Entering her office, she called in her secretary.

"Sue, I want as much info on islands in the keys and I want it on my desk in 30 minutes" she barked.

"As if I don't have enough to do already!" Sue muttered resentfully as she sat back down at her desk. However, in the allotted time frame, she duly presented a full dossier of island information to Kristy.

Without a word of thanks, Kristy picked up the folder and started to read through it. One island caught her attention. Key Haven sounded ideal. It was a small island but with enough infrastructure to be civilised and allow her to enjoy herself.

"Sue, book me into the best hotel on Key Haven" she instructed. "I'll be checking in tonight and leaving on Sunday. Call me on my cell when you have confirmation. I'm leaving the office now."

With that, she picked up her briefcase and headed out, her mind already planning what to take on her trip. It was time she had some fun so sexy underwear and beachwear was a must. She had some items from Wicked Weasel in her drawers which would fit the bill perfectly, they would definitely be going into her bag!

She considered what else to take as she drove home to her building and took the elevator up to her apartment, not even greeting the doorman as he tipped his hat and held open the door for her. Once inside, she made straight for her dressing room, where she pulled down a suitcase and started to peruse her wardrobe. A couple of silk chiffon tops, barely opaque, together with a gossamer fine silk skirt and silk pyjama pants went in, closely followed by G-strings and string bikinis. A bag of high end cosmetics were also packed and the final touches were 3 pairs of strappy, high heeled sandals. Her phone rang as she packed the final items and zipped up the case.

"Ms McCall?" Sue's voice issued from the phone, "Your hotel has been booked. It is called the Elysium Hotel and I'm emailing directions to your phone for you."

"You took your time!" Kristy snapped, looking down at her watch. "Very well, I've left a couple of tapes on my desk. Type up the notes before you leave tonight."

With that she hung up the phone, leaving Sue upset and resentful on the other end of the line. Her phone beeped, acknowledging receipt of the data Sue had sent. Now she just had to change and she was set to go!

The journey took a couple of hours, during which time she planned her weekend. She had decided that she would pursue a no-strings encounter with the best looking man she could find. If he was married, all the better, there would be no chance of follow-up! She would make it clear from the start that she wanted sex and excitement, but no emotional attachment. That was for losers! With her thoughts consumed with plans, the miles passed swiftly and before she knew it she was pulling up outside a beautiful hotel. A smartly clad valet opened the car door for her and handed her out, beckoning for a porter to collect her bag. Moving through the beautifully decorated lobby, high heels clicking on the wooden parquet flooring, she made her way to reception. Checking in, she was shown to her room on the executive floor. Grudgingly tipping the bell boy, she barely waited for him to leave the room before stepping into the bathroom and indulging in a refreshing shower, the water hitting her skin like tiny needles.

The sun was just starting to set as she pulled on a robe and began to apply her make-up for the evening. Smokey eye shadow was applied to her lids, the lashes thickened and extended with mascara and heavy kohl lining her blue eyes, giving a dramatic look. Flame red lipstick added a final touch before she turned to styling her hair. She decided not to pin it up, leaving it to cascade down her back in a glowing, golden wave.

Finally, she drew out the black chiffon top and silk skirt and laid them on the bed, before selecting her sexiest underwear, a combination of sheer fabric & lace and putting them on. She drew on the blouse and skirt, smoothing the fabric over her hips. The blouse was loose & full and you could just see a hint of her bra underneath, the skirt tight and very short, barely reaching to mid thigh. She was dressed to kill and had every intention on pouncing on her chosen male in as short a time as possible. She took a long look in the mirror and satisfied, she made her way downstairs to the hotel's poolside bar.

Her eye was immediately caught by a well dressed man sitting at the bar. Clad in an impeccably tailored lightweight suit of cream linen, with a black silk shirt underneath, he sat at his ease, surveying his surroundings through brilliant green eyes. His strong, clean shaven jaw had just a trace of shadow outlining it and his dark, wavy hair just brushed the nape of his neck. Even from across the room, Kristy could appreciate his looks, but as she drew nearer, she could feel the waves of his magnetism wash over her.

Her course towards the bar was momentarily interrupted by a man dressed in a violently loud Hawaiian shirt, who was swaying slightly on his feet.

"Hey there darling" he slurred, "if I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me?" He leered up at her.

Kristy's eyes turned to blue chips of ice.

"Get out of my way little man, or I'll make you wish you had never woken up this morning!" she hissed at him.

The venom in her voice cut through his alcoholic haze and the man backed off swiftly. Kristy

started towards the bar again and felt the strength of her quarry's regard sweep over her. As she hesitated, wondering whether to sit close to him and make her move immediately or let him think he was making the running by electing to sit further away and hence necessitating his having to come over to her, she was forestalled by his smoothly slipping off his stool and drawing out the one next to him, ushering her towards it.

"Senorina, may I apologise on behalf of my sex and assure you that we are not all crass oafs, such as the unfortunate being you so admirably and efficiently despatched!" he said. "Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Carlos, and I would be honoured if you would allow me to buy you a drink!"

Kristy took her time answering. No need to let him think she would be an easy prospect. Close to, Carlos had finely chiselled features and dark, brooding good looks. Furthermore, there was a distinct aura of danger about this man that was acting like an aphrodisiac to her. Finally she nodded.

"I'll have a strawberry daiquiri" she said, moving towards the seat he had drawn out for her. At the edge of her vision, she could see his eyes widen slightly as she smoothed her skirt slightly higher up her thighs to enable her to sit on the stool. Deliberately, she crossed her legs, giving him a glimpse of her underwear as she did so, and was rewarded with the sight of him swallowing hard, his tongue darting out to lick his lips. He turned towards the barman and ordered her drink, together with a double scotch for himself.

She smiled to herself. The evening was looking promising! The daiquiri arrived promptly and she took a small sip, sighing in appreciation as the iced drink slipped smoothly down her throat. Deliberately she ran her finger slowly across her lower lip, removing a small bead of liquid from it, then making eye contact with Carlos she slowly inserted it into her mouth and sucked it. His eyes followed the course of her finger as if mesmerised.

"This woman is hot!" he thought to himself. He was going to make sure she ended up in his suite tonight. He had a party planned and she was sure to be the star attraction! He set out to charm her and engaged his most potent arsenal against her.

Kristy was amused by his attempts to finesse her, but she was prepared to lead him on until she decided to make her move. Besides, he was buying her drinks and if she played her cards right, she was sure that he would be buying her dinner as well!

The evening continued, filled with witty small talk and subtle innuendos from both parties. Sure enough, as she had anticipated, Carlos invited her to dine with him at a very high class restaurant where she indulged in fresh, plump, oysters, followed by a Chateaubriand that simply melted in the mouth, and finished the meal with strawberries which had been soaked in champagne & dipped in rich, dark chocolate. The meal was accompanied by a selection of fine wine and they finished with aromatic liqueur coffee.

By this time Kristy was feeling very mellow and agreed without hesitation when Carlos suggested they have a nightcap in his suite. Still playing the part of a perfect gentleman, Carlos took her arm and escorted her back to the hotel. Retrieving his key from reception, he ushered her into the lift, which rose smoothly to the top floor. He opened the door to his suite and gestured for Kristy to proceed him into the room. Bold as brass, she slipped past him and sashayed her way to the bedroom, throwing a "come hither" look back over her shoulder at him.

"Don't forget the nightcap! Make mine a Corvoisier" she purred throatily.

Carlos moved towards the bar, draping his jacket across the sofa on the way and poured them both a generous measure before following her into the bedroom, making sure to leave the door to his suite ajar for the guests he was expecting shortly.

Kristy was sitting on the end of the bed, arms behind her with her chest pushed up and legs crossed, treating him to a view of her G-String, whose shear fabric barely concealed her pussy & crotch. Carlos sat down beside her and handed her the glass, his fingers brushing against her breasts as he did so. She accepted the glass and smiled up into his eyes, as her free hand moved down towards the obvious bulge in his trousers. Teasingly, her fingers drifted across the material and she could feel his cock straining against the fabric. She took a sip of her drink, rolling the amber liquid around her mouth, appreciating the smooth taste.

Carlos put his own drink aside and bend his head to kiss her neck. His hands moved underneath her silk blouse until they reached her bra. Deftly he pulled the cups down until instead of covering her breasts, they lifted them and exposed her nipples which were rapidly hardening under his ministrations. Exerting gentle, but firm pressure, he tried to pushed her backwards to lie on the bed. This, however, did not fit Kristy's plans and she swiftly wriggled out of his grasp and swung around until she was standing over him. When he tried to rise she wagged her finger at him.

"Be a good boy and you'll get your reward!" she promised him.

Unused to being told what to do by a woman, Carlos nevertheless sat back and waited to see what would happen next. Over Kristy's shoulder, he could see some of his friends arriving. As she was standing in full view of the door they were aware of what was going on and made their entrance quietly, watching in appreciation.

Very slowly Kristy undid the buttons running down the back of her blouse, one by one, before letting it slip of first one shoulder, then the other, until it whisperingly slipped to the floor. Her breasts were now on full display, standing proud, supported by the altered bra. Then she reached back and slowly unzipped her skirt, wriggling teasingly as she slipped it down over her hips & legs before stepping out of it. By now Carlos' mouth was dry and his guests were staring with open mouthed appreciation. Moving towards him, Kristy pushed Carlos backwards on the bed and straddled him as she deftly unbuttoned his shirt and slid it down over his shoulders. Next she made short work of the belt and fly of his trousers, before slipping them off to pool on the floor. Unrestrained now, his cock sprang free and stood glistening & erect.

Carlos licked his lips as once again Kristy rose from the bed, the sheer fabric of her G-string brushing against his cock as she did so. Once more he tried to rise, only to be stopped by her hand on his chest. Never once had she dropped eye contact with him and he was mesmerised as she slowly removed her bra, setting her glorious breasts free. His eyes followed her hands as they slid under her G-String and inched it slowly over her hips and down her thighs until it slithered to the floor. Now completely naked except for her high heels, Kristy moved back to the bed, straddling his body once more and moving her body against his until briefly her pussy brushed against his cock. A jolt of electricity shot through him at the contact, but before he could react the moment had passed and Kristy had moved up his body. She didn't stop until her pussy hovered above his face.

"I want you to eat me!" she told him throatily. "If you do a good job and make me cum, then I will let you fuck me!"

Despite taking exception at a woman telling him what to do, Carlos was too caught up in his body's demands to deny her. Grasping her by the hips, he pulled her against him and buried his head in her pussy, his tongue flicking & licking in and out, finding and stimulating her clit. He tried to move his fingers towards her ass, only for her to slap his hands away.

"That's a no-go area!" she informed him, grabbing his hands and guiding them towards her breasts.

Taking the hint, he took a breast in each hand, stroking and caressing them until the nipples stood out hard & proud. Taking each one in turn, he proceeded to pinch each nipple, eliciting a gasp of pleasure from her each time. Now he could taste her juices as he dipped his tongue again & again into her pussy. Briefly he took his mouth away and gently nipped her clit. She moaned in desire and moved her body against him, demanding his continued attention. Steadily he increased the pace of his ministrations until suddenly, without warning, she cried out as she climaxed, her nails biting into his shoulders. Slowly she descended and looked down at Carlos. "Oh this man is good!" she thought to herself.

"Well, well," she purred, "it seems like you are a good boy! You may fuck me now?"

Carlos needed no further encouragement and reached to flip her over.

"Oh no!" she laughed, "I decide how we do this!"

Swiftly she raised herself and before he could respond, she had moved down until her pussy was directly above his cock. Slowly, teasingly, she lowered herself down until his cock just brushed the entrance to her pussy. He tried to reach for her hips, to bring her down onto him, but she grabbed his hands and pinned them to the bed either side of his body before once again lowering herself to hover just above his cock. Her pussy brushed against it once, twice, before she suddenly lowered herself completely, enveloping his entire length within her. He gasped at the sensations this aroused in him. Slowly at first, but gradually increasing her rhythm, she rode his cock, building an inexorable surge within him. He started to thrust up against her, harder and harder, ramming as deeply into her as she would allow him. All of a sudden she stilled, and looking down at him asked "Do you want me?"

"Yes!" he groaned, completely undone by her manipulation of him.

"Very well," she said, "you may cum!"

He needed no encouragement and with one final, powerful thrust, shot his load deep within her pussy. Both were startled by the spontaneous round of applause that broke out amongst his friends, who had been treated to a totally unexpected, but very enjoyable start to their evening.

Kristy was furious! How dare Carlos allow this! For all she knew, he had planned all this! Well, she wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of seeing her discomforted. Acting as if there were no other parties in the suite, she got off the bed and walked into the bathroom to freshen up before returning and dressing. Without a backward glance, and ignoring the people in the main room, she strode to the bar inwardly seething.

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